HOW TO: Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners

by: Cynthia Maina

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[Music] welcome back to your girl's channel so today I'm going to be showing you how I apply my falsies and that's why I look a little crazy without anything on my eyes so if you want to see exactly how does that I do that please keep on watching so for this tutorial I'm going to be using my Vegas name i Laura lashes the grand glamour once you just have a very thick band oh these have been previously used so step number one for me is I'm gonna need to take off the glue just by simply grabbing onto the flash part and pulling at the vampire making sure I'm just pulling the glue and not the lashes next I'm going to apply my favorite glue at the moment which is the duo lash adhesive with vitamins the one with the applicator wanting another one of my favorites is the duo lash adhesive the dark toned one because it drives down jar you used to have to go over it with some liner to blend in the lashes but it's a lot more easier to win in than the wet one the formula for the white one takes forever to dry I don't know why but it just does so I'm just gonna be applying a very very thin line to these lashes

this lash glue does not take that long to get tacky so that's a plus another thing you'll need for this is some tweezers because um I cannot apply my lashes with my hands with my fingers I have tried it is one of the hardest things known a man tell me if you can do it out part you girl these are about a dollar at Walmart and they work wonders okay okay so I'm just gonna be taking a mirror and holding it and flat and I'm going to be looking into it like this and that's how I'm gonna apply my lashes the married down here is it gonna help me see exactly where it is I'm going to be placing my lashes and when I do apply them it won't be kind up like this and it won't be drooping down like this I'll just be nice little you can also apply my scare through your eyelashes if you need them and curl them if you need to but I personally mmm I do it sometimes and then I don't do sometimes it doesn't really matter I don't really see a big difference whether you're applying mascara or not and I don't need to personally curl my lashes because they are already curly so holding my mirror like so and my lashes in one hand applying pressure using my thumb and my pointy finger I'm just going to put placing it down the middle pulling it outwards a little bit so setting that down Wildey inner corner gets a little bit tacky and then I'm going to try that part I always do my inner corner last I am going in like this and then flattening it once I get to the base of my lashes just to make sure I do not pick up any of my lashes and glue them down and then when I have when I pull them out I'm pulling out my lashes with the falsies you for me when I got down place the middle down should cure that outer corner and work your way in to the inner and my lashes and once I do my other lash I just go ahead and give them a little push upwards but I'm just gonna wait for it flow dry and I'm gonna bring down closer so y'all can see exactly what this I'm doing so taking my lashes going over and under puffing that right in the middle securing the outer corner and then securing the inner corner and that's it for how I apply my lashes I hope you guys enjoyed it and learned something this is how I personally like to apply my lashes you can do your own little tape take your own little twist to it don't you girl do you please don't forget to give me a big thumbs up and don't forget to comment down in the comment section and for a lover makeup and all things girl please subscribe I

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When the Helper comes, he will show the people of the world how wrong they are about sin, about being right with God, and about judgment. -John 16:8 S O C I A L M E D I A Snapchat: cynthia_maina Instagram: _cynthiamaina Twitter: @worlds_fin3st Hello, lovelies! It took me awhile to learn how to apply eyelashes but I finally got it. I hope this helps and if you don't get it at first keep practicing and it'll become second nature. Everything I used is listed down below. Please don't forget to Comment and Like and FOR THE LOVE OF MAKEUP AND ALL THINGS GIRLY PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Products Used Eylure X Vegas nay grand glamour lashes DUO lash glue clear adhesive or the grey one D I S C O U N T C O D E S Use code CYNTHIAMAINA10 to save 10% on

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