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shit where is he oh well we should buddy my heart oh good morning how you all doing this is Gammage we're back and miss survival a brand new update time just got up it's 5 o'clock and more looks like gonna be asleep in a little bit time to get back to work there Rachel I should wake her up but you know I know wake you up though cuz I don't trust you you should be sleeping more enough by the way just in case the pillows on that side all right get back to work Rachel needs a little bit she's sleepy gonna Florida poor thing no you know what wait wake up Rachel looks really bad that I put you up for you do have a bed I mean we will make another bed huh she was gonna have a little bit problem that on a brand new updated just occurred ladies and gentlemen yes there is a brand new update I had a new item trash bin let's check it out right away I didn't get a chance to but there it is trash man itself the time to build Oh 30 minutes not so bad and it is one and four pieces of four components I don't have the components but there's also more updates to this yes let's talk about the rest of mere water purifier mechanics changed that is so cool so the water purifier itself the mechanics have changed we're gonna check her out right away and actually see well we're gonna need to get some dirty water to actually make that work we'll check out to see what the new mechanics looks like very nice button that's where is it oh cool then actually come back and take the actual water so also coming back into actual those bottles they're actually coming into the actual buckets off yet to take to water I wonder if you can build to put the bottles in there interesting well I'll have to test her out very nice very very nice so far it's pretty quiet today I don't know I'm not kinda getting scared it's actually pretty darn quiet hmm now as more than essence updates of course more miss infected after D 9/9 of your past 89 we're at day 36 we got still playing time to go pretty we did a lot of work with dirty 1836 I mean that's pretty good I have to say pretty darn nice so actually had 99 you actually down events or a maximum up to to date 204 currently as of right now just crank build generators still drains too fast fixed to drain slower most excellent cause of my god that thing drained in a fridge by the way is glitched at the big one it's still not working I don't I don't think they put a fix in this one that's all good we'll wait to see that and also have now you can actually harvest gun and metal scrap first middle and scrap component so oh my god alright let's think of one of a whole bunch of these actually these little friggin pistols I don't need them I'll grab all of you will test up to see what we get from these things alright so you supposed to open up your pressing I here and I'll harvest and drop this in okay the clock doesn't work alright this works do we get two units for this one and one compound component units our compound compound no components of course we're gonna harvest you up so it's takes a little bit time anything 15 minutes a pop I wish we had a bench we could actually just let them all do this on but yeah that's okay we have another one here we can kill em put in the wrong place gay much mean we put in the right slot it would be very very good of you it is early in the morning when I'm actually recording us so please forgive me I'm at my coffee yet I was so excited when I saw this I ran and read - I don't want Oh new update missus a new update I love it now we're actually getting components that's beautiful how about when we actually do the bigger guns boss Scott Oh seriously Scott man end up in a backyard somewhere all right let's see your shotgun and we have an extra rifle somewhere sweet there we go next dress shotgun we'd have a whole bunch of rifles we're just gonna check it to see what we get from it see Rachel was able to walk around me right Rachel yes you are very nice and she's been on bugged very cool let's open this up here again harvest now we're gonna grab and put in the shotgun see we get from her four units scrap in two components sweets doesn't seems like we need to any tools or anything it says ready wow that went pretty quick and we actually have this now there's only problem I have with these I have only a couple of them I think I've one more left I'm not sure did give her one I gave her one okay we should be fine we should be fine and oh man don't this for God brother one day well as I should harvest is up we could use this as maybe as storage to just drop these in here for harvesting I guess for now until the developer changes that up nice look at the components we're getting we're building a trash bin now spend a little time it's 8 o'clock and we're harvesting up everything we can of these suckers very nice same time we'll actually go through acid affected site increases from 20 meters two three five meters more breakable objects that cannot be smashed aesthetic cars and act with the axe and metal scrap components oh nice more breakable objects that's very cool so static cars are breakable you can now destroy wooden walls main gates by axing it's so nice we only have a problems of the actual making gate or something wants change-up and real sangmi we can't change up now we could actually make something happen alright I'm thirsty I'm hungry I'm gonna go and grab some of you before it goes bad okay Beauty there should be nice and full and I'm thirsty I'm thirsty give me some more I guess is good to me of these balls if there she changed that up that could be pretty harsh on us does that like I get this whole damn Thursday no keep on saving its damn and what time is it now it's 9 o'clock in the morning we have more enough components and stuff let's get rid of the actual guns here these ones we're about the shotguns aren't they also clocks are kind of an issue still hopefully there'll be another Fixit preview an oversight or a mistake but the clocks can't be we can't actually do anything with them we're gonna go check out to smack up those cars I just really want that's trash man badly yeah we're still good - there's no mist or anything going crazy outside we harvest these things I know it doesn't say that but you know what since of harvesting is there I'm just curious we could actually do it he's gonna let us look cloth makes no sense no have a sleep bag can we harvest a fat cloth no too old I've found my supposed to place it in there no all right doesn't seem to be anything we can actually use for now it's all good it's all good well place you here I might need this actually for what I'm gonna do I have more than one I do have more than one these things will be nice but we have actually the trash now we can get rid of them they never seem to go bad but like to make rags and stuff oh my god I've way too much way too much loot in this place he is absolutely insane I will have to sort this all out I'll probably do this off camera because I don't wanna bore you guys with this part of it but Wow is nice to have a room alright so we have all that let's make that to actual bin and get this over with I wanna test that out of course and I'm missing some wood I thought somewhat on me huh now I do I need more just a tiny bit more there we go let you be and open us right up we'll do a trash bin we'll put our trash bin right here people lights about it be somewhat somewhere central hopefully they can't smack and break it through the wall sweet let's build her up again wish that they would add at the ER not to to build but I think in the future alright let's test this out we have to have enough rags cloth we have some - anyways let's just drop this in here threw up - the skirt we don't get thing for that but you actually get rid of it sweet oh my god I'm gonna need it like after we finish with all these parts and everything will also get all components built to build whatever you feel like now that's what I'm liking to see right now this is what I want to see hua very very nice okay I'm gonna put away a couple of these things we do is shotgun up the ying-yang don't any more space for the actual shotguns in here shells I don't think I do 32 smacks in it oh yeah it is let's split half we'll grab this just in case we find a way too much loot I'd want to grab it way too much on us we're gonna head out a boat I do like this bin quite a bit do i this is pretty darn cool no trash bin recycling I love it alright let's just here we're gonna drop you off and this and you want to put the nails inside the actual safe area it's just in case we do get broken in to you and we'll put this on the ground for now and the actual hammer and the saw we can tear it up we're gonna go out and about and check out the sea also did a loot respawn I'll put the link in description feel to the link to this Dima I can at your own risk just make sure you follow the instructions very carefully you'll respawn loot on the ground you guys are mentioned yeah thank you so much for that I did go and check it out and I went to check out the steam page and yeah I'll put a link in there do you appreciate all your wonderful support and being part of this guys you guys are awesome do I need I want to get a new car I did want to just get myself a new car out there I need another one we've got an 18 engine that sounds good maybe a 23 battery that sounds like a plan a little bit of Sparky and I do have four wheels in your somewhere right yeah I do one don't three and for us we're gonna take it out in a bit we're gonna go running for it what the hell Rachel scared to shite out of me I really did I knew expected behind me like that is it the other one I think the other canister of gas is in the side actual yeah I should be do I be actually actual loot out there and about but right now we're gonna make our way through here jump oh man if we can vault sooner or later they'll be lit default I'm just gonna double-check to see if anybody was around us we're gonna grab some fuel for the back of this I'm pretty sure I have one in here there's no more fuel in it hmm all right I guess we'll grab a little bit just ten litres in this one perfect maybe a crowbar I don't think I need any more of that stuff ammo and stuff we might find on our way we do a shotgun we won't we have more enough we've shadi we have ammo yeah we have plenty let's not overdo it and how we're doing on thirst and everything we're doing fantastic a little bit chilled out but I don't think it responds to anything that respawn I did doesn't shouldn't respond anything sighs vehicles I should only respond on the ground like circuit boards and crap like that we can actually grab and we'll put those in a trash bin in a bit we're now doing have room for them we're gonna find herself a new vehicle and also look up for loot if we can't on their way there on the ground because again I want to see if it actually works so we'll see if this respawn works on the ground I'm interested no more fuel in this one I didn't check to see if I may be less than these behind well this is a little bit of fuel let's take this fill can y'all take it I'm not crazy take it back thank you don't do that again anything here yep a little more I'll take it fill the cavity fill that can up because I yeah I don't think that's gonna respond I hope you they developer will add something to this where you actually do a little bit of a respawn I'll just check and see if engines or anything else nothing respond here these things didn't respond either so I didn't see anything again it suppose we only like ground things that are on the actual ground itself oh good good - static car this is a static vehicle so let's see yep look at that ladies and gentlemen do you see what I'm saying it's coined down now what if these they must respond this is automatically so they come back but at least if you want extra components and stuff this should give us quite a bit right in theory and theory always in theory I want you I've got 40 percent left on this shovel to harvest a crap load down we won't be any problems with that oh yeah that was a lot one of them popped all the way over there kind of be careful look where it goes to you might lose some stuff I mean check it to see what we've got out of that one we got seven middle parts and four components and two more it's nice these ones we can't because they're not static there is some fuel in this one - yeah fill the can we go go fix ourself with your vehicle I'm gonna take the one that's close by here I know that there is one there should be some stuff on a ground here - in theory again oh yeah they did respond like that so it did work so I'll leave the link in the description field in case you guys want do yourself it's only fair since a game itself doesn't have a proper respawn timer so you're not getting all the big stuff but you're getting the decent stuff back the stuff you might need on the ground we can get rid of that might need those bottles afterwards we can scrap this up we did get an extra tire sweet Oh an extra hammer which is not very useful for us what we can actually pick up what are we oh this is sweet alright nice nice nice nice it did work very nicely all right they don't respawn there for sure good check anyways you know how it is where we let's see a plank give it to me okay these ones at earth very handy one thing less to do more bottles sweet and all the misses coming in great I was gonna fix up a car that's not gonna happen right now I guess well I owe an arrow I don't remember them being a ground like they did I guess they must have been I've been a while since I actually remember seeing anything spawn the ground I guess we have to be careful in just a few seconds where the actual mist comes and the zombies are gonna start coming in and yeah we're not afraid of anything we'll be just fine we'll be just fine anything new here I don't favor looked at this I never looked this one uh-huh blue extra some Agua in case of emergency so the stuff that said that buildings respond to underground as long as they're on a ground right that's what they're saying maybe there wasn't very much in this one oh we got another arrow just there popped on the ground with no problems it was very easy process actually to do just have to follow it very carefully and it makes total sense to me we actually hit these bins up and all they didn't say it but I'm gonna just check it just in case you made a mistake and they didn't mark it down now they didn't make a mistake no it's all gone I rather be careful again zis will be up and about in just a few seconds there there and we'll be hunting down whatever they can give us I wish we actually have some areas we could drop some loot into these cars here now they can see us a little better now since a new update bugs fixed also was a bandits spawn at base fix some logics it still happens I've fixed again in at one point eight point one fixes may increase the FPS after update so that may be good for some people who have been having problems I've had any problems of that sometime arrows fly through targets so that's possible okay crap I'm hearing some footsteps we're just looking at the Al Euler updates here wall lights disappeared that is the one I was told you tell you but it did disappear well II guess that's gonna come back traps disappeared that's actually we have one we had to happen to us bridge status is still off forced on all right maybe that's reason why my fridge and we're gonna have to check that tower ladder climate stuck trees keep spawning afterload respite after load so that might be gone now we can actually knock down the stump we'll have to see whether or not it is a tree chopped down and also disappear and there's a whole bunch of other ones guys that they've done of course a lot of work not a small amount a big about so sleep beg bug can't can't use and a whole bunch of other wise all blink sure you're gonna check it on steam well make sure you guys are aware just check out to see the news on there you can check out see everything there is you just right-click on your game and click on news and you'll see the updates for everything all right well I'm not gonna hide myself here any new vehicle oh so if you can see me a little closer this is gonna be a problem alright let's not let's not draw too much attention he comes at us because let's take out the m4 Gammage sounds like a perfect plan alright he did see a little bit of a lagging I was interesting I can actually tell he was come at me he's done [Music] we're gonna harvest up some of these sons of beeswax and grab what every can of them always the best method have anything that's oh oh how you doing brother not so good all right harvesting time there's nothing there you know we got to find out the car think there's one back there but we're gonna have to walk down the highway oh I'm so happy that's updated I am friggin living with this updates beautiful small little things right but just getting rid of try way cuz he has from lot farther now definitely a bigger danger we got to be careful we gotta be very careful I've looked on the ground - he might find a loot response for actual batteries and stuff he might go back to many places - gonna double-check to see only think it sucks his engines no nurse awesome well there was one oh shit there's two of them one two clones you get the timing right it's not that bad is it it's not that bad tons of food tons of stuff we can get survival of the fittest there's actually a vehicle right here and they are all over a place it could be also bandits I think can pop up of here don't mistake another scene oh she's not Trish and say never seen one I have seen one does that sound frickin chicken yeah I need another chicken for Bobby Bobby needs a friend I'm not doing it during the mist oh you can keep your butt over there but it's good to know you're around oh wow they see us from way far holy moly guys insane how far so many more electronic parts that's for sure he's gonna see me from here Wow [Music] this machete is Flyway Oh Pete I crazy Opie but it is one of the best machetes so it's all good we're not gonna start doing anything on here this isn't very far from our base oh boy turd Medicaid in it yeah that's a problem you guys got overmedicated turns of zombies well good that she stacked up properly nice yeah shift-click and many other things I do want to see but again I'm gonna give the developer some time oh damn damn damn dip thought you could it can't be the angler come yet no there's another vehicle back here somewhere I'm being a little bit ginger because the how far they can actually come in and see us that's what struck me a little bit crazy

I'll loot that stuff it left behind it's also another reason why I'm looking oh there goes bottles and shit yeah let's come back for the car I do only this on the ground no soap they also rolled away there is all right this reddit card will save this red car which we can mark it down we can't ship where's he oh well we should bunny my heart oh I don't think I could take more oh my god I was sure that was it oh my god they're just buying in right there I guess right I hope have this trunk feels like they're coming was their car back here I think there was wasn't that the search for the new car dude where's my car episode but no we're actually taking a bit of a risk here I don't think there's named vehicle oh there is one inside there they were gonna do it we're gonna steal the one inside the actual bend it's barricade here because it's just more fun there's actually two of them we're gonna grab one but to do so we're going to be very very careful

I don't think I repair right now hoping I might have to sleep on top of this two waits for this to end I'm thinking about now and I don't think we're gonna find anything oh we're gonna be waiting forever there's some looting i ground here I'll sure if a guy with that we have to reroute I don't see the actual dudes and now here the other fake one fake ammo I'm not trying not to pick it up I do want it unfortunately it doesn't appear more bottles this is about the end we did pretty good though we actually have to say that was pretty uh pretty tensely fun to do I do love doing this yeah I wish I could just click on it and it's filled up and walk away from it but if I start this up and some guy comes up behind me I'm gonna regret this all right maybe we'll take this one cuz a little further away has a little bit of fuel in this one it's good to know well let's hit up this car then joy if room is still mandatory I do well let's take Vantage of the time we have grab as much lose me possibly can because I can use all these things for fencing and stuff I'm still want to finish up my base a little more I got work to do oh the kind of fencing I want trying to do chief again to mess around with the asshole oh that's so nice I'm somes waiting for it to stop with the actual hunters and stuff a hunter section I call them hundreds a nice and bandits well they got a tire and we're no room for you so yeah we have we're completely full all right let's open up our trunk here oh for goodness sake gonna start dropping some stuff off in here these are all hundred tires sweets and anything extra like ammo and stuff I was put here to bottom just to make sure we have room for all our stuff and hopefully the Bennets won't come and shoot does let me sort this out give me two seconds I'll be right back all right I got some bad news I was just about to start and they're right behind us guys I guess back my Carmona guy anything else here okay well thankfully enough nothing is inside of it holy moly okay there's still one guy left here no they both got killed oh nice all right enough time to put this stuff in I tell her now is absolutely insane these guys just out of nowhere snuck up being behind it and scared the living shite at me I did realize something while I was actually doing this that I didn't I left the field behind yep I left the field you have it is what it is it's all good I did leave one tire here we're gonna pick that one up and we'll pick up the components and stuff we'll drop it all off inside the vehicle but we're gonna do we have to run it back and pick that up take a Jolt Cola with me first we actually do is components and everything inside the vehicle and hopefully we can make it through here without any kind of issues all right drop off anything we don't really need on us it does not be completely empty we want to keep of course the drinks and I would be very nice I wish we could shift click and I know people is asked that it cannot shift-click currently I just like leave this stuff in the world because when you do leave in the world is it can becomes a big issue from later on could cause lag and stuff and it hasn't done so but to make sure we're gonna use a new trash can which I'm extremely happy about all right put that away and potatoes sure all right let's get in here we didn't kill off the bandits so a little stressful they could respawn still I guess or we can actually get missed them causes a whole bunch of other issues all right tire in tough part we have to run back I just can't believe they're behind me when we're talking I didn't hear their footsteps all Sun right behind me I could just hear one footstep and I guess they either they spawned in that area but yeah scared the shite out of me oh it's good we got this in let's get the battery done I am crouched just in case they shouldn't don't he's supposed to get a little more stealth out of that 20 minutes this is scary when I put in the motor and we're just gonna need to put through it and we just need to go back to get the jerrican so that's why I'm keeping it this with us so what I do head back I can actually run and pick up my chair again it's pretty far down there so I'm gonna take a full run all the way down and to make her way back into the town while back to her car itself I'm hoping we won't well hopefully no mist or anything that's gonna occur again but not gonna bore you guys with that so I'm gonna head back to the car all the way down there and I'll see you guys in a bit all right so I got the jerry cans inside the engine dum-dum-dum sometimes I forget these things I don't know I thought ask questions I just play game I don't know what the frig why leave those in there it's like I want to do so much and I'm also looking at I guess it you know it's easy to make a mistake it's all good I hear you chicken I hear you I hear you know what you want to see Bobby you're gonna have to come and jump in my car and fortunate you can't so should take it a car is a little closer it was worked so I think it actually good if the Bandit camper tell you that for now I guess we take another coal off if you want to we can also loot up this vehicle here I think we have no space right there yeah we have enough space we could maybe eat its hide bit we are super hungry but we did get some extra food I'm gonna use that for Saddam now and take a little tired what's a rough day for this poor gentleman been going crazy yeah Ludo takes three minutes get a little three minute rest beauty well grab absolutely everything we can out of this area again Lutz's respawn on the ground so very nice and of course a Bennett's I'm hoping I'm not gonna respawn I'm doing the same should look a little more careful running area I know they come from down the road but it felt like they'd spotted right next to me at this time maybe they said it they do you do long maybe they do respawn right here and then they run all the way back I don't know I've got no clue how it all works but it worked very nicely this let's open this up here we're gonna put the jerrican which I've gone and yet we're gonna fill tank yeah that's more enough I'd want to overdo it sweet where you get into our vehicle actually we're going to first pick up with things like so definitely want to pick up those shit pistols not the Glocks but those ones I do want I can you take that part for parts we could use a couple more components and stuff here holy shit another engine I missed this one I'm grabbing that before I forget and yeah I did leave the actual jerrican inside the car it's a good place to store - guess we want to leave it - I didn't realize you come view like that all time but it could be a good place for us to kind of store some extra fuel fill can a few bits he siphons up free darn quick doesn't he all right that's nice all right this was actually well worth while just to find that those are the vehicles back here there's a bag here look at it we can if you come here for a day you can actually just take this all apart great ourselves a couple colas on food and yeah if we can actually loot up this area pretty quick nice alright let's go back let's not waste any more time we're gonna hop back in a vehicle jump into it and then drive our butts back home Wow cool update I hope you guys like it again if you guys like this series make sure she's supported by hitting that like button it's always extremely appreciated maybe the one of the wheels Gammage can't be pretty handy alright again thank you guys you're ab c-- awesome this Gammage i'll catch you guys on the flip side [Music]


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