Making a Murderer 2- Day Planner Is The Biggest Clue IMO

by: Allie Apperson

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hi guys okay so right now I guess I'm gonna do my little comeback it's been a minute since I've made in a video but I've been having a lot of people ask me what I think about making a murderer too and I guess I just have had a lot to say but I have been leaving comments on Twitter and Facebook and not really seriously thinking of doing a video until people just really started asking me what do I think what do I think what do I think and so something that triggered me a couple of weeks ago whenever it was that Kathleen Zellner did her Twitter Q&A was one of the questions she was asked about was the day planner like something about what does she think about the day planner and how its involved her response is actually what triggered me to seriously consider making a video because I was I was so concerned with her answer that I because I couldn't believe that either she maybe had missed it or she ruled it out and we don't know why or how but it's still a very big issue for me so I wanted to let me just read what she wrote she said she said the day planner is an independent issue from the murder of Miss Halbach it would most likely be connected to moving the rav4 and accessing its contents all of miss Hall bucks paperwork was removed from the rap board before it was found the thing is she's assuming that she's already said that she thinks that Ryan was involved in moving the rav4 back with the police back on to the Avery property she's assuming also that Ryan since he's the one who had possession of the day planner was the one who accessed the rav4 and got the day planner along with all of her other paperwork and personal belongings from their floor but the flaw is that she's assuming that this happened on November 4th when it actually Ryan had possession of the day planner on November 3rd the very first time the police came over to Teresa's house so that's a problem and there is no good reason for him to have that day planner a full day before she has him moving the rav4 unless he knew where it was beforehand on the day that she was reported missing and to me that is something that demands to be explained how did he have that day planner on the same day that she was reported missing if he had nothing to do with it this absolutely needs to be explained this is I'm sure one of the biggest reasons why mrs. eller wants to talk to him along with everything else you know the bruises and all the things that everybody already knows about but this to me is the key this is the biggest piece of evidence the the biggest clue in the case on who was involved in Teresa's Marga or the cover-up before the police were involved so Ryan has some explaining to do and you know I don't everybody knows me I don't normally like to point fingers and say you know this person bla bla bla publicly but this is something that I can't keep being kind about I guess or proper and not not saying this is something that is a huge problem for me it is a probably the biggest issue for me to get over having Ryan as my personal number one suspect i unless he can explain this i cannot you know follow along with where is all ours going now I mean I love her and respect the crap out of her but I can't I can't let go of that until this is answered and so let's talk about a little bit about why this is important because someone I'm just going to assume that it was it was Scott or Ryan it was one of the two of them and I don't know before a fact which one it was but one of them called Steve's Beckman and accused him of having stuff to deal with Teresa's murder disappearance not murder I'm sorry not murder disappearance and they claimed to have known that she was out at his property that they taking pictures so of course we all figured out by now that that obviously was whoever that was calling Steve spec man mistaking him for Steven Avery and the thing that has always stuck in my mind is he had no way at all of knowing that Teresa had been to see Steven Avery the last day that she was seen unless Teresa herself told him that because auto trader didn't know no one knew Teresa didn't even know that she was seeing Steven Avery until she arrived on the property and he came out to greet her so this is a huge red flag to me just explaining how he knew or Scott knew that she had been out to see Steven Avery that day because they couldn't have known that they could not have possibly known that even if they saw the day planner of course we've all looked at that and you can't tell that she had an appointment with him on that day because well she didn't so it's not written down like it was an appointment of hers and she didn't write her Autotrader appointments on the day planner after she had already gotten from auto trader I assume that she's getting the facts from auto trader that tells her where she needs to go and when she you know she sets she calls them and sets up the time that she can be there herself and so that would be where she would keep her auto trader appointments that they send her not on her day planner so seeing that on her day planner just written down

even to someone who knew her probably shouldn't just assume that's an auto trader appointment that that guy named Steve on there is Steven Avery like there's just there's too many holes in that to just jump to that conclusion that's a really really far-out assumption to make that there had to be some way that they knew that she had been to see Steven Avery very specifically Steven Avery not an Avery not at the Avery property Steven Avery on that day so you know that's that's another issue I have with it and it goes along with having possession of the day planner like that's just their hand in hand there are things that need to be answered

let's see the police I'm sorry I forgot this the police also didn't have that information there goes the focus the police also didn't have the information so Teresa didn't know before she arrived Autotrader didn't know because the appointment was under be yet yonder and the police did not know that they didn't know that until they had gone out too until Colburn had gone out to see Stephen Avery later that night and found out that he was the one who she saw that day so the police didn't even know that until later that night so it's so so Ryan's got this information he's calling Steve spec man or Scott is calling Steve spectra and accusing him of things before they should have had this knowledge before they could have had this knowledge that she had seen him and there is only one explanation for both of these things being true both having physical possession of the day planner and having the information that she had seen Steven Avery specifically that day was if they had seen her that day and if you go back and look at the missing person report when Karen calls it in to report Teresa missing she says that she you know and it's written down in the police notes that she was last seen at home on Monday that is what it says [Music] you do with that what you will I mean was that Ryan that's all her there was that Scot that saw her there who gave I know that Scot is the one that gave them this information but what's got the one that saw her or did Scot get that information from Ryan because he saw her and they just didn't click that she didn't make it home supposedly all of this is is huge clues to me because it shows that she did make it home or she met up with somebody before she got home but I I think it's more likely that she actually made it all the way home and so there are only two scenarios that I can think of in my head that explain this one is she either made it all the way home after her all of her appointments were finished she made it home and someone was there and that someone made her here and as they were gathering her things that she had probably brought inside or possibly brought inside before they arrived or before the fighting started or whatever happened either this day planner page was missed and not picked up to take along with her and her belongings to get rid of them so the appearance is there that she didn't make it home or it was intentionally left behind because they still they had this specific knowledge that she had seen Steven Avery that day and they assumed that this day planner would tie them together so it was purposely left behind one or the other or she did not make it home and this person still had this knowledge and as they were going through her belongings they saw this and then again assumed that it tied her to Steven Avery specifically so it was taken back to her house and I hate to say it like this but the guilt errs they they like to say that Theresa printed out like this is actually what they believe here that Theresa printed out like she took the time to print out that day planner page write some notes on it and either left it at home for some really unexplainable silly reason or she brought it back home and left it there like why would you why would you do that why would she take the time to print out the page she clearly chose to print out that page so that she could write appointments when she would get a call to set up appointments and things like that she preferred to like physically write it down rather than enter it in her Palm Pilot I don't know why she just apparently did we no one can argue that because that is what she did whether she was sitting at home or she was out on the road she chose to physically write it on the day planner page and you know I don't know why that's even an argument because we can see that she did that and you know let's see what else do I have

the thing is that I'm gonna try to wrap this up now because I think I've made my point but but the biggest thing is is that Stephen and Brendon the biggest thing with this day planner is that it shows the Stephen and Bernie could not have been involved because neither of them would have either been inside her home to drop off the day planner to make it appear that she had made it made it home or and I think I just totally said that wrong

but what I'm trying to say is Tracy either made it home that day or she did not make it home and someone brought that day planner page back to her house okay those the only two ways that that day planner page could have gotten there there's no other way that I can think of at all so but both of those options mean that someone had knowledge that she had seen Steven Avery they had access to her house where they could come and go either while she was alive or after she was dead and both of those things ruled out Stephen and Brendan like obviously we all know Brendan didn't drive so he he could not have been the one Stephen didn't leave that day and I think I think that's pretty well known so both of these things rule out Brenden and Stephen so I am not sure why this is not considered to be way more important than than I see being talked about like seriously to me like I said it is the biggest clue in the case and it is the biggest audience or question which way was it explained everything surrounding this day planner and until that can be done I cannot let go of it and so thank you miss Donna for the the tweet Q&A that brought me back out to make a video because you know I couldn't help it I I have emailed her investigator Kirby Jim Kirby with this and I have sent a copy of that email to Steve Dresden to Ken Kratz to michael grease back to gosh at least one or two of my personal friends just to see what do you think like am I missing something here or or are they missing something here and so far no one has been been able to to tell me that I'm wrong so someone if you have any ideas please let me know because I'm not seeing it whatever it is I'm just I'm not saying it so anyway thank you for watching and hopefully I'll make more videos I don't I'm not sure yet we'll see I think I might but

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Let's talk about the day planner! Something I forgot to mention was that Scott/Ryan called Steve Speckman on Nov. 3rd BEFORE the police arrived, and BEFORE Colburn went to the Avery property. Something else I kind of misspoke on was that Colborn went to see Steven Avery, he went to see B. Janda, but ran into Steven first and learned at that time that he was the one who actually saw her that day.
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