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good evening you're watching impact news that Raj dongseong mom and welcome to monokuma a 360 degree analysis of news and events tonight we'll be talking about women's polo and particularly a campaign and initiative started by United States polar Association USPA one month-long campaign or initiative to support and promote and also to develop women's polo in India to discuss the topic tonight we have usps national poor team governor Stephen armors that welcome to the show appreciate your joining thank you very much your being here thank you sir and also joining us a player from the same thing USPS Audrey Rossano what we welcome to the show appreciate your joining thank you also joining us Annabel Mack North Davis I think I'm pronouncing correctly she's representing England and she will be playing I mean not only see but Tim England Tim Manipur and Tim USDA will be playing a tournament which is known as the second edition of money pool statehood scheduled a women's polo tournament will be starting from tomorrow till it will last till 20% over t 2017 so that is the second edition of the women's polo tournament it was started last year and lasted also Stephenson was a here with the USPA team yes yeah and but this time you have a complete mission altogether you are with a mission or an initiative called polo yatra 2017 here in India not only in Manipur but you have started the yatra that you were right from Rajasthan then to Hyderabad now you are here in impulse to complete the D etre correct there is something about this yard well it actually started last year okay and we wanted to help develop polo for women in India and develop the sport of polo in India B we have been here I had been here in 2014 watching our men's team play in the manticore of international and they had an exhibition chucker two of the women here and I mentioned to mr. sho-me Roy what would you think if I put Gotham women's team and brought them over and everybody just got very excited about it and so we put it together took us over a year to get it together but we did and last year we played in Manipur and played an exhibition match in Jaipur come on and then this year we added a Hyderabad yet to it last year it was a test run sort of and so the four ladies came over with me and we put one of our ladies on each of four teams with three metaphoric women and they played against one another and it worked very well the manapouri ladies played awesome and so this year we called Hurlingham and asked if they could join it okay and they agreed and so this year it will be team USP a versa team Hurlingham vs. team metaphor okay so there wouldn't be altogether three team okay I'll throw a common question to both of you because you are representing different teams the question will be you haven't blinked Apollo for quite long time so for how long you have been playing polo and what is the sweetness we can solve this tour this year significance of this tool in your career I have been playing for about 12 years okay so fortunate to be able to ride since I was four years old and I think the significance to this tournament is so important I think last year from being able to teach the girls and going to all the different cities to see the level of polo really has opened my eyes to see how much like potential they all have and how we can really like filled it up a lot and I think that having all different teams like the England team and hopefully more teams can come from other countries it will really open people's eyes to how women can progress in the sport a lot more than okay the men last year I was working okay so I didn't get the chance to come but through what I've seen I think that helping the girls around here and even in other cities is really from day one started and their progression is unbelievable till the day for when we were in Hyderabad and everything okay thank you I'll come back to you but I also want to know from Annabelle what is I mean for how long you have been playing polo and what is the significance or importance of this particular tool which is named as polo after 2017 spearheaded by the USPS so what is the important significance to your kite yeah well I've been riding pretty much in my life as well similar surgery and I started saying about 15 years ago and and I've played all around the world but never in India that's my first time to India okay I'm a big supporter of women's polo worldwide and I think that it should be seen as a professional sport as men's parlor overseers okay and so I think this is really a great initiative and to get women's polo seen as a internationally recognised sport and it's very exciting to be here and to be involved and to help Indian girls learn more and be able to play a higher level of color and you must also been doing that money pool is the birthplace of the modern polo yeah so when you heard that you are going to Monaco and playing in the oldest playground ever planet that is known as the polo ground in part below ground so well what is your reaction to that well I spend a lot of time in Argentina I'm English sighs live in Argentina and so then for me saying I was going so this Holograms in the world in Sumer is I mean I'm sure you guys have had a Palermo and which is kind of the mecca now for low internationally but here obviously is kind of a secondary kind of matter if you like because it is the historical birthplace of product I mean what better place could you have an event like this to promote toilet well boys okay in order to get that birth the brittish's were also I mean they took a big ship or they were so responsible for introducing the several countries the indigenous polo of money pool to the world as more important and now I also like to know from Audrey what was your first reaction when you learned that you're going to the birthplace of the modern polo and you will be playing in the oldest playground which is known as ma pal country woman in our local dialect but which is translated as Impala gram what was your reaction to that I was very excited I feel it's very special for us to be here and we could be promoting everything is something that I do one the lifetime opportunity for sure I'm hoping to get the most out of it which I seem to be okay but you guys have reached yesterday itself here in the Impala so so far have you interacted with the money to retain the molecular girls and have you also checked the ponies of the horses of money pool yes okay today we've practiced a little bit with both teams and the girls we had a little chalkboard session to help get everyone on the same page and seems like everyone's really excited so I think it's gonna work well okay but as far as a novel is concerned you are a very good build person you must be having around six feet as your height so but our 20 our local course they are small in size do you do you find difficulty in well I'm had a few issues getting here and which is a long story okay but I haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man Emporium ponies yet but I've heard that they are very good and that their size is not related to how well they play so I'm hoping that they will not be scared of the fact that I am very but how do you find sitting or riding on the you know bag of small pony like I am not small pony if I could shrink myself I would but I haven't got that far yet oh yeah okay I come to you sir Stephen sir I mean like you are here to promote and develop our support women's polo getting money for also and across the globe but what is your observation what is the I mean past present and future of women's polo internationally and also in India well internationally women's fellow is growing by leaps and bounds in the United States forty percent of the members of the United States Polo Association are female okay I asked our my club in Houston which is the largest club in the country we're 50 percent women it is the largest growing demographic in the United States of the United States Polo Association I think England they're developing more and more women players all the time Argentina is stepping up big time with great players coming up okay France is developing a lot in Germany so overall and even Hong Kong and Singapore are developing young more and more women so it's the growing area and we're hoping India and from what we're seeing the excitement level is there if we can get the support behind it okay from the men players from the clubs from the government to assist with this and governments have a hard time supporting if it isn't for instant Olympic sport and that okay so we're also working with private companies to incur and we're getting some very encouraging signs from them that they are willing to help willing to support we hold the Women's US Open in Houston okay and I am hoping that we can get an Indian team okay to come and play in that possibly as early as fall of seventeen but maybe not to fall of eighteen but okay you're also expecting an Indian team and that we would like it would not exactly expecting but you would love to have right I have invited them okay and I will put them up at my farm and help them with horses okay and so all they need to do is get there okay because that has already expressed that the the women's polo is a globally improving or it is growing at least growing it is growing but here in money pool like we have a lot of women polo players but lasted only we get to know that we are having a tournament on yearly basis otherwise we hardly talked about or heard about women's polo here in Monaco which is the birthplace of modern polo so is there any different treatment to women's polo do you get the equal treatment like treatment given to the men's polo I think it's a real shame actually because there is in my experience art a part of professionally right focuses with ladies tournaments but there are girls that own their handicaps and respective handicaps are much better players than the male equivalent and I've spoken to the top high ball players and regardless of the fact that a girl might be better than the boy they will refuse to play with the go with I find very frustrating but at the same time now for example in Argentina Cambiasso who is the better in the world his daughter has started playing and has McGill Norwegian Australia's and has various high goal sources and that has brought a lot of publicity to the sport and a lot more interest they just did and we just did an international Test match at Palermo as part of the open left tournament in the world and so it is improving but I would like to see more equality because we are in 2017 and girls are more than capable of saying as well as boys so ok equal treatment is required but the women's polo is also improving is growing but what is it observation object I think that we have had the opportunity in the last couple years play a lot more just like Annabelle said but there is still a divide between men and women and even if you are a good women's player you sometimes get the cut because you are a woman but I'm hoping through all these tournaments and everything it will improve our opportunities but this time when you come for this tool you have already played that in Rajasthan you have also played that in Hyderabad yeah so so far how is your experience playing with the Indian you know players the Indian players of them open arms they've been trying to set up games and exhibitions for us and Jaipur they had a mixed teams between men and women and they were passing the ball to us giving us opportunities to play and giving us the same chances that they have so I think even even in Hyderabad they were still they wanted us to play more than they wanted themselves play just to prove that we can ok so how we can play as well as that ok how was your experience an event you have already played there in Rajasthan oh no you haven't played so you will be playing here in India for the first time yeah yeah I actually arrived today ok you actually read today so you haven't practiced anything so far no I've practiced a lot of traveling yeah my traveling is now a stop the farther in Impala I'm yet practice ok so when will be your first match I think we are practicing in the morning ok and what the game of USDA against the Indian team smart okay then probably they opted tomorrow you must be having your and match oh yeah so sir I'll come to yourself but here I want to take a break after the break I'll come to you on tonight I would like to take a break but we'll be right back soon keep watching it back nails they need hundred meters from the action naturally filter to see pure clean

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[Music] welcome back you're watching impact news and this is man you couldna with me Rajan come on man who not tonight we are talking about the condition of women and women polo players not only here in medical not only here in India but across the globe USPA is on a mission on an initiative or a campaign to develop a women's polo here in money pool sir now I want to come to you sir Samantha you have already expressed and even Audrey and Annabel have also expressed that women's polo is growing and improving across across the globe but what do you want to say I mean what more do you want to see in women's polo now what is required currently as both the ladies have self acceptance okay and I think in the u.s. the men are coming around much much more than they ever have before okay there is still the old guard who thinks that you know it's all those too dangerous for women to play but I watch the women's US Open there were a few ladies out there I would not want to have to play against they are just as strong as the men and as Annabelle said there are women who are rated the same rating as a man but play better okay and unfortunately they have to play better because to gain that acceptance and in the States we are trying to help them develop and you know I just hope we can spread that across the globe we are working on a project to bring possibly to certified polo instructors from the u.s. here to India and due to three possibly four week long 10-day possibly clinics or women around the country I think we have some openings in Jaipur definitely in Hyderabad definitely here okay we're talking to Delhi we're talking to Mumbai and it's just getting the interest getting this as I said with support the women are there the players are there it's getting the horses for them the fields for them and just the support of the club but again we're making strides in that and I am very positive about the teaching clinics okay 19x yes okay so you are also bringing some clinics here in India we're a burden that you have been frequently coming to money for for the last two to three years yes so far you have seen the players demonically women players in polo so what is your observation how can they actually improve or are they already doing well what kind of training or what kind of what is the correction they require at the moment more explore more time more time on the field on the horses okay again this which is one of the reasons we are trying to aid the save the manapouri Pony foundation so that more ponies are developed and can be trained okay I have also offered to have a manapouri horse trainer come to my farm for one two months and work with us see the methods we use for training the polo ponies and hopefully they can bring that back develop more ponies here so they're more available okay and possibly the foundation could own the horses and supply them for the right now they're mostly privately owned but they work with the foundation too supportable okay thank you sir next I'll come to Audrey as you have all be spoken that this women Paulo sector the women's are doing relatively well sometimes women are outperforming but in order to get the acceptance from the from the what to say men's side or from the society or from the association you need to do better than what you are currently doing what do you think what kind of training or what kind of change is you basically think that that is required at the moment I'm just starting from opening a rule book and seeing what general rules can be and forth what definitely helps the players their writing and their skills with the sticks are very amazing I mean I was shocked to see how well they can hit the ball and how well they can ride the horses but the rules are need to be enforced a little more and then I think they'll learn the game and get the opportunities to go to other countries because then they'll have a general realization of how to stay on the field and play a proper game ok and now I've come to animal you have been playing polo professionally so I would like to know from you I mean what kind of advice would you like to give to the women who polo players in order to hone in order to improve scheme well as I said I just wrote today so I can't give you an opinion of the players as of yet of what one thing that is pretty interesting I don't know if you're aware of is that in America England and Argentina and France now we actually operate with the women's handicap which is separate to the men's handicap in order to be able to to see the difference between lady players within their men's handicap and which is something which really allows girls to play on a fairground and because for example in Argentina everyone starts on 0 whereas in America an England you actually have to play for a few years or is slightly different to be a zero gold player and but essentially I think that in order for the sport to become more professional and for the Indian girl to be able to improve even from a basic level the answer is as Steven said time and but they also need to be exposed to the different countries the women's handicap the best players aim and and yeah it to a question of infrastructure and because I don't think they probably realized that the level of ponies and grounds and everything that we are exposed to in America England Argentina and the possibilities and the actually quite easy ways that they can improve even for example boys taking up the offer of going to America to Argentina to England and because in terms of infrastructure teaching horses horse training and from what I've heard so far they could learn a lot and it would improve the porter here massively and with not that much effort okay as this is your first visit to money pool yeah before coming to multiple duty did you have any idea about the money cool the relevance of the traditional form of molecule polo which is known as a ball county to the modern follows is there any did you have a knowledge about that hi I got a basic idea and I've seen all the old paintings how poor they started and I knew that the ponies were very small which I always had in my mind I'm but but yes I'm obviously I knew I know from playing polo for so long that polo was brought from India Persia it was brought over by the English them taken to Argentina and so yeah it's an amazing opportunity to be here and experience the first place of further okay what about Audrey did you have any idea about money cool before coming to many things only through last year's tour I didn't know anything I didn't hear anything I think I am I'm happy that I did to see it all in person because it's something very different than the United States okay so as you have been frequenting to money pool for the last couple of years now I want to know is there any relevance into this time money free polo or the polo played here in Monaco they maintain the his historical game okay here which they have done and done well as in anything it's important to know where you came from and but to bring the players and especially the women forward is very that the main relevance of all of this is and manapouri players very rarely leave mana for to play anywhere else right mister so me Roy and I are going to Assam after this and talking to some clubs there about reopening ok polo fields which would allow the manapouri to travel and spread in the Northeast polo which hopefully will encourage them to travel even further in to Hyderabad to Jaipur we two ladies from here went with us to Jaipur and played okay first time they'd ever been on the big horse and they adjusted right to it and it was a little shaky at first but they did great and the people in Jaipur were really impressed said where did these women come from they ride so well and we said metaphor here they play polo in metaphor we go yes Ben affords the reason you have polo okay that's and as I said it's opening the eyes in the mind to the possibility india has great possibilities for developing and further developing for the principle especially in the women's polo yes oh yeah okay so my last question will be like as we're starting the second edition of money foods statehood day women's polo Tadamon tomorrow so I mean what kind of expectations you have right now in your mind I have I expect to see some great games and the games the games and the women's ability is always far exceeds my expectation okay so I always shoot too low and then I think that's what we will see okay tomorrow and on going through the finals okay so as the tournament is knocking at the door it will be started by tomorrow or do you what is your expectation how excited you are um I'm expecting to see all smiles I feel like everyone's gonna be so happy to be here and the ponies I feel like you're gonna be so happy to be having us on their backs running around and I'm expecting a lot of good polo I think it's gonna be a high level for anywhere in the world I've come to NFL and you are not playing tomorrow but mostly by day after you will be starting your first match yeah what is your expectation how excited you are right now well as I said I love small ponies so it's going to be very fun to play the small ponies I'm but yeah I mean just amazing to be here a lifetime experience and as Winston Churchill said a polo handicap is a passport to the world and it's true and I think that's something that the Indian girls need to be a world in that for example even within their own country they have the opportunity to travel and there is so much out there that they can do and people like us are more than willing to help and women's polo in general is a very generous sport in the in the fact that we've all wanted to go mm-hmm I think this is the only international polo tournament in India that I want to know from you over the world for women I believe it is okay the we played the first in Hyderabad so now they look and they want to carry it on also and I think it would be an amazing thing if we had two women's tournaments going on in conjunction with one a play Hyderabad first then come up play Manipur okay and then hopefully it'll spread to where we can get a circus going on would be all yeah and in general that's the kind of idea around the world is that you have seasons or at least Paulo pause I'm sorry though for example in Argentina patrons patrons who pay fitted teams of professionals come for a few weeks at a time and they play a few tournaments at different clubs in different places in India it would be in different regions and but I see no reason why in a few years time there couldn't be an equivalent of an Indian ladies parlor till here okay and most hopefully if we go this way as we have already started the tournament last year and this is the second season this is the second Edison so hopefully churches and we'll get there I mean in the coming time we'll be having a series of tournament for the same the molecule statehood the women's polo tournament 2017 is right here 20 agent will be coming and if we go this way an exit also other than England and other than USP will be having more international teams playing here here in the oldest person on the ground and all the about I would like to enter this edition of manhood now and I would also like to thank Stephen sir Audrey and Anna well for coming to our studio and sharing valuable information and opinions thank you so much for coming to our show thank you enjoyed it well on the note I would like to enter this era son of manu Padma if you have any feedback and comment you can write to us at impact you can use at gmail.com or you can also like our Facebook page at facebook.com slash impactive money pool and you can drop a message or comment there also and if you want to check out to this video you can also watch the same and watch the same episode on YouTube / 3 / impact to be money pool well ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for joining us from the other side of the screen until next time this is Roger Norman signing off have a good

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