April Wrap Up

by: Merphy Napier

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I read ten books this month and my stats aren't good I primarily felt really middle-of-the-road about everything that I read and I feel like for like most of the month it was like really high start and then like one good book at the end but it was like a good start and then everything else was just like it was fine I didn't hate it but I definitely didn't love it like my stats just weren't my favorite as far as star rating I just it didn't go so well for me as far as what kind of books I read separating my classics into their own category I read three adult novels for young adult novels and three classics but if you merge classics into their appropriate age range then it's about 50/50 a little bit more adult than young adult of my ten books I had five audiobooks and five physical books I borrowed three of those books from the library and all the rest of them I either owned or borrowed from my brother I did read some new favorites this month but honestly I'm pretty disappointed by the number of middle-of-the-road books that I read because I'm feeling like it's just slid me into a slump I just I don't care about reading at the moment partially because I've been disappointed by so many books that I really expected to impress me and then also partially because I'm really into playing my Game Boy Advance Pokemon firered and that's like all I want to do right now but you'll hear more about that in my favorites video okay so let's get into it thankfully at least I didn't have any books that I downright hated this month though I don't know at least I would feel passionate about them instead of just feeling disappointed but let's talk about my three stars both the Scarlet Letter and Emma were three star books The Scarlet Letter was like a low three star like almost 2.5 and Emma was a high free star like I guess it was a 3.5 star but I'm not gonna talk about those here because I have a whole classics wrap-up that I put out earlier this week so if you are interested in hearing my thoughts about those I'll link that up high actually I think it's on this side of the screen and down below so you can check those out there the other three star that I borrowed from the library don't mean physically is every heart a doorway this one I read at the end of the month I actually expected to not like this book because I bought it when it was first released and the hype was crazy high but i dnf'd it I picked it up on a whim for my library on audiobook format and felt the same until probably about the midway point and then it really started to pick up and it started to like the point of the novel started happening I said this in my reading blog a lot of people pitch this it seems like everybody pitches this as like people who go through hing doorways like Narnia like Alice and end up in like another mythical world this kind of follows the characters after they've returned from that world and they're trying to find a way back again and this is the school that they go to while they like recover and kind of process the shock of returning to the normal world when they really feel like they belong in this fantastical world all that is true but that's really more of the setting than it is the plot the plot of the story is a mystery somebody is picking off these characters and killing them in a pretty brutal way and they're kind of trying to solve the mystery it's an incredibly short novel which I'm sure you know it actually might be considered a novella and it for what it is for the for the number of pages I'm pretty impressed at how much of a story and how much characterization is is crammed into the that little page count I don't think it's worth the hype I think going into it expecting it to be as amazing as a lot of people seem to think that it is really ruined it for me and then going in the second time expecting not to like it is what made me end up enjoying it and I did give it three stars 3.5 he does have an incredibly satisfying ending the ending I'm I'm really really happy with that ending I was very very satisfied the mystery element whodunit that part was crazy boring and really I think the reason nobody talks about it is because it's not the book strong suit really the setting and the characters are the books strong suit if you just read it as like a short easy story then I think you're a lot less likely to be disappointed by it when I read it and I talked about it in the reading vlog it seemed like people were like really split like certain people loved it and then other people absolutely despised and I think part of that is because of just generally some people just don't like it people have different tastes that's fine but I think also part of it is the hype really ruined it for a lot of people and it ruined it for me the first time for sure but the second time around going in with very low expectations I ended up enjoying it didn't love it or anything but it was good another just good book is the shadow queen this is one that was getting a lot of hype when it first came out and then kind of everybody stopped talking about it which is always a bad sign I think that if I had read this when I was the appropriate age I'm 25 now if you don't know then this I would have been obsessed with this like this would have been my fate one of my favorite books truly and I see so much goodness in it and so much merit in it and truthfully I don't have a lot of complaints it just didn't do it for me I guess I should tell you what it's about this is a Snow White loose retelling very very loose the evil witch has taken over the kingdom and the way she's taking him over is with her poison apples ha ha her black apples that people eat and then that ends up putting them in a trance but Lorelai our main character who's the princess who should be on the throne has run away and she's not under the king the Queen's enchantment but she has her own magical abilities and she's basically like hiding trying to get strong enough to face off against the the evil witch there is a prince who is the it's dual perspective the prince is from another Kingdom and he actually has two hearts he has a human heart and a dragon heart and he can turn into a dragon and so can like a lot of other people in his kingdom I think that the Queen was the most interesting part about this if you've ever read Once Upon a Time and not read if you've ever watched Once Upon a Time the TV showed the Queen in this it's very similar to the Evil Queen in Once Upon a Time and I found her fascinating and I really really enjoyed her the rest of the story I felt didn't really do anything extremely unique it was very on track with a lot of young adult fantasies if that makes sense nothing really shocking happen nothing really unique or regional necessarily happened it was a solid book there really isn't anything that I can say that's wrong with it it just didn't really do much for me because other than the Evil Queen there wasn't really anything that was extremely fascinating that was extremely unique that was extremely like gripping as far as my taste go now don't don't take this as me saying it's young adult and like it can't transcend that age group because my mom actually read this and really really enjoyed it so obviously that's not true it's just for my particular taste when it comes to this type of story I really look for something super unique but that doesn't necessarily mean that like this book was bad because it actually was really good and like I said if I were in the appropriate age group I would this would have been like my favorite book ever but my tastes have just changed since I was that age and it just it just didn't do it for me but I would say if you want like a light fun interesting easy young adult fantasy that's loosely snow white retelling that is reminiscent of the TV show once upon a time as far as the villain goes I think that like as long as you're looking for something light and not something like crazy crazy unique I do recommend this because it's a it's a well done book my next three-star is my life next door which is a book that a lot of you guys have recommended to me because it features a lot of the tropes that I really really love primarily the big chaotic family is like one of my favorite tropes ever but it also features like boy-next-door and stuff like that this is a young adult romantic contemporary and romantic contemporaries are not something that I tend to enjoy there it's not my style of book that being said this was a good one I I feel like this is another one where in the comments like some people loved it some people hated it and I think that's probably pretty common with romances because if it doesn't feature the tropes you like then you're not gonna like it because there's no plot beyond the romance so you have to like what the romance is doing obviously so the the tropes are boy-next-door if the couple okay so this is a like 350 OOP that's where my son took a bite out of it there are a little bit over 350 pages and the couple gets together around page 100 so if you're the type that doesn't lie when like the Pratt the most of the book is the build-up and then a couple get together and then it's over if you don't like that this is a good book because most of the book they're actually together and they're like growing as a couple the big chaotic family with my favorite part about the story it was good it was well done personally the tension is like my favorite part about like the build-up is my favorite part of romances so just hanging out with a couple for 200 pages didn't didn't really do it for me but I still think that it as far as romantic contemporaries go it was a solid one so if that sounds interesting to you feel free to check it out this isn't my style of book so like it doesn't come super highly recommended from me but I think for what it is it's it's well done and now my last free star of my last book that I really just don't have that many opinions about is to kill a kingdom which I'm really disappointed about so if you guys have been following my channel for very long at all you know that I'm really obsessed with sirens and mermaids specifically the myth of sirens and mermaids and I'm regularly picking up those types of books hoping to find something that similar to the myth and I never do and this could have been int this is advertised as a dark siren story and I don't know it definitely started out that way it started out really strong it started out with a really dark siren that was murderous that loved to kill that was really interesting to read from and I think that the dark side of this story started out really well and then just like went downhill and downhill and downhill and didn't stop until it ended it didn't in my opinion it started out really strong and as it progressed it just turned very predictable and boring I think that this is a book that a lot of people will enjoy especially if you aren't possessive of the myth of sirens and mermaids if like this is something that you've never really read anything about then you probably enjoy this I just feel like I just want I just want if you're gonna take a dart creature like a siren like a vampire like a werewolf like a fairy if you're going to take a dart that's genuinely so interesting in its myth then just like give me a dark story but I feel like every single book I've ever picked up with any of these really interesting creatures they just romanticized those creatures and just turn it into like a typical story that happens to have supernatural elements and I find that quite disappointing because I would rather read about a dark creature being dark instead of a dark creature okay four star books these are books that I properly enjoyed first I have The Strange Case of dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde which again I talked about my classic strap up you can check that out I'll link it down below if you want to see my thoughts on it the next book that I gave four stars is the order of nature by Josh shin eart this is a self-published author this is a book I highly recommend this is okay so this follows a Canadian no he's us the author is Canadian this follows a American who is living in The Gambia for a year teaching at their schools and it is a male-male romance between him and a Gambian in The Gambia which is a country in Africa homosexuality is very illegal and they're very very strict on their laws and that's a really common thing in third-world countries this book follows its dual perspective it follows Thomas and Andrew who meet fall in love start a relationship and this is not a spoiler because it we know this from the beginning they are caught and sent through the legal system it is very different from what I expected I expected a light contemporary this is an adult novel by the way it's an adult I think it's an adult contemporary I expected a light romance and this was so much more that it was a light romance in moments and then other moments it was really challenging to read in like the best way it was very informative it was very heartwarming as well as emotion provoking it was a roller coaster it is it's so important and it's so good to see how other countries work and if you like me if you live in a first world entry where things are more relaxed and more different very different as far as this category goes it's just I just think it's really important to see how other countries are in a more firsthand way and this is a very first hand experienced and it's hard to read at times big trigger warning if you are sensitive to abuse because of your sexuality just know going in that this has some really difficult scenes but I highly recommend this book I will say some negatives to it the point-of-view shift and the timeline shifts you you jump around timelines a lot all that is not really clearly explained or labeled and so when you shift scenes you really don't know who you are or where you are and it takes some muddling through to figure it out which is pretty disorienting and also the ending I would have loved just one more chapter that kind of like gave us a little bit of hope believing that like something is going to happen like just a direction for our characters because it ends in a really difficult place and we don't like end with our characters or at least one of our kid any of our characters going in like a definite direction that could give us hope for their futures it kind of it just ends in a pretty sad place so know that going in but truly I think that this I just I really highly recommend this if this sounds interesting to you you should you should pick it up because it was a really good read next we'll talk about words of Radiance which is over a thousand pages long and shoot dang this book took me all month long in the audiobook form I I spent I spent three weeks getting through the first 28 chapters because it was so slow and so difficult to get through but then once I hit chapter 28 things just launched and they kept going and I okay so it took me three weeks get there and I don't know I was listening to this on audiobook so I can't tell you how many pages that is but it's like not even half of the book and then it took me one week to through over half over the second half of the book this is an adult high fantasy it's book two in the storm light I cap archive book one is called the way of Kings these these are long books Brandon Sanderson really takes his time telling his stories if he felt like miss Bourne was slow you're gonna think that this series is crazy slow I really struggle through the first like probably quarter of this book yeah probably the first quarter of the book I really struggled through and actually considered Ian effing multiple times but you guys these the the last three fourths of this book were such a ride I loved this book so much when all of our characters finally came together when their perspectives finally merged and Brandon Sanderson constantly shocks me with his ability to develop such elaborate worlds and such detailed and intricate and interesting characters and to shift perspectives so much and with so many main people and like never letting anyone get lost honestly like just as a writer just like looking at things specifically just in context of like ability to story tell Brandon Sanderson really blows my mind he moves a lot slower with his plots and I want him to I really struggle through I struggled through parts of book 1 and I struggled through the first quarter of booktube but shooting this book after you got through that first quarter this book was amazing it was blowing my mind if you appreciate a really intricate world and magic system and characters if you appreciate a well-built story and you don't mind a slow-moving a plot that moves slow sometimes if you like living in a world for a while I really recommend the Stormlight archive book one was interesting but not amazing for me but shoot dang book 2 was good and I am I need to get to book three but I have to read more breaker first so that'll be coming soon and the last book that I'm gonna talk about is five stars I love this book so much it was the first book that I read this month the savior's champion by jennifer SE this is an adult fantasy and it's so good let me try to figure out how to tell you what it's about follows our protagonist tobias who comes from a poor family and it's kind of a typical start he he comes from a poor family that's hard on their luck and he's working hard to make ends meet and not doing well and then there's a competition that comes into place and if he is there's a competition that he selected as one of the people that that's in the competition then his family gets a high reward they get a lot of money and so that's his motivation for entering not for the sake of the actual competition just to provide for his family and then like this whirlwind of it of plot starts so kind of a typical start but this is a unique story so the savior is essentially this nation's queen and she is the only person in this world that has magical abilities and she is the reason that this world prospers and if she dies then the world will their their nation will suffer greatly so the Savior's champion or I guess it's called the sovereigns tournament yeah so the sovereigns tournament which is the competition that Tobias enters into it's these people fighting off to the death to become her husband each had the potential to go in a typical route so many times and I had a lot of predictions and I expected a lot of things and I predicted very few I predicted some things I predicted very few things this I think that this is this book was perfectly paced it was brutal it was bloody it was interesting as all get-out the characters were fantastic I actually have an entire spoiler free review where I give three pros and three cons about this book so that you can decide if it's the right one for you I'll leave that linked right there and down below go check that out if the sounds at all interesting to you it was it was really good it was really really good I do highly recommend this book I've already rented about it quite a bit on my channel so you probably have already heard about it but I I highly recommend it so those are all the books that I read this month let me know down below if you've read any of these if any of these sound interesting to you let's just chat in the comments I post videos every Monday Tuesday Thursday and Saturday so I'll see you again soon

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