Hypnosis for Activating (or Opening) your Third Eye

by: Joe T - Hypnotic Labs

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do not listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery thank you [Music]



[Music] hi this is Joe Tracy and welcome to this guided meditation for activating your third eye now before we get started it's important to know that in a state of self hypnosis you're not asleep or unconscious you're actually very aware of your surroundings and you can't be forced to do anything anything that's against your will and don't worry about outside sounds and distractions because you'll soon be able to relax completely and you can use those outside sounds to deepen your trance and you're always the one in control and you can accept or reject the suggestions as you wish so just allow yourself to absorb the suggestions without evaluating or analyzing and don't worry if your mind drifts off because you'll still gain a benefits from the suggestions and when you find yourself focused on other thoughts gently remind yourself to focus on my voice and the suggestions and don't worry about getting it or doing it right just allow yourself to feel comfortable and relaxed now take a deep breath and as you exhale allow your eyes to close [Music] and imagine a cord attached to the base of your spine and see it traveling all the way down to the center of the earth

and really anchor that Court now and to the earth wrapping the ends around anything solid that you can find and allow the core to expand to a size that's comfortable for you and now release any stress tension anxiety or negativity down that cord and you can release any unfinished projects or any people who may want your attention

and just acknowledge any thoughts that may come into your mind and for now release them down your grounding cord take another deep breath and hold the breath and exhale to your mouth with a sigh relaxing even deeper feeling so calm so tranquil and with your third deep breath once more comfortably filling your lungs hold the breath and as you exhale allow that remaining stress in tension to flow out of your body

and it's not necessary to hear any outside sounds or anyone elses voice and now you can enjoy the comfort of drifting into a deep state of relaxation [Music] and this is the most important process free to be doing and the most important place for you to be [Music] so just allow yourself to let go and relax

and now focus your awareness on the muscles on the top of your head and begin to feel a wave of relaxation flowing from the top of your head down of your forehead and into your eyebrows [Music] moving around your eyes now bathing your eyes with comfort and ease and as you feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper focusing in on the sound my voice feel yourself drifting deeper and relaxed deeper and relaxed as you feel that wave of relaxation moving across your nose down into your cheeks the muscles melting down just like butter melting on a warm stove

drifting deeper as the muscles around your mouth relax and that relaxation flows into your jaw and into your tongue a new teeth may separate slightly and that's perfectly fine now allow that wave of relaxation to flow from the top of your head down over the back of your head around your ears and temples and on down to your neck muscles

as those muscles begin to melt and blend feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper with the cheesy breath that you take as you relax completely and all outside sounds noises even your own thoughts cause you to drift and go deeper deeper and deeper and let that relaxation flow into your shoulders and feel how your shoulders begin to droop and sag with the comfortable drowsy feeling of relaxation and allow those muscles to let go completely

and notice how much more relaxed you are right now then you were just a few moments ago

and as a wave of comfort and ease begins the flow across your shoulders and down your arms feel the relaxation moving into each and every muscle to each and every nerve Intendant as you relax and let go and feel the muscles melting effortlessly and easily your shoulders and the back of your neck melt completely and now that tingling soothing wave moves around your elbows down into your forearms it's now surrounding a rest with comfort and ease and on down and to your hands so it clears out the very tips of your fingers

relaxing mo more with each easy breath that you take and as you relax allow all the stress in tension to drain out the very tips of your fingers as you relax and let go [Music] and now that way Ava relaxation spreads from your shoulders down to the broad muscles of your back [Music]

and all discomfort and disorder serving no useful purpose leaves your body and as you relax and drift deeper and deeper [Music] and as a wave travels down your back and around into your chest muscles feel yourself relaxing and drifting even deeper and deeper and that wave of relaxation flows around your waist now and on down to your hips and thighs and feel those muscles melting as you allow yourself to relax and you may feel the pleasant tingling now starting at the top of your head and flowing down through your entire body and as that wave of relaxation spreads down to your thighs and down around your knees bathing your knees with comfort and ease and now down into your calves and feel those calf muscles melting down completely as he relaxed deeper and deeper feel that relaxation flowing around your ankles bathing your ankles with comfort and ease and that way moves on down to the heels and arches of your feet flowing along the soles of your feet so clears out to the tips of your toes and now allow any remaining stress in tension to drain right out the very ends of your feet removing all aches and pains serving no useful purpose [Music] now in just a moment I will begin to countdown with each descending number your level of relaxation will double want that to happen and allow that to happen five sinking deeper deeper down four so calm so peaceful and so relaxed three letting go it feels so good to just let go to getting even closer now one now peacefully and comfortably relaxed [Music]

[Music] now men you believe that every living human has a third eye and that this third eye is the gateway to divine guidance intuition higher consciousness and the soul and through it you can free yourself of the bonds of ego and earthly delusion and access the higher self and [Music] over time you may have lost connection with your third eye and it may even feel close to you

perhaps you lost connection because your intuition told you something that someone else and I want you to see so perhaps they may have accused you of being delusional in some way and you began to distrust your intuition perhaps you've heard a calling to connect the spirit the divine or your higher selves but you didn't know how to proceed [Music] there are even times that seeing the world apart from your third eye is advisable and when you need to focus on this earthly plane for example as when you're driving in difficult weather or when you're rewiring your house

[Music] but the third high offers insight into realms beyond this earthly plane and when you want that information it's powerful to activate your third eye what some call the sixth chakra and the space just above the bridge of your nose now let's begin by grounding and centering yourself wherever you are [Music] and stretch your spine a bit so that it grows longer comfortably align your body in a straight line so energy can flow [Music]

and breathe drawing your attention to your breath let go of thoughts those of the earthing plane and that belong to the lower chakras breathe [Music] know yourself to be of energy and divine and focus on the sixth chakra your third eye there above the bridge of your nose and let your next breath go to that part of your body and in your mind's eye and see that area begin to glow that gently pulsing deep purple light [Music]

and lift your hand to almost touch the third eye but do not touch that space on your forehead instead let your hand move near the third eye gently swirling absurd to invite the third eye to come awake [Music] breathing so gentle Wendigo light begins to pulse there at your third eye [Music] as your third-eye awakens to you pulsing with gentle and Nicko light and lower your hand as light continues to pulse and as it pulses feel your connection to the divine a connection beyond this earthly existence beyond time and breathe and let thoughts of the past or the future go they are just of the earthly plane and you exist in this vibrant internal now [Music] breathe feel the pulsing in to go light there at your third eye feel your belly expand and contract feel the sake of breath warmed by your body that intimate connection between body and breath

[Music] and if you experience any anxiety or resistance just breathe and let that resistance go on the out-breath the universe supports you in this journey and you're safe [Music] now journey behind the space there just above the bridge of your nose between the lowest point of your eyebrows God [Music] and journey within to a chamber bathe and deep in acolyte journey within you were made of indigo light [Music] and gently ask yourself these questions [Music] an answer so your third-eye will know that you're ready

are you willing to see the world through your intuition [Music] do you feel your connection to the divine [Music]


do you feel yourself part of all things all existences in all times before and to come


and maintain your connection to the divine and to all things take a deep breath and on the out-breath let go of any expectations [Music]

now turn slowly turn easily turn and look out of your third eye and know whatever you experience is exactly what you should be experiencing in this time you may see a nickel light streaming outward


you may choose to experience the vision your third eye shows you when you turn around and your earthly eyes are closed and you may find yourself hovering near the ceiling of the room looking down on your body and at some point your consciousness flying out and up to travel wherever the divine consciousness needs you to go

and you may choose to let your earthly bodily eyes be open and with the soften gaze be aware of your surroundings unfocused you're of this world and you're also of the world beyond [Music]

and whatever you experience you will see the world through your intuition timeless eternally changing eternally the same and if you're unsure connect to your guides or to the spirit of the divine above you and ask for guidance

I know that you're exactly who you should be in this moment and exactly we are meant to be and everything is unfolding just as it should this is a coming home to your intuitive sacred self it is a first step let it be just as it is [Music] and take some time here to experience your connection to your open third hi perhaps alone or with your guides or the spirit of the Divine now I will gently remind you when it's time to return so journey as you will [Music]





begin you return now make your good-byes and express any gratitude you feel make ready to return

[Music] and wherever you are find yourself again in the chamber behind the space between your eyebrows above the bridge of your nose and let the end ago light bathe you for just a moment more [Music] turn away turn inward remember the earthly world your body that waits for you there [Music] your existence there and with your newfound wisdom journey back to that existence with your new awareness of your third-eye and open your earthly eyes [Music] focus on an object you love or that you're drawn to look at say your given name three times and patch your body and remain still until you feel ready to move

and be open in the days to come [Music] to perhaps further insight now that you've strengthened this relationship be especially aware of what you find yourself knowing without being able to explain why return to the indigo chamber whenever you want to experience the world the universe through the wisdom of your third eye [Music]


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Progressive Relaxation by Katherine Zimmerman http://trancetime.com

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