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hi everybody welcome back to my channel today I'm gonna make a little updated version of how I'm making my fake eye real estate eyes because I change a little bit and so I wanna do like an updated version for you guys and super Q and doesn't bubble up anymore so I wanted to share so before we start you know the drill press that little subscribe button and the little Bell button so you're the first one to get notified and my videos new videos are up all my social medias are up there and if you're looking for a specific video or video in English and you just find any Portuguese just go to my video list and you can see in Portuguese and in in English and you can find the video you're looking for so I'm gonna start with the sculpey but you can use any other not baking clay just let it dry if you using your dry clay and I'm using this circle a half circle have balls mold then I will have two for you guys to you a link if you want to know what to get and if you don't have it just use that up buddy but you know like cheat you make molds and you can just use that an amazing putty then I showed how to make the molds for the dough's and things like that and you can make a doll or like a mode for circles for yourself just get marbles and things like round and just make it a half a circle so I'm gonna make a bunch of them and I'm gonna put in the oven to to bake for a little bit because I'm using sculpey but if using any dark red if air dry clay just leave it to dry overnight so um you gonna be harder but before you let it dry it we go in the mark at the center so I'm just gonna making a bunch a bunch of different sizes and then we're gonna just have already ready you for when you scoping or modeling or making faces then you already have done so you don't need to do the step after so now I have all the half circles right there the spheres and then we're going to start making the where you're gonna paint them so you're gonna need to find tools backup brushes and things round and matches the size you using to make a little circle on the center so are you gonna see then I'm gonna switch around the tool I'm using because I need different sizes if you going large and the base you need to make a larger circles on the middle so just you don't need to have all the tools for that you are using normal you know clay sculpting tools but I use back at them my paint brushes I you use anything round then I can find then suits my size and then we're gonna do that and all them I don't do this the little circle on the tiny little tiny one I just paint because it's kind of hard to do it when super tiny and if he is that tiny that means then your face is gonna be so small then you don't need that much of detail work so are you gonna do the other ones but I do make little circles for tiny little dolls too I think and think later or do with the side what I wanna do so we're gonna circle you see I'm using the back on my paintbrush right now and everything round it then you can find are we gonna use for this and are we gonna make it that circle all of them before you let them dry or before we need to bake them so when you bake them they already exactly the way you want to cheat you I'm using translucent clay but I would make with the white one because I thought them the translucent clay after baking kind of look too much like a skin color somebody didn't really need some Sun so I think that the white gives a little bit more contrast when you're making the eyes but if you don't have a works just fine as well I made sometimes the transverse edge and sometimes that the white doesn't matter whatever I have in hand because you're probably gonna cover the whole thing anyway when you're putting you know eyelids and all the details of the doll anyway but I just wanted to show and say what I'm using exactly right now so you guys can do the same and you see I'm making circles and trying to make it then push down and using the same tool to the other things so we know that they are the same size

[Music] so now we take them for a little while since I'm using fimo if using air dry clay just let it dry it before and we gonna start pink the bees and blue I get a dark like a royal blue and I'm gonna make the whole base with a little excess of glue since since I'm using the back of my to my paintbrush I'm not using the right side so it gets a little like more than normal I'm out of thing and that's what I want because now I'm gonna get the lighter one and we kind of gonna mix then right there because when you see a color of I like it's not just one plain color that's why give you the path and they're like like that's how you show how realistic it is so now with the paintbrush I'm just gonna mix them both and you're gonna see then we're gonna use colors and you reuse colors so don't worry about and now with the lighter one I'm just making lighter and the bottom part just like that and we leaving a little darker on the top and now work with the darker one we're gonna make the darker and the top and lighter it's cuz you always have the light coming down in one way so making like that it gives us a contrast and makes your eyes look even more you know Cole and he's a cotton ball or anything for keep cleaning around because you don't want this things to dry on the top and anything so now I'm going then the dry a little bit I'm gonna mix again and I'm gonna put a little bit more of the dark and we're gonna put a dark and we're gonna put a lighter and chill your you know your colors are going to dark and light without any like you making your getting your makeup done so you're gonna you know you get you get it I hope and now I'm gonna put a little bit more white and we gonna work it up buff it out a little bit because we don't want any you know rinds or any harsh a division between the light and the dark you want it to be like you know pretty and all the one-way so now I'm gonna mark the black I don't need to worry about because we're gonna do that again so I'm just marking so I know the center when I'm marking and I'm gonna mark the light reflection just for my mind should know where it's gonna be and because it shows on the bottom but are we gonna make it again and now with a really tiny little liner I'm gonna go and it traces and lie color the whole circle around we're gonna do that and you don't worry about the black and the white and you just said it because we're gonna do that again before it dries and we're gonna do the same thing to the other side try to use as the thinner liner you have possible to make it very light you know its strokes and now we're gonna do with the darker one you see that I mix both colors I'm leaving my paint right there so you guys can see then we mix both and then we're gonna make some little traces in the dark color all the way around to give that little strix than the eyeball has and now using the back of the brush because now you're gonna make a perfect circle with the black and the middle otherwise you making and we gonna do this little powder is like a holographic powder I will leave the link below as well for you guys I love this powder for to make it like Marmite ale or to make those eyes or anything then you want to shine but not be clearly it's so beautiful and gives a you know a reflection and makes it shine without those little pieces of Twitter and I will leave the link below for you guys if you want to find it and now I'm putting my light reflection again so now I'm gonna clean everything and normally that's what I used to do that UV acrylic you know top that's what I used to do that's how it should be before and now I'm using the the Pavelka magic gloss and I will leave the link below if I found it for you guys and I just gonna cover that whole thing and that clear gloss and put in a UV L in the UV lights and look how beautiful it is there's no bubbles there's nothing it's so pretty and so cool then it just gives different effects then you guys cannot even believe I hope you guys like this video don't forget to give me a little like and it should check it out my show more you know underlying right there from the video I put all the links umma Cheerios everything then I want to say for you guys and leave me a comment I would love to see your comment thank you so much for watching and I talk to guys on my

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