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okay I am ready to make this meal plan but you guys are coming along with me [Music] hey guys my name is Vanessa and every Saturday I share my grocery haul and meal plan for my family of six so now this week is a little bit different every now and then I have broken apart the grocery haul from the meal plan which I am doing this week so this is just me creating my meal plan but I wanted to show you guys this month I have gone not over a budget but I have spent more than I typically have and I was wondering why and I finally figured it out it's because we're not eating out we're actually eating what I buy which is amazing so I wanted to show you guys the past three hauls that I have done for the month of October so far have been a little more than what I was doing but I still don't have a lot of food in my kitchen which is a good thing and I wanted to show you guys that so I am going to create my meal plan with you guys I kind of have my setup here and side note my son is home you guys might hear the TV on he is pretty sick today so I'm not gonna have him turn the TV off or anything like that he is chillin on the couch you guys might hear that in the background but when I create my meal plan I do a couple different things I look at my this is my youtube calendar for the upcoming month just to see and make sure that I'm putting things that I want to make for you guys on here and it's not like a last-minute decision and then I also wanted to share we've gotten a lot of questions and comments about the cookbook so I wanted to give you guys kind of like a sneak peek so there are 60 recipes in here we still are accepting pre-orders we are stopping on Monday the 29th that is the last day to get your pre-order in but I wanted to show you guys there are 60 recipes in here and we did we have like a beach themed menu where we cook together when all three of us got together over the summer and then it's broken apart into us as individual youtubers so I wanted to go ahead and show you guys my the start of my recipes here so you know kind of just have our YouTube banners some information and our icon or our channel picture that we have and then we've just got all of our recipes in here so really excited to share this with you guys if you are not interested in pre-ordering we have all of our information that we shared in a video I'll have that linked up above I always forget which side it goes on but I'll also have it in the description and if you guys want to check that out just to get more info but it will be for sale on Amazon on Monday as well but I will come back on Monday and share that on all of my social media and my community tab there won't be a video or anything like that but I wanted to go ahead and show you guys my little portion but I am going to be making here's another thing something that we made together at the beach for breakfast this week so that's why it that is out and I wanted to go ahead and show you guys just a little sneak peek so you kind of know what you're getting for what you're paying but it is pretty thick there's lots of good yummy recipes in there so I am meal planning for kind of the end of October beginning of November so October 28th to November 3rd I always start on a Sunday and go to Saturday I do have two things non-food items written down already some idol I ran out of that this past month and that is a must I'm telling you maybe this is TMI I don't know but you guys let me know after you have kids it's just worse I don't know I've definitely feel it a lot more than I used to and then spot shot because again my son is sick and we do have carpet upstairs and he did not make it to the bathroom in time and I realized I don't have any so I do need to get to the store really quick and so I can just really get that cleaned up but hopefully this is just kind of like a 24-hour stomach bug so those are the two non-food items I have written down so far and when I am meal planning what I do is I write down things that I know I'm going to be buying every week so for instance I know and I'm going to show you guys my frigerator in my freezer and my pantry but I always buy to milk so I need to get that and I know I am out of eggs so I'm going to get some eggs and then normally I'd buy orange juice so typically I would write worn shoe stones but let's go into my refrigerator and I'm going to show you guys kind of what I am starting out with so here is my fridge freezer combo I no longer have a freezer outside in the garage it was pretty old and it just died on us so this is all I have what we're working with so you guys can see here this is our filtered water this is all the milk we have left so we do go through two in one week typically we run out of milk early like on Wednesday or Thursday but we have not been drinking as much we've just all been kind of under the weather not necessarily sick just my son is the one who has actually gotten sick but we've all kind of been under the weather same reason why we have not been drinking a lot of orange juice lately or my kids I don't really drink orange juice I drink water and coffee and that's it but we've got plenty of orange juice so I don't need to buy any that's for dinner tonight I've got a lot of guacamole cups there that we need to use I'm pretty sure this is almost out so I might need to get another one of these let's see if I can open this with one hand probably not yeah that is almost empty so I need to write tub butter no that's what I call that I mean cuz that's what it is but that's what I'm gonna write on we've got a few leftovers but those are gonna be eaten at the end of the week I do need to plan some stuff for lunch I'm gonna make one of my quiches for breakfast plus I still have some yogurt so breakfast is gonna be covered but we did eat a lot of our lunch stuff so I don't have a lot of cheese left there's no American cheese slices in here which my son likes first thing which is there's just the white American cheese which my daughter prefers I still have some pepperoni for some homemade Lunchables so that's good so I need to write down string cheese butter I need to plan lunches I still have quite a few actually we're about to eat these up we're gonna be using these in a recipe but I do not need to buy any cucumber I need some fruit though we have no fruit so fruit butter cheese sticks I need to write that on my list lots of string cheese I have not eaten any yogurt this week at all and I bought all that yogurt so I need to double check on these dates I'm pretty sure I got them all for like November but I just need a double check just like I said my stomach has been a little upset this past week so I haven't been eating a whole lot and then all of our condiments are good I had to go get some creamer already although it's almost gone alright I feel like my oldest daughter is using way too much creamer so I'm gonna have to get more I went midweek and got some more creamer along with some non-food items so I'm not even putting that in my grocery budget but anyway alright I'm gonna write down the things that I know I'm out of it you guys can see that it's pretty bare in my fridge or at least I think that's fair so let me write those things down and then we will look in the freezer okay so for now I just added the butter the string cheese and then some fruit options grapes and strawberries I buy strawberries every single week grapes not all the time but I wanted to go ahead and add those two fruits down so now we will go into the freezer which is fairly like typically like I said we normally have a chest freezer in the garage and this one but the chest freezer broke so we moved everything into here and you can I mean I feel like this is not a whole lot either so let's see over here I've got just some tomato paste for a recipe if I need it I've got these sausage links I'm pretty sure I picked these up from the Dollar Tree a while ago my daughter's ice cream we've got some green beans I am am I using these I bought these first oh no I got these free at h-e-b with that purchase so I definitely have this as like a side or something this week for meals I've got a few different things of bread so I don't need a Bry bread for sandwiches this week let's see I've got some little slider things that I could turn into a meal or actually I'm going to use these in the kids lunch boxes for sandwiches again some ice cream that my daughter has this is one of my daughter's things oh my gosh you guys my mom we ate dinner at her house this past week or I made dinner over there and she sent ma she sent us home with this ice cream it is so good it's dangerous though they don't buy it because you will eat the whole thing she sent us home with two and one of them is gone and this one still has some in it but it's salted caramel truffle it is only available to h-e-b so if you guys have an HTV if you're in Texas and you have one close enough swoon by h-e-b so good so it's salted caramel ice cream and then it's caramel filled truffles and caramel swirls like you have to love caramel though because this straight-up tastes like caramel the ice cream itself but the little these little truffles that's exactly what's in it just these little itty bitty squares of chocolate that has caramel inside it oh it's so good okay so good so I definitely do not put that on my list though because I don't need any more it was just too good alright so I've got some veggies in here I've got peas I've got some chicken I have not even tried these frozen grapes Jack put these in the freezer so long ago I need to try these let's move these so I can see I've got some corn so I've got plenty of things for like sides but I don't have any other meat in here at all I'm out of meat I've got broccoli I've got plenty of breakfast items there's waffle still in here the pumpkin spice bread I had to put it in the freezer because the date has already expired and I don't want it to go bad so I am when I want this what I do for bread like this is I take it out the night before like one or two pieces and then that's what I have for breakfast the next day just to keep it fresh and it doesn't go bad I've got chicken nuggets enough chicken nuggets in there and then there's some other breakfast stuff back there so like I said we're always pretty well stocked on breakfast items I've got some turkey sausage more breakfast items alright so not a lot of like dinner things so I'm gonna go ahead and think of what I want to make with the sides and then go ahead and get those meals on my meal plan once I get those on my meal plan I will feel fill out anything else I'll go ahead and show you guys I have a can cabinet here as well that is actually my dad and my husband built specifically to fit right next to the frigerator so I've got some beans I've got a cream of chicken and I'm actually using one of these tonight so I've got one black olive which I could just like throw in a salad or something so that's my can cabinet and my pantry is over here this is kind of just a snack drawer so I kind of just don't buy anything new for this unless one it comes from the Dollar Tree or two this is completely empty but this is kind of just the grown-up snack drawer I don't know that's kind of what we call it so again plenty of breakfast I haven't even had any of this oatmeal that I bought last week these cereals are all kind of low so I might actually no I'm not gonna pick up one more because there's plenty of Captain Crunch yeah so I'm not picking up any cereal this week cooking these tonight so these are about to be gone I've got some rice I've got some pinto beans I've got some noodles there what is that boat I know that's shells so that's Michelle noodles I never use these rice kits I've got those which actually I might use one of those tonight - we're having baked chicken with sweet potatoes and I guess rice I've got some Thrive stuff so really I kind of I'm hanging on to that in case we really just need it if we're really really like if we go over budget or something I like to have that stuff on hand so I know it's in the house and I can cook with that so I don't really meal plan with that just yet so that is that cabinet and then this one's more geared towards the kids so this is their snack then and this is what they pick from every day after school so they either have a little package of gummies because by the time they get home I'm starting dinner so I want them to have something small so they either have one of these in the car on the way home or a granola bar and they are not fans of actually they like this one but there not fans of these from brand list so I actually need to move these over into like the grown-up snack drawer so my oldest daughter sees them and they're not fans of these breakfast flats which I bought a while ago because they were on ibotta so I'm gonna move these over to so I need to get them some granola bars like the Z bars those are other absolute favorite and they love anything by this nature Valley branch so I definitely need to add that to my list but no gummies we've got plenty of gummies here actually do we have more gummies down here no just juice boxes this is kind of my like extra stuff so I've already got another thing I'll catch up which I know we're almost out of the one in the fridge I know you guys can't see that it's so dark there's a Nutella back there so and we've got plenty of juice boxes so we don't need any of that all right and then here is kind of snacks and lunches and as you can see this is pretty bear also I picked these up from the Dollar Tree so I've got some of these actually so I'm set I can use these for after-school snacks now I'm still gonna pick up some granola bars just to have them so I'm gonna get one thing a granola bars adding that to my list I've got plenty of crackers but these are all I don't have any saltines and I need to get some of those for my son because like I said he is sick today I've got a couple writs but I'm gonna get some saltines and I'm gonna get some ginger ale also just to ease his tummy a little bit my daughter still has some of her noodle things that she likes to eat for lunch we've got two things in mac and cheese so that's fine let me feel these peanut butters these peanut butters are fine I need to bring the Nutella up here because that's where that's it so yeah I definitely feel like I need more lunch items for the kids so I need to go through and decide what the kids are gonna have for lunch this week what the adults are gonna have for lunch this week add some granola bars to the grocery list and go from there so that is everything and if you guys see messes behind me my house is trashed right now for it like lots of dishes in the sink I am in the middle of filming another thing but I realize didn't have any eggs that I need an egg so I was like okay you know what we're gonna do real quick we're gonna go this door so I can get everything and today is just a filming day for sure like in the kitchen all day long but so I need to add the granola bars to my list so we're gonna do that I'm gonna add granola bars cuz I know I need that and this is what I like to do first I like to add everything that I know I'm out of or that I know I want to add and then I go through like my recipe books my Pinterest board or anything that I know I'm making so I'm making some frugal dinners because I do want to try to keep my grocery bill as low as possible even though I know I need a few things so I'm gonna do that and that's actually I'm gonna be filming that for you guys some frugal dinner ideas so I'm gonna add my dinners on to my meal plan as I come up with them using my Pinterest and my cookbook and my my little list of videos that I would like to create for you guys so I'm gonna do that and then show you what I come up with and then I need to get to the grocery store okay you guys so I almost forgot that I am actually going out of town so before honey started writing down the dinners I was like you know what I need to plan everything else first because I like to keep it nice and simple for my husband when I am out of town I'm actually going to Savannah Georgia I'm really excited I'm getting back together with the girls Whitney and Madison oh and this is the back of the cookbook by the way there's still a typo on the front so I don't want to show you guys of the front at least on my copy once it's already fixed online but and it will be correct on Monday but my like not for resale proof copy is still messed up so this is the back and Kira and Nicole just in case you guys don't know this is who I created the cookbook with but anyway so I have added some more stuff to my grocery list it's actually a little longer than I was hoping for but again we're not eating out so that kind of you know is it's definitely cheaper for us in the long run so what I did was I went ahead and wrote down wrote a note saying that my husband and I are gonna have quiche and yogurt all week for breakfast I'm just gonna make one quiche and that will feed us all week and then for lunch we're gonna have a chicken salad for lunch all week as well just so I only have to make one thing and I'll probably prep this on Sunday and because I am actually not here Friday so I'm gone all day Friday all day Saturday and I get back super late on Sunday so actually next week speaking of that next week the grocery haul and meal plan is not going to go out until Monday it's not gonna go out on Saturday because I'm not gonna be here and I don't I don't know maybe I'll put it up on Saturday if I go to the grocery store Thursday we'll just see I don't like buying my stuff super early because that means there's no guarantee that my stuff is still gonna be fresh by the end of next week if you guys get what I'm saying anyway so I went ahead and planned that wrote down what I needed for those things and then I went ahead and planned the kids lunches so I'll go ahead and share that with you guys on Monday I'm going to make them turkey and cheese sliders using those slider buns in my freezer they're just gonna have grapes cucumbers and a snack I do not like packing them a whole ton of stuff for lunch because they always come home with something they never eat all of it so usually in the past I had given them like five different things and this the last couple weeks I'm only giving them four and giving them their main like lunch thing a fruit a vegetable and then a little snack along with their water bottle and that's been good they've been coming home with barely anything they've had more time to eat all of it so that's what's been working for my family so that's what they're having Monday Tuesday this is like the third time that their field trip has been rescheduled because of the weather it just will not stop raining it's ridiculous so this is the third week that I've purchased Lunchables like midweek but this time I can go ahead and get them on Saturday so anyway they're having a field trip on Tuesday so I just buy store Lunchables I rarely ever buy these mainly it's just for like a like a surprise for them or a field trip because they're just easy to pack and everything is they can throw it away their show anyway that's what we're gonna do for Tuesday and then Wednesday is actually Halloween so I am going to theme their lunch I'll probably take a picture and share it on Instagram if you guys want to see how that turns out I'll be vlogging this as well so if you guys aren't following me on Instagram I always have that in the description I also have a vlog channel if you guys did not know and that is in the description as well kind of like just you know my day my day my daily vlog of me at home so I will be vlogging Halloween and I'll show that on both and then Thursday we're just gonna do peanut butter and jelly the kids love that with strawberries cucumber and snack and Friday I have been letting them eat once a week at the school so they'll get a lunch from the cafeteria so I've got my you know breakfast I don't plan breakfast for the kids oh dang I almost forgot that you guys you've been following me for any amount of time you know that my daughter loves the mmm yogurt so I need to add that I almost forgot that anyway so breakfast the kids pick every single morning is different I don't plan it because we wake up at different times I'm just not a morning person so it's really up to the kids during the week on breakfast and then I plan on the weekend we have a little bit more of a filling breakfast but during the school week it is super fast like yogurt cereal a waffle that kind of thing anyway so breakfast for the kids I never really pre-planned but that's their lunches and now I am going to go through my Pinterest I have a lot of different boards actually need to clean it up it's really messy if you guys are like really organized in your Pinterest game on your Pinterest boards let me know how you do that because I feel like I have so many and they're like all over the place so anyway if you guys want to follow me this is kind of where I get some of my inspiration um I always change recipes that I find online just to make them my own and because the way that they're shared my family doesn't like everything that's in that so I always just change it but this is Pinterest is definitely the number one spot that I get my inspiration from so I'm gonna go through my Pinterest find some frugal meals since my list is already long just from what I've planned so far and get my dinners planned out I'm going to be super frugal beginning of the week and then the end of the week is going to be whatever is super easy for my husband to make having you know the four kids at home by himself okay guys it has been a total of about right around our just to give you guys kind of a how long it takes me to create a meal plan and sometimes it's different it really just depends on how much I'm starting out with and how long it takes me to come up with meals and that kind of thing so I am all done I've got my grocery list it's actually two of this or one front and back almost completely and last thing that I do to add to my grocery list which you guys will see in the next video of my grocery haul coming out the same day right after this one is just check I bought us so that's a lot of thing I'm going to do but I won't show you guys because you'll see if I pick up anything from my bottle I'll show you guys in my grocery haul so I've got my list front and back quite a few things I tried to stay I don't know but like I said this is fine with me spending more on groceries because I'm not eating out also you guys will see in the grocery haul as well my oldest daughter Paige she is 14 she is not eating me right now she told us that she is going to try out you know just she wants to be a vegetarian so more power to her for that but that means that some of the stuff she has to make on her own and I have to pick up extra stuff because the rest of us like our meat so I don't want to completely go meatless I just need to pick up some options for her so anyway this is going to be the meal plan for this week and this is my last weekly sheet out of my carry Elle meal planner I get a lot of questions about my meal planner I will have her website down below I'm not an affiliate or anything like that and I actually just ordered a new one off of Amazon because there's just a lot of pieces I love how beautiful is I love the weekly menu how big these boxes are because if I did want to separate if I wanted to have breakfast lunch and dinner these boxes are big enough for me to fit all three of those in here I love the grocery list that tears off however there's just a lot of this book that I don't use I don't use the resources inventory I don't really use the gather sheets that much I mean I've used them a couple but like this whole section is still not used I don't use the notes just because I have a ton of notebooks so in I ordered a new one off of Amazon that is more I'm gonna try out and see if I like that one so you guys will see that next week my new one but anyway I keep getting off-topic well not really off-topic but this is what I am feeding my family of six for this week so Sunday we are going to have Brynner because I'm going to be doing some meal prepping and that is just going to be super easy to whip up to have and we have a ton of like sausages in the freezer and things like that so we're gonna have burner which is breakfast for dinner Monday we're gonna have a homemade Hamburger Helper with that corn that I found in the freezer and then I have a little can or whatever that's called of sweet Hawaiian rolls in my refrigerator so that's what we're gonna have on Monday Tuesday we're gonna have chicken and dumplings with a bag salad I'm just gonna buy a bag salad it makes it super easy Wednesday we're gonna have fried rice and egg rolls I have everything on hand for fried rice so I do not have to buy anything I'm just gonna pick up egg rolls just to bulk up the meal a little bit Thursday we are going to have leftovers I feel like there's gonna be quite a few leftovers available so we'll clean out the fridge on Thursday because if I do go to the grocery store before I leave on my trip it needs to be Thursday so I don't want to have a ton of stuff in the frigerator or have to cook something that night because like I said meal planning takes a little bit time plus I have to go the grocery store and all of that so leftovers on Thursday Friday I am not going to be here I am leaving at the crack of dawn in the morning so my husband is all on his own Friday Saturday and then I don't get back until super late like midnight on Sunday so I'm just gonna pick up some pizzas for them to have again the kids are gonna eat lunch at school so he doesn't have to worry about packing them a lunch on Saturday we have that mac and cheese that he can make for lunch we have chicken nuggets so he's set and then I'm just gonna pick up some corn dogs and french fries he can make it super easy we have stuff or I will have stuff and picking up some American cheese so he can make grilled cheese I mean it's really just anything super easy with french fries for dinner on Saturday and then all meal plan on Sunday also I should just add this here so he sees it but Sunday the same thing he's got grilled cheese chicken nuggets I'm gonna pick up the corn dogs all that good stuff and nice and easy for him while I am gone but that's what I have come up with for this week like I said to finish out my grocery list I am going to look on ibotta just to see if there's something already on here that maybe I'll look at the brand specific based off of what the rebate is or if there's anything extra that I just want to go ahead and pick up for the coming weeks or for snacks I have quite a few different like snacks written down here and if I get a rebate on a specific one that I'm gonna go ahead and get that one all right guys so that is how I came up with my meal plan for this week not every weekend do I or not every Saturday do I separate the meal plan in the grocery haul it just depends on how involved it is and I wanted to go ahead and show you guys that yes my grocery hauls have been super big lately but we're eating all of it I had some extra family members in the house we actually went over to my mom's and I said extra family member so everything that we're buying is definitely feeding us so I don't feel bad that my grocery bill is a little bit bigger this month than it has been the past few months because again we're not eating out like we've only eaten out twice this whole month and normally we eat out twice a week if not more sometimes on top of the groceries that I buy so we've done really good I'm super proud of us but again I did want to remind you guys that we are only accepting pre-orders for our cookbook until Monday this coming Monday October 29th so if you want to shoot us an email I'll have that in the description or you can email my personal email sometimes that free email that I created has been acting up so if you guys have already sent in an email and got a reply it might have come from my lemonade mom email all of that so anyway also if you guys have sent us an email and you haven't heard anything maybe it didn't go through so send us it again and we will try to get you guys all set up with a pre-order other than that on Monday at noon the book will be up available on Amazon so you guys can just go ahead and get it get it at the cheaper price if you guys didn't want the pre-order and the things that come with the pre-order and that a little bit of a higher price so all right I'll have everything down in the description if you guys want to check out or you miss anything that I just said give this video a big thumbs up if you liked seeing how I create meal plans subscribe if you are new don't forget just in a little bit the grocery haul will be up so you guys can see what groceries I bought and if I saved anything using I bought it so I will see you guys in just a little bit

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