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okay so I'm on the way to the airport sure yeah I got to head out to South Africa it's bittersweet I'm happy about the opportunity but not looking forward to separating and being away from my nucleus I so I put together this photo shoot with everybody in the family and they could see me out I'm going to do the movie news you told me I should do fostering I liked the game already so yeah you're gonna be able to keep your grace there is no better as possible good is not enough what do you know King and that little girl kaput nothing he has a problem with the little girl but they've just found better ways to spend their time mutually I thought this was the one King what's up with your grades now if I'm graded on like how well I do in life I have a good grade I made me the drug test you in that color I'm extremely proud of all my kids from the oldest voice sounds so strong Thanks you know that we should be a problem with us first to the youngest are you happy that you get your first business lunch even if I have to lay down the law sometime people out my house you are in breach of contract so I wouldn't trade him for anything alright Tamika come on cuz I feel like you're going away for us alone I'm let sings I favor our relationship has went from night and day you know just trying to get back to being friends and being cordial and co-parenting and now we are back to being in love again we got a good momentum going and I'm not about to let it stop well I bet the house when you yell you'll be in the house when I get home at the lake house my nigga Jo who Jo no man what you just might a do it potato man I'm trying to say dog I'm gonna be naked you gonna be naked yeah wait no you use I got a move in I gotta move back in here I take it tip and I talked about moving back in together you know and I think it's a good decision for the both of us where'd you know that it give him something to think about it give him something to want to come back home to you and I'm saying all right I see you later where we're at right now is better than movie started this is real love it's indescribable intangible but palpable I love you you'd be a good baby alright I see you soon


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As Tip prepares to go to South Africa to film a movie, he arranges a family photo shoot, and Tiny suggests a change in living arrangements. #FamilyHustle #VH1 Subscribe to VH1: http://on.vh1.com/subscribe

It's the end of an era as the lovable first family of VH1 returns one last time, while celebrating a television milestone of filming 100 episodes and to say goodbye to the fans that watched their family grow over the last five seasons. Despite tabloid reports about their relationship, this season T.I. and Tiny remain more committed than ever to the family hustle while working together to figure out their new normal. Also, audiences will get a closer look into T.I.'s political activism and his support of a new crop of artists signed to his Grand Hustle label, as Tiny prepares to balance an Xscape reunion with her various business ventures. They'll also remain supportive of the kids as they continue to hustle and pursue their dreams. Niq Niq and Domani are bringing new music to their fans, Messiah prepares to leave the nest for college and King and Major, no longer the babies of the family, will be showing the ropes to the newest member of the Harris family, baby Heiress. More from VH1: Official VH1 Website: http://www.vh1.com/

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