I Went INSIDE The Portal I Did NOT Create in Minecraft..

by: RageElixir

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what's going on guys regional leagues are here and welcome back to yet another minecraft video today I have something special for you guys you might remember this map and you were wait where you go where you go you might remember this zombie right here but guys last time in the last episode well we found this map we found this portal and we were we were we were like talking over it we were like hmm do we really want to go in that portal and I asked you guys to get 5,000 likes on that video and guess what you guys did it in a day and ee 12 right here he asked for 3,000 likes on his video did you get it I don't know that should be I mean I mean want one side work so hopefully you know it works out hopefully you guys like this video once again guys guys go on both of our videos if you're watching on Eris's video right now or my video right now go to em below and just smash that like button and comment good luck if you guys want us to you know survive this trip so you wanna you wanna I explain to everyone what these chests are all about right here before we head into the portal right here I'm scared alright remember last time we literally just okay we basically robbed the place we did we kind of felt bad didn't we not only did we feel bad but we kind of figured the stuff they had wasn't that good oh yeah so we took the time went back to our place came back here and got you know got better what the heck you where'd you get 64 golden apples from what okay maybe I didn't return their gold or everything else holy crap dude okay let's suit up right now man we are about we are in for one huge adventure I can already tell man I'm not too sure like we said before like why would they gate off a portal like a nether portal like any just another portal what's so special about it right I'm not ready for this that's all I can say right now do you want to go first yes all righty yeah remember what you did to me last time my word you're a bigger youtuber man come on let's go let's go over there over there over hey hey hey get out of here all right let's go in at the same time okay no jokes no memes all right ready everything around here oh I did not even notice this before dude let's go in from this side all right you guys pray for us right now okay don't hit me man okay ready three two one together together together all right pray pray pray whoa okay okay whoa wait what is this whoa dude I was not expecting this what they have like a prebuilt like pathway dude dude are you ready for this dude oh are you Am I are you what where'd my armor go I knew it wait I'm pretty sure I was wearing armor okay am I still on with dad happened what I'm pretty sure I had armor right dude before before we went in I had armor right yeah I'm pretty sure if I was wondering what the heck happened anything else disappear no that's it like this is all I have or are you gonna be fine here or at least take um give me some give me so my bottom half oh okay okay give me something what did you lose anything else are you sure no I'm good I'm good I'm good I didn't even know until you mention it okay dude I what is that dude look look at this wait hold up do you see that my render distance isn't that far but I can already see some showing up yeah we need to get closer than dude careful what the heck no just keep going just keep going I think okay I got a guy what is this errors come here uh should I press the lever we don't know all right dude who made this map man okay just to make sure nothing comes to us yeah yeah just disclose it oh great great okay I'm joking dude what the heck we were not expecting something like this to show up guys literally we were just expecting like a normal nether right dude weird things have already been happening on that on this map oh where are we where are we do wait what is this supposed to do this is just designs and whatnot wait what's over here dude we should wait wait we should explore all the rooms before we go to like oh wait wait errors come over here basement dude this could be like a dungeon or something like oh oh even lower oh my gosh whoa you're scared okay okay oh no no I'll get the top hat thank you thank you thank you there we go we got some enchanted top hat Oh watch out watch out with us Yeltsin oh are you okay yeah hey I think we should like eat up our golden apples before we do anything what's over here ooh dragon's breath potions glowstone dude yo Oh careful I got you I got you I got you I got you what the heck is going on dude they're like just sneaking up on us okay we're back upstairs oh what's in here yo what'd you find you look in here Oh mine I'm taking all the fire charges mine mine wait you get any other diamond things no dude should we raid all this dude I wait we said you know we said we were like you know we felt bad for stealing but do you can rage hold up you see this chair it looks like a throne dude get on the King now no I'm looking I'm the king I'm looking now yeah a chair like this like back in the overworld at the house did we it didn't look like this but like there's also like a throne kind of area oh yeah I remember dude nothing to like suspicious yet is it with a bland piano dude it's a drab here dude careful though because yo y'all be canticle that Apple mine no no no mine my know what's over here dude who lived here that's my question like where are we where are we listen oh I found a kitchen dude where are you do what's over here what's up here oh we have food dude take some food man we're gonna need this later alright I think I'm gonna head upstairs and see what's at the top oh yeah du du du du Paul well I guess appear though wait is this some sort of library always whoa rage horses dad horses I mean they're walking yeah no no I I don't want to be outside actually I I there was actually one room I kind of wanted to check out before we pulled up what where are you I'm still out here okay I'm coming home come in did you kept going yeah I check holes in the corner oh what's over here what's in the chest Oh more armor oh wait what's this book Oh a chanted book how do we get there where you see that I get to that part do you just want a parkour there Eliot oh I'm scared now I don't know if I can make that every box I mean that we brought blocks oh yeah oh you just took that risk man hey wait there was actually one room I wanted to check out though before we go there I don't think no no if I okay let's check it out before we go it was actually it actually looked pretty similar though wait what's over here is this the same room that we were at well wait this place is huge Oh what we could beat doors here oh oh wait this is it no it's not right we've been here the Golden Apple remember oh yeah yeah oh wait I I have an idea it's over here it's over here oh no this was the kitchen okay come back upstairs right here I'm starting to get the hang of it it's right here it's right here nope nope right here right here right here this is the room I wanted to check out what is this it leads over here that we were at oh okay that this makes sense now everything just intertwines with each other okay let's just burn it okay I'm gonna head over to where we wanted to go I'll wait for you okay check it out dude I swear look we're being criminals in room do we're criminals for like raiding this whole place honestly all right I know I know I feel so bad though oh my goodness okay I'm gonna take the helmet thank you very much all right thank you for the hangers oh yeah wait wait build up build up all round get me blocks let's make a little staircase what is in here oh there is a secret whoa you want to break through it open the door in the first place there's probably like a hidden lever or something did you whoa hidden room ooh [Music] yeah no this is the little kid that we saw right notice the dining room what what's over here whoa dude this place is so trippy dude do you want to head back oh this is like okay this already can be you like people can't come in wait yeah have you noticed like we haven't been attacked by anything else ever since we we fought those wither skeletons know everything I'm so confused right now dude what even lives here if there really no that's why I've been wandering this whole damn thing I might just break through it I know I think I know how wait if this is what I think it is I think I remember seeing this before no it's not nevermind I said it's one of those things where you place it on top is there yeah I'm not sure like whoever made this I think I want to break through it alright I'm just gonna break it - yeah it definitely does go here but how do you even open it I swear we're probably okay we're breaking things now yeah I think we should leave before someone gets mad dude yeah let's go let's go I kind of feel bad for doing all of this but I mean we did get a lot of stuff from this definitely freeing what's here what's here have we been here I don't think you know breaking window is great dude like I mean even better age they protected okay they protected this place for for a reason there's probably some hidden secret that we don't know about what's here oh yeah I think that's it dude Oh gold wait dar books auto-fire aspect of all things I kind of think that we should leave before someone gets angry well they're gonna actually gonna notice a few things broken okay fine yeah we should be yeah we're back we're back go go go go go I mean I got a diamond sword out of this so I'm pretty happy I'm pretty happy guys Oh I do mean it Oh God you know what screw you you know what oh my you tried killing me errors you really wanted that diamond sword didn't you that another portal we went through is it still there it should be like remember when you lost your stuff when you went in oh yeah the same thing happens again well I mean I I see I really won't want to stay here though you want to go back anyway look at another portal it looks different obviously it looks weird yeah it definitely looks all bulky and like mutated and stuff like that bo what do you want to say my soul sanded well yeah what are you trying to say I just like left with not gold a bunch of arrows you know come on man don't be scared let's just go in okay alright I'm just going all right Oh - oh there's a gas dude let's go let's go let's go let's go let's go we do one go go go go go go go oh boy oh boy oh boy we're back we're back we're back whoa oh my gosh Oh where's my stuff dude no I told you this would happen well I didn't want me man you warned me I didn't listen to you I didn't listen to you dude where's our stuff dude okay go go go go go go back go back where's the chest they're gone what the heck happened waitis eras are you thinking what I'm thinking close this close this close this Oh do you think someone was up here when we were gone it would make sense because when we were in there there was no one there and now the chests are gone they disappeared oh my god you want to look around what happened to our stuff though like do you want to look around before we end this video I don't know guys do you guys want another video on this Matt because why are all yr creepy things always happening to me everything seems fine here guys you have to let me know man what do you guys think is going on with this world and what should we do going forward should we come back to this world I mean if this video gets 10,000 likes I will go back on this world ASAP as soon as possible with double a 12 I mean if he wants to come back that is do you would you want to come back with me if we do hit that like cool maybe but let's not bring anything too valuable because we keep losing oh my god no it's like we got like they stole from us or something like they just to be fair we stole from still dude like why would like to be fair it was a pretty fancy looking house honestly this is even our map like this showed up in your your minecraft and and I just happen to steal the download from you if you think about it it looked like a really fancy house do you think maybe their nether portal had like an anti-theft system or something cuz or stuff like I don't know they even had that like red stone bridge and like redstone enchantment table like there's the there has to be some mystery to it and so what like what's the connection between this overworld place yeah mansion what I mean eight man look at the build it's just huge no matter what like this whole tree house is huge that nether that nether castle was huge so you guys have to let me know man what do you guys think about this if you guys want us to come back please let us know in the comment section down below but I guess we'll just end off the video right here don't you agree yeah yeah I guess that's it guys so if you guys want to see more please like this video let us know in the comment section down below my name is rage elixir make sure you guys go subscribe to double a 12 but anyways thanks for watching you all video [Music] [Applause]

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