Starcraft 2: Polt (T) v Jebediah (Z) - THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND

by: WinterStarcraft

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versus all right I need another name it's a barcode it's a barcode I'm not doing all my bronze replays at once okay so I need a name

all right in the top right

it is that first the WCS champion the idol one of the oldest pro gamers but still somewhat one of the best it is pulled and in the bottom right in the bottom rights it is our zerg challenger the korean grandmaster jebadiah all right well I have to see does jebadiah know who he's playing against and what will he do him out he Sonny has overlord in the right direction looks like we're not gonna have any sort of that pool first into ravager B s4 player map cheese all right pull on the other hand he's not sending out a particular area early SCV scout he doesn't want to waste his money too much there I guess he's confident in his early game control [Music] we'll have to see this morning pull the gas he's gonna be winding up that sidling speed and then whatever he wants to pass that point so nothing out of the ordinary yet it's the SUV Scout being sent out this will narrow the amount of areas the Reaper has to check but it will not Scout all of them quite in time pol will have to send his Reaper the opposite direction all right looks like Jeb gonna be switching up his overlord placements here he's going up to the high ground most players won't go for a marine first even if they do you can usually get the Overlord to the high ground in time it's mostly a non-issue so he's gonna be able to slip that Overlord all the way in and he's gonna see the second barracks and this is very important information this is pretty much a lockdown of knowledge that Paul is gonna be going for probably the two one one he's gonna get to medevacs out he's gonna be hitting right around that three nut not three five five fifteen marker and we'll have to see what he decides to do encounter to that I see the zergling coming in six legs were made which is a strong response usually if you make more than two or four that means you really want to take your third base in a timely manner because the Reaper does get forced back two or four legs can be picked off and they're just for making sure the Reaper doesn't get greedy but if you make six Ling's that's a statement right there at this level that's a statement I'm not sure why this Overlord wasn't moving yet maybe he's scared of a no I'm actually not sure why that Overlord wasn't moving a little mistake there he's under a bit of pressure from that Reaper maybe he's a big pulp fan and he's real stressed out right now sweating bullets he streams sniped and he's like oh my god I'm a Korean Grandmaster I've never won anything but palt is my favorite player and he's making little mistakes once again putting the Kree tumor right on the edge and not protecting it looks like jebediah a bit stressed out but on the on the back side he actually has an evolutionary evolutionary chamber sure why not evolution chamber he's got the plus one carapace right off the bat so that's an interesting call there he's not going for a quick third he's actually going maybe the zerglings were to make sure the Reaper didn't get asked out on that maybe he just made six circlings and there's not too much there's not too much else to that like maybe I'm reading into it too much but we will see yeah the Reaper actually gonna slip by the zerglings still a good scout with the O V I assume that's there to look for wherever this Reapers going but with these carapace upgrades are we gonna see some sort of multi pronged to drop arrests he doesn't have Overlord speed but even eight maybe going up to like sixteen circlings in the main base at the right timing right as those medevacs are moving out can be game-winning there's a baneling nest on the way

so this does look like he's going for the direct response he's making a fourth hatch but he's making it in his mane he's not sending his Ovie's out which is still kind of confusing me like usually you want to at least have an OB like here over here to make sure the medevacs aren't slipping in so I'm not entirely sure what's up with that we do have the double medivac drop pull right on point immediately boosting forward the overlords gonna be in position Jeb moving out with that counter-attack is this intentionally a counter-attack once again I'm asking a question like does it just happen to be here but he's got to know the timing that this goes down with the plus one carapace he should be able to close the distance even on stem Marines especially on creep the queen count is pretty low he's only at three so he's completely reliant on his Earthlings here but the positioning of pulse is pretty dirty plus one carapace is done he is working through those Marines relatively quickly more I don't think bolt realized that they had plus one carapace until he started losing his marine so quickly the the zerglings just take a decent chunk more shots then but the banelings are ready to tear down this wall on the other side bolt rains are moving through the people not too many left still a very dangerous number but the banelings are crashing through the front door now polt has to go into crisis mode he's got to defend the widow mine is going to bro that can be easily countered well it'd be though the NC one of my micro is pretty good there go a ton of the Marines at the same time pole has a drop in the main he's evacuated his drop at the third base he's got most of the Marines out does he have a hold on the wall at the top of the ramp the third base will be forced to be canceled that's a pretty big blow there at the same time cope getting into the main he's killed four workers against the 20 so far but remember he invested so much in zerglings the worker count is 23 to 30 stakes but polt still has access to mules never forget them so the the natural has been shut down here it has been evacuated this Queen being assassinated by that singular marine and he gets the widow mine out his room that drop over on this side trading with some money the worker count now 23 to 43 we got plus one attack on the way more drones as well because he just has so much control over the map Holt look at the supply it's a forty three to ninety one pulled down but he's not out now I I haven't seen once against note no spoilers I haven't seen this game it was probably on a stream you guys might know what happened but I haven't seen this and I've seen Pope come back from games in such a ridiculous manner before so I'm excited to see how this goes I think he'll pull it back but I'm not gonna be exactly sure how now the way is to do it are just getting that third Command Center getting your upgrades focusing on things that your opponent what he can do right now is make a ton of drones but he can't make upgrades any faster he doesn't have any sort of way of getting his units significantly stronger at least for a little while so Pope focusing on those upgrades making sure that when he does have the ability to establish his economy again that he'll have the best opportunity to take a fight and he's gonna need to take a series of good fights this isn't gonna be just like one widow mine hit he's too far behind right now this is the same build that vibe crushed me with except its pulp plain Terran and not me and it's jebediah playing Zerg and not vibe so we're here now plus two carapace is on the way if you have is saying on that single evolution chamber is going towards the spire because the biggest tool that Pope can use to bring this back is going to be drops in general just having multi-pronged drop attacks trading with zerglings clearing creep if you can do that you can drag yourself back into a game pulp supply blocked at 69 over 69 he's down nearly double supply but the meta mutants are not out yet I don't even think bolt knows about the spine

okay they drop in the main finally yeah a few units get up there's still a lot of pressure he's making five Ovie's at a time the drop tries to come out you know pulp is frantically looking for opportunities here another drop out the fourth base finally completed the worker counts 65 to 31 but the income disparity is it's there but it's not massive maybe a meal or two just dad I'm not sure but Paul has no turrets he can't afford anything but these units the best defense against Mutis is a good offense being on the edge of the creep trying to trade with those widow maan hits forcing them to fight in two marines where they can be picked off you don't want them at the edge of your mineral lines killing your SCV's so right now polls still out on the map he can force the Mutis back into this position and he's pulled him back and forth right now yeah he's gonna drop on the high ground he saw that first muta he knows what he's up against and he's clearing the creep when you go for a build like this you don't have many queens you don't have much opportunity to use that cleat so that's giving colts an angle back into this match oh nice widdle mine hit gonna connect do we get a second one oh my god and pulse is only down by 25 supply this medivac was cleaned up I think he wasn't quite paying attention over there and it looks like you have a dial effed some of his their goings back but it's 136 to 93 supply two two is on the way for Paul and only plus two carapace here for jebediah the worker count obviously the biggest disparity but the army supply is nearly even and we all know how good widow mines are especially off of creep oh no these Earthlings getting themselves caught that is absolutely not where they want to be is even a single Marine gonna go down I mean like probably like three but that is almost worst-case scenario there for those Earthlings he has less to be able to trigger the widow mines without the banelings being connected on both working towards that to two he's got a double drop over in the north and there's not enough here to defend if it was a single drop yes double drop no and he's working through there's a counter-attack at the front the poll right now he's burrowing the widow mines he has the Depot down but there's not enough circlings to make a huge dent the Army's coming back to defend Hulk can focus down this base will he do so he will not but the army is moving in on to the creep and - - was seconds away from completing pulp still unable to take his third base deservings made it back the depot wall went down supplied blocking polt once again but the fourth base is still up banelings not quite connecting as pulse continues to be ridiculously cost-effective here 5200 to 8,000 those banelings getting a decent connection does he have to - no he only owes the two one but the the Marines were stim they're his hatchery is obviously a sticking point here I think Pope might try to snipe it the widow mines in a nice spot he might have the supply lead but he doesn't really have the creepy needs of the vein the widow mines connecting on the veins there's still enough marine standing tall he's not giving away he's not trying to trade away his mutant yet and he only has nine so it's not like he has too much opportunity to do so big counter-attack at the same time polt gonna be forced forward no banelings here but there are Mutis he takes out the fourth face though he's gonna lose most of this the medevacs will escape the mute is not really realizing what was happening the third bay is gonna be lifted but Pulte still down by 40 supply his earthlings coming back but he's essentially giving him away I don't think he realized the magnitude of force that holds that out here Oh a bit of a mistake the medevacs are caught out and he's actually gonna lose a couple of them now that's a solid mistake gotta pull that's something that's gonna let jebediah here back into the game now he can't invest in liberators just go straighten the bridge there's no wall hold still has the double drop on the other side the liberators are gonna try to deal with the mutants but pulled his back is up against the wall here quite literally and he's holding on another massive widow mine hit connects somehow the liberators are doing just enough and he's gonna drive this back I'm not entirely sure how but that Widow mine hit as well as standing tall on top of the ramp with that plus two armor there are no matter of Acts here that's about to change it's still 67 versus 115 supplied by polt he's redeeming his redeeming quality in this game is he's not dead yet and he continues to be not dead yet the worker count 26 to 63 polt moving in he's gonna actually be able to snipe off a few drums the fourth base is being taken on the other side there's no creep there so that means it's easy to get close if bolt has enough units but getting enough unit seems to be the struggle throughout this entire game yeah I'm sniffing around he backs off right as soon as he gets close enough for Jeff to commit his nudists right now he's just trying to keep this drop on the map it's not as important to draw the army back it's important to have the threat just to keep you haven't died here from attacking but we have +3 attack the upgrade still in Pope's favor there is no Widow there are no Widow mines here that's a big that is a big problem we're gonna see some decent splits out of Hull but the mute account has reached dangerous level we're at 16 some but that went a lot better than I thought it was gonna go for pullet there he actually still had a decent chunk yeah the banelings just didn't really roll in how they needed to they didn't connect Pole is pretty much out of mineral patches on his first he's literally he doesn't have any minerals at his first two bases these are now mining nothing okay gasps but does he really need gas he's out 750 in the bank right now but their base is about to come under fire the fourth is up here for Jeb 62 226 workers when he takes out the turret I thought I thought about bunch of SUVs just got connected on and now the production is under fire pulled is coming in but there's already a decent chuckling some veins on this other thought other side side plus three is finished it's a hundred fifty one 277 supply but once again plus three is finished the targeting is there not a single marine dies to the mains okay like one but he gets the command center trades out a few mutas at the same time polls still down 85 to 143 he lost the command center he's had 22 SCV's his only advantage is being up one upgrade the medevacs well the Marines are cleaned up the medevacs are not quite yet I'm not even sure either well Zerg here is not sure that there aren't any units in there I think he just a moved and pull wasn't really paying attention so Holt's gonna be putting together what army he can the army supply is not great for him but it's still decent he has four medevacs he has some widow mines buddies oh there's no splits against the little ones okay finally the widow mines are gonna be triggered poll will be for his back he got greedy there he had he had to go as far as possible with the mines to try to get those nice hits I'm not sure what this counter-attack is gonna do there's nothing here at the third four pull he's still trying to move forward the creep is being cleaned up the Mutis are retreating against three Marines in a bunker polt is down to 81 supply the widow mines are about to recharge and two more coming up it's not another nice bit just barely enough is what these widow mines are getting every time he splits against these handful another one of mine hit connects on the Mutis and polt survives but at what cost another widow mines gonna go down he still has all four medevacs here there's no banelings and these are +3 Marines with a decent chunk of medevacs there's no banelings and the mutants are trying they don't want to trade and oh my god I think he hit the side left army haki the rest of the units are coming across he will drive this back let the muta count get shaved down it's down to a halt another lice twiddle mine hit directly into the forehead of pole I mean of jebediah here with those mutism the worker count 58 to 22 the marines are still steaming forties gonna be able to pick off another couple veins there's no widow mines here quite yet he still has a decent chunk of Marines the muta is nowhere to be seen flying in the other direction right now there's just a handful of millions in a bunker but it still seems to be just barely enough holt gonna sprint back to defend the stem is activated another mute are gonna be shaved off at 72 - 123 supply we haven't there is no hive + - flyer attacks is on the way there's still double-digit mutants which is enough to 1-shot widow mines especially with +2 I would imagine some zergling attacks are set up on either side but pull fortunately for him in these positions his third base is well protected against easy run bys he has to go all the way around and that's what it looks like he's gonna do polt now supply block consistently at 86 out of 86 so you can't seem to ever really get past that number but he's in position he can just gunned down all these babies gonna lose a decent chunk of Marines but the Bane's are removed from the field and now another big attack coming in there's no banelings here quite yet all my god these widow mine hits are the only way for Paul to come back in this game there's six more muta lists on the way there is an overseer down here and an overseer over here all the medivac so coming down the other side the Bayley hits are not there the first round is repelled by Pope the hive is on the way the nudists are shouldn't be fighting over here the switz are coming on this side but all the muses are dying here come the banelings at the back Pope's splitty away the mutants are not here to add their damage I'm not sure what the banelings are trying to do the banelings are going home these disjointed attacks are killing him and the muta count is down to 8 he was up if he had just held back he would have had seventeen eight-teen Mutis but he just lost at least half a dozen so pulp doing everything right in jebediah here doing everything arguably rocks as Pope the master of holding on in games like this the supply gap is nowhere that's been in a while another will mine is not quite gonna connect he's trying to micro against another muta will be the victim of this indecisiveness build a widdle mine connect he's trying to draw it into the army but he'll draw it into the block not really into the veins but the muta mmm the medevacs polt drops under fifty supply his medevacs are being sniped off and so are the muta listen turn he doesn't quite kill that last medivac to his great dismay the hive is done but he can't really afford anything from another couple Mutis from the four Marines bolt has left in a 3 HP medevac the army supplies are nearly evening and there are no banelings there's no energy there's nothing left in the tank for that medivac pol is running out of mineral patches his main base needs to be floated some winter it's still 57 versus twenty two workers pull is not money and ounce of gas he's at 24 he has 24 guests and no gas geysers he's salvaging his bunker because he needs money and Marines oh my god it's 99 the ultralisk caverns on the way eight more Mutis I think that has to be the nail in the coffin hear it right he's making no oh this foam out of a cave that get sniped that's that could be the ball game how'd he get some muta so the counter Snipes there two widow mines three wealthy unit count two widow mines 28 Marines for medevacs and a dream the oldest cavern is done but he doesn't really have the money to get cut into splitting or even any ultras he's just needs the main links and he has a decent chunk over here there's a drop moving over to this side but there's already a base solidly up poll is going forward can he snipe the base he gets it the widow mines will be defended against another one will let quite connect both gonna pick up all those units but the widow mines will be removed from the field I'm not sure where the mutants are the Muniz not really committing yet he doesn't want to keep losing these units but the drop is up here it's gonna kill this base maybe not the time for a drone transfer but chitin is footing is on the way to ultra lists as full has lifted his third base over to another base and continues to be a nomadic Terran desperately trying to claw his way back I think he can't beat the ultras right not once they have chitin his plating he doesn't have a single Marauder he doesn't have a single Liberator

here come the banelings they were on Crete for most of this decent splits here for ultras are on the way though and that's why he was able to make up so much ground Pope coming back into this base he's lost the medivac I don't know why the Marines are still here but even more going down there's no chitin is plating quite yet another nice hit Pope killing all the drones he's down to 14 drones I'm not but poke can only make Marines he actually can't kill these he's gonna kill the bass he's gonna kill another muta and another one he could kill the spire here coming finally some zerglings these units are somehow getting away 6272 supply but any number of that in chitin is splitting ultra there's actually no money's there he has zero mining um but he's just making Marines he has zero mining he has no hatches but he has four ultralisk against twenty six marines in one medivac I can't I don't see I don't see a victory here for pulling I don't he's fought this far he's trying to fight back he can stutter-step for days but not enough days that has to be that right the one medivac desperately coming up he will raise the depot in time and the Marines will stim almost to their deaths what Ultra Goes Down and another one and remember Zerg has no binding he's running ring around the reactor the ultras and he's bolt remember he's building more lines he might have him Oh honor he's gonna kill one of these ultras there's still one more ultra it's 36 versus 45 supplying the ultras no HP it's desperately trying to get around but I can't do it

what a legend what the what uh why I legitimately thought he was dead and I've seen poke come back from some things but four ultras a dozen UTA's with only Marines and one medivac you you you you devil Paul you devil yeah was a throw but every every come back is a combination of a throw and a used opportunity and he did every bolt did everything he could possibly do right and his opponent did some some things wrong that's how it works but still but still how many people could

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