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our brochure the spirit is powerful Twitter was president a solution suite awaits mama is an Ivorian and she's here to testify on behalf of a sister who is in u.s. United States of America her name is Hasan Angele that the name of her sister now the sisters which are on your screen according to mama she said her sister traveled to another state of America for for the past 25 years since day one does she go to USC that she has be applying for a green card all effort to get green card as proof Atty they'll be tossing a year and day for 25 years twitter Wexler then she has not obtained the green card according to mama one day her sister discovered on YouTube since then she started following you on YouTube and she said no I'm far away from a Ghana and moreover I don't have green card that is what was labeled for the past 12 25 years I was able to come home so if I travel to Donna I can't go back to Chacon assistant today you are in Cote d'Ivoire and you need an a so you have to go and stand in for me truly mama said she came to Ghana fertility for her protector for her she doesn't understand our language the G social director to see our French translator and the fretless theta as a broad head to you to you at emergency prayer life and she told you everything according to mama you give the order to sent to a sister to use for five day that you'll be going there yourself suit always present according to assist and the oil to have sister and after the oiler Direction assist acquire said she dream that sweet always whether you appear in her dream and you told her that now that you've used my miracle oil there now we have covalent so I can help you at any time that was what we today Emma Mott said she told her that to Sweden were sincere I'll see you in a dream you are going to help a mama said that day as she was going she gave her number to the French translator - she called the French Islita and told him that is what my sister said and the French as little as our trenches later told her that tell your sister that there is claret direction that is going on and the Sutra was present aluminum has British last breathe on it so she should be part of it and mamma says she called assistant to the Siloam for far away account by the carrot and send it to what you do is that - by that I wrote say her her desire or need that snap a picture of it and send it to the Frenchman to use it to stand in and that was exactly what happened Switzer was present according to our translator she stood in for her with the picture of the carrot the five piece of carrot after to bless it she called her and told her that this house she's going to use it she's going to - one a day for five days I'm talking to mama she said she was at Cody voices that called here that the field day does she flee the peril direction which always present the following day she received a call a strange call for da Matta and for was belly she picked the call and say hello and the personal for hello my name is lawyer Obinna me so that was resident a fellow a openly say yes and go to the post office and check in your box whatever you find inside it for you I have finished my spiritual weights and then she said hello sir hello sir and afforded puh-puh-puh damming of cut the core which I was present she's travelling the number but the number was not going true according to mama her sister went to the post office open her box and saw an envelope inside she opened the envelope suit always present the green card was inside with the document life physical Radames present today for the past 25 years has sister be applying for the great time and Cantor with you just one day today she had a green card to my mind CA to testify to the burger that's a green card on your screen that's a green card on your screen who now is present how can it be possible for Jessica Jessica you call her on phone and said this is lawyer opening go to the post office check your box whatever you find inside is for you so that was her then before she wanted to say away you have touched the call she trampling the number the number is no way to / file out of cafeteria two towers present she went to the post office checker box and saw an envelope she open it this document and the green card was insert life physical not a dream this is a miracle not a magic switch our present you do all I salute your spirit awaits I salute you switch ours




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too much as a finish here in this testimony I was trying to figure it out but I couldn't so I have to see doctor all of a sudden I started feeling heading so that I will give me something Gila because I don't get it anymore but football mommy idea dossier or your party boy nee-naw Dynamo armor ninja bar or United States of America - all handsy on Hansy an angel need LD war American or a USC now according to mommy or synthesis an oak or owner chasse opaque green card Senate will be to me an ahjumma i able to me PP akuaba beta me to point acaba while yeah place her for 25 years Jeff Romano yeah no cobra-cabra a federal myself Romano 1880 - wasa Akata - mommy Orson Nibbana friend attached and I said nah ah-hoo hey Angelo beam him over YouTube the flashes si or shower you too bizarre Georgia on our DNA across Ohio friend in Havana cotton say baby everyone and Wawa into noir chamomile began an takuna yo-yo ma ma ma ma ma ma me da na sua piano essence on chicken Ichiro or more yet Sheriff yeah French translate ro m on eco-hula a no class immunity a franchise vada edge on em on eBay would make a super electro woman OS on papa - is on person insist on oh yeah well you SEO non-ferrous honest a whoop Abajo Abajo Amparo do a request and anissa's on home now Paula - mom you're a journalist and friends say Oh Gizelle's Royale oh and no sued annual tournament returns ssa Wales America or enabling Jamie Noah Pam intimate to me eyebrow everyb or this time I'll catch it at home and my mom is - Fred Fred your French translator on that car and I said Senna Linea Binaca so a war and you Lube in him I wanna die I'm gonna say no vodka and I have French I said that's what I tell my miss a class all Susannah say carat upon trivia question now Angelo pin him at the not wanting in I do su not sure yeah none in soccer green card in the end don't - not even Ugandans abacab you it's on finding who Jim a man in Habana attraction is a baby I want to min talk care of us and e18 the basin is head on over to Cairo - no economy goose Luger pitch ideas any your franchise rate are no longer the original mama and papa NOAA entire franchise a day John it's every civil pitcher know anybody named Amana bloodshot souviens on and off rain and my meaning a banner catch an essay they be our baby Bach Holcomb say five days in the Abba show AMPA mommy say or one and in Habana frantic attention will be a character function on a diet or superhuman or and on a strength corn upon a friend upon a zoo I am an elf lemon lawyer opening na Cooper's office network check you box from noble home BR hey would ya maybe Isuzu me tomorrow and now Katya colum dina manzo transfer from banana man oh and kaboom and also well and long walk or push officer Okoye boo Kobe LeBron James will be there box in him and on file p.m. oh no not documents and a green card no hmm ah Celestin Acharya Khurana so idea whopper for 25 years that proper winnaman oh sweet always present why any possible Amin Amin a ninja bond Odessa a car a car no Altima misogyny ha ha no Papa Jesus as he was assumed Adama walkway manila no a war America ho hey angel opening as a Frenchman we see LGD opening man you seem to do things which are beyond human imagination just look at what has happened on sending this lady's testimony in fact a German we say this is a bruise ebonic testimony a bruise upon testimony and I'm standing here with the Brissac gone man how can we sit down how can we take five past our wisdom doctor in fact in fact I was the one who listened to the testimony but it was mind blowing remember that I came to you for a painkiller you taught me you are listening to and ladies testimony and it has resulted in you having a headache I never knew it was this one testimony because I don't think far total you see that that was a something in richer Plains Jesus disciples they don't get him anymore yeah there was a storm that arrived and they did their possible best to stop the storm they couldn't and then you remember that the master himself was there was asleep after food they went away came and said we are perishing and Jesus rose from the sleep lift up his hand and the sea had a strong and the wind the strong and the wind was calm I get an eight I get on they look at each and each other face I said what manner of man is this what manner of man is this they don't get it anymore he spoke to the sea and the wind and the sea and was calm they don't get him anymore you see we angel openness pastors we re dust it we don't get him anymore this is mind-blowing and mouthwatering testimony it is extraordinary doctor who is Egon I now know the reason why and Jill bilham stood at this auditorium and said it transplant that the corrupt direction I am undertaking I have used my last breath to bless this courage because if I clearly understood and listened to your testimony I realized some iota of point that the lady watched the character Asia or GT that she snapped a picture and sent it to French mind that if angel is blessing the carrot he should bless the picture on French man's phone so that she can use it as a transfer imprint onto a carrot she has bought abroad in fact I myself I don't get it use my oil and I'll go to abroad and provide to her hair green card how can this be possible Angelababy stood in this country and said it point-blank that I am the spiritual president and in terms of spiritual waste I have Lou sighs I can come in too deep and setting can years because they didn't understand what you will see they tried chastising him saying a whole lot of things about him now almost every man of God nah dr. angel so for Islam and they'll be our new opportunity 25 years OPI portraiture for 25 years open the character professor William Granada William now what two main tactical I want you to because officially program or TV shows or be sure the program will YouTube obviously the program or Facebook Instagram is that treta ahead already program i watch i need a you do now under memory like a syringe will be available to mama make a cake okay payable to drama la casa de bajo web america ho not want sa ma'am my confuse said before bringing their money and Abimelech and said never been yet me a PM me Pablo dhabi or sharjah to an actual call de nuestra dynamic SME bobrucz no possibility of a war ganas me Pablo Java Yamaha Nana suit in LA

it's your tresor Freddy what yeah yeah line and could you and I cannot be read not be read out of coverage area and also Devi I have to go to the post office a purpose or could be any box and I don't loopy dinner if I'm gonna be my night documents and the green cotton is she would life hello I am a lawyer within him know whether mu TP adaptability Jawad I am angel opt they say the F my opinion if also Fatoumata maybe I'm a warranty opener this is a lawyer a bit until I do mine area Nelson on TSU Stankiewicz Martin oh ho am a doctor opening psycho-bitch Madonna who am a footballer opening but a human out when a lawyer say - man it's your typical Australian come and go Jessica Mauboy the post office boss my beep uh need them damn let's go party ah-ah-ah-yeah Nami documents and a green card on a simple life and life live I know extremist or life anymore we don't get you know Toa porosity of a pre-war Mikasa doctor mission as a manatee Okada's original novelty oh yeah maybe wanna how possible how possible it is every nerve retreat Jamison amphetamine pinky reloj solidness I'm sorry babe you holidays i g RC o salafi ulamahs Anya 25 years 25 years Daniel Humana while you could be a console of course Nippon our purpose then even after people see no answer on what dependency Oliviana and sun on or decock ramen sannomiya no three people opportunity a monopoly a media maximally insana wanna watch Emma know what you decide whoa too much president of action after the system has come to informed us which are president regarding the sisters problem what what was the length of time that it took before the special present was able to process and finalize the hopelessness the whole document I just want to know how many days are many weeks how many man did he take it I know fair father for 25 solid yes it was after the current direction that was five days after the Tara Tara Singh the Seas day and she received the call so the spatula president took just five days less than one week one week taken more than 25 to 5 yes oh Jenny taking more than 25 yes he use less than 1 week less than 1 we say what you believe at the 25 years oh yes the special project just took less than 1 week long with seven days they took five days to process and have finalised the hopeful everything if we say we would talk about this testimony I think by the time and jelly bean you realize you would have removed all our fruits then you go mad because this is unimaginable how can you think about this you would take and take and take and take whatever the real I find really for free for free for free cities of Italy anything you see this documentation if you go into render services of a lawyer for all that I know the list 3 the list fee as III as some people have told me that lawyer won't take less than about 20 to 30 thousand US dollars that's what I do the list by yes a case where the spiritual president Davis for free or free not even turkey one dollar or one scenario for free have a clear example of what has happened to my brother would also like to express what he also witnessed Abruzzo Abruzzo engine wanna beat me is above automata see me habib ramadan EG the same thing betray us poor 80s when our papers quaff idea nae ahoo Angelo our YouTube or a too many Pepe who angel angel my angel open I'm ok the spiritual president Paco pay me Roberto Nedim oh no oh my yo Coco you schooi de frente Odierno and obokata si o Yanna back on traditional Osuna oberon Sano edition yanni friend will migration Ronia emigration via a interview no no ok travel process minimu oh yeah mem alipio and Tim allow media Nam and today's miracle Juba of require Silvana wife Wolfie a an artist Annabel airing it OB again to the 1/4 PR away removal or tuning in a purpose Epiphone me play or so sorry Mabry agree card in the papers maybe be our fighter for a good years you know another perform imagine a family appeared on CA the Angela pedantry a know a pro PBR so that I said I would be a what experience be a before he el Conejo Constantine was MBA baby Orca or say Ghana ha the onions are for Sebby Sebby Sebby Sebby Sebby and I will Jimmy for ha na NASA followed by Yahoo and a 70 mil translating ever dream home by any opposition what are some warm on tiptoe baby our testimony do never yell from anywhere except I did or blue sea yes why it is mind-blowing testimony I don't take much I don't love him I was the one that was mediating between the woman and the angel here all right no Moses something that blew my mind okay you know when you are there as doctor say I say you touch that green card you can you wake the money will not come to you Street all right so she optic went through or Disney for 25 years I know what they don't have that when you will be when you'll be able to get married here and you give back and when you're your son or your daughter reach 20 years you can now apply what that green cut for you yeah citizenship by bed but dude a child will use that bed citizenship to cover the mother exactly and you know what she gave back and now the doctor is her daughter is no 23 years boom and the daughter lie and anytime they call or they go phone interview or they say was that we don't have or you have not taken any position about your situation before not take any decision about your situation yet no that proved that that pain is spiritual it provides a spiritual you know another thing I can't infer is blame my mind how can watch him somebody on YouTube he never in no step here and the carrot in question the Carol see - before the miracle happen she was not here with a carrot I was the one personally I want to send her a Carol I went to the j-th an office they said they said that they they don't think and I saw a woman if that be the case you just by five fingers of this same carrot and it's not picture of it and send it to me this stunt is not a barrier in the realm of the Spirit and I raise it here Reverend after angel bless this name and at the woman that this pleasure is so every single thing take one I say just like that as it does like that that's okay and she start taking a rest be nachiappan secondly nothing happened that did not happen Bob did not happen fifth day not happen as you say I'll finish Eliezer you wait and the sixth day sixteen and a fun band lawyer opening another he done it before I asked me say I'm saying the man of God one of his name is also lawyer opening and I say well ain't time to switch our man he can take any name at all Nana said he has something to say he has been gassed in America for thirty years okay 40 years he has some truth to tell us okay then I please come to America that assume we assume Kwanzaa what yes what what it is as them will be see that namu hell I happen come on yes sir yeah yeah they can still pass I happen but I'd never happen okay Amy Martin America what do you mean believe me I put it back what happened

and some movie is important but it never happened it never happened good okay Oh mrs. Martin 48 48 yet it has never happened and when we again test something to happen please follow me 48 year partition at an m1 boomer yes a Hadiya a Guam one as the parameter trouble I'm gonna be on blue her and watches her may make a stay yeah I know a couple all right all right that is not a for you says he has been in America for 48 years but he hasn't seen such a miracle happening before so Ananias also

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