Woman Attends Her Own Funeral And Catches Her Murderer! ft. Lawrence Kao & David So

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in surprise motherfucker news so proud mother fucker submitted by 400 gingka News viewers it was 900 submissions for this Aramis for real on a 100 for a I know what you're talking about a woman attended her own funeral to catch her husband who tried to kill she faked her dancing dalbi tie she's like that and then they come to the funeral you fucking bitch no oh my god I pictured this like crazy plot like she faked her death because she knew her husband was trying to kill her after she fucked up the assassins right and he comes up to the field to see her dead and he opens up the casket it's not even her it's her be Hunter's fucking hit like this fuck I look like me fucking turn this right motherfucker the fuck you think I had you try to fucking kill me bitch I slap her slapper so this story is about you men and his wife and so this couple did married for 10 years oh I can see why now they have 8 children from the other eight children that's a fucking long man baby fucking yeah they live in Melbourne Australia Melvin Melvin Australian American accent can be had you can't do that though here's your speaking Australian oh when I speaking to Americans I say Mel Barn and that's my see but you didn't even say it like Melbourne you said Melbourne the wife's mother had passed away and in her home where where's our home Burundi Alban its Burundi in Africa Burundi probably that's how you pronounce about the Diamonds oh yeah so then uh when she flew back home to attend her mom's funeral she was at a hotel and then so she took a nap she woke up and she got a phone call from her husband and so her husband was telling her hey honey how about you go outside out of the hotel go get some fresh air you know clear this in Africa this is the net so the husband's still in Australia she's in Africa sending her mom's funeral so then yeah so then he told her go outside relax take a breather this is South Africa then as she walks out of the gate from the hotel she encounters a man with the gun and so he points a gun at her he says don't scream like you know you know if even if you scream they're gonna catch me but you're gonna be dead he explained it like that don't scream you know um even if the catcher is free yeah exactly I delivered it exactly really good you're really I have a fucking professional so anyways happen so then she uh so then yeah he ends up taking her to a secluded area when she gets there she meets these other men and then they're telling her that they're gonna call their boss and then they're there were really curious they're like now what did you do to our boss to want him to kill you and then so she was really confused sounds like a Nicolas Cage movie so then they call their boss and then he/she can hear her husband's voice Oh get on speaker like a dumbass or these guys like hitman yeah so she showed the husband hired but then when they say boss is he like are they temporary hitmen or are they on his payroll salary hitman yeah I'm not sure about that I think it was him in our own salary because I wouldn't follows a hitman he doesn't get he doesn't deserve to be called loss if he's only hired me one yeah yeah for one project and they wouldn't care enough it was just a client yeah yeah yeah so then uh later on she finds out that her husband paid me he's hitman $7,000 to kill her oh it's not like over the phone how come he couldn't just divorce so then over the phone she could hear her husband's voice and he's asking them where are you gonna chuck the body it's like he wants to get more information how they're gonna kill her where are they gonna dispose of the body oh so then the Hitman ended up getting more money out of the husband and then once they got enough money that they wanted they tell the wife that they don't kill women or children so then they end up releasing her oh and so she got in contact with her pastor back home in Australia and so the pastor helped her secretly get back in to Australia without her husband knowing and so she finally gets there to her home and it's her funeral she waits until her husband is all alone so she approaches him and he is just shot like he's she should have fucking played a trick like dress on goes dude fucker I was lightweight clothes with it then almost yeah I said she didn't get the gun is that you motherfucking piece of fucking shit I swear to god I can fucking try to kill me she'd do that shit though that's what she should have done she should have been in the fucking casket when the husband comes by fucking pretends grab his fucking head

shoot him and the fucking Turner gas offer put him in the casket get out of the casket close the fucking door yeah so then he was so shot that's like he was trying to touch her and he expected that his hand would go through her shoulders ha ha ha she gonna fuck with them I came from the other side you can say yes I would fuck with them like a whole week like I would just stand next follow is that cafes and shit Sarah no no yeah so then um but before she left Africa no the kidnappers slash hitmen gave her a USB Drive like we're like a memory card with incriminating phone conversations and documents - for her husband possession of fun yeah these had better have fucking Martha you know what I don't get women so what we are going to do is help you to capture him take this USB it is USB 3.0 he's a lot faster than 2.0 here thank you for watching that episode of just kidding news make sure to follow our instagram just kidding news don't deliver for the last video click over this man's perspex okay then that's not the whole story because right if a prosthetic penis is this big and plastic I don't know what a prostate payment penis looks like but then um under the veil of like you know hey this is my private area people can

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