Top 10 Hardest Super Mario 3D Land Stages

by: Nathaniel Bandy

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Super Mario 3d Land let's find out which stages are the hardest this list is based off of how hard the challenges are how often I die or get hit as well as the length in any difficulty gimmicks so without further ado let's go first up we have s55 this is one of the most confusing and difficult go stages in the game so you'll start the stage and everything looks pretty basic there's a ramp up ahead in a higher level towards the right what's the kicker though it's all about which warp box you pick these boxes take you to different rooms but every room is laid out in the same manner the only difference is the types of enemies working around and the lighting even the work boxes are in the same places there's about three or four different locations they can be in but the placement is so subtle that it's hard to remember which ones move you forward and which don't and you have a time limit so you can't be goofing around for too long now if you've played this stage a ton of times and have memorized the order this isn't all that bad I've played this stage a few times and honestly I'm finding myself getting lost constantly the stage does give you plenty of power-ups to kill the enemies since they can be a bit of a distraction so while it may not be the hardest stage ever it definitely is confusing and by the way for the remainder of this list playing any of these stages with a tanooki suit is substantially easier than playing without it so just keep that in mind as we move forward the suit is like an easy mode for most stages this is s82 a rolling plain stage and when I say rolling plains I literally mean rolling the terrain we have to traverse consists of lots of rolling parts and their speed is quite fast often times you'll need to carefully time a jump or long jump to make it to the next part of the stage or you won't get enough speed there's been a lot of times from the rotating platforms caused me to lose a lot of speed so I can't make a jump or I just bought before even landing on them then there's the section with all the mana moles the spinning platforms move even faster here there's this pipe that you can take where you can grab two power-ups which is really nice it gives some relief for the challenge then after that you'll have to make your way across some really long rotating platforms that require some pretty fast and precise movement as I said earlier the Tanooki suit makes the stage a bit easier because it allows you to time your jumps more efficiently overall though my momentum feels really thrown off which is why I find the stage to be pretty difficult oh and next we have s4 - it's another ghost level and definitely harder than the one we just talked about there's two main things that are a problem for one you have to watch out for the cosmic clone that follows your every step into the floor only appears when you get close to it coupled with the fact that you don't really know what direction the movement and the cosmic clone is following from behind this lul can get quite intense and will force you to take risks to find your path sometimes you'll run into platforms that seem like a fork in the road so you have to quickly figure out which direction has a platform while not getting hit by the clone around halfway through the level though you can get access to a star and take out the clone temporarily as well as a bunch of boos so it's a nice break you can even get a tanooki suit from one of the boosts so that makes level a lot easier if it wasn't for the lucky break halfway through I probably would have put the stage a lot lower on the list so this next stage comes from s7 3 and what's nice about this one is that the level actually feels themed granted it's Nintendo yet again resorting to clocks seriously why is it always clocks Nintendo maybe because they know how to take our time away is that it anyway most of the platforms here are spinning continuously or spinning cycles this makes the entire level pretty disorienting to play through a large majority of the jumps that you have to make are pretty far and you'll need to be rather accurate several tail ba bones will fall down but they really aren't that much of a threat they're easy to avoid the most difficult section is probably where you'll go into this green maze s area that are littered with several fuzzies the placement of these enemies can make them hard to avoid especially since the camera sometimes sets it up so that you can't see them until the last second there's really not much else to this one it's just fun challenge oh this is generic block turning stage s-64 it looks really boring and tasteless but that doesn't mean it won't test your skills as you can guess the main conflict are the spinning blocks but you have a cosmic clone following you around - si - had a similar gimmick to this one but that stage didn't have the clone whatever a stage in this game has the cosmic clone it makes it so much harder because you're constantly under pressure to keep moving it's very easy to slip up and bonk off a spinning platform when that happens it's basically game over because Mario can't get up in time to save himself from falling it could be hard to tell when it's safe to land on certain platforms because you can't land on slopes but it can't be too steep or you'll just fall off and then when you get to the end some of the longer platforms have flop hoppers on them and yes that's what they're called flop hoppers and now we have our first airship level for this list s75 yet again we have to deal with even more spinning platforms geez something about this game in spinning platforms anyway what makes this stage harder than the other ones I've already talked about is that they spin a lot faster the depth perception is really funky in Mario 3d Land and that's especially the case for this stage it can be hard to watch the shadow of Mario since that's really the only way to tell where exactly you're going to land the spinning cyllinder spin in different directions and they're angled in different ways this makes the stage pretty disorienting to play because you have to pay so much attention to the platforms some of the stages we've talked about earlier offer you two new key suits for this stage all you can get as a mushroom or a fire flower now of course you can wear it to new ki seat before entering this level but I digress so this is the only stage that doesn't hail from this special world it's eight final Bowser so as I'm sure you would expect the final level and boss can cause quite the commotion you start off on this skeleton ride and you just have to dodge some fireballs after that you'll hop onto some wooden platforms that rise in the air it's actually pretty easy to not see fireballs in this section there's been a lot of times where I'm jumping to these platforms one will hit me after that you'll hop back on a skeleton for another ride this time having to dodge several more fireballs they aren't the most difficult pattern of all time but you do really need to pay attention and then the Bowser fight I gotta say as average as I find this game to be this fight is fantastic the way the camera moves while running around dodging Bowser and his fire is incredibly cinematic it has almost an uncharted feel or something you'd see in a superhero movie getting through this fight they take me a few tries there are several parts where you really have to book it or you'll get hit by something I know I'm not going into too much detail about the fight but that's not important it's definitely worth playing this for yourself if you never had it's fun rewarding and most importantly difficult and now we've got s7 for and wouldn't you believe it a cosmic clone is after us again the gimmick is that every tiny jump the red and blue platforms take turns flipping this normally wouldn't be that hard but there just so happens to be a cosmic clone chasing you having to avoid him and keep track of blended jump is a lot to take in as you get farther into this level there's several spikes and sting by in your way so dealing with all of that while navigating the constantly changing platforms is a test it's strange because the level itself doesn't look that hard but I've always had a hard time completing it it always seems to take these several tries to get through even though I'd be in it in the past and then at the end you have to very carefully time your jumps to get to the flagpole or else they'll get hit by the clone and fall and have to start all over again this is a really fun level but definitely a tough cookie here's the thing about s85 you might be thinking to yourself wait and haven't we already seen this one well actually no number 5 on our list had an incredibly similar theme there's a bunch of spinning platforms and yada yada yada the two big differences here is that the platform's spin way faster now and guess what else seriously what else have we talked about today that makes levels harder you deal with cosmic clone again and seriously when I say these spinning platforms spin faster I mean they go so fast that it's easy to fall off from their sheer pace there's a couple jumps where I practically need the long jump just to get any sort of coverage but now I'm sure we could all easily guess what number one we'll be in now the number one hardest it's Mario 3d Land stage and you guessed it right si crowd absolutely has to be number one and you want to know why because I still haven't beat this damn state it's that difficult Nintendo has had this weird trend ever since Mario Galaxy 1 to make the last stage in a Mario game as stupidly difficult as possible this one is no exception so first far as I've made it you start up on these blocks and have to avoid some hammer bros in a boomerang bro then you have to make all these really tight jumps and bounce off goombahs then you bounce off some toads head fly boom boom and pom pom then take this green platform and avoid bobbins and fire and just oh my god this level is way longer than any of the other ones in the game to in no checkpoints well at least as far as I've played but I doubt there's any checkpoint all the jumps have to be near perfect to make it across there's no making mistakes or it's game over you know there's a reason Super Mario 3d Land makes it easy to get lives for your whole playthrough because you'll use every single one of them playing this one stage and if you thought that was crazy but I'm sure you'll love this super mario 64 romhack video i made yeah this ROM Mac is called sm64 the green stars and the video is pretty dang great make sure to check that out and leave a like and subscribe if you enjoyed this leave a comment and let me know what you think the hardest Mario 3d Land stage is and why now if you'll excuse me I need to you know go and beat this stupid

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