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drop what up what up what up what up what up what up what up man selamat pagi to all of you watching right now there in Indonesia I am no loss ion hola after Dan Pangani that a Philippine yes I will be vlogging for the first time for The Voice kids Indonesia season two of course this video is actually 1.3 million views already has 1.3 million views already and by the way this is a live reaction hey action ha react see so I won't be able to edit this so somebody requested me to react to Sharla who is actually a contestant at The Voice kids Indonesia and guess what guys she said my I mean one of my favorites from agnez mo and it is hide and seek yes and it was amazing 1.3 million views already so without further ado here it is guys

yeah by the way I'm a classy guy so there's a commercial capacity guys for watching yeah here it goes and I ain't titled my vlog as agnus more the next admins more Sharla look at the chant hear it right now Wow Wow she sound exactly I mean she really sound admins more and the way that she did that the same as admins more had done before

whoa look at that admissible I love me watching that oh whoa I love the production the dancers the stage my gosh as I've said before wow what an amazing stage in production whoa

well I don't know guys if you love satella but gosh

whoa I don't know what a Stan's featureless

yeah I love her I contact while inspired by Agnes whoa

Hey I love this song so much

whoa yeah I'm visible

[Music] look at those dancers yeah while the states again

so what fascinates me about sabola is that she's really a performer like even if she's just stands

whoa oh there's two loose his atom gun thing

yes Appleton Palmas more haha look I see me lying

whoa what a powerful voice she has here it goes the dancing skills let me see it

oh if I close my eyes I'm hearing some Agnes go there [Laughter]

Wow I love it and I I really see that she's enjoying

she's really enjoying it she should take one this bowl I'll put him down

well those hand gestures


yeah I love it

look at that

Wow what up Felix was up my new your brother was up bestest toss up see you guys here in the Philippines [Music] I don't know what to say guys I'm lost for words yeah clap-clap-clap Sala wow-whee so guys that's the performance of Sharla for hide and seek of course from my team that I'd visible so I don't know about you I'm really lost for words first and foremost the girl can really sang I mean like sang thanks so much you know she has the attitude you know the way she performed the song was really really superb of course it comes with age I mean I really cannot compare her with Agnes no because if you could see you know you can see that when I am reacting to add visible I'm lost for words as if you know I really don't know what to say about her performance because she's really that's that far you know that high in terms of performing however with Sharla you know with her age of course she needs more experience I don't know if she's gonna win The Voice kids Indonesia season 2 because I've been seeing a lot of comments about her and other contestants but you know looking forward or moving forward from this competition I know that this girl could be the next agnes more maybe really the sharla indonesia so as she grows old and of course with her experiences in the future I know that she'll do great so guys there I'm a classy thank you for watching if you like this video please don't forget to subscribe so I said I always said you know that a coach in camo approach our coaching background watching Italian

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