Art Journal with Me - Grungy Background (using Rubber Dance Stamps)

by: Susanne Rose

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hi and welcome back to my channel today I'm sharing a page in my art journal with the brand new stems from Robert ants I'm working on a background that I did earlier and I've used pressure acrylic mist sprays to create this one I will link you up in the description box to a video where I used the same technique I start by applying gesso here and there I'm using a brush and you have to be a little bit careful not to wipe too much because you will reactivate the color underneath [Music]

for this video I have decided not to go with a frost forward mode I think it might be interesting to do a real-time video but I'd like to know what you think about that so please leave me a comment if you prefer having a real-time video or having a speed up process with you

the ink from underneath will plead until the white chesil this adds an interesting look and it gives the background a little grungy effect I think and it also gets kind of a painterly style

after I've tried the gesso that I've applied with the brush I go in with more gesso and my fingers

for even more texture I use also a palette knife to apply some gel


I picked a piece of a map from my stash and I cut out a ways because I want to add a flower to it

I felt that the waist is a little too big so I cut it smaller



I'm using a black watercolor pencil to add some shadings to my ways



I used some white gesso to add some highlights to it

[Music] this is a little bit too much chess oh I think so I will use a baby wipe and bring back the map that I've had before


I use a blue watercolor pencil to add some water to my waist


I'm using the circle stamp from the brand new rabbit and grungy stuff stamp set and I will create a border on the right side of my page

I wanted to have some texture in my circles so I picked the rabbit and some love stamp set and I only stamped the number with the script to the inside

I'm adding some black splatters

for more texture on the background I use our old book page stamp and stamp it randomly to the background

I also take one of the smaller stamps it's from the collage elements and this adds more graham genus and a little bit more interest

the flower that I'm using is from our dual flower stamp set and I've colored it in with border colors

I'm almost done with my page I just add some green father's time into my ways please don't forget to tell me in the comments if you prefer the longer version of my videos or if you prefer the speed-up


I built kind of a bottom with the black watercolor pencil so that my waist doesn't fly in the air






I hope you enjoy today's with you and if you haven't already please consider subscribing to my channel thank you so much for watching today see you next

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I played with one of our new Doodle Flower stamps to create this Art Journal Page. My base was a spray paint background. I used different mixed media stamps to add texture to it. I decided to not speed up this video. Please let me know in the comments if you prefer a speed up or real time video. Here is a video where I've used the spary inks for the background:

----------------------------------------------Supplies----------------------------------------------- Rubber Dance Stamps: Doodle Flowers -

Grungy Stuff -

Collage Elements -

Old Bookpage -

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