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hey guys my name is Jessie new and welcome back to the ancient legends challenge in the last episode tusk was betrayed by his own brother when evil left him to freeze out in the snow their competition to be very very dark turn Evo knew that there was no other way that he would be able to gain the crown so when tusk started to freeze out here all by himself with his lack of cold resistance he took that as his chance to shine he jumped ahead and claimed that he had won the bunny hunting competition and now he is the rightful leader of the stripe though not everybody is so convinced I think adjuster in particular is rather concerned about port tasks and I'm sure about his full sister Belle will be just as worried too if she's not too distracted peipus walrus dear anyways I know she's going to want to try to hunt that guy down for a lunch but let's have Evo's start making his way toward the rest of his family he can clear out some pathways I'm sure he would want to head this adventure anyways he might try to take it down before bail since I'm sure he considers this to be his destiny but with Evo distracted at least that gives Jester the chance to come on down here and hopefully you warm up for task there we go now he's feeling much much better we could even dig up some roots for him to eat because I'm sure he's super hungry in fact did we pick up all of the bunny meat yeah and it looks like most of the bunnies have hopped away they've gotten tired of all of your king's tasks so it looks like you won't be scooping up any more bunny meat for quite some time but at least you can clear out the pathways over here and hopefully let your tribe know what's going on at least jester would be willing to listen he knows that technically he's supposed to start his family now that was part of the alliance after all bail is fully grown so they can try to have children with heat body and in fact now that the mountain is warming up again do you think maybe it's a melody xerath that is causing the snow to melt she knows that there was a little bit of a betrayal in her flames and she wants to show these creatures who's boss I wonder if that influence is truly going to shine in their children so maybe Belle also realizing that her family is supposed to begin as well she would dig out a vow even though she's not very impressed with his brauche nature and come on down here to find jester we should be able to settle her down right next to him but she'll be surprised to find that he's sitting with Tuscan stat I feel like she would be more inclined to believe him just because of that blood relation in the fact that she knows he wouldn't have given up so easily he might be a little bit less resistant to the colds but that doesn't make him weak so she was really surprised to hear that he lost now firm I'm sure that you would love to get in on the action too even though the walrus tears seems to have skidded away in the meantime see he's just too brash he ends up scaring away the walrus dear before he can land a swipe but why don't we see if you could dig out pineapple because I am getting a little bit concerned about him and I'm sure that he would love to join in on the fun too we'll have him scoop up some more of those little twigs something to remember his friend by but now that it's warming up we shouldn't have to worry so much about the hot spring situation we'll bring you up here so you can do some hunting again you know that was actually how all of these creatures met when they were following the same a walrus steers straight into an arranged territory so there has to be quite nostalgic for him and as for you June I know that he knows the Balmer steers around too but he's actually following those bunny diets they were leading him toward the other hot springs as if to guide him toward the other family unfortunately he had a little bit of bad blood with an arene because he did steal all of her food so I don't think he's going to want to stick around here for much longer he should probably try to follow in the shadow of the walrus deer in fact because at least it might help clear out a safe pathway for him but kind of the same boat that our other family is in right now they're a bit snowed in at the moment and kunu care has realized that they need a little bit more structure if they're going to go up against an arranged guard so we're going to see if we can guide them in the direction of these hot springs that way we won't be caught off guard just in case it does start to get a bit colder again we should probably have our creatures with the Megalosaurus horns lead the charge that way if they do find any danger they should be able to protect the little ones so let's have fims this way up here oh the bunny guides are as ever pushing us along so Gladstone you can grab that bunny for us and the meaty little clover could scoot back here to pick it up I feel like he's probably always the left owl since he doesn't have the horns himself most of these creatures don't really think of him as a warrior but honestly clover would love nothing more than to go on these adventures with all of the other creatures I mean he does have that big claw I'm pretty sure that nobody else on the side of the mountain does own another little bunny you know I wonder if somebody else could go after him I suppose we could have Tris at least smite this one and then maybe a Hydra could dip back here to pick up the meat for us this time the little babies can help out too they'll be following skiddy I think she would probably be a little bit more likely to stay behind with them for now we'll have her gather up the nest she can go ahead and pick up some of the snow here too so the baby you should be able to get around much more easily let's bring her back here that way I think Amanda should be able to catch up I'm a little bit afraid that she's going to get lost in that snowdrift go ahead and shovel that out for us dress that way there won't be any surprises and we'll keep all these babies nice and toasty warm I'm pretty sure I saw something flattening down the snow over here again so let's just see all right it appears to be those pesky bunnies once more yeah they must just be maintaining these tabs I guess if it gets super super tall like these biggest snowdrifts that's when they can only burrow but if they've already been flattened a little bit it's easier for them to trample on it with their big bunny for you but we should probably have toe toes stay back here with skiddy too in fact if we scoop her on over here she should be able to pick up some of the snow for us too and then I'll let's have ramier and kunu gear start the charge deep into the mountain snows and we'll see if they can open a gate together to the new clearing it'll be interesting to see if it's still cold enough to cause concern for some of our less resistant creatures like clover for instance who hasn't fortunately been left behind I think we're out of turns too so let's go ahead and skip the day I'll stay back here just to make sure that nobody's going to freeze overnight are you still missing energy no it looks like he's okay oh thank goodness so melody is pulling through for us after all well let's go ahead and sniff around just in case just make sure that there are no balance bears lurking around the mountains - I'll be enough we have not seen a single predator on this mountain and that has me a little bit concerned you would think that the balance Paris would have spawned somewhere here but I wonder if they just don't have enough to eat if I remember correctly the balance bears actually prefer the fish in the streams so I guess they would only be able to hunt by the ocean they also seem to like the berries they do like meat as well but what the bunny's being so wiry it would probably be pretty hard for them to catch a meal the balance bears were always pretty easy for us to take down just because they were so slow but it looks like fern has also grown up now so that gives her a little bit more energy to go searching for that walrus deer unfortunately AVO I think you might have lost it there are quite a few pathways being dug out over here right by the ports in fact so the walrus deer could be along literally any of these paths which one are you going to choose maybe we'll have him to sit on top of the stump for now just to get a better grasp on the situation it does look like we have plenty of bunnies running around so maybe you could instruct pineapple to go after them skims jump into the hot springs and grab that one I guess we'll have fern go after them for now - I mean I feel like she would be pretty smitten especially with pineapple she knows that she's meant for gesture but she can't help but appreciate pineapples a laid-back way is he's a wonderful at crafting too so maybe he could even impress there with one of his little branch gifts but he will have to find some more to pick up before he can do so oh my gosh and they're literally right next to this hot spring they seem to prefer the warmer areas actually that's quite interesting alright so I guess you have an extra little pile of branches to pick up for the next stone and I think I saw another route back here yeah right over here Oh June I don't think you can resist go ahead and claw out all of the snow and grab this one it must have been like the very last route that an arene had stored away I think I did see some of the snow being flattened down over here though so maybe Ava would notice that - we'll bring him around this way and see if we can find anything these sniffs around with that big digging chunk of his know if it looks like it's only the bunny is Oh Eve oh you may have picked the wrong pathway now walrus tear may have actually escaped out to sea again we have certainly seen that happen before so I wouldn't be surprised well I guess that gives you guy is a pretty good opportunity to slink away I'm sure over night tusk shared his concerns about his brother he has seen a darkness and AVO something power-hungry and insatiable and he doesn't want to stick around to see how the story is going to end so I think this trio is going to make a pact to flee away into the mountains together off into the darkness who knows maybe they'll even run into the resistances found it seems like they're all going to come together right in the middle here over by the ports to the next island that we're heading to let's have bells scoota hat she's probably a little bit more concerned about her brother anyways she would want to do most of the shoveling oh and the punny is our back right next to the roots as well why don't you scoot on over here too and grab this root for us and maybe we should set up a baby between Bell and jester - I'm a really curious to see if melodies influence is truly going to shine through she seems to be alive and well on the mountain right now at least so how should we set up their mutation menus for the healthiest of bee bees we already have the unfortunate concern of sickness in them so I guess we would want them to be as strong as possible there is a pretty good a likelihood that we'll see the Megalosaurus horns since they are in jester is inactive traits so we'll go ahead and plot these saber fangs into his first slot because the bat should help with the strength Joe then why don't we go ahead and place the mask in here I would like to keep that on their babies if possible and since he wasn't blessed by the pattern painter he only has the stripes in his inactive traits it would probably help if we gave him a little boost now as for you Belle she is literally the strongest creature in the tribe right now so I hope that means that all of her babies will be super strong too in fact I can't really see too much that we should concern ourselves with we have both of those special snouts and her traits and of course she has the horns already - I guess this is one of those situations where we could actually play around with the colouring of our creatures may be the pattern colors or the fur color so if you guys want to see something special on their babies then I guess let me know if for now and I'll just see what happens without touching her mutation menu at all so go ahead and breed with Belle France and then I guess she could place down her nest right here we're far enough away from Evo and his family that I don't think he would notice bail can go ahead and clear out some more of the grass or the snow rather no grass here unfortunately and then TAS can get back to work picking up all of those fresh bunnies just like he was always meant to yeah he's a pretty darn good hunter despite his lack of cold resistance the mountains have nothing on him oh my gosh and FEM have you called home of the bunny guys deer sized well he has to scoop those up and then hopefully we can have little snowshoes scoot off of the stump so skiddy can come on over here to pick up all of that delicious meat nice bunny is scooting around to you again to totai oh my goodness they really seem to have taken a liking to you I feel like they're almost trying to guide her away from her family if you guys remember back when she was initially born she had that bunny hopping in and out of her nest almost like it was trying to lure her towards something different so I think the bunny is there something that chota is going to be particularly perceptive to but for now kunu care is more concerned with making sure that his children are actually following so he would probably just pull her along oh my gosh really the bunny is following her too that is absolutely adorable well let's have you guys start widening the pathway then so more of our creatures can get through will have from me or do the same on her very last day should we try to have one more baby with them I know they have so many creatures over here and I know there is a pretty good possibility that we'll have another baby with the derps now but I feel like since it is her final day we might as well at least try oh it's not going to work she only has a one turn left so she might as well just use it on the snow she wouldn't be able to build a nest anyways well we tried little toad um we tried to give you another sibling but it looks like you're going to have to just stick with the bunnies go ahead and clear out the snow so your bunny is oh my gosh so your bunnies can follow you bad and so they can settle down or right next their burrows no wonder this bunny was staying so close his home is literally right there right underneath your nose stone should be able to jump ahead of premier and clear out the final path there we go so now we've made it over to this clearing which is absolutely full of clovers you know something tells me it's probably the bunny is flattening this down then because where are their clovers we know there are always plenty of bunnies now let's have all the babies gather around skiddy again so they can stay toasty warm too and tris it seems is the only one who is actually waiting for poor clover oh you poor thing why don't you go ahead and grab this bunny for us so you can offer it up to her just as little thank you for actually keeping him in your mind she still does have a job do though and she knows that so come on up here too unfortunately we're just too short to settle her town on that stump but at least she can make her way into the clearing and with that digging snout of hers she should be able to sniff pretty far oh my goodness look at all of the roots that we have down here oh my gosh that is literally of foods we're going to have to have a one of you digging chunked creatures come over here to pick that up because I will not leave without scooping up every last morsel but I think we should be out of turns now so let's go back to this family and see if hopefully Belle is going to be lucky now we want to see that heat body but we don't want to see this baby sneeze please tell me you're going to be healthy it looks like she's okay and she also has the most beautiful snowy fur oh my goodness oh she is gorgeous unfortunately she doesn't quite have the blessing that we were looking for she's carrying the heat body but she received the spiky body instead I mean we do technically connect the spiky body to melody too because it almost looks like it could be a lesser version of the heat body but I think the biggest success is their baby is actually healthy because that was the number one concern with these babies so this is a child that even antim herself would absolutely adore and how strong is she to a sixth and strength is not that bad she should be able to protect her family quite easily and for that matter if it did ever come to a confrontation with evil I think she'd be able to beat him single-handedly oh wait a second did I just see something up here oh my gosh Oh Eve oh you are under attack now oh it is quite clear that somebody is not at all happy with you this is not how melodie wanted her gifts to be used she does not stand for betrayal we already know that melody and Anna Miam are working together anyways so since these aren't a corral foxes have the ram horns the enemy was so well known for this has to be a sign from her too but I don't think that Ava was going to take it that way he probably thinks that this is just his time to shine he can swoop in and save the day with a disregard to my cosh with a disregard to everyone else look how many article Ram foxes there are it is literally an entire pack Oh AVO you are about to get torn apart some of you might think that he's getting what he deserves here I know he made quite a few of you angry so we're gonna see how this plays out the thing is I don't think that fern and pineapple would be able to just stand aside and watch they're not quite as familiar with his betrayal after all so for all they know he's just being attacked by this wild pack of RAM foxes so let's try to scoot them up behind him so they should be able to provide some sort of backup fern won't be able to land any attacks on this turn but we could at least have pineapple pick up the me that way we don't have to worry about the RAM foxes stealing it go to be honest do we have enough meat anyways maybe we should just use our turns on attacking thankfully the Artic Ram foxes don't have that much health but with this many of them attacking at once that would be hard for even the hardiest of warriors to take on a loan so yeah we're gonna see how that shakes itself out but I think we forgot to name this little baby so let's go back here really quick oh my gosh she is still just so beautiful I love them masks that she has well the next name on my list is actually ivory which is super super fitting so welcome to our tribe little one let's see if we can hopefully set up another baby between them two if we have tusks or maybe Belle never should probably beat us that way we'll have the extra turn to spare just in case the supreme doesn't work we'll have him scoot on off to the side so we can set up our next baby and hopefully this one will actually receive nobody's blessing I guess she was a little bit distracted oh when our walrus tear oh you are still pokin around I think this one might actually be different he doesn't have that little sliver of damage very very interesting I know we have quite a few carving out these pathways but I wonder where the one that we attacked actually went you know something tells me he probably did just run off into the sea it is awfully suspicious that we have one of those pathways leading out into the water but you guys go ahead and keep shuffling out your snow as possible because I would like you to make a pathway to the ports I guess that's probably what tusk is going to work on next as the resistance comes up from behind is everybody's still okay over here looks like everybody is still nice and toasty warm so I guess we could probably move you guys a bit farther away we'll have stone jump on top of these stump though just to light up the area make sure there's no dangers yeah pretty soon they're going to be coming upon this awful scene and I'm not sure if they would do anything to stop it I guess that's one way to stop a nerine's reign of terror if evo does actually fall to these article Ram Fox's jaws but as everybody starts making their way up toward the clearing saying goodbye to an arena along the way I think Trust is going to stay behind to make sure that clover is catching up this time we'll have Megan or the bunny's so he can actually make his way toward the front of the pack it would actually be really nice if they could find some permanent nests to just like how we had our royal nests up here somewhere if we could find some a good permanent nest to set up some babies then then we wouldn't have to worry about our current lack of nesting material so while clover searches for the nests let's bring Tris back here to scoop up all the fuzzy roots just so we don't forget about bees the babies must be growing up pretty soon too maybe a skiddy could even help out then give them some extra food to help them grow oh and little snowshoe can gather up the roots too I almost forgot about this so it's almost like he's copying skitty in this case learning from the best of course Amanda could even do the same with her digging paw so do we have any extras we just have that one more root kind of buried out in the snow it's almost like skiddy is running a little school here isn't it teaching all of those babies how to track down their delicious roots I think that's the end of this turn - all except for June oh poor poor little June we forgot all about you up here yeah might be a little bit more difficult for him to make us lay through all of the snow than I anticipated it looks like it's still pretty deep up here and we don't really have those of all wrists ears helping him out anymore I don't know or should we have him keep going this way I'm a little bit concerned oh my gosh I'm a little bit concerned that it's going to start getting cold again and then you are going to be in some real trouble but if all we can find our stones anyway then we might not have much of a choice so why don't we go back here and see what's going to happen to a of oh very very curious to see of all of these are two korean foxes i'm going to turn on him oh it definitely looks like they are oh this is a sign for sure Eva was getting a little taste of his own medicine he is so so lucky at that fern and pineapple refused to leave it's science you know fern is actually his full sister too just like a balun tusk so maybe that's why she feels a bit of a stronger connection I mean she might not always agree with his away is but she wouldn't leave him to get eaten alive but these are two grand foxes so go ahead and take out one at least and then I believe pineapple was working on this one thankfully he wasn't attacked but I'm not sure if that's going to last in fact this aren't a grande Fox right here I might have stolen the meat from right underneath the Evo's toes and that might be the only thing that actually saved him fern can go ahead and at least lick Evos wounds that way he won't be taking any extra damage but honestly with the way his the lifespan is right now I'm not sure if he's going to be able to survive this attack pineapple Tzu would have a really hard time coping if they did turn around and swipe at him fern might be the only one who makes it out of this alive and I'm sure that's going to be a very difficult thing for her to remember but I do see that we have a little sick icon on the side of the screen so unfortunately it looks like this baby wasn't quite so lucky she also just has the spiky body no heat body I'm afraid but I love it was similar she looks to her sister it's like the same mask and everything but with a slightly different base color and those a ram horns taro you figured that has to be a pretty good sign as well that Anna Remus on their side now she's sending the RAM foxes out to destroy evil and giving their children the war goddesses gift now ask for this baby the next name on my list is Sylvia so welcome to our tribe - and I think in the next episode it is very very likely that we might just see the destruction of an REM scarred it's kind of hilarious that the game decided to throw this in our direction I expected that there would be some big confrontation and maybe we'd have to banish a few creatures but it almost seems like anime and melody are trying to get rid of him themselves I just can't imagine that he's going to be able to survive this unless he's really really lucky unless these are decree and foxes are far more concerned with the food his ambition might finally be what takes them out but for now thank you all so much for watching and I'll see you all next time bye guys [Music]


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