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got off the plane yesterday so are you with us oh I'm down with you I'm used to the time changes you smell very lovely what's that woof - could you smell that thank you it's my year cool it's your clothes very very much why'd you live now well I have a home in England in Leicester yeah I have a Holman and better earning in LA and I go back and forth no but I'm here to do show some shows yeah and then I do I came to do your show thank you very much please you did and that people know that I'm still alive

watching the Eurovision Song Contest at the weekend I'm sure you didn't watch it I did I wasn't I know I wasn't able to see it but I would have loved to have seen you like doing it I was amazed you agreed to do it yes I agreed to do it because I think anything you do for your country is great you know if you're representing your country it's it's wonderful but the mere fact that is governed by politics etc you know I mean some of the winners that were on that never even had an album on their walls you know Debian had a record contract and and they came way before me I mean there were there were some Russian people cooking bread and singing does that do and they came second I think you were first on working so that system did he what was wrong but that about 200 off-key people coming the first but you know it wasn't fair it wasn't fair yeah that's all to do with politics and look what happened this time yeah and but you've them you said you're touring and you had a duets album out which was very very successful and with lots of you at your mates where's that part of this tour so will people be able to hear what's enjoyable I don't know where there's gonna be a surprise guest or not I'm not sure you know but I had some wonderful people on the show and the reason why we chose to call echo bird calling is because I did call the people and asked them if they would be on my my do its first year album ever and you know I've made 80 albums with compilation it and I've been very lucky because the numbers have been very high you know 150 million my NY career around the world that is you know and when I called Elton John you know he was the first one I ever called and when he said

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