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what is going on guys it is tenser bringing you guys another video for the fans we're back on black ops 2 and yesterday's video did really well so I just want to thank you all for that you guys are the fucking bat you missed it what I did basically was going to random lobbies and ask people if they're a chicken tenser or a tensor top chicken tenser is clearly the favorite nickname as of now I mean it could always change who knows but you know for now the chicken tensors are the strongest nickname that you know somebody came up with so chicken tensors what does not answer tots I still respect you though what is up to you guys to and then just the fans what's up and the people that are just you know very uh very against everything you know what's up to you guys too as always make sure you guys are using code tensor and all your G fuel stuff I appreciate everyone that's used that code a lot of you guys got your source shaker cups recently too I saw a lot of fuel tweeting it at me today so you know I hope you guys enjoy these these are pretty sick they are really clean looking I like how it's like kind of see-through I think it's the best shaker cup to be honest and I'm not being like biased because I'm in sore but I really do think this is the cleanest shaker cup not going to LA at least until I get my own shaker cup in the future right that's got a vision success you don't mean vision big things what do you want in life and then you go get it okay right now I know that in the future I'm going to have my own shaker cup of GP I'm gonna have my own flavor with it I know it because guess what I'm going to work hard I'm gonna get to out of vision these things okay vision success just think about it and then go and get it sounds easier said than done but believe me anybody can do anything why am I getting all inspirational right now no clue dude I'm just in the mood I just went to the gym I'm feeling great dude obviously you know I went hard in the gym that means I can game for a little and try to hit some bill cams on phase goes camo am i right that's exactly what we're going to do folks and everyone's saying like black ops 2 might be gang a little boring the only thing is I don't know what call did you guys want to see me play because mw2 I feel like it's very repetitive as well as bo2 so what's gonna call of duty in the comment section that you guys want to see and then the reason why and then I'm going to read all the comments as I usually do because you know I always go through the comments section so like I said in previous videos and stuff never watch a video and then think about commenting something and then holding back always comment what you're thinking I love reading everybody's feedback I promise you guys basically whatever Call of Duty I see most in the comments section and good reasons why I'm going to play for the next video I think I give it a try guys just put down the comments section right now what cause do you want to say it or it doesn't even have to be a call duty but like I do want to hit bill kam so yeah preferably a Call of Duty let's go let's play some Call of Duty right now I'm saying call duty way too much what the fuck those came out no way no way Fabian face I'm just getting faces fucking garbage whoa is that a hater right here I can't tell guys is that a hater sip-it this kids fucking a ball of energy bro that's your modding you will never win on that fucking good like even some martyrs can't even beat me to be like with mods like I'm so fucking good aimbot but my actual Hill looks like any boxes I'm still fucking good oh my god this kids modest and I'm just that fucking good like I said let's see this kill cam from the modern pieces Christ every game we get into there's a modder guys like what am I supposed to do let's watch this I guarantee just no scoped or something oh wow now that was epic good job dude I literally have the worst luck when it comes to running into modern please dude like god dammit just fucking get away from me modders ever mater was on my account spiced up my little emblem I like it not gonna shut the mater out but I like it thanks buddy here it goes camera down dab on dab on a question mark sake sake customers just like your clips you think chicken censor I picked enter kosam come on not a tensor taht they're rare but you know they come along this kids emblem says I'm a chicken tensor and a beaner but then he spelled chicken wrong he didn't even put the K what the but it realized chicken was that hard to spell oh my god dude EBU P what is it with raid and these kids killing laughs either you get into a game with a modder who kills laughs so you get into a game with a kid named booby who cuz lost what the fuck you twin bro Jesus that kid was having a heart attack at the end dancer oceans Nicky would you like choking I am NOT playing raid for a third time in a row something bad is bound to have what the fuck is that I swear - I swear them there we go Jesus I've always said - peace throne that's like every single video but this is the one I'm gonna hit okay nope that is hitting the building whoo I like that job and I keep going for that until I hit it okay like right when I go for the shot ah oh yeah right up the middle please do it please no maybe God is just looking down on me right now he's just gonna give me some luck would have been I wouldn't complain to God ah okay that is not even close what is this read a rock what okay I have never seen this sign oh okay buddy but does that even say dude I always pick things up like five years after the game came out that I've never seen before Yeah right okay oh yes I can finally go for the ladder stall throwing knife you guys ready okay oh my god buddy a riot shield up there cannot protect you I'm just saying fuck but the wall can I'm going to give every single person that watches this video a dollar if I hit this thank God because that would have been a lot of money out of my pocket it was kid look at this little snake right here this I'm going to move either you're just going to say they're all knives are going to come point to me okay I mean oh Jesus my bullet rub barely hit that kid and that could almost hit me was I just thought of a different fuckin variation of the shot you ready for that oh lordy I want to see it in kill cam whatever Oh who wants me to give ten circles another modern are you fucking kidding me all you want cuz how much three dollars for two hours I bet what's your people these modders are out here really hustling bro three dollars for two hours that's actually funny that's not censored I was spectating in much my blade play he's using a DSR is it swapping going up to the rape silly what's this kid saying bro what the fuck the game just started and him exactly how he plays bro like that dude is actually running around instead of walking up the stairs he doesn't ever run up the stairs he always walks up the stairs and I know this because I watched him a lot oh my god he just killed someone at the PDW that is not him he's never used the PDW in his life oh my god he just killed someone else the PDW okay it might be him because I can get two kills with PW before but not one oh my god okay I have never seen him use a DSR get a hitmarker and reload at the same time that's probably not ten sir stand up again let's go baby I can play stand up all day to be honest it is one of the best trickshot maps on this game for free-for-all specifically other than vertigo this vertigo what else is good it's definitely that many good free-for-all maps to beyond it's like everyone loves carrier but I'll continuously say it over and over again carrier fucking sucks for free for at least if you get to last fast because you get to last path you are not getting one solid good a try until everyone is on last one carrier I'm sorry but that's just how it could look at this kiss emblem right that is what I'm talking about that's the type of kid that I want to use my code right there that motherfucker he looked ready for some G fuel as it looks like he's ready to throw face very lemonade into one shaker cup and then just shake the shit up fucking eat it not even drink it just straight eat I'm gonna be so mad if I get hosts I swear to god call duty don't let me be hoping I'm gonna kill this kid right here by the way oh you son of a oh my dude true what are you kidding me

please please god this game fucking dump that would have been sick me hit this real quick oh I shot the kid I never go for this shot now I'm determined to hit that shot okay I'm gonna keep going for this okay if I can get on top of the fucking thing oh my god you're kidding me where is it - I can't find it oh thank you oh my god that shot is clean a app hi my name is tensor and I can knock it on top of the stupid fucking wall Wow awesome ill cam oh my god sloth luck for the fucking wind real question is will I hit the cross not throwing at this map and I'm going to say yes finally I will hit at this game I promise I don't actually promise I don't know why the hell I just said that don't ever take anything I say seriously folks I sometimes get myself in trouble with my words and that's not a good habit nope that's me that's me don't kill yourself Jesus Christ I almost did that no way if I kill this kid oh my god yes it spawned me in my favorite area guys you guys ready for this look at that dude I can do that perfectly every single time but will it hit nope for some fucking reason I okay I've no clue what the fuck that was watch it's gonna be perfect again I mean come on you're stupid dude this game stupid oh that's perfect oh my god the stupid fucking game bro why can't just a person to be running a crop please do it oh my god with the reload that shot is just fucking fantastic looking sweet thank you Sam do it oh my god oh don't do it oh my god oh don't do it oh my god oh don't do it oh my god oh that happened that is up the middle just bullshit blackops2 so funny when you just follow me and shoot me right oh my god I'm looking at you holy shit can you believe my virtual Call of Duty body is looking at you right now oh my god you're so lucky there is nothing more annoying than getting killed when you're trying to trick shot guys this is a valuable lesson that we can all learn from okay because I have gone through this several times and now you know it's time I pass on the message to you guys okay every Call of Duty cut combo you produce on black ops 2 will not result in you hitting a trickshot every single time less you were God himself no one had the power to get a crazy Bilkent every single day let's all realize that we are all in this together the chicken tenders the tensor tots the fans the fans that don't want to be called anything everybody we are all one family and even days where we can't hit trick shots we are going to stick together because that's what families do and that's what families are all about uniting and picking each other up in times of me I'm so sorry that I could not get a trickshot this video for you guys but just know that I'll be trying my hardest to produce the best Call of Duty comp you have ever seen in ages now let's go to theater mode oh hey guys were over here in theater mode what's that Oh Madonna tenser only goes in the theater mode because like he doesn't know how to hit shots himself so we have to go rely on other people that you have to hit shots for him to show in videos what a fake stupid dumb youtuber honestly I can handle it guys just let it all out bro just fucking lash out at me 30 and 11 I do not remember this game you check this real quick fellas well we don't see any menu so far so this is kind of weird would it be finally a kid playing legit with the gamertag Space Ghost camo that is actually not based ghost camo and actually hitting a legit shot the end improving everybody wrong I don't know this kid is playing legit how I plan is kind of scaring the shit out of me away does he hit right here good I didn't even see this kid put on any butter anything I never even thought menu pop-up the entire game with the hell did he hit X simple Jack where is his kid dude do you think it that he shot at - what the fuck unless there's some invisible men you were like all you have to do is press a button and then you gotta invite this kid hit this legit I think I'm actually terrified what the hell this kid didn't even have a menu pop up any plate exactly like I played that I get a shot in my fleet would that happen am I going brain-dead right now am i okay oh my god not one of these oh my god that's the worst thing I've ever seen dude what the fuck was that okay I said I wouldn't get mad Jesus Christ oh all right guys that's going to do for today's video hopefully you did enjoy this I'm sorry that nothing crazy happened but we made the most of it and yeah like I said comment down below what calls did you guys want to see in the next couple of videos or maybe just one video I don't know I want to switch things up it's just that I don't know what you guys want to see I'm trying to do things for you guys so let me know in the comments down below anything and everything and I say smash alive under the video I don't think I did what the fuck if you're still here smash the like button guys thank you so much we're like fucking killing it with a leg still I love you guys I will see you in the next one subscribe if you're new by the way - and yeah I love you guys peace out guys [Music] Oh


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