Bratinea Pigs (WK 71.2)

by: Bratayley

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[Music] but your weary soul to rest yeah I will try to do my best to keep you safe inside to her [Music] it's more cloudy everything the stormy cloud [Music]

what are you kidding that one inside the home in the ranking gap and we're gonna get this other one free Caleb Caleb and Hailey because it's better to have two [Music]

they don't want to come out [Music]

is to guinea pigs because it'd be better if we got to one for Caleb and Haley and one for me so you got your guinea pig it's in the box and it's shaking every time we turn how is it breathing how are they breathing okay that was nice of them so are you taking your guinea pigs home have you thought of some names are you certain you're gonna name it that are you still thinking okay what are you thinking you might name it yours charlie now are your are they girls or boys or a girl and a boy what are they they're both girls and you want to name yours charlie and what color is yours all right when we get home we'll we'll show everybody do you excited so what we buy

[Music] like food and it came with like this water bottle thing for the guinea pigs to drink out of and we bought a book if because if I asked on anybody a question and they don't know what you can see it on it in the book that's awesome are you excited do you think Caleb's gonna be surprised cuz he doesn't even know yeah I think he's gonna be surprised he's over at a friend's house we should probably call him and tell him that we're coming home so he can that we can go get him and tell him what we got [Music]


you're saying words it don't exist here's the cage pretty big are you excited haha why are we laughing like that it looks like a trampoline have you ever seen a trampoline gymnastics you have you jump on one every time the little guinea pigs are staying right here right now until we get there till we get up set up is that the name for sure you decided on the car ride in your time charlie we're gonna surprise hey love when he's still at his friend's house no don't open it yet I know you're excited the cage is all done so I'm pouring the dead any pigs out Charlie okay and then get angel we haven't really named angel yet scared let me show you I'm gonna grab angel grab angel you grab angel and then put them close to you and just hold him close to you like that for a second alright go in your cage I can't get mine

yours has sharper claws no I'm just very very good he's getting happy Hayley all right I've got a teacher how to latch it

what I scared oh he's coming down or she I keep calling him he hi Charlie Alan like Charlie the brown ones Annie's did that one yeah hailey do you want to hold one okay don't squeeze them okay be very gentle do you thought of a name yet what do you think about angel I don't want to name her angel yes this one's Charlie it's mine what do you think about Brittany pinky no get it brittany pig-like bratayley Virginie oh it already likes you we've had a pat her home for five minutes and she already knows you wiggling squirming swimming what kind of animal is that Annie like what are these toys called for real friends it's a kitty are you up for a real guinea pig for real friend here you want to hold your fur real fries excited surprise Annie's I mean Haley's not happy cuz we we called it Kayla's guinea pig and it's Caleb and Hayley's guinea pig and we got to think of a name daddy wants the name an angel oh it's a girl we had to get girls yeah I guess she likes Caleb better hold him hold her close she's gonna get bigger she's just a baby yeah is she bigger Charlie bigger go get way bigger how can you love something that you don't even know what it is maybe secret agency yeah g-force what's the name on g-force you could think of a name of a guinea pig on g-force what's the girl's name [Music] what are you gonna name it I don't know don't you something to pay them this is Charlie what - Charlie boy

okay then take them back so she couldn't know okay I might tell him how often that you have to change the cage they're cleaning the cage up one day and you dude you got a helper what do you mean Charlie hmm you can think about it how about angel Charlie's Angel yeah you like angel all right

Charlie's so calm when you Horner Haley must be still sad that we forgot to include her on whose guinea pig it is yes you guys have to stop doing that doing what so he gets Caleb's Haley thinks she needs a guinea pig - and she does I guess we should have gotten three guinea pigs three Brittany pigs Virginia baked guinea pigs lick oh I have a tongue and I don't lick him

her oh why do I keep drinking let me see Oh Amy and her babies just like you

complaining they're shaken hello sick girl a nice homesick school with the sore throat today Haley's still sleeping just his little claws were connected to your blanket that's I his oh sorry Charlie how's your throat it's feeling better

he's so light he doesn't weigh much how big do you think he's gonna get big no I didn't say how old she was she's a baby though I mean she's little I don't either why you just make up a date too close to yours okay 36 much one before yours or after yours before her birthday is gonna be December 4th so is she gonna be a year old on this number voice mm-hmm sounds like a plan to me like yes okay

one time but I thought Carly out and then she was right on here and I told her today even I got to I got Angelou and she was still there I really she stayed you're a trained guinea pig already

oh my goodness what nothin do you think I should do angel yeah cook angel out I'll watch Charlie on one at a time when I'm not in here I'll watch you Charlie yes I will no we did it put like a little house ain't the hardest one to get Travis like Charlie's easy to get out you want me to try to get him get her Oh door make a noise you stop baby tickling oh are you scared are you ticklish well that's good that his heart's beating you guys are pretty cute

okay with a funny charlie help me Charlie Charlie doesn't do it I don't think Charlie's ticklish visit hi I'm angel is bigger than Charlie you do yeah alrighty we gotta put one up because I'm going out of the room oh poor angel have to go night-night I think angels like

good night angel ah Charlie my single

don't you don't want him to hurt a scotch in your mouth no no that would hurt I already scratched you on your chest all scratched up there Ted a hurt oh okay oh okay come here links the cat and guinea pigs don't mix you have to get out links no links can't see him until daddy gets home I'm gonna make links get out links you have to leave cuz we've got a guinea pig out of the cage you can't come in Annie's room no more links in Annie's room come on come on Big Boy oh sorry links oh she can come in here you breathe really loud to Z like we have a zoo - who's that -

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