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millions of Americans suffer from joint pain making it difficult to do the simplest of tasks even like walking across a room or even typing on the computer so joining me today to show you ways to diminish pain caused by joint issues is dr. David Katz sir welcome my friend good to be here absolutely true we depend on our joints for all of our movements and drew this is how a healthy joint works it's lined by a membrane in the synovium the synovium produces fluid that lubricates the joint and that and the cartilage really reduced the friction keep everything working smoothly bone doesn't grind against bone I want to show you these are obviously your hand and each one of your fingers has a specialized joint between these small bones in your fingers and you can see that in a healthy joint they are padded they are cushioned by cartilage so it's normal to have nice healthy vibrant cartilage in between your joints what happens once you lose that cartilage due to injury or wear and tear you get this appearance what is this well this is arthritis this is inflammation you can see you've lost the cartilage bone is on bone grinding on itself causing that inflammatory reaction absolutely and the good news of course is that almost no matter what's causing joint pain there is effective treatment available right and you know here's a couple of tips that may help starting number one bring yourself a cup of loose-leaf green tea it contains polyphenols it may actually help with inflammation and swelling and protect that cartilage that I alluded to between those bones and slow down that process of joint degeneration if you don't want something hot you prefer something cool how about trying a glass of pomegranate juice the antioxidants in pomegranate fruit may decrease joint tenderness and reduce inflammation you know applying something cold directly to the affected area can also have benefits we know the cold helps joints in two ways it reduce is blood flow which numbs the area actually helps with the pain and cold also helps to ease that that phase of inflammation and swelling alternatively heating pads or warm baths increased blood flow which increases flexibility improves joint range giving you a full range of motion what you can do you may want to alternate between those hot and cold therapies do that 15 to 20 minutes a few times each day I think another natural approach is staying active you basically want to use it where you lose the function of a joint so staying active is important another thing I like a lot is is a very well chosen nutritional supplement you know that the benefits of foods can be concentrated in capsules and I like benefits it's a product where you use different natural ingredients to reduce inflammation to treat the pain and to support the cartilage that's so crucial I love the combination of four ingredients drew one of which is a patented form of collagen to actually support the construction of that critical cartilage in the joint and the different ingredients work in different ways to reduce inflammation treat pain reduce the preserve that the structure of the joint and I also like the fact that this was formulated in a way to reduce allergens so people who are sensitive to shellfish can take it people with gluten sensitivity can take it once you start using the product how much time do you have to give it before you're going to see welcome improvement generally people will see in as little as a week and then the effects continue over time because unlike something drew that you would take just a treat pain you know medication this is actually supporting the structures in the joint so the benefits actually accumulate over time well be sure to talk to your doctor if your pain is accompanied by redness tenderness or warmth around the joint or if it's caused by an injury inability to use a joint you have intense pain or sudden swelling make sure to talk to your doctor and dr. Katz good stuff thank you very much for joining us and thanks for showing us ways to ease down the road a little a little bit better you can visit the doctors for additional

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