How to make Banana wine.My Dad's recipe.R.I.P dad.Love you.

by: marcelstjean

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well hey there are people well on today's video I'm an attempt to make banana wine it's my dad's recipe the thing is about two weeks before my dad passed away I was talking to him on the phone and I asked him for his recipe so I wrote it down real fast like Hafez Lee figuring he'd be around to help me out with it uh by helping me out we were supposed to do a kind of a collab video I'd be here at home making the Delaine and he'd be on the other line walking me through it but anyway obviously he can't and I can't we can't do that so a memory of my dad I'm gonna attempt this today alrighty then this is what we're gonna need we're gonna need two gallons of distilled water four pounds of white sugar a pot a cup of tea doesn't matter what kind of tea I happen to be using blueberry tea I doubled up on my bags we're gonna need some yeast it Gramps some grapes an orange and ten pounds of banana well the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to wash these bananas because I'm using this skin and everything except for the end pieces and the labels of course but okay let's get these washed all right on well we got the bananas all washed up now I'm just gonna kite them up and throw them in the pot so nothing fancy I'm just gonna cut them up into chunks like that well I got my bananas all cut up in the pot and I just got to add my water I forgot to mention it's very important to disinfect everything now you're gonna use like this pod to brand-new i disinfected it well we'll get to this stuff later there's yeah okay I'm not note let's add the water well after adding the water well now I gotta pee well the pee has nothing to do with the wine but well I got my water I got my bananas no we want to put some heat to it you don't want to boil this in my dad's words if you boil it it's gonna taste like so what you want to do is you want to go on medium heat and we're gonna do that for 45 minutes to an hour all right we'll check back soon well my dad always said you can make almost anything I showed him my crop of spaghetti squash he says make some wine out of that so maybe next batch I'll make some spaghetti squash wine so we're back here at the stove I'm just gonna give it a little stir give it a stir maybe every 10 minutes or so mmm smelling really good it smells like bananas for some reason very cool all right we'll put the lid back on and check in 10 minutes so I've been giving it a good stir every 10 minutes or so see how it's starting to break down yeah okay well that's happening I'll probably leave it on til 3:30 we'll see while this was happening I've been disinfecting the next step I'm going to need this bucket and strainer because at 3:30 well I'm gonna shut everything down let everything cool off then I'm gonna pour this through the strainer into the bucket all right so it's been simmering for about an hour now oh man so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna shut everything off and let it cool down to about room temperature so it's gonna be quite a while but in the meantime I'm gonna boil some water for my tea the tea will go in later I'll show you that stuff well as you can see it's a few hours later all my bananas are gone to the bottom it's still warm in there we're gonna dump this out and to this pill here I've got my strainer already it was a bit small for my pillow so I'm macgyvered it so that should be good all right let's pour this into there

well I still have more to do so I'll probably let that sit there for a bit and dribble for a while I cut up my lunch cleaned up my pot well right on looks like we're pretty much done dripping I'm just going to grab this and toss it I'm gonna pour the juice back into the pot here so what I'm gonna do here so I'm going to use a strainer and strain it back into the pot well it looks like I made some fancy mud all right now we can add the sugar sure Jeff I was recording yeah okay you want to kind of slowly add your sugar stirring this old


okay now I'm going to add the cup of tea

stir it up a little bit and now we're going to add our oranges

and endure grapes and for the magic east time OMSI and we're just gonna sprinkle that on top we're not gonna blend it in not right now anyway

very well

well what I'm gonna do here is uh nothing I'm gonna let it sit I'm just gonna put the lid on for now all right on well anyway it's gonna set this pot for seven to ten days I'm gonna come look at it twice a day give it a little stir twice a day for seven to ten days well I used to have a hydrometer to measure the alcohol my dad figures it'll be between 13 and 15 percent alcohol but anyway I will have to go out and buy myself a hydrometer I'm not sure if the town of leduc if there's a wine store there or work and find a hydrometer but I'll find one well I said I was gonna check on it in the morning it is the morning right now but I mean the last time we looked at it was an hour open I'm gonna cheat and have a little peek oh yeah the yeast is working okay we're gonna leave that beat till the other morning like maybe twelve o'clock in the afternoon morning well good afternoon well it's the next day let's have a peek oh yeah a lot of action in there okay well just gonna give it a good little stir here listen to it it's alive yeast is eating all the sugar well anyway it's gonna stay in this pot like I said seven to ten days and after that I'm gonna transfer it into that with the airlock I probably all scream that out one more time like after the 710 days like it before it goes into that I'll strain it one more time then put it in there and we'll be another seven to ten days in this thing all right I'm gonna close that up and I'll be doing this twice a day for seven to ten days I was just checking in on my prison wine it's pretty thick and cloudy well it still has another week to go so we'll check on that and in a week Co tastes well right on people thanks a lot for watching I really do appreciate it

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This video is a tribute to my Dad.Miss

you man. The reason for not boiling at the start is to hold the temperature at 150f degrees for ?half? an hour is for the alpha enzymes to convert starches in the bananas to sugars. Few people know that. The reason for using distilled water, oranges and grapes is to get the solution pH down around 5.5 for snappier taste.
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