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Hi, frogs and toads and welcome to this new, fantastic Draw My Childhood. Despite many people could have had the impression I was a sunny and open-minded person. In truth.. I am a REALLY introvert person actually, I would say tending to misanthropy. [I'd just want to see the world burning] The fact is that I am a real pro in the art of playing nice So, it's possible you didn't notice that... For now. In all honesty, I am not the one at fault! I swear! Not necessarily our intentions are always the same of what our brain orders us. For exemple. Mine can be REALLY eloquent [Mr.Brain's Adventures] when I try to behave like a normal person [Mr.Brain's Adventures] Fraffrog: Hey, Mister Brain! Fraffrog: I am going out for an happy hour with some friends! Mr. Brain: NOOOOOOOOO! Fraffrog: Hey, Mister Brain! Fraffrog: This guy tonight is throwing a party! Mr.Brain: NOOOOOOOO! Fraffrog: Hey, Mister Brain! Fraffrog: Going to a Comicon! Mr.Brain: NOOOOOOOOOO (x3) Aaand nothing. Netflix, for me, beats any kind of social interaction that includes more than 5-6 persons So, I'll leave to your imagination HOW MUCH, for exemple crowds make me uneasy I can't understand them, at all. A flood of people, gathered in the middle of the streets (*Super Mario jump sound*) to look at something, when you'd just want to PASS. (*Super Mario jump sound*) And proceed on your path towards something, like, dunno... YOUR TRAIN?! ["I will never arrive in time."] But here there are 4000 PERSONS STILL, looking at the Christmas stands! That, by the way, they are ALL THE SAME. Once you've seen the first three IT'S A LOOP! A COPY AND PASTE! And you are there, thinking... Come ooon, misteeer, move awaaayy...! Mr. Brain: I told you! Fraffrog: Brain, shut uuuup..! But WHY are you still, frozen, in the middle of a crowd?! WHAT'S UP DUDE? Feeling sick? And no, he's not frozen! He's only the umpteenth bradycardiac that before deciding to put a foot in front of the other must take a LONG time to reflect. And I know I am the problem Let's understand each others Take this story as a flow of thoughts, ok? I make other people appear wrong but i know very well I am the one hating everything and everyone unconditionally Everyone has the right to walk at their own pace BUT NOT IN FRONT OF ME, DAMN IT. ["Do you consider it normal?!"] The appeal for shopping online, for me, is superlative. No one helping you, no one wanting to suggest you something. Only you and your NIGHT TOUCH LED LAMP guadrailmushroomwithcolorsuccession3modefunctions *super-hyper-fast description*... Class A+ [Brain Approves] A friend of mine once told me: "I never enter in empty shops, because all the employees' attention is on me." And I thought: "Ok, but, come on, you are not there to steal..." "..who cares if employees look at you?" "I mean, maybe they just want to help you." [HYPOCRITE!] Of course I care!!! When I enter in a place, unless I ask for it explicitly. (and it will never happen, trust me.) [BIG MALL! SMALL SALES!!!] I don't want any help from anyone! If I don't find what I want I'd rather wander for hours, between the shelves checking on every price tag. In the end being able to give ["Sorry, the soap?"] indications to the other costumers to what they are searching [You are in the wrong shop.] Plus, I hate, HATE the sensation to be observed I don't want to steal anything! OK? [Yeah, ok calm down. I'm just working.] I just want a t-shirt! [Yeah, ok calm down. I'm just working.] But I don't wanna ask for it! [Yeah, ok calm down. I'm just working.] In conclusion, we understood that. Interpersonal relationships are not my vocation. When I am in a group, even between friends, I prefer to listen to other's conversations, instead of leading one myself. And sometimes, since people sees I am a good listener They start talking no-stop with me So much that at a certain point my Brain refuses to receive more informations about the incredible life of the person in front of me deactivating, and starting to dream about more attractive things. [Hey Baby, you put in a quandary my prefrontal cortex ] In any case, I am the one giving a bad impression, no? As soon as I realize I say to myself: "*gasps* Oh, no." "I'm keeping on nodding without understanding what they are saying to me!" "What if they ask me something now?!" And I get SO scared. And then I ask myself: "Oh, no! Did they realize I got scared??!!" "OH, NO!" And nothing. It's a vicious circle. However, even if I absolutely accepted this is my nature I've always been really worried about appearing as the weirdo. And even if I am the one that deserve that title, in absolute I don't like to be that kind of person that you find yourself forcefully talking with, just because you sat in front of them accidentally And it's for this that when we, as a group of people, we find ourself eating together somewhere the moment we choose our seat is the most tense and difficult of the evening. In that exact moment I must do everything possible to conquer the seat that will guarantee me more social interactions. Because more people around you and more probabilities to have a pleasant conversation with, at least, ONE of them. And yes, OK. I stay the same timid misanthropic but even my Brain knows that in that moment we are in for a penny So...LET'S DANCE BABY. (*Tango music*) By the way, this hesitation between what I'd love to be, an extrovert person and what I am for real: GOLLUM [You don't need a social life to be happy!] Simply ended with the fact that in [You don't need a social life to be happy!] these years I read so many books about "how to have social interactions, without appearing like a psychopath" that now I can do it ALMOST decently... [the one pretending to know how to live and the other one] The only real difference between me and an extrovert is that, while both of us is spending an evening with people, laughing and joking, this extrovert one will receive fuel and incentives from the situation, feeling perfectly at ease. [Blablabla, what a nice speech I am doing.] Just to go back home more energized than before. Instead, the night, I have to have a sauna in the Fountain of Eternal Youth, hoping to recover just a bit of the vital lymph, that has been absorbed away from me FOREVER... [Yawn. What a nice day.] Frogs and Toads, I hope you enjoyed this video, and if you did, don't forget to leave a small "Thumb up". Let me know if you are timid people, like me in any case trying to overcome to speak...limit, there. If you are interested in receiving musics, wallpapers and exclusive material from these videos, remember to support us on Patreon. you'll find every link in the description I leave you with a hug and a chuck under the chin.

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