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what's up guys we're back so it's Halloween and it's Tuesday so we felt that we needed to you know do something spooky some spooky some haunted so we built this year haunted means we each have a chance to decorate the inside of the maze to make it as scary as we can peeking out the other person's fears whoever can make the other person scream the most wins the loser has to Bob for above for all my wishing you Bob thing we're just coming up with this now I think so what's something gross its circular testicles no we get it you can't do that yeah we can't do that Oh onions Oh losers got a bob for onions yeah thumbs down so Ethan's gonna go through my maze first I'm gonna make some customizations while he while he leaves and yeah I'm gonna scare them I got three people in there such a bad scare he has no idea who they are so he's gonna be super freaked out when he sees three random bodies in there also I added some things that he can absolutely hates so I have anything he's better go in the haunted house like this take the blindfold off oh it's dark in here Grayson if I make any noise that's a strike if either make some noise that's a point for me in the end the person who makes them the most noises loses and has to Bob for onions I thought we do testicles something like that okay here we go I'm actually scared I'm actually really scared I can't see anything out of me I literally can't see a thing it's so dark in here what is that how we get through this all right there's like webs everywhere oh so many times

who it is okay so Grayson got me pretty good I sent him out right now he's not here and I decorated the haunted house because I have to get him back pretty good cuz I did pretty too greasy scream we're gonna have loud noises things falling from the sky and I got my secret weapon to see how this goes except for think you step forward I hate the blindfold I got oh I'm so happy I don't I think I got him all right walk with me did you ever look Gracie I think you know the entrances it's not a nice feeling it's not at all alright kurios don't I'm just gonna silently scream in my head

this is really scary this is really scary

hello oh it's not even it's not even it's it's just this okay

there can't be nothing in here okay huh so I think I'm screwed before I think I've screamed twice and then for I am winning see another face and I hope that's not a real face it's not okay it's fake scary just smooth okay they're not bobbing for onions

I cannot get by there's three things dick there's how am I supposed to get by that okay I'm just gonna walk I'm not gonna do anything in a spiderweb there's something chasing me so inch okay whatever that thing was yeah it does that was last Halloween last Halloween Grayson playing with this I have a neck cramp grace is ready to find out what my secret weapon was come on


this is Kyle their security guard from Tori now oh honey all over your head a feeling I didn't know anything besides I didn't know any a living thing that tall so Kyle is six foot ten and we got him to be really tall I think you were at one point I kind of just wanted the huggy because they had a feeling really nice and you definitely look like you want to hug I got you Grayson who wants what do you want I think I know I think I got Grayson really good and it was very worth it but I kind of think that he won you are gonna have to a bob for some onions now great chef to eat them to already them it's time I always have to throw up in every videos that is that was gonna happen now Oh some nice apples these candy apples Ethan you have to get every single one of these onions out of that bowl of water with just your mouth and using a bite before spitting it out here he goes you have to bite anything bad breath for about a week and a half now oh it burns all right finish you got one more this is not how I pictured my Halloween going Graceland is we need to go shower yeah I do it uniquely I'm not leaning it up you're cleaning yes you are alright guys so that was the our Halloween video that was our Halloween haul to warehouse video hope you smells so bad hope you guys enjoyed it stop give it a thumbs up we actually tried out really hard for this just like the most legitimate thing I've ever done with my life probably is please give it a thumbs up you smell so bad see you guys next week peace quit Greece's Halloween business gather I don't want scary wait come on how that hurt my throat alright see you next Tuesday this is one you have a being a

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