Aaron & Robert - CUTE BITS (36)

by: Moira Barton

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Wow Sumida you'd have so much or you all have under nothing it's not really your fault is it so you be seven shades are semen let me start using my own for something else I'm sorry Oh an army that was glitter of something we see all stars I know let's leave enough for now it's not quite done and still a bit damaged by so what's brought this on a whole scared rabbit act just on out Peron do you know what pretty much the last thing undie said to me was before he won he said that you make me a better man than he was right and you can't do that if you're not good man yourself and why are you so good yeah stop always to solving people they're making the same on me why do I do it

because you've got some problems we all love but we're gonna fix yours whatever it takes yeah well then get your right and then everything is gonna be perfect

you all right cuz you did leave without word don't find us other side now well you're back and you're free you've got a house nearly you start yeah yeah you start you start what's up I was left Sanji's out the color which is broken Volvo like she'll be back bound for ages blimey was just as well your mom still out there yeah and as usual I'm nowhere to be seen oh come on mate we've been over this I should be there for live yeah and if you could you would and besides you booked in Cedars counselor tomorrow why don't go out somewhere where I don't know walk you could throw caution to the wind to make a picnic of it hey Nick well butch enough for you a couple of tins in a bacon bought you then all right fine but if I even sniff a cucumber sample you have my solemn promise I might grow blanket mind what we done now I'm thinking of closing a purely to market respect rashly nothing to you I mean I often can't believe you even suggesting that before you do that was somehow some way how what someone to nature you know there you go better look inspector no not have to use it three wide now this is what real money that's not easing its force leading to the that summon something that you Tony Rosa fire cool you want it you got the one got it really yeah one Rick come on just give it a sec okay give it all right give it me okay oh okay you win sit on this on our wedding day Oh ghosts too civilized for you well my liven things off of it I'm sorry was it i boring come on bear yes 11

you know minute are you doing this council in tomorrow when I was over I know okay so what do you wanna do GOP let you decide we see always old another good oh why didn't I you want to go back hard if you said anything about going back is that something else you don't do outside well really no here so now he's Nash click you got useless you know Country Squire look what about Country Squire can you get back anywhere you bad before no way you should be grateful actually looks almost - what would you look like you I'm Aaron Dingle derby salmon have

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