SWTOR Sith Warrior Saves Jaesa Willsaams Parents

by: BlasterClone

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Jess's who knew was true the Sith has come for us men rally around me the fight is upon us I didn't think a single assailant could make it through Castle organiz defenses all the way here to us I kill everything that gets in my way mark my words I will stop you Sethe you will not harm parven and Gregor Wilson I vow it no one has to get hurt over these so you murdered countless innocents to get here and now you want to make friends please master Jedi I realized the city can't be trusted but I want to hear this fine say your piece I'm not going anywhere and I will protect them no matter what I may have to do things for them not to them then there's no need for further violence what is it you want my god this has to do with jasa I just know it yes I'm here because of your daughter I knew she shouldn't have gone with the Jedi now the Empire is hunting her SIF jasa was her life she was going to marry Organa nobility so that we would no longer have to be servants when she left we sacrificed that dream we don't know anything about Jason oh we were told we would probably never see her again we are mere servants what could you want with us

I here to deliver you from servitude you you want to help us Gregor the cyst is toying with us before killing us heed your wife's warning Gregor Wilson Sith are devious and demented is that what you mean sit by killing us you end our life of servitude can't you spare us

if you align with the empire you live what do you mean by this what is to happen to us if we do as you say I'll see through that you live like kings no-good cretin Marvin jasa has gone off to a life of discipline and detachment we are unlikely to ever see her again the SIP is offering us a way out of this a way to live she is sensitive Gregor she will feel our betrayal it will fester in her don't you see this SIF is banking on that did you hear me say you'll live like kings my wife can't see the big picture you offer a choice between death were pledging ourselves to our daughter's enemy I choose that parven and I live in the arms of the Empire and I trust that my daughter will understand and remain strong a wise approach nice my sweet stand with me on this my place is with you Gregor as long as we're alive there's hope we are in agreement we shall embrace the Empire tell us what happens next

you'll receive instructions at the imperial landing man I am so glad you've all found an accord but there's still the matter of you being our enemies if not only will I not allow the Wilsons to do this but you had yourself a killing spree getting here that can't go unpunished this is a peaceful solution generally yes master bull rider stayed true to the Jedi Code who keep the peace too many have died already today Gregor and I go of our own free will and spare this house any further pain this doesn't sit right I can't attack someone walking in peace even a Sith you just saved your life the code is everything Sith but I wouldn't expect you to respect it leave out the back door to avoid further casualties I'll say nothing further ah apprentice the synth femoris who attends to Kindle was able to patch me through to your directly excellent I am seeking an update news of your search for Jason Wilson's family has reached me and I am quite concerned the news have you here you can go contacted me to tell me that you have been busying yourself with personal exploits and disregarded my mission what exactly did he say about me in a mode first the more important subject tell me you found the family of Neumann Carl's padawan tell me they have been taken care of I made him swear allegiance to the Empire and send them to Dromund Kaas really excellent thinking as I torture them their pain will spring into the galaxy and torment their daughter I promised them riches and I believe it will be more effective if they live fruitfully oh very conniving the happier they are under imperial rule the more it will tear at the Jedi's heart I wouldn't make it so you Eclipse my greatest hopes for you and prove you belong at my side which makes my susceptibility to two kendos gossip about you all the more foolish are you going to tell me what that maggot said or not first off kendo said that you set an explosion that caused the death of several tall dignitaries that was his doing not mine hmm it must be politically advantageous for him to disavow his role in such a thing Kenda also said that you hope the Republic defend their front in Organa's war against house window printing you as a traitor doing so expedited my mission well I do not care about the trivial war on Alderaan all that matters to me is that your mission is complete for whatever reason the man has taken it upon himself to slender you I have no further use for do kendo punish him however you please if it were me he'd pace of the LA I'm interested to hear what he has to say for himself do what you will but quickly until we destroy the threat of Jason Wilson nothing else is important

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