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listen I'm value taming I've interview billionaires Mark Cuban Magic Johnson you know worthy Gloria Allred Robert Shapiro Jordan Bell for all of these different characters we venturi but I've never had an interview where so many value Tanner said we need a part two and that was when Michael Franzese and I sat down we did this interview called highest-paid mafia boss tells the truth about the life it got millions of views if you go on YouTube right now you type in a search word mafia interview and you saw for most views it's the most viewed interview ever on the topic of mafia on YouTube so this time on our part two I asked him a little bit more specific questions many of them that you asked me and the questions were John F Kennedy who killed John F Kennedy was the Mafia involved with the mob involved what was the role they played right we also asked my Jimmy Hoffa people want to know where is Jimmy Hoffa buried and another question that was asked is is politics dirtier today then it was 4050 years ago when they were doing what they were doing you'll be blown away by his answers this is a Patrick made David first part 2 when Michael Franzese enjoy it do you miss the mob lifestyle you know I'd be lying if I say it didn't at times but you know people ask me all the time viciously do you miss the money do you miss the power yell that you know to a degree I mean look it's great when you have anything you can want at your disposable because you got enough money to take care of it mind I have my own jet plane I had a Lear 25 a at a helicopter I had a couple of big automobile agencies that I owned so I drove whatever car I want and you know basically at homes all over the country so yeah that's nice but you know what I really miss I missed the camaraderie that we had with the guys you know we're so attractive to me about that life is hey when you come in it's a brotherhood don't ever worry about your wife your daughter your sister we got their backs wherever you go you know if somebody hurts you we got somebody to back you up that's very powerful very very powerful and I miss that kind of camaraderie that I had so yeah I also nice you know going into the back room I want to tell you this for those of you that saw Goodfellas Henry Hill he never walked in through the back kitchen of the Copa and I can tell you that now but I did many times first with my dad and then later on with myself you know it's nice to go in and get a ringside table and share eat it that way so to say I didn't miss it you know I'd be lying what's the give me one of the you know craziest experiences you had just because you had clout being who you were parties you attended people you were what was a social life like when you were at the peak of your game well you know people who cater to you all the time you know there's a fascination with that life Patrick I don't know exactly what it is maybe the way we carried ourselves at times I don't know but people wanted to be around us and they wanted to treat us right for the most part especially in social places like clubs and and restaurants and places like that crazy experience I had I going to a place one night and I had reservations a fairly new place and I get there and they didn't know exciting to my name but they hadn't seen me and I said Michael Franzese I'll be able to three people and no we want to sit down on our table and I said Michael Franzese he's here already I say he's here already I said well show me who they are you know I go there my hand to God was two FBI agents sitting up they they use my name they didn't know that I was coming into the place that they used my name so they see me and I said I said all right let them stay there it's okay we'll sit in the back and they wanted to get up but that you know I mean stuff like that usually ah that's interesting do you think somebody today can take that game to the highest level like it was before or would today as many cameras and stuff that's around that it's not possible to get it to that level I don't think so because the other thing is law enforcement they're too sophisticated they got too many weapons there's too many informants on the street you know I give you an example back before the RICO Act came out you know we got sentenced you know 10 years 15 years anybody can do that you do half time you do a little bit more than that any guy can on a streak and do a 10-year hit today okay they grabbed that same guy like they did with Sammy the bull and they put him in a Cell and they say listen get used to it because his where you're going to spend the rest of your life if you don't cooperate do you think that's a good thing they're doing well listen I want to make this clear for those that are listening I I in no way will glorify my former life it doesn't deserve to be glorified and the reason is this Patrick more than anything else I don't know any family of any member of that life that hasn't been totally devastated I don't mean hurt I mean devastated including my own now not my wife and kids you know but my mother my father my brothers and sisters our life was an absolute disaster because of my father's involvement in that life and it's the same across the board for anybody and any lifestyle that does that to families and innocent people is an evil lifestyle and so I will never glorify it for that reason now I don't talk about my fly look I was one of them I'm just fortunate to be where I am so I don't badmouth anybody in that regard but what it's it's a tough life and it'll never be the same because of that reason what happened here now is guys on the street after they got locked up they become more fearful of what's gonna happen to them from the government than they are from their own people and that's that was the key that's how they want interesting so the answer would be today would be very difficult to get it to the heights that you guys had in yeah absolutely because of all the different technology that the government and cops and all those guys have yes in place today you know everyone's watched the movie Jimmy Hoffa whether it's the first one played back in the day sly played a movie called fist I don't know if you remember when he during the movie fish oh yeah and then obviously Jack Nicholson did what he did when he played rate performance rate performance so what really happened with Jimmy Hoffa there's a lot of conspiracy no one what you know what happened with them I get asked this question it's a number number one or two question I get asked all the time no matter where I am I could be in the Far East and they're asking me that question about Hoffa that's how popular it is but you know look he did get on the wrong side of people when he came out of prison he was told to lay low and just stay back and he refused to do that didn't want to give up his position there's no question he was taken out by my former associates now the question is always where is he buried that's what everybody wants to know I can tell you this he's not in the Meadowlands that's for sure New Jersey the stadium he's not there and they will never find Jimmy's body never no I had nothing to do with it but you know you hear things in that life but I will tell you this if you remember a couple of maybe a year and a half ago two years ago I in prison writes a book and says he knows for sure where Hoffa is married and he leads the FBI to the place allegedly they dig it up now I had answered this question a thousand times over the years so all of a sudden I'm getting tweets and I'm getting emails and texts Michael maybe you were wrong you know they're digging it up this guy says you know he's gonna identify I said well let's wait and see they never found his body the guy was smart though he sold a lot of books you know you know by saying that they'll never find you so when you say they'll never find them what does that ring because in my mind let me tell you what my creative mind goes let me take my creative mind and maybe I'm right maybe I'm wrong when you tell me they'll never find them it's either a body went through a recycling machine either the body was chopped up I did something happen with it's mathematically impossible to find it burned body something like that where it's not buried is that the direction you're going let's put it this way if you if you wanted to find his body or try to find his body you'd have to look in a very wet place got it and how deep is is what place pretty deep pretty deep got it okay now and I gotta teach him I know that for a fact 100% 100% do you know location well I I know the general area I've got it and actually you know it was really interesting that a friend that I hadn't seen for a long time came out of prison maybe two and a half years ago and he recorded a tape that I have in my possession and that tape spells everything out because he was with the shooter that I happen to know very well and he laid it all out and people have been trying to get that tape from me for a long time Wow now can anybody can the government come to you so lucky since you know what happened that you got to tell us or do this who how do how is it they know how to present they can't write because at this point you don't have to give any of this information now so you gonna you gonna be buried whether you gonna go home with this information no one's gonna get it addy I believe so okay because I but you never know no you know what a right price if we do movie maybe we'll make a movie and tell the story did you ever send a meeting and you saw a guy that went a little bit overboard we're talking and next week or the following day the guy was dead those types of things happen a lot not a lot fairy you know I want to clear this up too and I think this is something I get asked this all the time you know look it's a violent life at times you're part of the life you're part of the violence there's no question about it but murder in that life was taken very seriously it was taken very very seriously you couldn't just go around rampant killing people I don't like this guy I want to kill him you know a made guy had a lot of respect and if that guy was in trouble first of all the only one that can order a murder was the boss he had a sanction it you couldn't do it without his okay not even a made man or a couple it hasn't all of us has to be the boss and there was a lot of discussion about it it wasn't that hey this guy's got to go okay go get him tomorrow that's the end of that no it was taken very very seriously because remember the life is built on respect when you earn your stripes and you come into that life you're respected guy so if something you did wrong or they're gonna make sure it was wrong and then if you violate the oath you know you're gonna pay the consequences but it was something taken very seriously you know a lot of people think that we just went around and random killing people and the money though the most maybe shit like that yeah I mean I certainly didn't witness that in my lifestyle you didn't witness that in your not random stuff Reynaud ran it was tricky taken very seriously Bible Michael went window when the piss don't think happened do you remembered when it had on after how many people did that take down how many people did he take down god I believe over a hundred it was a big big I mean it was bad how do you do that for six years undercover how did he pull that I still don't understand how that can happen because even after that case he was doing some stuff in Milwaukee he did stumps some stuff in Tampa he was a New York kid himself so how did people not know who he was for him to go undercover force it shows you that the security we had or certain people had in place at that time wasn't very good because it should have never happened it should have never happened and look I knew Lefty you know and I knew that crew not great but I knew them pretty well they just slipped up their slips years yeah six years I mean they did a background check we know it's part of the problem of that life you know you get a guy like lefty you get some of those guys that are really not earnest bigger owners and you get somebody to turn it could put a few bucks in that pocket they get a little sloppy they don't look that far back and I'll tell you I had that experience too okay I get contacted in a minute was a huge case they called it shadowboxing I get contacted by a guy that was with Muhammad Ali the FBI took him out of prison and put him in this undercover operation along with an FBI agent that went undercover his name was Victor Clint Ana and he allegedly was a drug dealer at one point in time they cleaned up his act but had a ton of money wanted to get into the fight business so they come to me can you introduce us to Don King I'm with these people for eight months okay all the while they're recording everything that I do I had like 83 recordings on me I take them finally through our sharp dinner house shopton was it done for hire I worked with him a lot alright and I make out sharp then set up a meeting with Don King to bring these two guys to meet King so we go there and first I check out the FBI had set up a bank account they had 15 million dollars in a bank in the Midwest the FBI said oh yeah yes I bring them to King Wynn Kings office I go in there first I said Don let me tell you some I know these guys seven or eight months there are high rollers that driving a Rolls Royce we went to Florida together they want to meet you I said but I don't know him past that I said so when we talk in here everything's got to be legit I'm say anything wrong everything legit let me keep looking for him and the meeting went great bottom line is they were asking for more money to continue the operation the FBI said no because after a year they still couldn't do anything and then the whole thing fell apart we found out later that it was an undercover operation Sports Illustrated Wow huge deal on it but 83 tapes they were never able to nail me on it they refused to prosecute because I never thanks to my dad I never said anything on the tapes that were could you tell who was an undercover or no luck was there a fee could you read them or know some of these guys were well very well you know what he was well-trained and I'll tell you we used to play racquetball and he used to tell me I got my back hurts all the time he was wearing an aggro tape recording at the time those big things not as sophisticated as today and I never patted him down because we were four I liked them a lot you know what now we're friends today yeah he retired from the FBI yeah he's a great guy we got to like each other so much you know that interesting he's great guy great guy like him a lot he's living out and I think Arizona what a ranch terrific guy let me ask you when Joe was doing what he was doing Donnie Brasco when it was in what he was doing did you ever meet him did you ever did or you did I Matt was it an easy just not a big deal encounter with them yeah cuz I never did business with those guys God only he was just a thing we were at a security session for all of pro sports and they had a panel I always me Joe Pistone's some other FBI agent when we got through the question I said Joe I should you act more like the mob than I could be the agent you could be the mom yeah it yeah he's like he's so in character till today am i right I stick to myself here's what I asked Mario afterwards I said Mario let me ask you who acts like he's a mob more Michael or Joe Mario says Joe walks around like he's part of me he's still in character character you know I say oh my gosh I should Joe you ki you can fool me right yeah when I was sitting with them you know I interviewed Clint Hill okay I don't know if you know Clint Hill he was there yeah a Secret Service agent under for presidents and he was am a Secret Service agent for Jackie Kennedy and I asked him a lot of different questions and that till today if you go on YouTube you type in JFK assassination you type in Clint Hill is the first video that pops up it's getting a lot of a commentary right now with Clint Hill I said listen you know so many people don't believe this story on what happened and one people don't believe this story of the angles well notice this guy know this is who didn't that who forget about that part for a second I'm not trying to ask you you know what angle was it and what's the real story here's what I'm trying to ask you when the Kennedys were coming up his father was not the most straight you know he was a blue you know he Joseph Kennedy who was a big part of the market manipulation I think when Roosevelt hired him to bring him in and say listen what do we need to do here and they they came out with fingerprinting for licensing the guy came out with SEC so it was very much involved in knowing how to manipulate the marketplace he was involved with the mob based on some of the stories you read about strong personality so that you read and say well the mob helped Kennedy get elected I don't know that I'm asking you so my first question is is the answer to that yes and to once Kennedy got elected the follow-up is it's been said that once he got elected they try to distance themselves from the mob to to look like they were good so nothing would happen the mob got upset about it and when they got upset about it because they couldn't fulfill their commitments they made to the map the mob said we got to do something about it and they went about doing what they did to hire who they hire to shoot him and then etc when he walked off the mob killed him now this is some of the stories obviously a lot of this is conspiracy but one of the best conspiracies to read about is Kennedy people are so fascinated by having said that what do you know about the JFK situation there well understand my father is through that whole era and many of the guys that I knew her through that whole era so all I ever heard and that I know to be true okay and there's no upside in me saying this I'm not writing a book about it nothing but there's no question that Joe Kennedy was involved he was a bootlegger you're not gonna know cause no question okay and I know for a fact that somebody wanted to kill Joe Kennedy during those times because I heard that he was robbing money wasn't doing the right thing and his life was spared this is 40s this is those in the forties fifties during that era he's a bootlegger you're not a bootlegger unless you're dealing with us guys that's it okay no question also okay that threw his father John Kennedy was we wanted him in the White House and he was a connection as far as we were concerned so yes through Chicago through Louisiana he was they did help him get elected they did help absolutely union votes and you wanna know about this I know this for a fact okay guy and now the government's never gonna want anybody know this they're gonna call me a liar and all that kind of stuff but that's the truth Patrick and as far as the assassination I mean come on did Jack Ruby come out of nowhere I mean he had all of a sudden these mob ties mean anything if you had mob ties with me they would want to say it all over the world oh yeah you connected with the mob all of a sudden ruby who was connected with the mob not as saying he wasn't you know they never want it to be known that the mob had a hand in that assassination because it makes him look horrible government doesn't want anybody know that but I mean I've heard that consistently throughout my my whole tenure in that life all the time you know Giancana and Chicago and and so when he got killed you're saying the assassination is linked back to the mob yes now again it's been said it's not true he's a liar I have no upside in saying this other than this is what I know to be true throughout my whole time in that life I heard her from My Father I heard it from everybody that I know that was in that era I was there I was younger obviously I mean I wasn't coming up at that time but but it was shortly after I mean I'd begun I got recruited in the 70s it was a couple of years after he was killed so that story was fresh no doubt so let me ask you as dirty as politics was back then how dirty is it today more or less Patrick I have never and now understand something yeah did I see them when we were on the street we understood the government a lot of times cross the lines with us we got it but you know what we were criminals so in a way can you justify it I don't think so I don't think the government is ever supposed to act illegally okay they're supposed to abide by the law we were criminals we broke the law but they're supposed to use the laws effectively and properly to get anybody that's my feeling well you know what all right we were criminals and they cross the line every once in a while okay I have never in my lifetime seen the level of corruption that is going on today in the political come on Michael I'm Patrick I kid you no more today than before hunter absolutely and at a level that I can't believe I mean look I've experienced this is my life experience you understand I've been indicted five times I've had two federal racketeering cases I've had two state racketeering cases I I've been in front of the Supreme Court on constitutional issues in my dad's case I've been in front of the appellate court so many times I've been more grand juries than you can imagine this has been my life I understand that I know the law and I am Telling You I've never seen the law violated by people in power like I'm seeing now it's to a point where I can't even watch it anymore it's it's terrible because it's bad for all of America look we cannot let our political authorities cross the lines of what's legally correct we can't let them do that because it's a threat to everyone at that point in time and I'm not being biased I have many friends in law enforcement many friends and they were honest cotton they'll tell you straight out we don't approve of what's going on it retired FBI agents that I know now it's sickened to what they'd seen it Wow I mean come on this is I mean look I mean even call me what's going on in his book tour I mean the things that he's saying that it coming out of his mouth it's an embarrassment to the FBI in my opinion because there's a lot of hard-working you know honest legitimate agents that do that job and a guy like this in my opinion is tainting everything else I mean it's terrible terrible I've never seen this level of corruption and I'm being honest what can we do about it what can be done about it you know I don't it seems to be so out of control because people are not aware they don't understand this you know when you allow the government to cross the line it doesn't only affect the people that crossing in line it affects everybody yeah they do what one person they can do it with another no doubt about it Michael what age did your dad become a mobster about what what age did he become a made man or get into that life the oldest living man in America my dad he's been a made man for over 68 years he was in his yeah he was in his 30s 33 when he became so 32 33 when I became a made man correct I mean he was an involved in mob life prior to that because you don't just become a made man your first year was he part of it for about 10 years or so my grandfather was not a made guy but he was very respected by a lot of made guy got it he just didn't want to be that got it my father was one of had three brothers they were all kind of street guys but my dad was the only one that aspired to be part of that life my dad was an amateur boxer he was a tough guy street guy and he was recruited by the mob and he wanted to be a part of it and so he went through the thing and he took the oath like me Michael I think what would be very interesting is for us to do something with you and sunny you and your dad if we sat down and we did an interview there that would be a whole different story cuz he's still you based on what you're telling me he's helped he can still talk he still his brain works the same as before and he can still process issues that be a very interesting person to be talking to he goes back to the days of Luciano and Costello God he'll even tell you about Capone because he was younger than but he knew Capone came out of New York so he's right on it stuff with capsule well he knew him I'm not saying I don't know what he exactly did but he knew him I asked my dad I tell you this my dad was he got so much publicity in his sixties now he wasn't the main guy around okay there was a lot of guys doing Columbo everybody was around but for some reason they targeted my dad and I got to tell you this story so I went to one time I said dad why you why he's a lot of guys around why did they pick you he said my mom has passed away five years ago and he said I never wanted to tell you this I don't want to disrespect your mom but now that your mom has passed away I'm gonna tell you I said what he said I was dating Marilyn Monroe Kennedy fell in love with a Bobby Kennedy he was the Attorney General at the time she made him understand that she was in love with my father from that point on Robert Kennedy targeted my dad because of the Marilyn Monroe went after him like crazy now sometimes my dad oh you know I'm wondering okay dad you turning me but it made sense I said dad you tell him he says I'd swear dad was with Marilyn Monroe yeah and he got a little bit more graphic when he told me this is I'm not gonna repeat it here but but yeah and then you know I'm starting at there and I said where did you meet her now I start questioning a me he says I I met her at the Stork Club that was the hot place back yeah right Costello had a piece of it and I said okay tell me how it happened he tell me the whole setup and everything else and you know because Hoover wasn't targeting mob guys back then he was a friend because you had information on him on that information yeah he was bisexual you know he got caught and blah blah so he never went after guys because they held it over his chest that there is no mob is what he said there is no yeah all right but Kennedy was a different story and he targeted my dad for that reason you know what so times I think my dad but I believe this one I absolutely believe it because I put a two together I did my little research it was true so so you can brag I mean you know it's pretty impressive to be able to brag that your dad hooked up with Marilyn well let me tell you that is impressive I got to know next time I got to get your dad the first issue of Playboy magazine and send it to him and say look you know here's a reminisce about who you used to be back in the basil what a story bother well let me tell you I love for him to tell that story my my dad's a great storyteller and I light a dish he has never done an interview in his life he's never done anything so we did it it would be an absolute first 100 101 year old mobster the oldest living guy legend in his own right has never said it never did in it never said more than five words to the press that was it and rumor has it your dad went through a lot of me he really he was a brutal guy when it came down to it he didn't hesitate for a second no my dad was he should die he's the right number last a number is pretty up there he's not a he doesn't have a small number he was the last of a dying breed but I'll tell you one day I respect my dad they can put in front of a firing squad he's dying with his boots on they'll never get him he'll never say a word he'll never give up that life he took that oath seriously would you live the life all over again wow that is a tough one the answer would be now because I'm a I'm a I'm a guy of faith now and I've turned my life around I can never go back to that because I know that I did a lot of things that I regret during that time but take that away what I want to go back and at least have that experience again I'm being honest and I might get ridicule for this but I think I might you to have the experience because look you know I learned things in that life that were invaluable to me throughout my life and if you takeaways the bad stuff and just put me back in that environment around my guys and some of the I think I might and again I'm hope I'm explaining this right because you're gonna have a you gonna have a 50,000 young kids right now go become mobsters no no no gotta say the right now I don't know I don't want you know about you tamen produce twenty two thousand two mobsters and no no no no no let me make that clear let's give the disclaimer as well I mean let me make that clear I said it's an evil life I said you're selfish if you put your family through that you're gonna end up in prison or dead one of the two governments got at all and it's morally wrong I mean there's no question about it but look there was some perks in that life you know that I I've enjoyed I got to be honest with you now the price you pay as a result of a short time that you're gonna have those perks is terrible because you're devastated for the rest of your life so it doesn't make sense I speak to a lot of young kids I speak to gangbangers I go into detention halls I have an influence over them obviously and I tell them straight out you're gonna be being prison for the rest of your life or you're gonna die it's one of the two things and they'll say to me but but Michael you know I saw you in Goodfellas and they had the money that had the power to had the girls I said yeah but did you watch the whole movie or did you just stop in the middle I said who got killed who went to jail who became an informer whose wife left them whose kids suffered why don't you see that part and you know what they don't they only focus on that they don't realize it's very short-lived and at in the end you're going down and so please anybody listening parent don't get upset with me I I speak to these kids and I tell them the truth it's a bad life don't ever pursue it don't ever make the mistakes that I did Michael what would have happened if you became an entrepreneur what happen if you went into the business right and you applied the same skills that you've you picked up well I like to think I would have been successful look I had a lot of legitimate businesses also you actually had a lot going on with you had stuff going on with dealerships you own all these different things with culture guy I bought a Mazda agency when you couldn't give a monster I remembered I remember reading cuz the Wankel engines were exploding you couldn't give one away and I built that into the biggest agency on Long Island as far as Mazda was concerned and it was a lot of work and I had to do things differently what I was able to build I think I had a head for business I had a knack for it now you know don't get me wrong I'm not the smartest business guy around because there's a lot of things in business I don't enjoy doing but there was certain talents that I had that worked well for me and I always tell people this when you're in business I don't think it's a good thing to micromanage because nobody can do everything good but here's the deal do what you do best and delegate the rest and then be a good you know watcher of these people make sure you get the most out of them that's how you do it you know I've got comments from a lot of people saying Pat I love the interview I mean I learned so much but some also asked me said Pat why are we interviewing mobsters on value Thema well the reality part of it is if you go on Patrick Brady be calm I list the top 100 movies every entrepreneur must watch you know it's number one on my list Godfather you know why because it's all power plays if you are not a little too paranoid in a world of business someone's gonna take you out so again whether you like it or you didn't comment Blanc you know what your thoughts were about what he said with Jimmy Hoffa John F Kennedy and if you haven't watched the interview go watch the actual interview part one it's fascinating we'll put the link below as well and for some of you I like content like this I did a video titled 25 lessons you can learn from mobsters if you haven't watched it you may want to

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