Truck Tent Set up Sportz 57 Series by Napier

by: Summit Racing

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welcome to the sports truck tent setup video over the next few minutes we'll show you how to install your sports truck tent model 57 series this video is to accompany the printed user manual please pay close attention to the warnings and care tips included in the printed manual before setting up your Sportz truck tent select a level campsite and make sure your engine is off and apply the parking brake step 1 lower the truck's tailgate step 2 remove the tent from the tent bag locate the front door and place this end inside the truck bed at the tailgate with the other end towards the cab step 3 locate the tent side straps there will be three per side loosely attached each strap to the bottom of the trucks body

step four locate the three tailgate straps located at the tenth floor slide the straps between the truck bed and the tailgate connect this strap to the corresponding strap located by the front of the tent

step 5 assemble the tent poles by unfolding each section you will have 8 fiberglass poles and 4 steel awning poles step 6 insert the poles into the corresponding color sleeve start with the 2 blue corner to corner poles then insert the gray side to side pole followed by the short orange rear cab pole then the orange tailgate pole step 7 insert the poles into the pole pockets start with the gray side to side pole then insert the blue corner to corner pole into the blue pole pocket near the truck's cab insert the other end into the blue pole pocket by the tailgate repeat with the other blue pole next insert the orange cab pole into the grommets located on the orange tab on each side of the tent next insert the orange tailgate pole into the orange pole pockets on either side of the tailgate insert the black inside pole into the pole pocket inside the tent velcro the pole to the tent using the velcro tabs step 8 secure the tent poles to the tent by attaching the pole clips to the tent poles step 9 to install the gear loft place each corner hook of the gear loft into the loop located on the ceiling of the tent once the tent is assembled tighten the tent side straps if necessary setting up the rainfly step 10 locate the back of the rainfly it will have a zipper for the rear access panel place the rainfly over the tent step 11 secure the rainfly to the tent by attaching the clip on the rain fly to the corresponding clip on the tent setting up the awning if you do not want to set up the awning roll it up and secure it with the toggles step 12 slide the fiberglass awning poles through the poles leave in the roof of the awning insert the poles into the pole pockets on each corner of the awning step 13 assemble the awning poles by placing the top pole into the bottom pole with the clasp make sure each pole is the same length and secure with the clasp place one end of the pole into the grommet hole at the corner of the awning place the other end into the grommet hole at the tailgate secure the pole with the strap enjoy your new sports truck tent for many years to come if you have any questions about sports products please visit our website at sports buy

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