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hey Rudy what's going on your roam here along with 2d Austin it's Steve and welcome to an awesome brand-new game in fortnight Battle Royale we decided in the spirit of Halloween that we do one of our favorite things which is play as a superhero so we're gonna be doing the Hulk vs. well people I don't really know that I really have a name the way it works is simple the Hulk gets 200 HP he gets a grappling hook he gets impulse grenades the ability to build and he could sprint around with a pickaxe everyone else doesn't get to sprint doesn't get to build and only gets one blue SMG they also only have one HP the goal is simple the Hulk has to try and take out all the bad people with one HP by pick axing them while everyone else is to try and shoot down the Hulk and stop them alright let's get on into it alright so the first round is here we have the three of us Austin Steve versus 2d the Hulk alright let's do it hello I don't sound very like scary alright go what was it very scary at all I'm okay I don't is that the whole core is that just some Rando guy yelling at us I think oh my god just saw him go to the air I literally just started explosion but I don't see him he's hiding I cannot hit it with the SMG from this distance he's over by her spawn house oh god oh baby he's trying to grab the hook towards me you've got away you go away Hulk come here oh yes I said Hulk smash once and I'm upset he's getting away [Music]

you guys I forgot at first I couldn't spring for those renton no sprinting for us only 2d are you ready really really why I want you guys to give me split up so obviously I don't have to like the promise I like the SMG like him from this this trim trim look over here look look hi hey once I hit on once as well he's gonna eat

okay all right okay okay so much harder than I thought it would be okay I'm almost out lately out of shield is no range and with that sprint like how we're gonna close it up try look the guides you oh let's get it he's on the gas station is on the gas station am i oh no oh no I mean I'm running I'm running all right all right all right oh my gosh this is so much harder than I thought it would be I'm running out of ammo oh my gosh I have one clip left I thought I'd have enough ammo again thank you thank you button all right say together he's right there he's got like no HP left all right spread pray I'll hit up again oh he's definitely one shot definitely one shot um take this come on Holt you got nothing the first one would be was terrible 56 all right we'll be right back with the next round everyone all right so Steve I'll actually drink the choke this time let's do it three two one go go go go everyone on the spooky what's your scary about this place you can see a rather nice-looking area but it's actually haunted oh yeah whoa I don't know they didn't they don't pay me enough for that anyway this is the next this is the next spooky spot if you look good you're right I mean you're left over yeah in the direction you can see that's clearly decorated and haunted materials in one house quite a spider yeah whoa is that a real ghost to the right

that's why what do you mean doesn't have gas turbo gas yeah okay Steve let's talk about the Steve Steve thank you oh no see here the gunshots rattling out drum I found this super secret weapon come to me Joe I'm dead no I know I know no follow me follow me follow me right here right here drew yes hi and look all right okay oh oh he's just died anyways oh you put him down no that would be multi I guess that means on it because I was the first to die that round alright on the Hulk this round let's do it three two one go where will the hold be hiding where will the whole Cree hiding probably at a tree because I'm probably with the Avengers what no no you didn't see me no you are in the room okay so you like that roof

on the roof probably you want and why isn't one of the roofs what no reason you see nothing well are you inside of that tree what tree give me any will you man men okay what's wrong he's above us coming after Steve really think I'm not gonna be able to catch you Steve yeah you're probably right oh you're way too quick come on I know that is yes oh hello Judy is that a rocket launcher duty no dude it is a rocket launcher what I don't have a rocket launcher oh I'm just gonna shoot Oh No this SMG is extremely on accurate yeah you know your day all right you're on that's it I can't take it anymore go home fortress watch the latest movies but yeah it's a comic 139 weary fight song yep potatoes potatoes that's what beats Arthur Thanos potatoes [Music] who's in a cop Steve hi welcome to the drive-through how can I take care of her yes I like three orders of potatoes yes sir coming right up that'll be five dollars in of them's five cents sleeve are you using a shopping cart now oh my gosh Austin come here come look at these come on Steve prices yummy a little bit time out time out don't shoot don't shoot no shirt no shoes no shirt no shoes play this look at these prices from $60 for a cheeseburger what we're cheeseburger what okay what why is it ice cream $8 in a cheeseburger 60 right very good question

$9 french fries because they're very very delicious in has gold flakes of a dump truck hey pal gonna be down in a basement is that a jump in we're getting all these tracks from how did I end up up here I'm upstairs now what oh wait what you launched me through the ceiling I don't know Talon oh this is awkward it's awkward listen let's we can talk about this

oh geez hello I am I'm your favorite superhero Hulk sounds like yeah that's what he sounds like Oh 2d yeah why don't you step into my into my lair hear 2d layers where you know where to find me you know in the Hulk's fortress oh okay yeah yeah what everyone knows is where the whole kinds F no of course you got the Batcave you got Superman's fortress yeah obviously sir makes sense oh hey Trudy hey friend let's settle this once and for all oh my gosh oh my gosh you still chill you're so shields go no no come on I don't realize how unnatural those SMGs are they're like oh man well did you have left 47 oh man I was even close well who's left uh up then to be it is halt alright the last round is here we're Austin's gonna be it Austin but if you're ready wait right there shopping cart and a whole quadrant very reverent okay is that we're playing it I worry that's why okay I'll get us out of your duty oh no I must control the rocket come here boy


you're free


trust me name I miss the rocket

Oh oh my gosh well guys I have an idea chai one final Rance and a little different okay so I want to do it on a bigger map like tilted right but what I won is no aiming down the sights with your SMG it's already a cured enough but now your little guys get up close and personal with the Hulk so no aiming down the sights no sprinting and on a bigger map I want to see if the Hulk will win that all right sounds good to me I'll be the hole that's villa final around alright alright let's go meet back up until two towers and let's give it a try alright so we're ready for the final round I explained the rules on this one it's a little bit different but we're going to take it in in three two one and best of luck my foot it go Wow here comes the Superman landing weight super easy I drew Austin ok ok that's a little bit of damage oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my head oh no 9 without aiming to the sizes nope oh my gosh I actually hit him all the way over there for 7 damage whoa ok was it Steve you want to do some go go go oh alright let's go then we can't leave Austin we got to get him some help ok getting in the car I'm gonna get Carmen lost it Oh down here Austin come on I'm coming where is he where's Austin don't you give me Austin I'll let you live I'll do it how am I supposed to give you Austin don't do it stop shooting at me and let me kill him I'll let you live never also get out of there come on run out of ammo Austin I'm here me okay awesome you gotta find more emails that I have Austin oh oh this is awkward this locker this closet he's down the pit with me are coming I'm Lori on my last clip pasta please watch the place blood hey Austin that was actually a lot of fun that rat I like that better with not aiming down the sights oh yeah that was insane well I think that Center buddy that's all we have time for today but we hope you guys had fun if you never smash that like button be sure subscribe as well and we'll see you all next time with some more awesome for tonight good bye friends



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