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so I wanted to give just a quick demo about how I use my Jade facial roller as well as my more newly acquired rose quartz law Shockley I feel like there's you know lots of tutorials already sort of on YouTube and blog posts about how to use these sorts of things although I feel like the advice can kind of vary so from my own research and experience and having had gua sha done on my face I'm going to just show you sort of my technique and what I believe to be the best way to use these tools they're not something that I want to overuse I would say I use them sort of in conjunction once or twice a week particularly on a day after I've done maybe an exfoliation or a mask you know helps the muscles of the face relax get things moving help your serums and oils penetrate a little bit deeper and that's sort of basically the idea behind using these sorts of things as they are getting sort of fluid and stagnation sort of moving in your face in a very gentle way obviously if any of you have ever had Gua Sha done on your body it's a very different technique for example I've had a shot done on my spine it doesn't hurt at all but it will bring up a lot of sha in the skin which basically looks like bruising the same sort of marks you would get from cupping if you are into Chinese medicine so the pressure that you want to use in your face is obviously very minimal compared to that but let's just get started so you want to start with a clean face obviously and you want to have some kind of oil down on the skin it doesn't really matter what oil but two to three drops of a face oil or some sort of lubricant I guess moisturizer you don't want to use a face oil just so that your skin has sort of some slips because you don't want the tools to be dragging and pulling at the skin [Music] so this is just obviously something really nice to do after you've already done your skincare routine at night and your face is sort of already loaded up with product so I'm going to start with the blush off late because since I have had this in my life I actually prefer it to do the bulk of the work on my face compared to the face roller so what I do these come in sort of all different sorts of shapes and cuts and things like that this is just the one that was given to me when I was at great Jones spa in New York they I've seen them kind of look more like a rectangle with gigas in the middle but the way that I use this one is I take this sort of curved edge and this is important and this is also where it seems sort of equivocal advice online some people say you start from the forehead and go down no no you want to start always at the bottom of your face because what it does is it will open up channels for fluids or anything that gets moving to drain downwards kind of think of your face as a symmetrical and you sort of are going to work on half and half so I tend to turn on my left for whatever reason you take the edge of the plate and you very gently trace along the jaw and then drag down so that's the basic movement now the pressure is much lighter than I think you would think that it needs to be I actually find that if I do anything other than lighter pressure this actually much more than that Jade base roller brings up heat and my skin and this will vary from person to person based on your Constitution your Ayurvedic type your Chinese medicine types if you're thinking in those terms but this doesn't bring out heat in my skin and this does so they clearly are having different impacts at least on me but you just want to be very gentle I don't go over the same spot more than two or three times so again it's a very gentle movement and then you just pull down to the neck then you just kind of want to slowly work up drag out and pull down the neck so it's always up down

[Music] and I do take this pretty close to under my eye because of the shape that does sort of allow for it and then sometimes I'll kind of come around the nose for around the eyes this is a technique when I had my Gua Sha facial at great Jung spot in New York that she did for the eyes I kind of go up and I sort of hold hold it like a pressure point right at the eyebrow you can swoop around again out to the face down now when I have the facial she sort of did that repeatedly like different pressure points along my eyebrow and then sometimes before I get to the forehead I'll go over to the right side of my face and do all the way up to my eyes and then I'll do my forehead laughs I don't know how much that matters honestly but with the forehead Sam I just sort of gently go over and I'm still always sort of working downwards guess it's sort of like you're combing your face it's very very calming but when I had the Gua Sha facial I could feel my face getting quite hot actually as could the esthetician she ended up doing a cooling mask on me afterwards so you just have to be sort of quite I don't know in relation and in conversation with your skin to assess if you go along so now I'm just going to switch to this side of my face and do the same technique of the jaw and down

[Music] and then sometimes I'll sort of go to the eyebrows I actually do have some not yet deeply entrenched 11 lines between my eyebrows so kind of trying to work that out [Music]

and then at the end I just sort of like to pull everything down the neck this is very similar to sort of the principles of dry brushing you don't dry brush your face obviously but with dry brushing you always are pulling everything to the center when I am dry brushing I always get these that's like the first thing that I hit I do dry brushes I'll take the brush down my neck because there are big lymph nodes here or very important ones so when I dry brush I dry brush down my neck and then I make sure to get in the armpit lymph nodes and everything with that is moving towards the heart by comparison something like this I find to be quite cooling on the face now before I have to go wash off wait I was just using this although truthfully I didn't use it as much as I've been using my wash off late I don't honestly care for the longer end of this as much but you could use just sort of the same technique just we want to roll out feels actually very very nice after the bit of heat the plate generated in my skin what I do still really enjoy the sort of the smaller end because I find it very very nice for going around my eyes after I've done a little bit of gouache off so it just feels really good and cooling - very gently roll under the eyes I very gently go kind of along the orbital bone and again you just always want to be rolling out words


that's honestly really about it it's very simple the basic technique is very simple you could do this every day if you wanted I don't think there's any reason you can't like I said I'd probably do it once or twice a week and I find it just a very nice part of my beauty routine and also just a mixed way to keep sort of working with crystals and actually two of my favorite crystals rose quartz and green jade in my life now as far as where you can get these for yourself my Jade Roller came from a very old art of organics box several years ago I don't even know the brand or anything but the closest thing that exists to this that I have found are the Ewing double facial rulers off cult beauty and that was actually the face roller that was on my wish list before I got this then energy news whoo I did the larger video on incorporating crystals into beauty routines with they have a single end face roller so it would only have this end it doesn't have the smaller end for 2488 and it said sort of a darker green jade as opposed to this sort of lighter green jade I sort of personally prefer the lighter green jade but everyone's proclivity with these things will be a little bit different if you just kind of go into Google and type Jade face roller or rose quartz wash off late most of what comes up is off Amazon now I've heard very mixed reviews of people that have gotten these sorts of facial tools off Amazon so I'm not sure it's personally the route that I would go I guess I would say buy on Amazon at your own risk it seems like the quality is probably not great so I think you're better off doing call Beauty or energy muse those are sort of the only two refuges that I know of at the moment but if others cross my path or please share in the comments if you have a reputable sort of distributor or seller of these as far as the Gua Sha plate I really love mine like I'm saying it was a gift I'm sort of at a loss for where to direct people I'm not sure energy news carries squash off plates and again most of what comes up if you search for it are through Amazon I'll keep my ears to the ground and try and keep you updated if I hear of a good source for these actually I have an idea of who I could ask so if I am able to ask her before this video I will make an annotation or list in the description box some good resources for these plates so I hope that this was helpful it's actually been a very requested video and I wanted to make it sort of a separate demo video from the larger incorporating crystals into beauty routines video if you haven't seen that and would like to I will leave a link which I think will be up here for you to go check that out I talked about lots of other ways that you can incorporate crystals into a beauty routine facial gritting aquamarine Beauty water using a charging plate to charge not just your crystals but sort of other items in your beauty routine thank you so much for watching and if you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll see you guys in my next

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