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by: Annie & Hope

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hey guys today I am going to show you my homeschool winter morning routine and it's going to be awesome let's get started this is a normal thing for like everyone who has an iPod or phone I grab my iPod to go on Instagram and this really fun game called home design and you go to design rooms and houses and it's really fun and then I go to my closet to change on weekdays I never think about my app I just drop some pants and goody and then I magically whip into my clothes and then I grab some ugg boots cause it was really cold today I actually fell trying to put the cheese shoes on um and then I go over to my bathroom to brush my teeth because I hate my rep like it's most the worst

I always wear us on a winter morning so my lips don't get chapped like they do in the cold and now I'm walking over to keep my cap but if you guys still follow me on Instagram or watch my blog channel you wouldn't know that my cat recently died cookie and some of you might be sad but some of you will be like who's cookie she's my first cat so in this footage I was feeding her now we have new cats in Milan ramble which I love not as much as cookie but so I clean out the litter box every morning I've been loving this hot chocolate recipe you need a mug whipped cream caramel sauce Ovaltine milk sugar and salt if you're making for one person just do one cup of warm milk and put into a saucepan I get two because I make it for my sister then put two spoonfuls of Ovaltine and then put it in a saucepan and stir it and then place it on the stove at a low temperature I like to stir it while it's cooking because I think it makes it creamier and then I put some caramel sauce at the bottom of my mug because that makes it taste extra caramel and I love caramel and then I got my mom to pour in the hot chocolate because it was really hot and I didn't would burn myself again uh-huh and these turn out to be really cute but I'm spraying on the whipped cream and then doing some caramel sauce above it oh my gosh guys this is so good and of course I would sing this here in Florida because it's like the cutest thing ever and I put some salt on top of the whipped cream to make it taste like salted caramel and then I toasted some toast and now I'm ready for me to do school oh my gosh guys this is seriously the human thing ever it's like heaven and then I eat my toes and this is a perfect breakfast for winter makes me so like happy and then me and Laura start our school after we've drunk our hot chocolate and done our grammar my mom reads culture history I can't even say cultural history to us and then we read signs and then watch the videos of science and then I go to my room and go on my planner and I'm going to a Miranda sings concert with healthy and I'm really excited and then I get my delta book out which is my math and I'm on Delta and if you guys are on Delta good luck because it's really hard and then I take my shoes off and jump in bed so I get to read Robinson Crusoe which is an English book and it's so so good that's where this guy gets shipwrecked and stranded on Islands and I got to see what happens to him after that I'm pretty tired because reading always like makes me tired like it does to everyone I guess ah so I make my bed and then go on the trampoline it's so much fun cuz I love I

always the same hope after the trampoline and I just remembered yeah hey I'm hanging out with hop today so I go get my coat on cuz seriously it was freezing outside I'm ready to go and I put my hat on and my up that one my homeschool major morning routine I really hope that you enjoyed it follow me home fluxional so probably should be in the description below like subscribe

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School Morning Routine | Annie's New 2016 Winter Edition Homeschool | best friends What does a morning look like on a winter homeschool day? Watch to see Annie's homeschool morning routine in the winter. Subscribe to JazzyGirlStuff channel

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