Chris Chan Breaks the Law, Says the Merge is TODAY

by: GiBi

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are you guys ready for the absolutely most insane week ever because this has been pretty great so this last week included Christmas and it included quite a lot of dimensional merge updates and I just I'm just gonna get started okay so Chris begins on a this a Christmas tweet he says firstly I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas I did and I was able to enjoy opening presents with magic Chan Rahzel Silvana mu-2 Patty and our Raichu it was very lovely so when Chris says our write you I don't know if that means that he has caught a write you or if he and one of his Summa Jews has had a baby right you either way it is quite disturbing he continues the dimension merge is still in progress with its final steps before the apex the psychic and soulful links and events I have been having are becoming more frequent and so I do know and all of the other deities have been working very hard together with me as part of the group Chris you're insane and I hate you also I met Arceus that's the use the God in Pokemon in Pokemon there's literally a Pokemon who is the god of that universe and there's there's been a debate in the fandom about the pronunciation of his name because originally it was Arceus but the beginning of that word is a curse word in British so they changed it to Arceus so Chris says I met Arceus he prefers the pronunciation Arceus and he's a very good Pokemon and deity to work with and be friends with - I met God and he's a good dog he's a good boy anyway for a while longer I urge everyone this world to find your true site so you can at least see the OCS yours and everyone else's branded and fan that are local to you wherever you are here in 1218 earth branded and fan what on earth is he saying everyone's mutual wish and destiny to find meet and hang out with all of the OC individuals shall come true any moment now keep the faith and pray to us day at ease he used to just say like pray you know pray to the CPUs and keep the faith that was saying pray to us deities pray to me if you want like he's he's gone full believing that he is a God and that's just not that doesn't sit well with me there's another small story he's asking for there's a game called StarLink I think it's Ubisoft and it came out across all consoles but the Nintendo version has some starpha starfox exclusive content and he's asking that the starfox content be available on the PlayStation 4 which is absolutely never gonna happen so I'm just gonna totally ignore that so here comes the true absolute insanity Kris tweeted out he used something called believe it was either tweet deck or tweet longer but either way it's a it's something you can use to write a tweet that's over the maximum amount of character limits now Chris sent out a tweet that was apparently from magic Chan about the dimensional merge and I'm gonna read the whole thing to you and then we're gonna have to break it down because it is there's there's a lot of parts to it and he has since deleted it so here's how here's how it begins hello everyone it is I Magic chanson at you I read the password for this account from Chris's mind as you all know the merge will be happening soon I currently have Lucas my host body in a trance so they won't remember typing this out the final stage of the merge will involve everyone in our universe disconnecting from your universe we will go silent we must hibernate to tug the universes together I have really enjoyed my time in your universe I want to give thanks to my host body in your world Lucas and then he says Lucas's last name and then he says legal name and he says a the full name Lucas is just like a screen name that's how first middle and last name of this other person and he continues I want everyone to know what a gracious host they were Lucas and Christine and I and some of our friends had lots of fun hanging out with Christine and snow looking weed we used to do it in their old house but she just moved to a new house at and then quote-unquote magic Chan gives out Chris's address like full address including zip code and street address he continues I'm sad I won't be able to smoke weed there until after the merge if you want to give Lucas a call to let her know how cool she is she'd really appreciate it her number is and then he gives out her full phone number and then he says the name of her mother her mother her name her first name raised a brilliant young person her mother is also very progressive I mean who would have the courage to let their child spend their time smoking weed with someone like Christine who is nearly twice their age a really brave mother that's who Lucas is a really cool person if you want to end up as brilliant as Lucas you should also spend a lot of time opening your minds by role-playing and smoking weed with cool people like Christine anywho praise be for my glorious host decide here's how the merge will go down before we get to how the merger will go down we need we really need to talk about that he legitimately just docks this person now I don't know much about Lucas but this is obviously someone who you know hangs out with Chris either IRL or online but magic quote-unquote magic Jan just I'm assuming without her permission just gave out this person's address phone number full legal name and mother's name like Chris type that out Chris just docs to this person like that is actually illegal and Chris just did it under the guise of Oh magic Chan is connecting to our universe via a psychic link that's not okay and so when I say things like Chris hurts real people or Chris as a bully this is the kind of stuff I'm talking about and obviously I didn't read any of that information because I don't want to spread it it's it's ridiculous it's completely rude and then like like I don't know why I just sort of assumed that Chris wouldn't be the kind of person to smoke weed but apparently he does and apparently he like who's his Lucas person that he'd go around smoking weed with and then there's just this one line you know you know who's what kind of mother would let their daughter smoke weed with someone twice their age if Chris is like 38 then that makes this person in their early 20s like Chris is hanging around with in early 20s or late teens girl smoking weed that is also not okay so just I that's it's just so bad but I'm gonna continue because now he's gonna talk about the the totally cuckoo crazy part of the dimensional merge magic an continues anywho praise be for my gracious hosts aside here's how the merge will go down everyone will disconnect from Earth 1218 for a small period of time so it's our earth so that means that all humans alter quote-unquote real people will no wait that to them yes so everyone from their planet will disconnect from our planet for a small period of time we will hibernate by the end of 2018 our universes will be merged so he's predicting a new date for the apex of the merge the full merger and it will be before the end of 2018 so that gives us a solid like today he continues because of time dilation it will take a little bit longer in Earth 12-8 I guess we are 1218 whatever it'll take a little bit longer in Earth 1218 by your human calendar in that universe the merge should be complete by the end of 2013 8 20 18 here 22:38 in you know our universe the real one so what he's saying is that in 20 short years you should start seeing manifestations of what your people so cynically call fictional characters you might literally your pants your panties what didn't even say panties panties oh my god you might literally your panties when you see Bugs Bunny in real life but be polite he looks a little rough makeup on television can work wonders goodbye for now as Chris Chris we'll go into more detail explain miss Leigh but what he's basically saying is that the dimensional merge will happen before the end of 2018 which is obviously quite soon and by the time you see this video it's probably past new years but we will be hibernating we will be asleep for the 20 years that it will actually take for this merge to happen because of time dilation which is whatever I'm not gonna go into why this doesn't make any sense so that was apparently magic and controlling Lucas's body and mind reading the password to Chris's Twitter account to type all that on to Chris's Twitter account so in reality Chris literally wrote all that himself doxed his own friend and is now pretending that he didn't write it because he's insane now here's the thing it might not actually have been Chris after all see chris has been being egged on about this whole dimensional merge thing from a group of trolls and so I can see the possibility of one person in that group perhaps it would it might be Lucas herself I'm not sure if she's involved actually hacking into Chris's account and pretending to be magic Chan which is why quote-unquote magic Chan would use such language as you know insulting Chris and saying that it's weird that a mother would let a daughter hang out with Chris and stuff like that because that doesn't really sound like something that the actual Chris would say I don't think that chris has the self-awareness to make jokes about himself like that so we must entertain the possibility that this actually was written by someone who's not Chris and that the entire thing is an elaborate troll I'm not sure if that's the most likely option I still think the most likely option is that Chris did write it in himself and it's just delusional I have an entire other video about how I think Chris has created a Tulpa which is basically a partition in his brain a separate personality kind of like schizophrenia so we're not entirely sure but either of those as possible and we can't just be 100% certain that this is Chris acting of his own accord so later in the day Chris got his own twitter account back and now he starts posting as himself he says okay well everyone my hubby has spoken and I am just as shocked as all of you reading that despite the daxing I had told him not to do that before with his previous daxing tweet oh right this isn't even the first time quote-unquote magic chance Doc's someone before Todd chris is the worst he says everyone enjoy your waking days as the apex of the merge is going to happen make every day count do good for others and everyone else around you I have been enjoying my days as well as possible and being kind to others as I am in my true nature StarLink without the Arwen what oh he played to start last name in the game I was talking about before this is total tangent StarLink without the arwing has been fun too with the cells easiest completed collection since skylanders spyros adventure - the model who cares he continues about the merge final thought for now be kind to everyone and pray to us stay at ease the CPUs God aka Emmanuel Jesus Buddha and all who else thank you all God is not Emmanuel Jesus is Emmanuel Christian stupid the top comment is I missed the trolls now Chris is one so yeah we are all gonna sleep for 20 years and he clarifies this is another tweet again even more later in the day he says let me clarify well the millions of all of you will be hider Nate hi donating hibernating for 20 years I won't be I have my destiny to uphold in the completed dimension along with the few who are destined to follow me and help out my teammates and I will be immediately in the completed dimension transported there safe and sound without missing a beat at all I am concerned about all of you who aren't making the immediate jump with us rest assured though my fellow deities nya will make positive all of you and everything will be safe and sound and able to pick up where y'all left off right before the apex of the merge so know that I and the select few will hold the forward of everything here into the completed one c21 1 9 8 7 dimension so I guess that's the name of the full thing he mixed them together he G jumbled both names of the dimensions together it's not even one and then the other that's crazy so again Chris is confirming that uh I guess because he didn't deny it he's confirming that he smoked weed with Lucas he did that he did delete the docs which is nice but God he's just insufferable and then we have this amazing tweet it's uh it's frowny frowny emoji face worried looking emoji face single tear emoji face and three bawling their eyes out crying emoji emoji faces and he says I have to remain strong for all of you that's because obviously he's gonna be a pioneer and usher in us share us all into the other dimension before the end of 2018 Chris and other people a couple other people are going to be transferred into the other dimension where they will live for twenty years before the rest of our universe merges with them but because we will be hibernating it won't actually feel like any time has passed for us and thus by the end of 2018 in our relative time we should have merged with their dimension so no matter what before New Year's we should be in the other dimension and yeah we we don't have long to wait to see how Chris is gonna react to absolutely none of that happening so I don't know if you saw this video because it wasn't a weekly update for Chris but I made a video about how there's another crazy man absurd man just like Chris who created something called temple OS and he believed that it was the Third Temple as prophesized and that it would bring about that its completion would bring about the end days and that he was a prophet and he could speak to God through this computer program that he made and he based the computer program on the Commodore 64 and he believed that the Commodore 64 was the ancestral land of all mankind and Christian believes that he is the physical manifestation of the goddess of the Commodore 64 he believes that all video game consoles have deities associated with them and that he personally is the goddess of the commodore 64 and so i made a video about how this is a crazy coincidence and want to know what it all means well to add to that story a news article just came out because we're getting in the vein of the NES classic and the SNES classic we're getting a full-size commodore 64 in 2019 and chris tweeted out totally awesome a bunch of emojis good news even close to the merge it's still good news so with all this weird Commodore 64 stuff he was announced right before the date of the merge that they're releasing a Commodore 64 retro console and that just adds to the strangeness and I don't know maybe the merge is gonna happen guys so that's the end of the updates this week but before I ended the video I wanted to make three corrections to some of my recent videos in my video about the history of Christian I mentioned his My Coke Rewards account and I said in that video that he has so many points that his account was suspended and that is actually not the true story what actually happened is he had so many points that he could buy the most expensive item on the website multiple times over and yet he did not spend them even as the website was about to close down so he could easily have made quite a lot of money or at least in gift cards by spending his points on my Coke Rewards and yet he didn't take advantage of it before the site closed down and so that's not exactly the same thing I still think it's quite funny but I did get that wrong in my video the other thing I want to correct myself about and this is just totally my fault it's an error that I made because of my personal opinions on what this channel should be is I said in a video that Chris's father was a registered Democrat and that is because I never want to talk about politics on this channel unless it is directly related to the core of what a video is about I never want to talk about politics and I hate when other people do especially youtubers and celeb Bertie's so in that video i used the word conservative to describe Chris's parents and I meant conservative in the English definition of the word meaning overly cautious especially about updating with the times not in the political sense and so to explain that I didn't mean in the political sense I said you know they're conservative in their personality types but not politically politically they're Democrats and the reason that I thought that they were Democrats is because Chris is Chris supported Hillary in the most recent election and Chris supported Obama both in 2012 and 2008 especially back in 2008 which was only around the beginning of the time that Chris was getting popular online I didn't think that he had the mental capacity to make his own informed political decisions so I thought that if he supported Obama it must be because his father was a blue-collar Democrat who instilled these political values in him but it turns out that that's wrong it turns out his father is a Republican and it turns out that Chris decided to support Obama because he thought that the racism that Obama faced was just like the the problems that he himself was facing for being autistic and so that's why he liked Obama and he felt he could not relate with John McCain because he said he didn't know that he could relate to someone who was a war hero this is all direct quotes from him that you can find on the quick a PDF so again I made a mistake about that I'm sorry the third mistake I made was also in the history of Christian the absurds video I talked about the guitar battle that he had with liquid Chris I said that Chris's guitar was unplugged and that he sang it was not a singing competition it was just a guitar playing competition so there was no singing and the reason that I thought the guitar was unplugged is because there's no sound in the video I've seen a couple videos discussing this topic and there's no sound but the reason that there's no sound in the videos that people post on YouTube is because he's playing on Guitar Hero and so the music that you would be hearing is copyrighted so people like make it silent in their own videos so I I watched the videos and I thought the literally just clicking the buttons on the guitar hero guitar and not making any noise but that's not true he was actually playing with the TV on in front of him you just can't see it on camera so those are three mistakes I made in the past and people pointed them out to me in the comments and I just wanted to make it clear in this video now going forward if I make mistakes like this I probably will address them in future videos just like I'm doing right now at the end so if I do make a mistake please inform me in the comments or inform me on Twitter you can follow me at a GI bi underscored Evan which is spelled the e vo n and I'm over there talking about Christian and talking about other stuff I will have more videos this week that are not about Christian so if you're

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