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hey guys it's over here and today I'm going to be giving out my password on the star planet


before I start this video make sure to follow me on Instagram I might be doing a face reveal if you guys can get me to 5k by June and also make sure to watch my new movie on USA where you can win free fares my username is - Chanel and in case you're wondering it's really easy to enter so yeah without further ado let's get into the video ok guys so basically I've made a new account got it some clothes and to level 10 so people might want it and I've also registered my email because I know people are probably gonna change the password on me this is like kind of a social experiment because I'm going to be walking on charms finding believable ways to give up my password and seeing what people do with my account ok so I think I'm going to start off by going to the mall because there might be some you know higher level people and I want to see what they do and then I might go to the cafe which is noob central later I'm gonna turn my sound on so I can hear what some messages we've gone hey I'm trying to share my account with what the P I think I'm gonna send this message to a lot of people so I'll just copy that and I'll see if anybody answers me or maybe lik dude wait he probably doesn't want to share my cotton hmm and you probably want to hack me either because he qicang counts on you know girl clothes but um let's talk - no we there's a lot of like love with their cans in here 15 I can't even speak yeah sure just forgot our first victim make down know is this it has no it isn't I'm just bored haha so the P is abc123 I think I'm going to send a friend request to my rare account so I can like monitor myself what she loves on okay that's surprise yeah like the outfit I mean it's pretty cute this is rare that's an excellent man I don't think that's rare could be but would have some fairly cute clothes oh we have flamingos hair but for me her hair is like pretty worthless okay okay can you login right now she's probably gonna see my email and know it's me cuz I put my business email in but you know whatever she logged me out okay I think I'm gonna log into my rear account and see what she's doing we obviously have to give her some time you can't hack someone in like two seconds

oh no I just realized she's got a seen you log on she if she recognizes my account I should have made some sort of random believable noob account because if she recognizes rare babe I'm like dead oh she's petting pads on my account why is she doing that I think I'm gonna like check my messages as I wait for her to do stuff the first of all she did not change the password on me so like I can get into account and she earned me money and I go to my profile yeah she hasn't given herself anything nizina messages young and oh yeah well we have so far one good person who did not hack us but I feel like if we encounter more people they might have cos so I'm going to head over to the cafe I feel like the people some of the noobs in the cafe are kind of ruthless they'll do anything for some coins I feel like they'd hack me okay okay you can go on it right now for 10 minutes my pee is if he is ABC once a day

tell me when you're okay this girl Loki feel like she's gonna hack me I'm not gonna log in any time soon but can I ask why you want to share your account with me just want some friends okay the one person that answers me isn't even going to log onto right now like I need some hacker drama but we have a friend request want to go we found someone you buy board what is out me maybe this girl single X Rose will hack me sure but those mean you have to go my account you don't

my pee is abc123 log in right now I won't I bet this girl's gonna hack me as she logged me out I think you know I'm just gonna sit here for like ten minutes ish and then put the password in in advance and just you know see what she does with my account hey guys so it's probably been over 10 minutes maybe 15 and I'm going to look she changed the password or did I just type it wrong okay I think I Ching I typed her own that gave me a bit of a scare but it's time to look at what she did to our account I didn't even go on my others why am i bald why do I not have a shirt

okay wait

Gerlach Mia clay clays hazed the boss to remember the outfit was so cute and she just stole it I bet you got me oh my god guys sure your BFF kaliesha hacked me I want to see what's left like what she didn't take

we go ahead she didn't take the rear though of all the things you didn't take the rare I don't know why she took my hair out so that's like literally all we left with shouldn't take the pose that girl is so mean there's literally nothing for my how to offer anymore so I guess I'm going to stop the video but yeah guys I gave my password to what two people and basically 50% of them hack me cuz one didn't end one did so yeah guys I guess this is a bit of a lesson to not give out your password on moviestarplanet do not do it don't do it not a good idea I literally got hacked thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one bye [Music]


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