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that's my baby that's my son man I can't believe that I do it and if she wanna see this let me yeah she know our God I am about to prank Tatum by the title you Barbie do you know what I've had some tools he is in the shower and I just felt like something I was usually perfect I'm the game bag what I'm gonna do is it it's like a I'm leaving you prank or however you have to basically so to do the heads you know I'm gay moment apartment and you know I'm leaving you I don't know how he's gonna take this but I'm if he's gonna probably get a little mad cuz that's why we did sup in my whisking apartment together so I'm months ago I had this camera because I just heard the water stops on white skin real quick and don't forget to give your thumbs up watch the video to the end and spend the Kentucky jet

how it's our bear with the Dorset for a minute I'm not gonna take much about

but it right

don't mind the doggie bed it's my dog I got a puppy

princess princess

come on let's see pee

hey hey

we did I need to count I need you to come in a socket oxy I would win CDJs in the important lady is it yeah it's not like I'm not that type so it is like that that words might just be just you know see their jaw well you know I was uh I was

look at those but it was you do like a water splashing yo ear but basically I came to the conclusion department by episode why would you do that we basically found her dental partner I already tested too late you know and she acts how many but we pop the closes deal for our partner where he doubts a lot I didn't like that affirm though we both decided on by Dennis and other partners that I liked and I want it for myself why would you go can you to affirm one episode because wow I don't know like you're supposed to get it together we would like it that our pharmacy but is this other apartment that I and how come you just came that's not that's not why

they hand me all that one yesterday

no not serious but you need to tell me I don't fucking over he went to own apartment oh yeah I don't know where I was crazy but - I already tell you there believe me I talk to lady so you just gonna leave me let's talk with you I have not claiming at five twenty hours ago now you come with me bro

really are you just going deep in the middle of talking late with baby because I have to I'm in an appointment with this lady if I don't go that's sad alright look every time I look up there's always something right there's always something okay [Music]

you need to be happy you should be used to be happy [Applause] leave me you we could be in the same apartment legs so thank you basically that's saying break it up basically basically I send me breaking up right together but living different apart yes we use the motherfucking hood over relationships well we know you're not open hurt me then maybe we don't be in the same apartment I tell you think this is it don't go ahead you come on bro babe so you're gonna prove it right cuz if you got enough stuff on your mom you should talk to me about it so you don't want to go why why it might be something that you like to you can get you can get your own place - no cuz I don't want to be in apartment and we argue like doesn't it be like a lot that's my meal God whatever you wouldn't be zone for me please okay decision I'm not going to guys why keep coming ears are walking around like seriously it's 500 steaks I wants to come with me because my come in about 5:20 it's unfair to that you are going to do something like that man I like going it's all an apartment knowing that we bought that but the calves are sitting in a matter of days and you're gonna sit up and we be but we're about to tags aren't you - good work we're working around this situation that done cool work in a row man I'm saying bread we're gonna wrong but I'm saying weed and they're got our party you're gonna switch over to last minute this is see to pull in Atlanta bro so I keep talking about you be switching up on me

it was a prank BAM you know I never social for you I had to hurry up I had to hurry up so good hey it was just a prank seriously I'm happy getting our partner a low blow ass motherfucking crazy bear bear but I really ain't go I make no appointment nobody oh they be fresh out the showers nothing good that was a low blow blow blow as Frank yo for some reason I can't talk and our cashiers sheep that was a low blow that was a low blow hey y'all gives video camera buzzer died oh my god it is I put that boy up good but y'all give you a thumbs up um spend a comments will hash I've seen jazz anything you take behind the cones the team saying that that was a low blow as motherfucking playing he was butthurt baby does but yeah hey apartment y'all if y'all think we got that apartment man think again man cuz it's gone without say I need to follow I'm in subscribe this might ease might be the last day Josh see us in here man apartment tour coming soon until then you are hey stop Oh tone it to the block turn into the vlog channel y'all for uh like behind the scenes before we get the apartment issue like that before y'all see the apartment or not an empty apartment or go to subscribe link that's they go to them start go to the vlog channel right now linking this below bingos check it out if you want to be a part notification gang click the bail and stop playing I'm so excited [Music]

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