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malayala manorama salam alayka hora de lado para que darle la canela tom oliver shoe autothrottle bundles at an channel 6 kuso duet be very sure to the world can Doha sawada der ho der Dina yo honey go on even saying deliver a cran Abdullah and me dhadkan levin shohar moussaka vandana gupte of America ELCA magery high signal Hills dentist okie Allah meghanadha symbol near a no signal hill is alpha phi omega c and a cranny signal hill is dentist more important meherrin Hamad Al kaha 20a hell can a convenient a tier RB or multi Admiralty holla Elka ha ikki tousen fruity Mocambo hadena wrongful economy jail yet Somalia or liver for a bottle cocina i ad which i understand Muraki with en el lado than I ish again in addressing him a dentist again you will be alcohol Donna I hunted add the Emirati seda IMA record when it was a million much at eleven o ok Wally detailed Carlo so many or medical order / you / toga I would tell me look at here see you when I can 20 Mahan layaway a signal hill is dentist cadet doin tie-in go back LOL con agua mala mujer edgy and mention we have a letter hi Mel win or adult aren t lagu Lord diario a quadratic are a novelty is an even has risen in where they did to the Intel que el carrusel Regina had Ibaka Ellen Morgan signal here is dentists

everyone my name is dr. Tao I'm the dentist here at signal hell's denno on 1200 soft Robert straight we see a variety of patients here going from issues such as dental pain just questions about teeth in general people wanting cleanings exams and we do a lot of different restorative procedures such as crowns bridges and like i said if you're considering implants we definitely do that as well so like I said take you know stop by down here and then we'll definitely see you and see what we can do for you like I said we make sure we address the patient's 101 here we don't just throw them questions and not answer you know following with answers we make sure we address their main problem here and like I said you know they need you follow up care we definitely do do a good job of that okay well muhammad adil it mountaha surgeries telecom signal hills dental with the bottom okay I mujhay door dr. know today why he obtained a media and I can have the mark NT Ahmadi down movie another goose gig not the edifying a very humor can be a bow imam abu go ski holiday Adam alhamdulillah adelfa ni senaka kala oh no son 00 b'ham a doctor specialist ii spell can the signal hills dental hi Mary into hwy movie hi hon una ilk aha so mission ojala cheryl dr. fie on google just like GE diamante Ahmadi colima honolulu HI lesotho famille colorado or mission acoustic alafia anti a good doin time Malakal Antigone enter a subie so L me request I'm Janice blade grant if who I re Quran oh and cool volunteering but on our way home the bottom in a leaky market after i did in a daycare America Dyson like an interview Sofia high or our time really in a doctor coyote model or look the will you at the same time mahogany Cujo gunmen acquire a colonel in Kuala leading the manhunt Sheila hajjali the somali at the O'Connell Twin Cities Canova haggadah en iso broadband signal Hills dental clinic were clinic untamable enquanto Homer

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