2016 Immaculate & 2012 Momentum NFL Football 4 Box 'Serial #s' GB

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good lord here we go this is a break that was sent over earlier today by Dana for boxer we're gonna click it three times 116 immaculate in 312 momentum four bucks or should be a decent amount of hits in this one 35 it would be hard to go hit less that's all I'm trying to say three times okay moto gets all the ones if we can find them all the way down just gets all the ten of tens and twenties of 25 and 20 of twenties if we can find them everybody else gets the middling cards three times it's a decent amount Darrin it is a decent amount drop the link again Darrin for Joe ATK drop the MJ link

order free but you know some probably then if you have to be authorized you have to approve to place a bid because obviously the average person cannot buy that card cut right - Ryan Broyles good-looking card too bad he's in prison I think 33 of 49 David C starts us off

Tim Benford eight double patch Kendall Wright 15

Shane Alfred Morris three ninety two pigskin Harrison Smith 89 John Oh Dave you got that eight - that's John V on that one Dougie fresh triple relic 34 watts that one's yours

Peyton Hillis 11 double Jersey Allen page and Craig Adler Craig Carl hell her cheese I'll get it out 52 pigskin Tyrone Crawford 76 Roger Roger Oh Shaun Geoffrey 245 Shane Dre Kirkpatrick a rookie signature 158 David C gets that one is everyone in box one got a hit that was ten of them but the one the seventh and the zero one seven zero that's not bad seven numbers got a hit out of the first box there was only ten hits

TJ graham cracker 199 zombie just embarkment and Michael Floyd 102 pigskin Jim Plunkett is 108 David Shawn Spence 277 Josh - OH - momentum rookie Adrian Robinson pigskin

Ryan Tannehill rookie triple Jersey autograph 302 big skin again two spots getting a lot of cards so far rookie salute Deonte Hightower 85 goes to Shane quad Michael Agnew you just don't see enough Michael egg new cards anymore am i right 29 of 49 Jon been Cyrus great 110 spaz you get that one and Devon Still is this corner smashed in a little bit 87 Josh I feel like we should have had a numbered card in there let me check feel like we should have sometimes they don't but just dared us Rashard Mendenhall 68 of 99 Joe the first 10 or number does the first 10 or green so 11 up are not green

all right momentum box can we hit a Wilson or an Andrew Luck we hit the other big one Tannehill was a big one Tony Dorsett jersey 0 3 0 LaMichael James blue patch 20 of 49 the zeros coming about Marcus maze for autograph there's some more AG news for us 41 K moto you're on board now officially everybody in the break has a hit oh this would have been a big card in 2012 this would have been a monster RG 3 numbered to only 49 I would probably been three or four hundred bucks back in 2012 Shane gets it oh how the times they are a-changin

Danny Coale 493 goes to David John Martin for Shawn Spence 4:02 Kali no nevermind Coby Fleener that's a 14 I was thinking Austin Collie for some reason for on that one and Jarius wrong no Jerry is right - OH -

all right finishing up with the big boy we got something big out of this oh yeah if you didn't see the break last week we hit the Ezekiel Elliott one of one logo tag patch Auto rookie out of this case we have seen some cases with shields and like three or four one one so I'm hoping that this case is hot you just never never know

we have derrick karr ten of 99 spaz seven that's pretty cool seven of only seven and the jersey number seven number two is Jersey seven seven seven seven it's like a slot machine Josh that's pretty cool seven of only seven Jersey that goes to Josh ASU pretty cool here Nike swoosh Sammy Watkins definitely lose game used three of four sets player warm there's dirt all over it what do you do roll around on the ground


anybody that would ever go spam their own breaks in someone else's rooms he's an idiot it would make me never want to go there just a complete hit hit 17 of 99 Carlos Williams Josh you got that one too that's another cool card one of those immaculate moments 4 of 15 rod woods and 4 of 15 is watts in 5 of only 10 Ferro Cooper jumbo numbers patch autograph 5 of 10 is Shane you get the last one that will conclude that one not too bad and that one of that moat the bigger hit in the momentum was obviously the rg3 but anyway that's it thanks everybody as

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