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you just give a loan one more shout of praise [Music] [Applause] hallelujah glory to God thank you worship team give them a wonderful God bless you Father we thank you for what you're about to do tonight well we thank you for the miracles you're about to do the breakthroughs you're about to release in the lives of your people father thank you for Heavenly intervention for heavens audience tonight we can't do anything without your presence so god release your presence in this atmosphere release an atmosphere of expectation Lord not in any man not in any preacher not in any angel but in your presence in your name which is able to do super abundantly above all we dare to ask your thinking in the name of Jesus amen amen and amen look your neighbor and say I love you by forcing you don't have a choice

look at your other neighbor and say look the other neighbor find a less suspicious-looking neighbor for me find somebody who doesn't look so suspicious and just say to them your future is so bright you need sunglasses to look at it amen amen now I believe in a living Church I believe in a talking church I believe in a shouting church I believe in a laughing church I believe in a crying Church as long as you're crying for all the right reasons amen I believe in it all I believe that's the sign of life they meant the church is living and breathing amen now today we are going to touch on a foundation to how to steward breakthrough we've seen so many significant breakthroughs happen just this month alone I mean we've come up to our six-month anniversary of running this church and it wouldn't look like it would it it wouldn't look like six months but but I mean God has really blessed us in this short space of time and brought about a breakthrough in this church we have an amazing team--amazing volunteers and people who work around the clock to make us look good amen and they hear early they set up we close on time everything just runs like clockwork and it's only been six months think about it takes nine months to have a baby I know because I'm getting ready to have one and we're here in six months I can only imagine where God's going to take this ministry in 9 months time so I'm grateful for that that's my testimony I believe God's done something significant in every single one of our lives in terms of breakthrough and so often what happens when God does a breakthrough in our lives is that we're waiting for V breakthrough before we give Him praise and sometimes you need to thank him for a breakthrough so that he can bring the breakthrough I found what I'm saying now I want to talk about a lot of things today but I'm going to try and stick to my notes which I'm not used to but I'm going to try real hard which is why I printed them today and then I left them in the printer and then I asked somebody to go to the house and pick them up for me because I want to make sure I stick to the notes today but I also want to make sure I'm flowing with the Holy Spirit so will you permit me to be a bit ambidextrous today as I tried to go through this word with you but one of the things I believe the Spirit of God wants from us is he wants to see us release a sound of praise that literally becomes a lifestyle and not a moment I'm gonna talk to this side of the room I believe that God wants us to release the kind of praise that becomes a lifestyle I like this side the church seems to be right here and and add not a moment where somebody said fiends are coming back okay I believe I believe that's what God wants to do he wants to release a lifestyle of Thanksgiving you see the Bible says let everything that has breath breathe in breathe out praise the Lord so we don't praise God because he's good we praise God because he's God are you following what I'm saying I'm telling you if you ever want to confuse the devil praise Him when you should be depressed if you ever want to make the devil mad the more he messes with you the more you bless God something trips in the enemy's brain when he's messed with your finances he's shaken your house and you're still standing there like Jobe saying though he slays me yet will I trust him I'm telling you you rock his mind when you praise you see when Satan came to Joe he was challenging his praise he was saying this guy's going to stop praising you if you mess with his stuff because we don't praise God because he's good we praise God because he's God are you following what I'm saying when we understand this and when this becomes a lifestyle of the church I'm telling you we will experience a 24/7 open heaven connection with God because God is good whether or not the world is bad he doesn't become bad based on the badness of your circumstance I know somebody needs to hear that he's not death that he can't hear the most as his arm isn't short his ear isn't short that it can't hear you his arm isn't short that it can't reach you he doesn't become bad just because life gets bad and it doesn't become good when life gets good God is constant earth is temporary and I believe in a world where everything is changing the economy is changing government systems are changing things that we trusted in like our pensions are changing in a world where everything is changing we the church have got to start being unmovable you see what depresses people is when something that we thought wasn't supposed to change changes when a fixture becomes a shell when something that was supposed to stay all of a sudden become shakable and moves away all of a sudden our emotions go with what we thought was supposed to be our security but you see the Bible says the righteous or as mountains I and that shall not be moved why because some trust in chariots some trust in horses some trusting cadillac's some trusting mercedes-benz or for King Ptolemy translation but we will trust in the name of the Lord because he doesn't change he's the rock of ages' and in a world where everything is changing we've got to get to a place where our connection is the one thing that doesn't change well like David we can say take anything you want you can take the power so you can take the kids you can take the house you can take the perfect cut grass you can take the mahogany awkward floor but the one thing you can't take from me as your presence amen when that becomes our shout when that becomes our life oh and that becomes our focus all of a sudden depression can't exist in a body that's fixed its eyes on Jesus come on now are you following this so before we preach breakthrough and before we talk about all of these things that I believe God's going to bring into your life I believe we've got to come to a place where we reestablish the fact that we trust him not people not the Baths not the kids not the car not the husband not the wife in when we reestablish that everything else gets held up and sustained above this by the word of his power amen now write this down if you want to take it to the back 100% of Christianity is 90 percent focus 100% of Christianity is 90 percent focus if you can understand what I just said they're sorry 90 percent of Christianity is 100 percent focus if you understand what I just said there your life will never be the same again the difference between somebody who is thriving and somebody who is surviving is what are you focusing on you see the whole of scripture is all about focus it's all it's about focus Adam focus wake up don't touch that tree touch three focus Moses burning bush hey focus you follow me colors through this one if you'd be risen with Christ that your mind on the things that are above focus Peter keep your eyes on me you're not going to think focus if we understand focus you see focus doesn't change the fact that things around you aren't crazy focus doesn't change the fact that there aren't waves and winds focus tells God that regardless of those things I'm keeping my eyes fixed on you you see joy is is spiritual real estate so taste that should I say that again cuz I sent a powerful I need to write a book on that joy is spiritual real estate joy the joy of the Lord is our strength it's our very if the economy on which we build our spiritual lives is joy so if the enemy wants to attack you peoples are the enemies after my kids he's off my car he's not after your kids in your car he's after your joy that's attached to your kids in your car this is just my introduction by the way I'm about to go deep he's not authorizing he's just after the things that you call joy because joy is your economy it's your spiritual real estate it's the only way for you to stay sane from one week to the next is the joy of the Lord Psalm 16:11 is your strength think about this so if the enemy wants to rock with your strength all he's got to do is mess with your joy see life is not about the pursuit of happiness I put to you today that happiness is overrated it is because one day you happy next day you sad happiness is overrated but joy is a constant joy never goes through bullish and bearish trends joy never has an up day and a down day joy is a con stint so those who know how to stay connected to Jesus amen so I believe these are some of the things that we got to develop but can I just tell you there are I believe there are six things six foundations that I want to late today in terms of how to steward breakthrough oddly breakthrough is the easiest thing to happen in your life but stewarding that breakthrough is a hard task amen God can bring you a breakthrough but what do you do when the breakthrough comes can you imagine Sarah at 19 years old not even praying for a child anymore I mean she's like forget children I'm 90 okay I'm at the age of being a great-grandma let alone being a mom and God says I'm going to give you a child now no one to Sarila because she's just there thinking how am I going to play football with a Zimmer frame nobody's going to talk back to me okay how long then play football I mean come on these are very realistic things the kids going to kick the ball and you're going to have to dive and then you're going to split a disk on the way to diving and Abraham's too old he's older than you so what's he going to do so she's laughing when God says I'm going to give you a child because every one of us wants a breakthrough but can we truly handle breakthrough when it comes can we steward the responsibility of carrying an Isaac do you know one day I said to Darth preacher came into the into the nation and very well-known preacher I'm not going to mention his name but he was you know somewhere in the third heavens when he said this I'll stop for anything right now and he'll do it for you I mean come on now I was probably 18 years old at the time so in my mind I'm thinking of a million and one different 18 year old things Xbox PlayStation a lifetime supply of Haribo sweets I'm thinking of everything I can think of and then my favorite thing comes into my mind I'm thinking no time you got a dream big you got a dream big and then I remember what I really always wanted from God was a Range Rover Sport Edition tinted windows ha hallelujah I feel the Holy Ghost just talking about it so I said God and in E so just shout it out in the atmosphere and I'll be done for you so I'm thinking okay I've got to make room for this Range Rover Ike is going to come so I say right Rover whoop when I heard the Lord say Tony what car do you drive that's the Lord I Drive a day with I did a 0.8 engine day with like a go-cart only also like that thing was a lawnmower I mean when you going uphill you literally are pushing just to get the car up here and when you're just praying for a hill so you can at least go a little bit faster so like daewoo I said that was a bit of pride you know he said what size of the engine acid 0.8 he said can you afford the Pletcher I said just about where's this going Lord so you want to Ranger I said yes did you know how big the engine on the Range Rover is I said no it's at about two three liters okay so how you going to afford a three liter engine when you can't even play the 0.8 engine you have how many you know that set me up real quick Oh give me a bigger house give me a big ass we pray for the bigger house but we can't even cut the grass of the house we have when's the last time you cut your grass come on talk that to me and then you let God give me big houses bless you with a bigger house and gods like you can't even take care of the house you got your spelling on the mortgage on the one you got and now you want another one God wants to give us breakthrough but it is the blessing of God that makes rich but he adds no sorrow as well so if you're trying to get breakthrough through man-made power and man-made effort let me tell you you'll get blessed but it will add sorrow to you somebody came to me one day and he said oh I'm having a real big problem with this thing god blessed me with as to what that God bless us even oh god bless me with a brand-new car and it's to fit it's a BMW you know the one you tap the gas in there and if I call it a petrol holic it just drinks up the petrol 10 minutes the petrol is gone you just filled attached and it drinks it all up he said what I do what do I do with this blessing I said here's a here's a breakthrough sell it oh come on now he said what are you talking about surprising noticeable if I said no the blessing of God makes rich and he adds no sorrow with it what is a breakthrough a breakthrough is a sudden increase some define a breakthrough as a sudden increase in knowledge or understanding breakthroughs or things that happen suddenly there are things that happen unexpectedly none of those make room for it none of us have actually planned for it it just happened it we call it the sudden leaves of God all the sudden there's a breakthrough but there are always things that that that are precursors to breakthroughs amen the fact that my wife is having a baby is evidence that we prepared I'll let you get that in your car on your way home but you understand what I'm saying so so so so we put preparation into the breakthrough are you following okay this sighs I'm getting it this side of the room is going to get it a little bit later so so so so we prepared for it amen do I need to give you guys a listen do you guys understand okay I'm going to carry on okay we prepare for the breakthrough so breakthroughs are sudden leads of God but they're things that we can make room for the sudden leaves of God and that's why I call it how do i steward breakthrough how do I Stewart the sudden leads of God I mean my wife is having this baby and you can tell my wife is having a baby I mean Santa babe just stand up real quick I know you don't want to come on just stand up real quick you just said that look how beautiful you are you got to show that off come on you're 12 or 12 you're 12 just one twirl come on just one swell are there we go so everybody can tell she's having a breakthrough amen you can tell but you know how much I can tell she's having a breakthrough because my house is not my house anymore okay it's a bird's nest okay there's stuff everywhere there are prams there are things I didn't even know existed I mean there's machines right there's this crazy machines that are supposed it's like milking a cow they're supposed to help be the base I'm looking I'm like what is this I know things I didn't even know existed I am 6 foot 2 male and I didn't even know some of these things were real and then there's things to wash the things that take care of the baby pray for me cuz I thought we were just having a baby I know we were having a baby and then the baby's a baby gets his own chest of drawers a tiny little thing I know me got all these nappies I like how much porn is this baby gonna do I just I just can't imagine sitting for this because here's what we think about breakthrough a lot of us think that breakthrough is something a blessing that I'm expecting to receive externally that's going to affect me internally but a breakthrough is actually something you receive internally that affects you externally did you get that we're waiting to receive a breakthrough from the outside in and just like my wife God's trying to birth a breakthrough from the inside out are you following that everything God's going to do in your life is going to come from inside of you you're trying to get the right connection you're trying to get the right job you're trying to get to the right person you're trying to know the who's for you and that's like the who's who is you the connection is you and me if inside of you the kingdom is inside of you and when it's when you're pregnant with the kingdom of God the world around you accommodates what's happening in you not you accommodating what's happening around the world I booked you today that if you are having mood swings if your spiritual ankles are swollen you are pregnant a breakthrough is an important discovery that happens after trying for a long time to understand or explain something if a person's first important success we call that a breakthrough you know when somebody has a really significant thing happen we shake breakthrough I also go to this woman's meeting I still go as a still invite me sorry but I went for this woman's meeting last this year was it this year boo and the year before there's a woman who will come every year no child and she would complain that every time she tried to conceive she'd have another miscarriage and you know it breaks a woman's heart you know men are kind of like okay babe don't worry we can try again but you don't know how hard it was to try the first time let alone the second third fourth time this one was on her fifth attempt she still miscarried her children this year my wife and I went there and she pulls her pram to the front and there are twins inside now what do we call that breakthrough is now what a break and that double portion breakthrough double for your trouble isn't that what we call a breakthrough something significant happening a significant marker of success in somebody's life so there are many examples of breakthroughs I can give some a breakthrough novel somebody may write a novel that breaks through amen a breakthrough jar somebody may have a breakthrough job I know some people in this house we've had some significant breakthrough jars a breakthrough in your marriage or a breakthrough marriage a breakthrough with your children a breakthrough in your business a breakthrough in your ministry a breakthrough promotion a breakthrough in a prophetic whether somebody spoke over your life but can I tell you something some of the biggest breakthroughs are announced by pre breakthroughs my wife we were in Essex I shared this story we were in Essex and my wife started having contractions okay now the baby's not due till September 10th so I'm looking and she's been having dreams almost every day all the babies coming of the babies coming around like I bind it in Jesus name he will come on time in the name of Jesus this is like oh no poor babe up and having these dreams I've been having these dreams and here on Essex at my parents house and she has contractions now I didn't know anything about Braxton Hicks with him I am learning okay I am learning I didn't even know what Braxton Hicks was Braxton Hicks is when your body prepares to have children by sending out these fake contractions all the rather low yeah quick fake fake contractions so my immediate response was bade get in the car she's like why I said we are not having this child in ethics [Laughter] you better hold it girl we got an hour journey back to Windsor we're not having an Essex boy in my house no way they think we're joking but we actually drove back to Windows money but now now can I tell you something before breakthrough there are always Braxton Hicks says that God will send you oh you knew I was going to put that in there somewhere God will always send you a Braxton Hicks he will always send you a practice contraction he will always send you a blessing before the blessing he always sends you a taste and see that the Lord is good and what you do with the taste and see determines what God does next there was a man called blind bartimaeus and Jesus laid his hands on him and and he said what do you see and he said I can't see clearly right now but at least I can see men kind of looking like trees he said good if you can thank me for men looking like trees I can make men look like men praise for him again now he sees differently Jesus gets a few loaves with a few fishes and his disciples are looking at him and they're saying how are we going to feed 5,000 people with only five loaves and three fishes come on Jesus said what do we have they said we only have a few loaves a few fishes who took it and the bosses and he gave thanks why because if you can thank God for the braxton-hicks the babies on the way but you got to thank God for the pre tremors you got to thank God you've got to learn to celebrate God for the little things that he does in your life you see you think there are people who come to me all the time they say stuff like this you know I had a testimony but I'm waiting for the full testimony before I share the testimony I'm like listen you missed it I like you what do you see I see I see I see like a it looks like a fist in the sky a cloud like a 50 goes good because that's the braxton-hicks baby the sound of the abundance of rain is coming with it don't despise the tiniest tremor God does in your life if you can celebrate him for the tiny thing you'll do the bigger thing amen can I share a story I was in Harvard University studying law don't ask me how I did it it was it wasn't the will of God it was a will of mum and dad and I said mom dad I'll do it but I'm not going to enjoy it so here I am in university studying law god help me because law is not one of those things you study because your parents told you to do it because if you don't enjoy it you're going to be really bad at it she's a lawyer she knows what I'm talking about if you don't enjoy it going to be really bad at it I'm surprised I stuck at it for so long listen you know I was a preacher from fifteen and so my parents always wanted to be a doctor me to be a doctor and a lawyer like they were feel like you know African parents what are you going to be yeah we have the same parents okay good what is going to be and I said to my dad I want to be a rapper he's a rapper watch well what are you wrapping are you wrapping boxes no no that you know if I taught there are only three professions in Nigeria doctor lawyer and engineer that's it it an accountant if you're lucky counter you can scrape it in with the account of the doctor lawyer an engineer so when I told my dad he said what you wanted I said I want to be a policeman he said lawyer that's good [Applause] what ansan so here I am selling law don't have mercy hated it didn't know what I was doing sat down every seminar and all I wanted to do was preach all I could have management was preaching all I could think of was ministry it consumed my mind so instead of studying law which I should have done I've planted a church on University campus so we planted a church in a disabled dorm room and that grew too much and then we grew to about 500 so we had to move into a proper lecture hall and meet for church because you can't make somebody something they aren't they have to manifest into what they are eventually whether you like it or not so so here I am and I'm just you know preaching because that's what I believe I was born to do souls are getting saved on the campus things are happening miracles are breaking out hundreds of people are coming to the Lord it was a phenomenal campus campus Church and then all of a sudden we had an idea my brother and I so we decided to move it to 16 universities and planted it on 16 university campuses did I study law nope mater how is your study is that's great dad it's a great lord help me I did not study a day I don't even know the only thing I knew really well as constitutional administrative law and I don't know why that's stuck in really well everything else criminal law everything else it just fell to the ground it was wasted on me I have to be honest it was the degree everything it was it's just it should have been invested in somebody who really wanted to do it because I was climbing churches maybe they should have said it's a theology school I don't know but my parents just wanted a life even if you're jobless lawyer they don't care so Chris you are a lawyer as long as they can tell their relatives my song is a lawyer that's all they care about the fit so here I am and if it's year two I don't know how I got into year two but I did and we have to do this thing called a mute mute this is all right mo ot a mute thing that sounds with me so Newt is basically you stand before a judge and you present a case and you have all this case law and your job is to say why the cocker spaniel shouldn't a bit the defendants child and and from the case of our VR and use all this case law to defend now now the only law I knew was Perry Mason because that's what I watched almost every day so that was kind of my education in law so here I am with my everybody studied their books I study Perry Mason so I'm I'm ready and you know Perry Mason he's what we call a dog okay he's like top breed so he can show up in a courtroom wearing a clown suit and he'll still win a case so here I am in a British law court trying to dress like an American so I showed up in a beige suit now this suit was one of the suits that I used to preach in and back then I had a TD jakes obsession so I used to wear these trousers you know you know the trousers that kind of sweep the floor while you're walking you know they kind of do the floor a bit service and they're three-quarters down to here kind of looks like forgive me but it kind of looks like a pimps suit you know if I just wear the hat right and the walking stick you understand what I'm saying so here I am walking into the law court looking like the criminal you know and the judge stands up I said shoo get out of my court so I Perry Mason my way out of there as quickly as I can I'm out of that courtroom as quickly as possible I didn't know what went wrong but then I looked around everybody else was dressed like they were going to a funeral because in British law courts you have to wear black I'm rolling up like Perry Mason and then I get kicked out and then I get told I have to resit the whole year now my heart is pounding because you know it's either face Jesus or face my African parents in between Jesus and my African parents I choose Jesus any day okay so so my heart's pounding I'm like God if they find out I have to repeat the year I'm going to be in trouble what should I do so I asked for clemency and I got told okay there's another class coming in next week you can go on with them but don't you dare show up looking like that in my courtroom again I said yes your honor and I left sorry your lordship see too much too much Perry Mason yes your lordship so I left the courtroom and next week I showed up suit black suit just like I was going to your funeral I mean I just did out Black Tie white shirt I just walked into that courtroom and I have my bundle and you know people came in with books I came in with sheets of paper thin paper because you have to prepare loads of cases to present but that morning I remember praying a pray to God I said God you know what I'm sorry I've been preaching I've been doing ministry I've been doing all these things because it's what I'm passionate about and I haven't even prepared for this moot I have to be honest with you I'm sorry you know what the Lord said to me he said okay can you give me things I said yes I can 5 a.m. in the morning I'm wearing my Bart Simpson trousers I'm in the living room and I'm praising dawn I'm dancing I'm singing I'm clapping I'm rejoicing I'm hallelujah ring I mean I'm doing all these things and I know that failure is just around the corner but I'm still celebrating God never forget it it was a day God taught me praise was a lifestyle I show up at the court meat there are about eight different lawyers the defendants on this side the the plaintiff thank you was on this side and here we are about to defend the case of a cloth explaining who did somebody's child so they went around the room and as I'm looking it seems as though there was a female judge your ladyship and it seems as though everybody was doing really bad and each person was doing worse and worse and worse as you went along then came my turn and so I stood up with my two pieces of paper and I said in the case of this cocker spaniel RV something says after her darshana bit the child and I just think it's not fair and I hope that the the judge will find this unfair thank you and also I speak for ten minutes I suppose for 60 seconds and I sat down as quickly as possible the judge looks up and they just says all of you and they'll forget it all of you were rubbish every single one of you I should fail every last one of you but you're lucky I went out last night and got drunk promise you you could not make this up true sorry actually points that me with a drunk kind of eye now let's in she's a bit Libra ated so she points that Lea and she has put you

there's something about you because of you everybody's past so people ask me how do I get past us here that's my story I didn't study nothing I just met a drunk judge about every place how do you break through you praise God for the smallest things he brings into your life all the seemingly small the five loaves and the two fish you thank him for that and God does more praise is your greatest weapon of warfare it's the first thing you do when you come towards God the last thing you do when you come into the presence of God is coming to the Pentagon though oh by myself don't wanna be yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away gods like Zeus that again Oh sister sister Helen okay bro shut the windows not this week not again Oh sounds 100 says enter his gates with Thanksgiving his cops with praise my God when you come into that presence with Thanksgiving all of a sudden God inhabits the praises of his people the day I love praise was the lifestyle was that day when that teacher said everybody's pastor work home I read the story of Paul and Silas and the Bible says Paul and Silas were in a prison and they gave thanks that's why I knew that's when I knew folks that there's a there's a there's a strategy to this thing because if God inhabits the praise of his people and you praise God in a prison a prison can't hold God I wish I could get some amens so when you learn to praise God in your prison it can hold you but it can't hold God and everybody gets set free because God inhabits your praise

you know there are all kinds of people who are ungrateful and I said this 100% of Chris 90% of Christian sees 100% focus what do you focused on will determine what you're grateful for I ask you right now everybody in this room look around this room and count all the red things that you see count it right now all the red things that you see count it right now count it right now count it count it count it count it now look at me look at me look at me how many black things did you see none right because you weren't looking for it did you get that [Applause] gratitude sets our focus Thanksgiving sets our focus when we learn to thank God is on life style we are releasing breakthrough every single time amen

breakthrough write this down number one breakthrough is ace is a seismic or a measurable shift from an arena of longing to an arena of belonging I'll say this again breakthrough is a seismic and or measurable shift from an arena of longing to an arena of belonging breakthrough can take Esther from living as a common Jew to ruling as an influential monarch breakthrough can take Joseph a farmer and turn them from a farmer into a governor of a nation breakthrough takes a woman called Sarah who couldn't have children and grants the ability to bear a child breakthrough takes a boy called Samuel and turns them into a prophet to the nation's breakthrough is seismic and measurable shifts on the way to where you go it takes you from an area of longing to an area of belonging there are people who say you know I'm going to wait for the end of my story to give God things I've got a testimony or they country go all you know posture tell me I've got a testimony I've got a testimonial heart but I'm telling you I'm gonna share it I'm going to share it when I get there I don't come like listen you got to share it when you're halfway there you got to share it when you're quarter there you got to share it when you're halfway there you got to share it when you're three-quarters way there and then you've got to share it when you're fully there but what if I get halfway there and then God decides he's going to change his mind God is not a man that he should lie nor the son of man that he should change his life has he not sold and will he not do has he not spoken it and will he not make it good you got to think that off or what hasn't happened yet during do you know what happened when Lazarus was in the tomb have you ever read the story of Lazarus in the tomb but have you ever read it properly the Bible says when Jesus was about to raise Lazarus he stands at the entrance of the tomb he says roll the stone away they said there's a horrible stench for his body has been there for days according Jewish customs they believe that the body of an individual had resurrected after the first day but in the third day it already decided whether it was going to be in heaven or hell or not so the fourth day there was no hope of ever bringing that soul back so Jesus waits to that day to show up and then he says roll the stone away they're like it stinks they roll it away and out comes this nasty smell that makes everybody's nose bleed and they're like oh that's horrible right now Jesus looks and the bow says and he gave thanks how do you thank God for a dead man how do you thank God for a dead man have you even read it he's he's standing at a tomb and not just the tomb of a dead man a tomb of a rotting man and Jesus is standing outside the tomb now he's Stalin had a funeral and he's going to look what the Lord has done look what the Lord has done and Mary's looking old what is wrong with you if you had been here she know this man would have lived he said no no you got to understand I am the resurrection and the life I am the resurrection and the life he who believes in me yea though he seems that I'm not talking over dead I'm tossing over feels better looks better to you but it's life in me Jesus praise God he thanked God for a dead man I'm giving you the secret to Jesus's breakthroughs Thanksgiving everything he did he gave thanks everything loaves and fish cake thanks Lazarus gave thanks before he was about to die he took the bread and gave thanks everything Thanksgiving

in the Jewish custom when you would tell somebody you've enjoyed their meal the way you do it is you would fold over a napkin and you put the napkin down on the table and the napkin would signify to anybody I've enjoyed the meal and I'm coming back again for more that's what Jesus to do when Jesus said I can't eat the cup of this suffering yet and he died on that cross the Buffs is when they rolled away the stone they found his clothing folded up any jury would understand what that meant it meant I enjoyed it and I'm coming back again ha are you understanding this why was Jesus able to give thanks because he knows how the story ends because he knows how the story ends he's able to thank God in the micellar process have you ever watched Titanic first time you watch it you cried right second time you watch it you cried third time you watch it cry fourth time you watch it you plug fifth time to maybe watch it with a friend you kind of look at them like like you insensitive human being why are you smiling and you're smiling because you know how the story ends what is the prophetic what is the prophetic because we are a prophetic ministry what is the prophetic the prophetic is God telling you the end of the story from the beginning Saul it is Saul it is Isaiah says I'm the Lord I do what I please declaring the end from the beginning say my purpose will stand out I'll do all that I please and some of some of the biggest frustrations in any of our lives is not the kids it's not the house it's not the job any of us in this room are willing to admit it is the prophecy nothing frustrates us more than what God said and what we have is there anybody in the room like that nothing it's not about the kid or the car all those things are the external stuff nothing frustrates us more than the fact that God gave me this beautiful ending yet my process and my situation doesn't meet or match my revelation and so we sit there going God what are you doing I thought you said you loved me I thought you said you care I thought you said you were going to make me this I thought you were going to do that I thought you said you're going to do this I'm here I am still in this same place if you remember nothing today this is the secret how do you get from point A to point B can you praise God regardless of the external circumstance knowing that breakthrough doesn't come from outside breakthrough comes from in here Joseph went through three significant breakthroughs in his life three and they don't seem like breakthroughs but the first breakthrough he went through was he his brother's betrayed us not to anybody without an attitude of gratitude that doesn't sound like much to thank God for but to somebody with focus that is the first manifestation of breakthrough is a break down or break up because the truth is even pregnant women know that breakthroughs are painful there's a joy to it but there's pain before the joy God says to Abraham I'm trying to bless you Abraham said where's my blessing you told me I was going to be a father now you told me you're going to make my name break you told me you're going to bless those who bless because those because me where is it God and also trying to get it to you but but you see you got you know that guy you got in your life that lot I want to bless you but I can't I can't bless you the way you want to be blessed because you're trying to bring all the wrong people into the arena that I'm trying to take you to so if you want to break through without a break up I can't help you are you hearing this so so so so god where's the breakthrough word for breakthrough because I'm trying to bless you Ruth I'm trying to bless you but you got to leave that open behind because if you want to break through but you don't want to break up you're never going to get a breakthrough did you know Lots means avail how many friends do we have that are veiling us from our breakthrough how many people have we put in our life saying God let them get it let my family get it let my friends get it let everybody get it the greatest prize was ever given was giving to a man called Abraham but nobody talked about the price of him having to let go of every single member of his family he thought maybe I could just bring one with me because like nope not even that was because I don't want that opinion of you to downsize what I'm trying to get you are you hearing this I'm trying to make you a governor and governor's can't be friends or farmers and expect to be and I'm not going to get many amens on that one but if I'm going to make you great other shift you from small thinking people come on you know who I'm talking about I'm not talking about bad people I'm talking about good people but they just aren't the right people and sometimes the greatest enemy of the right thing is a good thing and so you got all these good people in your life but they're not conducive to where God's taking you you think god I want to be a problem I want to be a prophet that you've got no prophetic friends since I'm not talking to somebody so I want to be important I want to be I want to be influential you're not nobody around your life or in your phone book who is influential or who can drive you toward or provoke something in you that wants to get to that next place if you are a breakthrough breakthroughs always come with breakups setups always come with upsets you've got to upset somebody to be set up by God this you think about Christianity is we want to please everybody okay so some God I I'll do it God I'm moving to what you want me to do but could you just please could you just please just just help help my friends understand it or will help help my church get what you're trying to do in me God help them get it and then and then I'll do it I'll do it garbages I just need people to agree and we got this approval syndrome that's waiting for congruence before we move into the will of God that's waiting for some kind of corporate

when I told my dad dad and I marched into his room I said I'm not doing law another day in my life I'm going into ministry now my dad looked at me and he said I love you son first time I ever heard and said and I'll always support what God called you to do next week he kicked me out the house yeah yes a week later I'm out the house I'm gone I'm on I'm literally gone I'm I'm sofa surfing I'm sleeping on sofas I'm crying God you said you called me to ministry and I'm sleeping on somebody's couch what kind of ministry is this cause like welcome to ministry foxes have holes sure I'm sleeping on my friend's couch we'll never forget I'm not going to mention his name but I'm sleeping on his couch and then one day I opened my eyes and there he is with a table a whole table in his right hand and he's getting ready to drop this table on my head I open my eyes I catch him that's a case he jumps back he drops the table he starts manifesting I'm like what's wrong with you he said I'm jealous of you and I want to kill you this is ministry I had a two weeks later I was involved in a car crash eight cars crashed into me eight cars crashed into my car pulverized into a pulp the ceiling was crashing the walls were crashed in the people I was with we were on our way back from ministry the people I was with one of them fractured their spine in two places I was completely unconscious when the air ambulance came the help that the firemen used the jaws of life to open up the car rolled the top back like a can of tuna and then he slapped me on the cheek and I opened my eyes and I got here alive and the first words out of my mouth was dude just waiting on my face and that fireman looked at me blood coming down my head he said that's it you keep joking you keep joking as long as you're breathing that's all I care about they pulled that stretcher out they put me in the hospital that day I'm laying in the hospital bed about to get depressed I'm homeless a guy tried to kill me I'm sleeping on his sofa and now I've been involved in a car crash at injury to insult I got a text message from the church I left to go into ministry and the church sent me a text I was studying the only reason this car crash happened to you was because you left this church so now I'm at rock bottom I'm all depressed nothing nothing else can happen to me I mean I am scraped four floor depressed I am uh I am hospital bed depressed folks I got a I got a bump on the side of my head the size of the whole fetus I mean it was big gaping blood dropping down it my head was open my eye was completely red my whole back was done I was laying there and all of a sudden I heard God say praise me let me make this worse I got a text message from my dem fiance saying this relationship is over right there and there and she was a law student with me but because I left law for ministry she said I'm sorry my parents don't want me to be with the dropout PS I hope you're okay so I'm depressed folks I'm in the hospital my parents are all the way in America I'm on my own in this bed nobody came to visit me I'm lying there and I hear God say praise me so with a cost round my leg and other costs on my arm my head in a bandage blood still propping up because I haven't done the the stitches I'm like father I thank you I praise you might give you the glory hallelujah I'm dancing I'm shouting I'm whispering out of my voice I'm shaking the bed with my praise doing any movement I can and then as I'm there the Lord says you're healed I open my eyes I look at the doctor I said hey doc it's time to check myself out he says you can't check yourself out you're going to be here for at least six weeks getting real dose I said no no God said I'm healed I'm healed he said are you are you okay because they gave me morphine so they probably thought I was a little bit tapped chrisarah you okay I said no I said God so this time against trauma girls tell me god I gotta go other guys I got funny stories about morphine my brother one big had morphine in his and then they gave him this this laughing gas thing because he his his I think it was his arm was twisted or something like that and we've got it on recording my brother opened his eyes I mean fully intoxicated by this morphine and he looks at the ambulance driver he says God loves you God loves you Richard didn't even know the guys name in the car so I thought you know my god and even though your mother abandoned you when you were six I mean prophesy completely high on Muffy so let me tell you something okay Here I am I'm like it's time to dust time to dust time to go so I don't mean it's time to unlock it's time for me to go God told me I've got to go so he said hey hey okay crazy guy if you check yourself out you have to sign this disclaimer form in case anything happens to you so I signed the waiver form say it wasn't hospitals fault that I made this decision of my own volition bla bla bla bla bla and then they said at least let us do your stitches so they came to do the stitches they wiped away the blood and the wound had completely sealed itself off true so they said you don't need stitches I said I I'm here on heal so I checked myself out but because my balance wasn't like I'm still wobbling off the table I wobbled all the way home the next cells at my next speaking engagement the next month Here I am getting ready to write my first book I was about 18 years old at the time getting ready to write my first book and as I'm writing this book the Lord said if you write this book I'll open the doors for you so I wrote the book and I remember getting halfway through this book I was so depressed still because everything that had happened it was catching up with me you know when men get depressed it's not about crying and Kleenex it's about working we work I'm going to work hard keep working I'm not sad I'm not depressed I'm a man people fuss I hear my roar so we worked I'm working working working but you know at night time come on brothers you know and I by myself say I am in that place I'm all by myself I'm thinking oh god help me and I fall asleep in it while I'm asleep there are these I have a vision or a dream and in the stream movies angels sitting around my bed and they're laughing they wake me up I wake up I open my eyes I'm so on the sofa the guy he's trying to kill me by the way and so I open my eyes to look around they're these angels they're laughing they lie hey tell me this is yes he said we've read your book it's amazing I said you've read my book I said I'm so depressed I told God I'm quitting I'm not going to finish the book Tonino your book is finished already I said no it's not I said yeah on earth as it is in heaven we're just waiting for you to catch up with what heaven has already done and then in the dream I've shifted over and then I was in this auditorium handing out my books and as I'm signing my book here comes this lady to me and she says thank you for writing this book if he didn't write this book I was going to kill myself I opened my eyes and I start thinking God I'm thinking of for a half-written book because I'm learning the lifestyle appraised so here I am I finished the book within a month I was so excited I finished the book 200 pages finished in a month boom send off your publishers got it back and all of a sudden that literally was 24 hours and the doors open got my first speaking engagement in years I mean my dad's calling me everyone's calling everyday say where's the Ministry hair you know you know that season where is what God said you are going to do there where is it so sure a man of God so here I am so I mean it was painful folks ministry was not fun it was painful I don't learn to thank God for ebbing so here I am I get this book I start my first tour I'm invited to a church and there are hundreds of people there and as I'm preaching every single person buys my book then I moved to a place at ha Fisher called College Reyna I preached there I saw my book every single person buy my book at the end of my preaching a woman came up to me I'm signing books because I could sign books now signing books still living on the sofa not enough to move out yet but I'm signing books this person comes up to me and they said I've been to three of your conferences and I've read your book thank you for writing this book if you didn't like this book I was going to kill myself tonight and I remember the dream because God will give you the end from the beginning but you've got to learn to thank him in the process every chapter God brought the children of Israel through was a significant market to their next place so God said every time I do something I've got to build a celebration upon it Passover let's have a Passover celebration feast of weeks let's have a feast of weeks celebration trumpets let's have a trumpet celebration because I need you to remember that when life gets rough and when you go through bitter seas I want you to remember the God who delivered you from the hands of the Egyptians and if you can count the benefits of what I did there I'm the same yesterday today and forever I can do it yesterday I can do it today so people said how did I start ministry I started military on Thanksgiving and I'm still thinking God is life tough absolutely is it crazy sometimes yes but everything I do I do it saying god I praise you because praise is a lifestyle it is the attitude that determines the altitude how high you go in life is determined by the attitude with which you go through it and if you can learn to praise God people tell me all the time thinking I'm going through something can I pray with you I said no you can praise with me we can dance on it together we can shout on it together come on something so well I can't dance like you I'm like listen come on even even even even white people know how to do this just a little bit I've only got one more minute let me just say this last thing I didn't preach anything in my notes by the way so much so so much for printing this off this is the final thing I'm going to say then I'm gonna release you any time God's going to bring breakthrough in your life you and I have got to learn an art called letting go

can I have some can I have this chest actually could you come up with this chair I believe this is what we all look like in the spirit sometimes can you get me another one is that okay just one more I believe this is this is us in the spirit this wonderful picture God like I want to bring a breakthrough in your life I like okay so the music starts playing Night Fever Night Fever you know how to do it you know how to do it at night even I don't either you know how did it music stops everybody's rushing for their chair because gods like I want to give you a breakthrough but we're still trying to hold on to the stuff we've got and we're playing musical chairs with God and God like listen if you want to break through you're going to have to leave this chair to get to what I want to get you to and we can say Amen but that's the hardest thing to do I mean think about this children of Israel these guys weren't schizophrenic none of them had a mental disorder yet they said please take us back to slavery please take us back to Egypt where where we were comfortable where we were comfortable and we loved our mediocrity mediocracy we loved our little you know our little tough jobs we loved working three jobs in McDonald's please take us back to that please because something about breakthrough brings with it the fear that you might fail and we all do this we become self-sabotage myths we sabotage our own breakthrough and then we complain as if God did it but it's us we're still holding on to the same chair god bless you with a wonderful man he brought a wonderful man into your life but your your play musical chairs thinking what if he breaks my heart like the last one so the music stops and you hop right back where you came from I was blessing you with a new job all of a sudden you think I'm just going to apply and see what happens so you apply see what happens and also then you get the new job and all of a sudden fear hits you because you realize you're not qualified so music stops and you go back to the chair you're comfortable with and yet we're crying for breakthrough or we're sabotaging to breakthrough when it comes because of the fear of failure price you fee

somebody prays for a new house they get the new house and they're afraid they can't pay the mortgage so every gets a new job they get the new job then they're afraid that one day they're going to be made redundant like the last time the job's not going to work it's the fear of failure that's holding you back and today I want to break that fear off of you because I live with that fear I still have those fears and tell me why you praying for me because I refuse to let those fears have me [Music] there are people in this room today God's promised you stuff he's promised you great blessing great breakthrough great privilege but the fear of failure is holding you back today I want to announce you God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound money so right now lift your hands I want you to sing that song another one that's what singing this song I want your heart to be so in tune with God that he becomes your first love again that's all we're doing here how do I get rid of me perfect love rides out there I don't need to repeat there I just need to love God perfectly and he's there fear goes [Music] on singing with your breath




all in the name of Jesus we drive out the spirit of fair opponent we command you to go today our Lord in its place would you release us to a lifestyle of Thanksgiving on celebration in the good time when the bad time give is an attitude that would place you always in the name of Jesus God bless you if you've had a wonderful time I look forward to see you next week but go free today know that you have been commissioned to a lifestyle of Thanksgiving

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