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by: Barbarian

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there are 40 jumps off shelves of even counting give me - POW - pow pow pow why is there one POW what purpose is there why is there one POW so dumb it's just the fucking dumbest kind of difficulty there is a G fucking G yes there we go eyyy eyyy did not know what I was getting into at this level we did it victory screech re almost men hey I have have a star why not an hour later these levels are fucking hard man what do you what do you think you think this shit is just easy just read cars gonna walk in and fucking first try it you really think that's gonna happen I mean you know glorious leader could unfortunately I am NOT glorious leader I'm sorry I'm not him you might have noticed that he has a beard now and I don't you know different people guys sorry thank you for the 100 bits Robson um anything different here J dizzle tribute balls to the walls oh my god Oh Fritz level oh I think I played that one and didn't beat it so way you can delete this picture what picture I think it's all bullshit here all right well I guess it's time for super expert yeah it's pretty much just been taken over by the J bizzle cancer all right well let's uh let's irradiate it and go into super expert and hopefully jay pizzle doesn't appear there rollin thank you for the hundred bits and also thank you for leaving after saying that is jay pizzle part of the Mario maker mafia I don't know I I I don't know I don't know and I don't care I don't know and I don't care all right super expert time let's do it combination of not knowing and not caring Mario maker Yakuza challenge room what do we got T ah

oh so it's like Master and Commander a one so there's one more somewhere [Music] but where's the hang on do I want to do this I don't remember seeing a key door [Music] and where is uh so where's the key door okay there's the key door all right got you I got let me do this first [Music] we we we we [Music]

okay [Music] do you like I don't can I go backwards to the to the first part I think I want to go there or something I'm confused on how to actually get to the key door I could just I think it depends on how they spawn I think if I spawn them in a weird way I think I think I can't win or at least I have to go back or something Oh see now they're all like mostly lined up ah [Music] I want to go back

okay I think I want to keep this oh okay little confusing little confusing there ah goddamnit alright they spawn on the second coin [Music] I mean I could try spring jumping over all that that could work I guess but I don't know I don't know if the goal is over there or not so I have to assume that I have to go in there I tried to de-spawn them so sprite how you doing man [Music] I gotta go a little bit later okay yo what about my meal oh shit [Music] what's the spring for no I did the exact same dick twice man miss chillin nice what's up dude you never want to do the same dick twice you want to move on to a whole new dick gonna just it's hard to do that shit off screen I could see it it probably wouldn't be so bad [Music] oh I keep trying to get the despawn there yeah I mean I I'm tempted to kind of do a Yolo spring jump and see where that takes me bud why is it a spring if it wasn't needed I think the spring is there so that you can hit the kaizo blocks or something cause you like need these I think [Music]

Oh God all right fuck it

it almost worked [Music] I think that's definitely whatever that whatever my plan is there it's definitely gonna be better than doing me than doing the Trump jump the Trump jump wouldn't be that hard if it wasn't for the fucking the being off screen [Music] my question is if I if I had 4-momentum doing that could I have made it

[Music] fuck man okay everybody despawn

[Music] area area GG what does the blocks are for run speed I don't know dude when you see when you play these levels oats you kind of have to put your head you have to put your head in the head of like an 11 year old child and yeah you gotta getta outsmart the 11 year olds when you play Mario maker yeah hey look we're not playing this no new suit speedruns ever again get it yeah now no new sub speedruns ever never ever

well it sure looks like pick a pipe going down the middle

oh I'm dead wait what do I do here how do I do that okay let me try a different pipe yeah you have to put your head up your own ass yeah let's try this one oh

shit okay well looks like death is in both of them you can get a good look at a butcher's ass by sticking your head up a ball wait no it has to be your bowl

okay so it looks like this level wants me to get all the red coins or something

kind of like hoping for cheese or something I don't know what to do it that's Whomper him to be honest yeah what the fuck am I gonna do over there I [Applause] could have died there if only there was like a spring or something oh there's a goal we know that now this parts easy all you have to do is spin jump across but I don't know what to do with this next part I think it has to be like all in one motion I think I really I have to okay I have to do the middle one go on those you can't go under there's no way no that doesn't doesn't work like that alright we get we obviously have to figure out the middle room so we're just gonna I'm just gonna keep going there well I can't come are eyo jumps no matter what off the thing so I can't do like a low bounce off of it go below as they break the blocks I don't think you guys know anything about this game I

mean maybe maybe you're right maybe it may be right maybe I'm wrong maybe you go under get a Yoshi and run across

okay yeah I guess I guess you guys are right okay you guys were right I was wrong I stand corrected you guys know your shit better than me yep chat was right fair enough clap it up guys yeah chat wins today you can win this round chat yeah that was right mark it it happens it happens from time that's not the first time chats been right that's right occasionally and this rooms is pretty easy I think there's a couple I just have to be careful of a couple the cycles are a little off oh my God my dick flash before my eyes right there I almost lost it is chat now in the grandpoo world two credits okay I guess that's it GG yeah that's it alright no chat was just you know I think I think when you're watching the game when you're playing it it's - its two different things and then some sometimes the player just sees more than the or the the spectator sees more than the player you know just how it is world record then - my beard I lost it in an unfortunate smelting accident of all do low or we got speed challenge for ah well I mean this is a new suit speedrun it is a new suit speedrun I don't know man it's a new suit speedrun I think I got a skip it [Music] also it's got coins everywhere for fuck's sake

skip it does have many coins it's true [Music] it's also kind of jank it's also K think this level might be really really old [Music] [Laughter]

it's also 90s it's also pretty long too you touched it you have to eat it all right I'm skipping I don't wanna play knows who speedruns if you skip your telling of all do you can you can tell fall do that's fine what's up Alejandra no new suit speedruns this is much better what the hell is this tryna oh yeah I don't think I wanted to do that [Laughter] [Music] there's a way to break this open area I think you have to do that the god bow fucking down bitches as what mario maker was intended for order that was intended maybe who knows [Music]

well I hate everything about this level good

fuck is the shit

oh yeah I'm sorry I'm gonna pass on that one that's gonna be a no from me dog nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no [Laughter] never never again much better much much better leave this

I really want one of these Springs thank you that was awesome that was a great level that was great feels J dizzle man that was a fantastic level there you go oh look I get to I get to bend somebody hang on just one second this fucking this shit doesn't work the ffz the ffz mod function thing doesn't work it says it is it's a why though

Cave of bear oh yo mark levels okay mark levels are good I might have played this one though [Music] [Laughter]

what's J bezel Jay bezel is just a level creator that I do not enjoy his levels pretty much nothing more to say other than that his levels his levels are shallow and pedantic [Music] you see this one I may have played this one I don't know though okay please hey oh I wanted to keep the mushroom you cannot damage boost there and keep a mushroom I don't know if it would do you any good but you could I don't think I played this one physical level ah dude if I just hadn't spent spin gem I haven't spent it I didn't span jamp I would have been fine goddammit shouldn't a span jammed what's up what's the past tense of spin jump [Music] I say its span jamp span jamp revolution oh shit oh shit okay spun jumped I like that one it's be new jump ooh oh shit oh it slows down all come on then ass bunny jumparoo so in if you use if you say spin jump is spin the adjective to or the adverb or something now if you do a spin jump which ones which spun them I'm trying to make like grammatically what's correct here it does thinking that well the jump can also be a noun right if you say do a spin jump I guess the verb in that sentence would be to do did I fucking hate the English language [Laughter] the shitty it's a shitty language to be honest hey nice I did a spin jump well so if you say spent Mario spin jumped is that what you would say or would you say Mario spend spun gent wow so how did somebody beat this in 18 seconds okay I guess I had played that before I sized a spin jammed she'll carry okay turtle oh my god is this turtle a span jumpered [Music] I think I lost already I think I might have lost weight how long is this all right I'm actually gonna do this cuz I wanna I want to see how long this is [Music] am i dropping frames yet my wife is home probably some white frames so like what do you do you even do this you can't you can't climb and you can't carry and climb at the same time wait did I kill the shell I got this I don't even know what how I'm supposed to do this I guess he just doesn't respond do you have to be like the one of you're at the bottom of the vine [Music] it's like I don't think he wants you to kick it up at all I don't yeah I don't think you can kick it up at all but I don't know how to do it is it something like maybe it's something like this hang on like kind of like that I think you [Music] I don't think I don't think you can go up there I think that that means death uh we are not beating this I don't even know how to do it no it's not she'll jump up there man how would you even do that sorry I'm here guys alright Here I am I win right oh wow would you look at that I don't win who'd a thunk who'da thunk it head boob the shell I just I don't understand how to do this that's the thing I think it you have to drop it but I don't I I don't understand like the motion it's like it's like that but I I can't I can't jump fast enough and grab it you know I'm saying I think it's like that I think it's like that it's because I didn't midair turn off your console

[Music] you want to drop it on the way down or something just swim in the lava so you're like that's what you got to do but no I tried throwing it up at the bottom I tried [Music] it's definitely going in there I don't I don't even understand how to do this to be honest grab the bottom of the vine the finding is that this would be this would be stupidly easy in Super Mario World do you have to drop it on the way down so the shell goes above you that that much I'm certain of you have to drop it when it's above I don't think editor we'd even really help you that much I got it once I got it once I got a once did you guys see that [Laughter] I think the thing is you have to press X yeah only 300 more you have to repress run like really fast cuz you have to let it go and then repress it extremely fast you also can't do you also can't go too fast no you can't go too fast either because if you go too fast you you leave the shell behind [Music] it's really dude the amount of inputs you have to do is really hard why is it so long that that ask the creator [Music] because you have to you also have to press up to grab the vine and then quickly jump again come Bravo yeah I'm probably gonna miss the show jump at the end I'm not it so you have to press up to grab the vine and then a again quickly it's actually quite complicated Dillons thank you so much for the five months my god man headache' eyes oh man [Music] is there anything I can do to make this easier on myself you know far I have to go man look at how fucking far I have to go salty Sagan world I don't know maybe in the future I'm not planning on playing any raw max until I finished the one I've been making for a long time so until then I'm not playing any raw max at all [Music]

ha what the fuck would a star do for you [Music] oh I skipped like three like I don't know four or five levels [Laughter] [Music]

I know I mean so obviously I think I think salty Sagan world - excuses credit I think it started off pretty rough and oski say really worked hard at it and took people's criticism and stuff and got and made it a lot better and I in terms of like what do you want in level creators I think that that's extremely admirable so you know good shit to him because salty Sagan world started off pretty rough and in its final state I don't know if he's he might be done with it at this point but in its final state it's actually I think I think it got much much much better so good good for him I'm excited to see what else he makes in the future yeah I think that it wasn't that like and it wasn't that salty Sagan world was like horrible to start because it just wasn't you know what I mean I think that it's an example of the small things the small things making a massive difference you know you know what it is it's the a inputs it's not even though it's not the X is nothing else it's just the a inputs if you missed the a input it's when it fucks you yeah ask you say comes from REI maker on me so did I why man saying this all those create terrible at level I don't think it's almost terrible I think it's just really hard [Music] [Laughter]

[Music] oh it's it's the one a input to like I

think the thing that really upsets me about this level is how far I have to do this and then do a shell jump that's the thing how is Niagara Falls that I stopped him Buffalo yeah my wife and I we went to the Anchor Bar it was pretty good

hawkman you throw the shell on the clouds can you grab it I don't think so I don't think that would even help you I [Music] don't think I have the energy to do this for 47 more lives I don't think I do

no oh so good I was doing so good there oh my god it's so far left to go though all the pain oh my god I'm getting my inputs mixed up I'm definitely getting better at it though [Music] all right this tech is going to come up all the time [Music] seven left there there was yeah there's a lot left uh I would love to do a new suits be run [Music] anything but J dizzle all my levels will now have this admit it he caught me you caught me man it's a leach level you had that kind of is like a leach level [Music] nah man come on there's so much left [Music] see the start you can see that's why you can't go full-speed I know it's so close it's so close but so far [Music] the start is actually kind of hard are you guys really that entertained by this that you need like you have to see other people play it too is it is it really that entertaining [Music] you beat this in zero times Congrats man [Music] old orator yeah play put grind this level until 8 o'clock tonight and I'm gonna pass on pulling an orator all right I skip I can't do any more I give up maybe I'll try it again some other day but for now I'm gonna I'm gonna skip I'm sorry 30 seconds who peed Oh ran I guess I guess you know what I'll play this because it's my punishment for skipping that one what what yo most fara thank you so much for 12 months what do you what do you want I don't understand [Music] I had the spange amp but I don't I don't see how am I gonna spin jump on the bomb it's been jump off the launcher onto the bomb how you can't like that's obviously not the case for all not spin Oh spin jump off the one way maybe like like what like this like like that is that what I got a deal I [Music]

[Music] top of the can oh you mean where that were the the giant stack of munches is

okay I think that was actually right I think that was right I need the red jello from the previous level I think I was too fast or something I don't know I don't even understand what's going on over there oh is it far left enough why am I playing this because I hate myself

seems like jank probably [Music] like a you hear the twirl just before I touch the wall for the one-way so I don't get the spin [Laughter] [Music] awesome great even better all right I'm done I want to I want to beat this under man I'm done I'm skipping I worked hard on this hundred man I want to beat it god damn it skip the jank the last level was better ah fuck god damn it [Music] one of those days [Music] Oh baby happy to see you okay let's reset now but

[Music] bonk [Music] not much time to watch these days glad there's so much YouTube content Cheers [Music] yo level 3 pan thank you so much for three months of twitch prime sub now this now this is podracing guys look at all this shit yo big ninny thank you for 13 months banned Izumi thank you for 8 months I appreciate it thank you guys [Music]

okay Gigi that was a totally totally no skips that run totally no skips that run at all yeah what very well designed level finish the shout level I don't know man I don't know if I have that in me yeah was it absolutely was a trash fiesta and 100% was zero skips that I will fault you for well thank you Royale ruckus I skipped five is that what I skipped I think yeah I guess I did skip three new suit speedruns and two other things yeah I guess so I made it look super easy perfect hundred men well we beat the midair level first try my five skip Street not I don't care man do not care skip and stuff I don't want to play I wonder I'm kind of curious about that she'll carry level though trash looks good on me thanks man let's take a look let's see that that she'll level zero clears 3109 attempts yeah well I got kind of far did I play this for a little while maybe nobody has ever beaten that

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