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hi son tried to come back to our channel mad girls I'm Taylor in and I'm Laurier and in today's video we're bringing to you another review / tutorial on the brand new Eden Body Works almond and marshmallow line it consists of three products there are products in this line one of those products is their split in repair mask there is the therapy leave-in conditioner and their hydration serum so this is like a treatment trio you use one then use another than use another and it's supposed to repair your split ends take your hair from dry and brittle I think it says on their website takes it from dead to divine it's supposed to make your hair really hydrated I'm smooth soft and you're supposed to use these three products and we were sent them maybe about like two months ago and this is a first impression we have not used these products before and we're not really big into doing first impressions we like tech space we like trying things but it does seem so simple and they make it sound so simple you just use these three products so leave your own thing to test yeah other combination because this is a serum this is a leave in and do the deep conditioner you would I would assume that once you mix out the mask you would use both of those I wouldn't just kind of go off with them with you leave in and just go off with the serum so gonna yeah so we figured you know we might as well just test it on camera with you guys you know it's either gonna go right or it's gonna go wrong so exactly but yeah so these products are $8.99 on their website or you can buy them three for twenty I don't think they're in stores yeah let us know if you've seen them in stores but they do sell eating body works and like targets and Walmart's and CVS and Rite Aid's and all of that but we haven't seen them in stores and I'm not really sure if they are in stores but yeah this line is supposed to treat repair and seal and we are going to see if it does that for our hair today I'll have styling at the same time while styling at the same time yeah so if you would like to see how we use these products and our results then please keep watching please keep watching so first things first water and we actually don't need this form and speak myself I don't need a whole lot of water at the moment because we did use the deep conditioner and we rinsed it out right before this video we put it in and you're supposed to leave it in for 40 minutes which we thought whoa okay so at least for that if you have the time to do like a treatment and leave it in for 40 minutes then you know I happened if we haven't had the time today because we like take showers and we do our makeup yeah but I feel like on a regular days a long time what I hate scene 10 or 15 minutes on it I'm like oh my gosh I have to burn up 15 minutes in this shower yeah you know it just seems like I like what I see 3 to 5 because it's quick yeah yeah I think when I saw it 40 I knew I had to settle in for a long winters neck yeah but I feel like on a regular day if I were to use this product I would probably do it overnight mm-hmm but it does have a interesting smell it does unique smell it's we said it's kind of like citrusy a little bit yeah as a faint citrus smell lean towards like lemons maybe yeah kind of but it is i'm squizzle mini-marshmallows that's in lingo and it's not perfume me yeah so we put it in there was a little bit of a slippage right thanks oh yeah we put it in left it in for 40 minutes then we rinsed it out my hair's pretty soft I thought my hair was soft when I rinsed it out I did too it looked nice and you know my highlights were dark and my hair was dark like it looked really hydrated as I'm looking at it now it's hydrated I feel like it yeah and you sprayed a little bit of leaving on before we start it because we do only have one bottle you took the lid off I took a little I don't do sprays yeah we only have one bottle so like we wanted to get her started and so I could like use it I am we're trying to figure this out because we only have oh one one side of the product here left with luxury abundance yeah I will believe it we're just kind of watery but you always show them the consistency yes and the leavin just says I'm anything special about a hydrating I think it said hydrating leaving it's on the side and no therapy leave-in conditioner okay and it says to drive away damage and still easy improvement and split ends long-term benefits right yeah yeah I like to put any pump if you got a port out like that and then that way you have more control I know we just it's just so much hair so many curls that these sprays don't work I always have to just take that lid off and start pouring these ends cuz split ends to see how this is going to work like there should be more to it I'm pretty packaging yet beautiful so the two bottles are each eight ounces and the jar of the deep conditioner is 16 ounces but all our $8.99 okay sit or three for 20 or three for twenty yes so we are getting ready probably after this we're probably gonna let our hair air dry because we are going on a matte curls business lunch which every week we plan a Mac girls business lunch is when we pick a restaurant and we go and we talk about Mad curls things videos upcoming videos collabs whatever with each other do we ever end up talking about you know we talk about like all kinds every week we talk like our life is macro so we told it about macros but we just try to act like we're important so we said we're going on a business lunch so we did we last week we went on one and we went to hibachi where they like cook the Japanese food in front of you and fry it up and all that kind of stuff and it was really good and today we were thinking about going to a Puerto Rican restaurant you have sorry hold on one second I'm going in now with the with dehydration serum so the leavened goes down first and any hydration serum usually you're doing a section by section piece okay yes it's kind of jelly like okay smells um citrusy as well hmm oh it's moves right in okay this is nice so yes we absolutely love Puerto Rican food and so we're going no solos Ramos it's it's um the Ramirez restaurant I believe and it's a Miss in Bridgeport Connecticut okay yes it's called the Ramirez restaurant um and it's very very good and we've been going there for years it's a bet anybody good and then of course when we're down there they always have a really good product selection on and they're right eight shelves yes they do yeah there's a really good right eight down there oh why we just stopped by lighting might as well and look at the products this is all for our business lunch all pirate business lunch business lunches business purchases this is what we tell ourselves we won't be doing it unless it was business yes well my mom we need it for the business for the bits for the way it seems so minimalistic this line I know like we're trying to complicate and I'm like mom like I'm like should be just gonna like a look at you very well just in case for the whole I'm like ma they don't say use any gel yeah I cannot wait to see 35 I'm gonna put this over here with the lid awesome okay I'm going in with the serum now you guys tell us what kind of food in the comments that you like to eat other foods make it and what do you like we get um we get the rice with the beans and rice or yellow rice yellow rice and beans so good and then I love it when the price it's like seven dollars and they give you so much so good I really like um the deep conditioner really was a great base for this like my hair is just really shiny I think okay so now that I put the serum in it it's clumping and I feel like this could be enough there you go I think that this could this is going to holes gonna dry held and I think I I was wondering would it be enough to be a styler yeah because it says like put the products and they say style as desired and you guys know all we do is wash and gos and so I'm like I feel like these would be great stylish like braid outs or twist outs cuz those are more controlled but firm like wash and gos I said they're like wild wash and go so like how is what's this gonna do for our hair cuz wash and gos aren't really like control like braid outs and twist outs and stuff are but put everything through our washing those because that's how we sell our here and people kind of watch our channel because they probably do watching those or whatever so those that do it this would be suitable for watching if it works out gel on hand but and we've actually um we haven't used that much of the leavin and there's two of us here mm-hmm so I feel like I'm pouring out a lot but it's really not really not so now let me go in with these serum you need to beat it no wait I really like the serum it's so cool it goes in very of course cuz it's the serum it's like an oily to me feels like a jelly like Sarah yeah that's that's the part when I put it in my hair that I knew that this was going to hold because it feels like mmm jell jelly but it feels like it has holding qualities to it yeah right yeah when I pull it down like that and it bounces back up it just feels like it's got product in there to style mm-hmm I picked the beginning of the year Oh kind of like Jan you maybe the end of January February I kind of started seeing the the rollout alright because it is so lightweight I'm going to just break this up into two pieces in the front because I feel like I want to really get this product this yeah it definitely looks like it's gonna have some sort of a hold on you but I like products that um are kind of like systems and styler so like these will style our hair but they're also like repairing split ends making it shiny minion I like that yeah and I like things that are simple because you know we've been trying like so many products and lines that just have like you know so many products in the lines and this is just a line that's three products boom boom boom like it's simple so I have really high hopes for this line flip my head over to smell the drum I Drive back there about all the sweater on today I know all these sweeps I know what's that about I don't know but maybe you should focus on that flower you got like a church mother I always you don't know like we did flowers right there yeah my old t-shirt collection probably dating myself back like what 10 years I don't know you know you cute or whatever I take my compliment back people are much cuter when than when you talk they're cute and they're like I - really I know when they say I thought that's what I raised you on when you were a little girl and people would say oh my god you are so cute and you're like I know in my day I might that's not what you say when people send you - I said you act humble and you're like oh my goodness thank you or thank you but she's to say I know that's not what I said that makes you so homely you like to carry around a mirror all the time to show her when she would act up or you know that that cry made you look so homey exactly how you look now she's looking at me I'm like oh you come here right now let me show you how homely you look when you cry I always hold up in her face and you run and stop and you did that Rob's younger and then like you did it also like when I was older and like we would get into arguments and you would just hold the mirror there and I'd be having my scare or running just looking crazy I know I'm a woman [Laughter] literally all right are you ready okay so we're gonna let our her air dry will be gonna go get some plates Adam will be back to show you our results with the Eaton Body Works almond marshmallow line all right bye bye and we are back these are our dried results and we are actually very very impressed first impression we are impressed I like it cuz we don't know what to expect we really did it and I think it looks really good one brand one complete system yeah so we did the deep conditioner we put the leave-in and then we put this serum which we've been talking about the hydration serum this is definitely some sort of like gel it's very jelly like I don't know why they called it a serum because when I think of serums I think of something like oily and that's why I didn't really know how this was gonna go but when we were putting it in earlier I said it felt like a jelly kind of a serum it didn't feel like a typical yeah boilie serum and you know feel like but it's like a yeah got oily oily um it's like a a gel serum but it's hydrating so me wooden thing cup serum you think of oils and so this definitely um it's like a hydrating gel but it's called a hydration serum yeah but this is an interesting product I really like the hydration serum yeah I think this is cool we got a lot of curl definition um your hair shorter than it typically is if all your curls are in formation first I thought when I put it in and we stopped filming and I went look in the mirror it looked like it was going to elongate and I said oh this is going to elongate but because the the curls in the front were kind of longer and hanging hanging but as the day went on it was getting kind of shorter and shorter and shrinkage so this is my hair when I put the dryer at the root so I kind of pulled it for length and even with pulling it for length you can kind of still see the shrinkage a little bit Oh also what we did is that this serum leaves a cast so it says this can be used on wet or dry hair so we just put a little bit in our hand and scrunched out our crunch with this serum yeah and it at it shine if grown broke up that cast a couple things we didn't mention I don't remember if we mentioned then we're gonna mention them right now is that all these products are curly girl friendly you guys always want to know that and cruelty free and I don't know if we were talking about the slip factor when we were putting these products in our hair but I got off-camera we were talking about it we did yeah and you were we were kind of both like agreeing that um this product doesn't have these products believing in this serum don't have a crazy amount of slip so it's probably a good idea to have make sure your hair is really detangled yet prepped and really detangle so if you do the deep conditioner or maybe one day you want to style with these and not use the deep conditioner just make sure your hair is detangle so you know it's just ready to go right and you're ready to put these products and so you're not like snagging your hair and doing all that not that it's like to that level yeah just make sure your hair is detangle that's probably your best way to go like some problem of some products just kind of stand out for their ability and these they're not difficult to put through here the application process is a normal application process this slip factor doesn't kind like stand out yeah but it's not really ya know it just so it's just probably easier if your hair is even though this is like you said an interesting product so as you're pulling it through you're feeling that slip it's it's jelly yeah yeah but just little tips in there but what does stand out about this product is the curl definition absolutely like oh my gosh my curls are just like pointing all over the place and so are yours so I really like and I think iam Body Works did that and you were so we were saying before we got on camera you like know who do we think these products like could be for who could benefit not as far as like curl type but I said all right who was your target customer we think that would benefit or would appreciate the kind of a system the mask the leave-in which is a light leave-in and then this interesting gel who would benefit from something like this and I thought anybody who's looking for something simple because sometimes like the product lines can be overwhelming I think this product line is very straightforward it's very simple has a deep conditioner leave-in serum gel boom there you go I'm also somebody who like cares what's going in their hair and wants products that's going to help them take care of their hair this helps with split ends dry hair it repairs damaged hair so just someone who wants something simple and easy system it's gonna make your curls look good and it's gonna take care of them at the same time so like if you're that person no matter what your curl type is I think this could definitely benefit you and it's 3 for 20 so yeah the focus is treatment yeah you if you feel like your hair is somewhat damaged or you want something what you want to be a little healthier then you can treat and style at the same time I questioned it earlier before we even I think I don't care I kept saying I don't know I still think it needs some sort of gel to go with this I just didn't think that this would do the trick but oh my gosh can you imagine good for gel more products ya know another totally does I can still feel the cast in my hair and I scrunch the I scrunch and I pulled you guys see me on camera just pulling and tugging and scrunching and yeah I definitely noticed a they are I definitely think we're gonna get at least two or three or four days out of these curls not going anywhere which i think is cool cuz it's like a treatment system and it styles and it's been a hold so I think it's a really really cool body over here is very yeah yeah I think it's a really cool line yeah um I think good friend it's different yeah it is so I'm glad we did it first impressions it's a go I mean this is why I think this channel like you know what product junkies and I'm sure like a lot of you guys are too we don't all of us don't need another product but we love to buy plants and this is something new it's interesting do we need it probably not but do we love it yeah yeah we do products we just love buying new things we'll kick this to the curb you know and try something new and then you know it's just it's just fun we just it's just what we do we love our natural hair and we just buy products yeah they have sort of the looks in them so it's definitely in the arsenal mm-hmm but for those of you who were thinking about buying this line or you know wanted to see what this line does hear about it we hope we answered some of your questions it's not we hoped you make a decision to get it or not talk to us in the comments let us know if you have it if you've tried if you want to get it now what you think about the brand eating body works if you try their stuff before let's talk about eating in the comments and I think that's it that's it alright thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you in our next video


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