Mazamitla, Jalisco is BEAUTIFUL!!

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so we're about to go somewhere awesome make sure you stick with us



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[Music] [Applause] and Rita is like ketchup

[Music] that is really good that's like salty tangy all the flavors you can't

what do you think how would I describe

we're just starting out our adventure today we've driven about I don't know an hour so and we are headed to oh it's a surprise but on the way there we have stopped in will you help us out the name so you'll in San Luis so you'd land to get a very classic drink in Mexico is this more specific to here it's called the vomit wreath Oh raining your small vampire but I don't know I think this looks like a pretty large vampire and there is a lot of tequila in this they put tequila orange juice like something they called sangrita which he said is like a tomato juice of Clamato type deal grapefruit soda lots of lime juice orange juice fresh-squeezed lime juice him he took five big limes and squeezed it into this and with five ounces or something of tequila in here you can't taste it at all don't worry I'm not drinking I'm driving and this was they were 70 75 pieces or you get one about double the size for a hundred yeah we're definitely getting in on this action and we all show you where we are going up very shortly okay we're going to attempt a Spanish tongue twister babe take us so this is Pepe someone's name and then yeah take us pics freckles pick up a bus Coenen pickle thickest that lately yes

all right now say it fast it's pretty similar Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers sniffing and a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked I can't even do it in you so in Spanish this tongue twister means freckled Pepe how'd it go pick a spot bus is smashing potatoes with freckles probably a redhead we need to write these down Exide you might not see this in this video so after driving far up into the mountains we are here very very popularly recommended seriously like a hundred or more of you guys told us we needed to go here and we are lucky enough to have our friend Emma here showing us around giving us an impromptu random type of a tour so we're excited we're taking it with us and we all coordinated our shirts me imagine all right let's go explore a little bit do you know what this is yeah there's any significance in reacting [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] here it is made completely out of wood and a lot of them they have metal poles going up and maybe a wood top or metal but this is all good it was very cabin Forrest s and it's surrounded by trees adding to the first is the forest Estes [Music] don't turn your back como se llaman come back okay so we got a little candy that's typical of massamilla people we want to try something local so this is made of peanuts why don't you give it a try just like melts in your mouth I've had something like peanuts with lays honey on it or something like that tastes pretty similar this for some reason reminds me of waffles with peanut butter on them and stir up the flavor I really like eating my waffles that way hmm I dig it and they're pretty light too and I thought it was gonna be like very dense thick but it really does melt right in your mouth and these this whole package chai was like I don't know a dozen or so was seven pieces no no that was 20 to 22 pieces this was seven pesos a Liguria and this is 17 we're going for the sugar rush here so we're looking at these right now and it looks like on the bottom is perfectly flat but you can see through it you can see all these bubbles that are made when it was cooked and based on how thin it is it seems like they ground up the peanuts really fine into a powder of added sugar and water maybe some oil and put it on a hot stove or pan and just a very thin batter so it has all these nice Airy holes in it but oh my gosh yeah this is good I would get this again for sure mm-hmm we are back in the car on a bumpy road we just left mazamitla and we are headed should we tell them yet nope it's a surprise I'll see you oh yeah there

we're about to go somewhere awesome make sure you stick with us it's a little bit of a trek to get there so hopefully we make it if we do we will see you on the other side we brought the essentials which we recommend that you do as well [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] we are heading down to this place that we're going to be showing you soon arrives with that pretty sure that's a dog there's some there's some pine trees in Phoenix or not in Phoenix in Flagstaff or Payson or press kit that smell like strawberry or vanilla bees so far wooden entrance hello why don't you tell them about the hike down here so far okay well we're in the poet's garden so the hike down here has been very clear it's been really nice the hills will suffice I brought the right shoes and we got our booze we get need to work on my poetry without trying to make rhymes on our walk down here so far there's tons of gorgeous cabins with all this elaborate woodwork and such the smells of the pine trees it's very calm there aren't a lot of noises from a city or cars except for the tractor that was hauling people back up in the other direction apparently you can pay approximately 30 pesos per person to be taken back up the hill if you don't want to exert the physical energy yourselves we parked right outside of the entrance it's free to park but it is 18 pesos per adult to come in here and if you need to use that's going to run you five pieces [Music] Maddie's risking life and limb right now

first we admitted to else also de los casos so this is a waterfall in market me Fleur so beautiful and it is so much cooler here well the temperature difference right away and there are lots of little oh my gosh they're all getting me there's lots of little tiny bugs okay I need to take care of this

so you can even climb up and get right behind this waterfall which is super cool yeah I never been this close crazy but watch out it is super slippery back here it's not a moss growing right here even though this is in the dry season it still seems like there's a lot of water if the water table has dropped us a little bit but it's absolutely beautiful back here just make sure to also bring your bug spray because it seems like these at all black no seams or hand knit the hummus tennis you're gonna get you they're going get you alright so just finish this hike back we are not sure how high we hiked or how long we hiked but it was pretty long and pretty strenuous definitely glad I wore these good hiking shoes and brought some water we got some jicama and mango up there each cup was twenty pesos each and now we are headed back in the car oh are you friendly puppy


you owe me friends so Alaska would you say that you do speak Spanish now or you don't speak Spanish now and that's why you got will rinse excuse me Senor Indian they say yeah they endianness a Indians I'm gonna ask ISA bidi Ana de los Estados Unidos thank you want to be your boyfriend I think it's a guy I don't know actually what a fun day what did you think of that I would definitely definitely go back there and it's pretty cool there's a lot of cabins you can rent there out in the woods that would be a really fun adventure just rent a cabin for a few nights yeah I just relaxed up there I I think just one day wasn't enough to see hardly anything and yeah so I would really want to go back there explore the town a little bit more they sold lots of really cool plants and art sicinius and there seem to be a lot of local food that we had never seen really in any other part of Mexico so that's something I would love to go back and get a better taste of there's a big suspension bridge with other waterfalls that you can go see we were hoping to do that but we needed to get back before dark so we weren't driving in the dark but in terms of the driving I thought it was really safe there weren't really any terrible parts of road that we had to worry about there weren't any checkpoints or anything it was kind of funny we were driving with a local and suddenly when we can ask someone okay is this the lane we should be it or what's going on here all the stresses of driving here oh yeah instantly some the backseat has an answer so thank you Emma oh my gosh you made this what usually is a stressful and confusing and frazzled drive from point A to point B to just like oh okay be in this light and do this thing that guy's doing this this truck is bopping around over here it's yeah it's whatever it's just how it goes but I had a whole lot of fun hope you guys enjoyed watching if you did please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel to see more adventures that we are having here in Waterloo hora and in Mexico as a whole and Gong that bell see you get notified the next time we put out a new video and you can be the very first to watch it see you next time

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