The ULTIMATE Guide To BUDAPEST! Everything You Need To Know!

by: PsychoTraveller

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[Applause] good morning guys now we are gonna jump straight into this but I'm not gonna mess around because we've got a big map and this is like throwing back to New Zealand times we've got map I am gonna go through all the places that I recommend and Bhupesh and I'm going to show you place to either I'm going to do overlays of all these places talked about public transport how this city is laid out so basically this is a guide for anyone wanting to visit Budapest I will not run through every tourist attraction that there is but I am picking out my favorites where I enjoy drinking coffee the sights I like to see and have enjoyed the past a year so let's get into a map okay so here we have the map of Budapest so I've decided to do like this like I used to because so many of you found this helpful to kind of just orient yourself to the cities first thing Budapest is split up into two sides by the Danube River and that is the Buda side which is here and the pest side which is here so you're gonna want to stay on this side the city when you come and visit the only people to least and Buda sighs Carl of residential areas and families and this is where the action is on the pesticide so you're gonna be saying on this side so we've got district 5 which is here with the Inner City we have district 6 up here and then we have district 7 here this is where I live in district 7 so you probably gonna want to stay like to be honest you can even stay in the 8th districts and that would be fine but I'd say anywhere from like where I live in the 7th district like down because you've got all of this area here in the 7th which is like all the ruined bars and things like that and even up by the 6th like that's huge and the fits like really like in the highway that's and Stephen's Basilica so for places to say you just it's easy really just look away located on the map and just know that the closer it is to the water here this is where all them the good stuff is then you've got all of these bridges which cross over the Danube and so you get from one side to the other but don't worry you've got like underground the Metro which can take you to the butter side easy but you've got this bridge which is Liberty Bridge Wow you have got Elizabeth bridge you've got the Chain Bridge and then up here you've got Margaret bridge because actually yeah I suppose you could say Budapest is split into three so three paths because you've got Margaret Island which is kind of cut off here on the map and then let's talk about the three big train stations so over here up in the 6th district you've got new Gertie train station then over here you've got Coletti station and then all the way over here on the buda side you have got Delhi station I'll also ring as well there are smaller little shopping centres in the city but the two biggest ones that people really go to is West End which is right next to new Gertie station and then next to Colette C just off the map here is a place called Arena Plaza which is the largest shopping centre in Hungary but to be honest I would still recommend West End as a better shopping center if you have to choose and that one for a lot of people might be a bit out of the way so let me take you on the Buda side right now and you will easily spend an entire day kind of just exploring the Buda side walking up Gillette Hill going to the castle going to the fisherman's bastion and things like that so if you come up to Liberty Bridge here you can go and do a walk of Gillette Hill it's a really nice walk it's not that crazy intense it's pretty short to get to the top where you will find the Citadel and you'll also find a Liberty statue say hi to her she's a babe and then after that you can kind of like wonder down through all the parklands through all their and kind of come out and you'll come eventually then to the area where buda castle is and plus all where buda castle is it's just it's just basically beautiful from here you come down the back of the hill here and you just kind of explore you've got like this huge area here this huge Harrier here so you've got Buda Castle you've got the Bastian one recommendation I would give you for Budapest once you're on the Buda side is to go to hospital in the rock which is located around there and it is fantastic so those are couple of areas one more area I will point out to you is right here and it's right next to but a buffer bath both here on the back on ether I hope you never ever say that station name and there's a little outdoor beer with a beer garden and the reason you should probably come here is because rights across the water on the pesticide is a very beautiful very famous Parliament House and from here you get a fabulous view of it okay so I'm gonna change the camera angle now and kind of get you a little bit closer into the pesticide now that we have done this side you've got a transition here good deep frame tear which is where a lot of different metro lines pass underneath and like all of this area behind it is what you might call the inner city like loads of restaurants here next to the water not on the water just back from the water why would recommend those a lot of tourists stay around this area around district 5 and stuff like that don't eat there if you can help her there's a lot of touristy restaurants there is a hell a lot of places the market prices and euros are not forint and yeah you're just gonna pay more if you eat there not far from me in a city like up here you've got sand stephen's basilica is at the basilica it definitely go into cathedral and then also walk to the top of the cathedral because the view is spectacular you would like to pick up some coffee round here the name of this Catholic place but I will put it up on the screen but is it you just around the corner from the Basilica and there's also another great one here called espresso embassy okay so all down this street here is where you're going to find a lot of bars you've got the Jewish quarter on that side and you've got like simpler the big ruin bar you got food bar so let me just mark out let's do red because the pen seems to be working a little bit you so where are we so we've also got this huge road here that you can see with the yellow all of these are like their transport lines this yellow road and you've got somewhere like octagon which you can just see there which is a really good hub point there's a lot of hostels there and hotels you stay in and your rights on the m1 line and you can get the tram the four or six up and Diet let me zoom your Alaba sorry if you say octagon then you can like go up there to here a square what we'll talk about in a minute you come all the way down here octagon is a really cool central little hub of the city and then get transport pretty much anywhere you want to go so yeah if you want to come to some ruined bars and for example I think simple as armed this one's it I know footed by a simpler you've got like loads of bars just all up and down goes right for the bomb here you have the synagogue so all up this road here you've got all this area here you've got opera here so I'd say like in this section of district 7 is where you've got loads of room bars you know Jewish quarter things like that also going further up you've got sorry just give you reference because I know I'm zooming in you've got a new Gotti station here Danube is over here so you got Western there and over here you have varus Liga this is Hiro square which leads you on to the rest of varus Liggett which is the huge city park which I'd highly recommend well you can't see is a cinch any baths like the biggest like we went the other day what our favor easily bats to go to is literally like in the center and like I saying even if you were an octagon you can just boom get the m1 straight up to some chain station and get off right in front of the star or you can get off here right by hero square and that's why anywhere on this kind of like cross section between octagon opera like all around here is a fantastic area if you're really into like gang around real easily being close enough to the action it could be a bit it's very busy here so just be warned it can be very noisy especially if you're coming into the area we were talking about with all the ruined bars yeah and would highly recommend and it's also placed in virus Liga just as you cross the bridge by the waterfall there's like a bar and it's really nice really cute and you sat there and have a drink after you've been to the spa you know it's Tuesday or something go wild don't know how much this actually helps you but like I said pesticide Buddha side you got jelly he'll you've got the cast so you got a fisherman's pasty and you've got all of your bridges which are running over the Danube you've got Margaret Island up here would recommend go have a few beers on you take a picnic enjoy Margaret Island it's beautiful you've got Parliament's here you've got a new Gertie station here with West End there's lots of bars there's bars everywhere in Budapest you don't worry and shopping and then you've got like the inner city which kind of comes around here you've got loads of em stations you've got like the ruined bars not all of the room bars but there's a big chunk like a cool bars around here and yeah this is kind of like hopefully gives you a bit of an idea of what this is all about and then virus Liga is all the way up here which again you can just jump on the m1 straight up to it [Applause] okay so now we've discussed that let's talk about transport really quickly so you have to purchase your ticket before you get on any transport in Budapest I have met people if you are watching hi by the way who got caught they will find you so you will find these ticket machines all over the place for the metro for the trams near the bus stops not every bus stop but you'll see them dotted around and on there you can simply buy a single ticket which will get you on to anything in the city for 350 forint the own pace is on bus you can buy a ticket on a bus but I think now it's 450 if you buy on a bus now you can buy a 10 pack of these single-use tickets which will be very very handy but they also have like I think one day passed three day pass they have a one-month pass then I have a one week pass but or just look at elastic machines and see what's best for you but the transport is just fantastic in Budapest I can not knock it it's brilliant it's an easy way to get around but what I would say is get a ticket also you have to validate the ticket there are little yellow boxes just before you get on the escalators in the Metro just on when you board the buses or everywhere you have to validate it by just sticking it in it'll beep it'll stamp your ticket and that shows that you've used it if you don't validate it you're gonna find as well anyway so I'm gonna get back to editing this I just want to jump in and say that

so in this section I'm gonna quickly run through my list of just some of my top picks a place to eat and drink grab a coffee have a meal other than what I already pointed out in the map section of this video and you might remember one of the first videos I did in Budapest was their place called goat herder it has now become my all-time favorite place to get coffee in the city great people great atmosphere you can grab yourself some breakfast or like a wrap for lunch and just it's amazing also if you are a bit more central because that's a bit far out in district 7 and if you remember in the Octagon for example then there's a place called grand grand is a Grand Cafe Grand Cafe and Budapest it's right on one of the corners you can't miss it and they actually do a pretty nice coffee there a nice outside and people watch for hours some of my favorite places to drink in this city have to be a food advert you know that's my favorite because of all the arcade games they have really cheap beer and it's very central we go forget a good show which you might have seen me go to a lot in past weekly vlogs and it's like really nice a wine bar and they have loads of tapas which is the Tsar guard would recommend you've got really cool like underground he kind of speak easy kind of place which is called hotsy-totsy would 100% recommend they do not have menus out because you just basically tell them a spirit and they ask you a couple of questions and they make you a custom drink and it's not that expensive as a science of course you have simpler which is like the most famous ruined bar and all of budapest and it's famous for a reason go enjoy have a drink wonder and all the rooms upstairs and downstairs it's a crazy place and then one of my other wonderful favorite which is kind of near a West End side of the city it's a place called Edison Baron Inc it's got some amazing craft beers the staff are super lovely and yeah it's just a nicer place you want to go chill and have some really nice beer okay so some of the restaurants and so one of them actually and stuff with a chain of restaurants called hummus bar you gotta like hummus to be honest not gonna lie some important parts of their meals but you'll find them dotted all over the city hummus bar and it's great if you just want a big bowl of hummus with mushrooms and peas and oh it's just falafel and bread and it's so good the favorite one which I every time I go into I only have one thing off the menu I've never I've never faltered on that and that is the bean burger from cosmos it is this is 100% vegan restaurant and the bean burger with cheese and fries oh my god it's it's next level it's then you have the classic now finish it's another vegan restaurants and these have two branches one right next to my house which is amazing and then they close that down so they only have one in the city now but they do a lot of cakes and pastries and it's like full sit down dinner or lunch and they're do pizzas on the guard the cheesiest pizzas a new one that is she and I have taken a fancy to its place called vegan II or vegan area vegan vegan area Bistro anyway I'm going to write these down somewhere it's very nice we would recommend don't think I have anything to do with them and the last one is kind of like a curveball because it's a place called Sir Lancelot now you have to reserve a table there but it's a medieval knights experience but they had you like five like sword fighting fire eating like crazy stuff like that and it's a fantastic night and throwing that in as a bit of a curveball just because it's a fantastic night and it's so much fun ize this video might seem like it I need to close those windows so we know what it's like I'm gonna keep getting me to the last second of me leaving here I'm actually me tomorrow okay I'm gonna end this video with a few more little tips and sorry this video it's been a bit all over the place I didn't want to do well 50 things to do in Budapest video because I could do tons like that I thought because you can google that anyway and all the things that come up you should do I thought this is the best way I can give value of someone who has spent a lot of time in this city so I really hope it helps you out one thing before we go which I should have done start how to get from the airport to the city okay now you can get taxi with that there are stands outside of the terminal there big yellow bright stands you will be asked if you want to taxi inside the terminal they are not registered taxi drivers say no to them go straight out you have to queue go up you can't miss the ticket counters for the taxi their official their brides and people will be queuing up you tell them the address of where you're going they print you our ticket it's assigned to a driver you wait for that driver to pull up give him the ticket he takes you that's if you want to get a taxi if you want to get a bus there is the 200 e and the 100 is there the 180 yeah 208 in the 108 now the 102 E is back ten months sort of thing he came out not long after we got here last year and it's actually a new directive bus route or not new anymore but it is pretty direct it's actually from terminal 2 and where you'll be landing and it takes you directly to deke Frank in the center of the city you can also go off at Astoria as well I think you have to get a special ticket for that Airport bus but that one cost 900 forint which is about just under 3 pounds something like that not sure the exchange rates but it's about to pound 83 pounds if you get the 200 e you have to change buses but you can ride on the single tickets which are 350 my advice if you're heading into the city go outside you can buy the ticket from the driver as soon as you get on 900 forints if you don't have any cash and then the ticket machines we talked about earlier they are also by the buses and you can buy make sure you click Airport ticket it will be 900 foreign and you pay on card if that sink you know you want you've got no cash that is what I want to end it on just a few little tips for the airport that might be helpful yeah my hair really does sum up how everything is going we were just packing all morning we've got to clean the apartment tomorrow we are leaving and hopefully tomorrow we're going to be doing a live stream that the last live stream for a while so if you want to stick around for that then hopefully cannot promise the 99% sure we're going to do one some in the evening before having an early night because we will be leaving Budapest or like 3:00 a.m. that's me that is the state of the nation I hope you enjoyed this if you have any more questions please leave them down below there's no way I could fit absolutely all of my knowledge of Budapest in one video I just saw this might help you I if you think you want to come here which I would 100% recommend that you do yeah give it a thumbs up if you liked it and let me know you thought and subscribe if you're new here and we're going to be going on a journey real soon in less than 48 hours Wow alright I need to finish this video I hope you enjoyed it love you see you I have no idea what I'm seeing you but yeah yeah Facebook Twitter and Instagram that's where I'll

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