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by: HBomb94

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ladies and gentlemen welcome to every some pics about world SFB I've been out here training ever you can see the screen I defeated a a Blas Blastoise and it finally freakin happened we got a master ball and a rare candy those are two that was like the best boss I've run into I've been out here trading up this Tentacruel I think I'm gonna start trading up a Wartortle to that I have oh my god I'm so all sorts of hype we are defeating that freaking gym today I'm not going in with a squad that I'm just like okay I feel like I could I could defeat anyone I want to and he's gonna rekt by a frickin arcanine again I am bringing out this specially bulky frickin Tentacruel I'm throwing the assault vest on him and we are taking lives that is what we're planning on doing today I didn't let it started this early it's early the board is Thank You 7:00 a.m. I'm up here a grind and I got my coffee I'm ready to go but I did not expect to start recording but that master ball has me all sorts of hyped this is the boss slit that I've gotten through for the last like 30 minutes smoke ball man rocky helmet is actually really good not gonna be too good against the gym but it is still pretty nice I have a lot of gas ters which do sell for quite a bit of money I think they spell it sell for 50 bucks yeah 50 bucks each which is good zoom lens Kohl Burberry nothing else too spectacular just the rare candies of master ball and rocky helmet and a wither skeleton skull I guess is nice but I am so freakin ready I have all sorts of hyped up now just seeing that master ball pop pop up it's too early for me to be talking pop up on my screen that makes me so freakin happy it was a beautiful beautiful thing I haven't seen anything else that's like really mind-blowing out here but I've been out here training like I said I'm gonna continue training I want to get Tentacruel off Tentacruel has a decent mood pool now he's got sludge wave hydro pump brine and hex he didn't talk his toxic spikes before but I got rid of them in the future I might relearn them but for this gym I want him to have the assault vest so I want to have the extra I replaced hydro pump with it I might end up fighting the move in the future and reteaching him that but guys I'm gonna still I'm gonna continue training hopefully everyone find some more bosses and get some more good loot I want another master ball oh my god I got a master ball there's gonna be a legendary or shiny in the future I'm just good throw and be so happy like I okay so like if you guys don't know where I stand on the master ball I just think the master ball so stupid item in Pokemon I've always hated it but in the in pixelmon it's just so awesome to be able to get it like in the actual game it's like oh you get a master ball go capture like soleá or go capture freakin Mewtwo or something like that and here if I find the shiny I'm more than likely just gonna use it I'm not gonna like try saving it for a specific Pokemon if I find something that I like really really want and I don't want to risk accidentally killing him that's when I'd use it I don't want to use it on a legendary I don't like using a legendary so it makes it too easy guys I hope this was a boss this is my second Chinese in the war cart now I haven't caught him but I might in the water why is my screen so blue I think I fell down in the water this is a shiny Chandelure I have I I think I'm just gonna chuck the master ball I think I'm fine with that as I said I'm not a fan I get excited when I get it but I don't like holding on to it I like saving it for like a Pokemon that it's like worth it to me as shiny chandelure is worth it to me Gen 5 this is the only way I mean normally I wouldn't capture like okay so we're doing Gen 1 right now but the boss towers have spawners and they're so their spawn lamp in Swiss Maggie or yeah Miss Maggie is misdreavus lamp ins I feel like there's one more that I can't remember like not that's not Gen 1 they have hunters and gas gang cars too but I think we're gonna use the best of all of them I know a lot of you might get triggered by this it's fine don't worry about it we're gonna use it this is a Pokemon that's worth it to me I'm never gonna use it on a Articuno mu-2 or anything like that I'd rather try capturing those Pokemon but actually the legit way cuz I probably could've captured that Chandelure I had the Thunder wave on what's it called Dragonite so I could have just started chucking ultra balls but you know a shiny sandal or I'm excited now oh Jesus I'm still I seriously thought that was a boss so I was like oh yellow boss SiC the bot time because I haven't seen a boss in a while and then little did I know with a shiny Chandelure like I said I think that's I think in cube pixelmon I caught one as well I don't know if I caught a Chandelure if it was a lamp in I feel like it was a Chandelure don't quote me on that but I think it was I'm getting like repeatable alright then I got a got excited I guess I just realized this is like the perfect time to check it out the shiny so which poked about I think it's the only Pokemon that I really captured recently as far as I know that's like really the only new Pokemon yeah I think that's it let's check out your stats okay terrible nature that's fine though pain split Flame Burst hex alright what's its ability does it have flame body what I see flash fire flame body would have been good for hatching eggs which reminds me I think it's not working the whole breeding thing so let's do who do I want to breed well grab ditto put you out put you out move you there uh who do I want ditto to breed with Wartortle I want to try getting a really good Blastoise so let's do breed oh and as you can see there's there's no cheating no cheating no cheating we're fine I don't cheat don't call be a cheater breed for slash breed I don't know how to do I don't know how to do this breed for five breed okay so breed h-bomb for five do I have to do number one or number four I mean related egg oh my god it's so awesome okay alright I guess we're gonna do some running around now I don't think I have a Pokemon that's playing body I don't these are I don't think Charmeleon gets it I'm nearly positive yeah I don't I don't know yeah I think they all get blazed wow that's so cool okay I'm gonna put all of you in there we're gonna run around and do some had seen I'm excited now I feel good I feel so good that I got this I think magmar is the only Pokemon that I think of in Gen 1 that could have flame body so maybe that's worth if you don't know if my body does it has like an in-game or in battle type thing where like if you hit it as a chance to burn the opponent but when it comes to hatching eggs it doubles the speed of hatching eggs if they's in their party so that's that's what makes it good I need to make a PC as well I think I should do that now update hatching eggs still takes forever even though you don't have to worry about getting them done but it's it's still taking a long time so what we're gonna do now is we're gonna buy another I didn't want to buy so many of these but it's it's just happening all at once I want to buy those / PC or whichever whatever it's called I don't know how much it is it's 20k how much did I have before that I don't think I had that much I think I'm broke now no I had 30k okay we're fine I sold a lot like I said the gas tiers add up I think I got like a total of 6 K from just the gas tears alone so if I do PC oh my god that's amazing that is actually amazing ok alright so now I could put you oh my god that makes my life so much easier um hold on now let's do this switch you I didn't mean to you go in there / read what is I think if I go up where is it 1 & 2 perfect it's at the PC / PC grab you throw you there Charizard you come back out and I'm gonna go fly around and see if we can find anything cool and if I'm gonna like I'm gonna go back to the bosses pretty much and if I find like something that I want to battle then I go in / PC I get my Pokemon squad back out for right now we're looking good though I want to hatch these guys I want to see if you get any good natures from them I also don't know if flying helps with the eggs so that's why I've been running around with Wartortle and ditto so I don't know if that's a thing or not but we'll see if I'm just flying 3k blocks I haven't made the bosses yet but I saw something awesome something really cool right down there you guys can't I can't even see it either I see the tail he came up to the surface and I just saw his tail splash out it was one of the coolest things I wonder feel I can't see a thing down here my monitor is also really dark I don't know how well you guys can see it but there's a Gyarados down there right there oh my god I'm gonna wait till daytime how much longer not too long all right never mind the moon's going the other way I don't have the patience to wait that long I don't even see them anymore cutting onions I see that I don't even think he's I can't see a thing down here I don't like this I don't have you take my dare no we ain't waiting it's time ladies and gents you see this war turtles down you that's better than withdraw I guess it's time Wartortle is becoming a Blastoise and we are gonna be using the blast toy site for this I've been trying to hatch eggs for way too long I don't think oh my God look at him look at him he's so angry I've been trying to hatch the Blastoise or the squirrel eggs for a long time I don't think flying works with eggs I just don't think that count is like any steps so I think that that's that was majority of my steps taken in general so I don't think these eggs could be hatching any time soon it's kind of gone like negative at this point it sucks it's it's I don't know what's the best way I think I'm gonna need I don't know there is an afk like stepping thing I could do why there's so many you know what let's let's battle these guys this is this is this is mediocre things right now but I'll take it like the steps are doing like nothing right now just drop all I don't want them but we do I have gathered a ton of items and I think we are ready to take on the gym I did get to life orbs which is awesome destiny that man why's glasses man another rocky helmet a bunch of candies which aren't gonna come in handy for this gym but I feel prepared I feel prepared I'm ready to take them on I'm gonna get all my Pokemon right here we're gonna go beat this guy once and for all it's been way too many episodes we're beating them I'm still gonna be a hundred percent honest don't think I'm a hundred percent right we're gonna take on a few of these guys I'm scared for Blastoise is my main issue here last I was gonna go around level 36 so it's not like the evolution helps um I just doesn't have that good of moves now I want to see Blastoise I know when he evolved he gets a different ability I don't remember what the abilities called but it's like he gets I think it's like mega launcher or something like that and I don't know if that affects water pulse but he's gotta know like water pulse being his best move sucks it's really bad it really isn't like a good move at all but if it does get boosted by it he does have the ability mega launcher does that affect water pulse it does it does oh so I don't know how much it goes up by 50% so water pulse being 65 means to go by about 32 that that does okay I feel a lot more confident now now that I'm actually like realizing how good water poles is po can heal and it still has a chance to confuse which is absolutely amazing we need to climb up here I could've just blew but you know whatever so he does start off with the drought ninetails with energy ball so we start off a Tentacruel I want to save Tentacruel for later on in the match but it's got the ax sulfus so these are the items assault fast choice specs cuz all we're gonna be using a psychic life orb leftovers leftovers and Blastoise tonight I think we got this one especially now that we have Tentacruel and Blastoise there should be no issues at all it really shouldn't be I waiting for the other team to select Gregg come on Gregg yeah I feel like I'm list out right now I don't think it's supposed to be doing that Oh confirm Gregg hold on hold on I can't do anything I don't know what to do here confirm do we give him like a second I feel like this is glitched I gave him a second case you're wondering I feel like it's glitched I'm just gonna restart my game and try again okay here we go I restarted my gaming that did work this time I was actually really scared that it wasn't we got a Tentacruel server Arnie knows we should be fine this should be able to burn out some of the Sun did we go for the acid spray I think we just go for said I don't want a hydro pump I want a brine so oh my god we ate that up what acid spray does oh yeah we should have asked his prey let's go for it just in case mmm no I'm so sad they removed pay day what what the money the money the money it's gone okay let me move out of this angle there we go a little bit um Brian will knock out now flamethrower he did nastyplot or something gross like that so that did do a little bit more um this is a physical arcanine I want to keep I want to keep Tentacruel alive I'm gonna send that cloister because the closer I think he's gonna extreme speed while charge of course you're gonna do that well I think that's his strongest move against cloister so now I think we could do a razor shell it'll do decent um nope not doing it the sunlight I know something wasn't there that would not have knocked out um but now that he's arcanine out here we should be safe to bring out Blastoise that was unfortunate there's not much more I could've done about that but we're not gonna out speed them but we are gonna be a mega Blastoise which is bulky it's good to be able to take a hit so if he does well charge we'll be able to take it I don't know how well it might do have helped a little bit over dang it but water poll should knock him out yeah he brought out Charizard this is not a mega Charizard I don't think I can switch out what's he gonna do Charizard doesn't get an electric move I don't think it gets any like I don't think it's gonna hit for weakness but it's gonna hit like a truck regardless we're gonna water pulse hidden power to hidden power grass or electric oh my god I hate everything you can't go to San slash we can't go to Tentacruel this is where tentacle will come in handy um just hydro pump hopefully it hits I flinched it doesn't matter if it hit or not hydro pump come on come on he's dead he's dead alright Charizard Goes Down uhm Tentacruel is basically useless I don't think Tentacruel he's got a mulcher maining a Flareon and I think he's got one more I don't know what it is go for the brine yeah that sucks he's got quick attack - oh don't do this don't do this we were doing just fine alright give me a second let's see if this changes yeah it doesn't look like it's changing at all yeah alright we're gonna try this battle again I guess alright second time's the charm now we do know I'm assuming that that's him power electric is what I'm guessing this guy I'm gonna acid spray you nastyplot you do that the Sun lights bright but now that I think that I think it floored his special defense greatly hide your pumps should knock out even in the Sun oh yeah easily oh yeah now arc and I shouldn't be able to one shot but cloyster come on out we do know what's about to happen wild charge and then flare blitz is what he's gonna go for do I switch cloyster out if he's gonna flare blitz what can take out I don't want to use sandslash ah okay close who's gonna go down again I can't do much with cloister yeah I don't want I don't want him taking the head saying slash should be able to knock out Blastoise let's go San slash this time it's might be smarter flare blitz Jesus okay well Blastoise didn't take any damage that's the good news some light faded okay it looks like it is hidden power grass if I think I want to try something put your ditto in favorite Pokemon slot 1 and leave slot 3 open in gym battle give me a min okay chars I wish I had a rock-type move so bad so bad um if he's gonna go for if I think he's gonna go for in power grass we got to Dragonite flamethrower okay that's fine I doubt he's got much to hit me in a thunder wave just a case Fire Blast that's fine we have left over so if he does get the if we do get the hax will be good aqua tail I was hoping that would one-shot I was really hoping to get more help too but now we could wing attack doesn't miss and knocked out rapid ashes his other Pokemon what do I think rapid ash is gonna have I don't think he's gonna have much I think we Thunder Wave he will wisp oh my god okay we got lucky we missed that aqua tail I don't think it's gonna want you and we missed ok hacks for hax I guess but I'm really happy you missed the will-o'-wisp that was big I could tell one shot all right oh but we got burned flame body God dang it okay that hurts um thunder wave cuz oh we saw it speed oh that's big oh that's big okay we got the Thunder wave off with this thing oh that's beautiful okay so we out speed we should be able to one-shot send blast I saw get the mega evolution off waterfalls oh I think we got this one leak you are jumping all over me for joy you gotta go down buddy I think we got this one this Jim that is giving me so many issues it's going down there we go pause for a second for whatever reason alright I could take on him oh Jesus hurricane that's a stab hurricane and we became cookies we oh we didn't knock out but okay we should be able to help speed them with any other Pokemon water pulse will hit for sure okay that's fine well we were confused Alakazam out speed but just in case I'm gonna go to Tentacruel cuz tentacles got the goods the good spot defense and the assault vest and he roosted it and we still knocked him out it don't matter he was a battle I thought he had one more yes we took them down we got flamethrower in the volcano bitch all flame throwers beautiful oh thank god oh I'm so happy that's done the grass Jim is gonna be so much easier compared to the freaking fire Jim for me Foca heal oh my god I'm so excited for that slash home we're getting the heck out of here all the grass Jim I'm just gonna use dregg night dragon night and freakin Charizard and we should be fine with that I'm so freakin happy we gotta get another item frame in hang this bad boy up now and boom we are good we are good I think I'm gonna put this wing I'm gonna grab this back thank you uh get that out of my inventory and give me you we're gonna put it like that and we got the Icicle badge first and then the volcano badge so there's four badges I think we're gonna put them all around here or you know what we could do we could put them in the corners and then have the dragon I get the middle I don't even know what I'm gonna do with that dragon egg yet Toodee told me last time so I'm not gonna put my favorite Pokemon in slot two just in case we're gonna put water on my favorite Pokemon in slot 2 we're gonna put I want to use a cool book I like kanga Scott no let's do Chansey Chansey is cool okay what do I do now uh he's just said I wanna try something put ditto in your favor Pokemon in slot 1 and to leave slot 3 open okay that's what I did I put an extra space in there that looks gross I want to try something put your ditto and Lee's favorite done okay now I'm scared whoa

he bred them so you can do it for other players too so we got a little Chauncey egg I wonder if they'll be I don't think happy knees in the game is happy knee in pixelmon happy knee I wonder if he could abuse that pixelmon to get like generation 4 pokemon - is he in here a PT is really cute I'll be honest I really like happy knee it is I obviously would have said he's not but I guess he is oh I don't think we're gonna help Amy I think we need to have a special item on Chauncey in order to get happy knee I think that might be like a magmar Oh ellicott thing I know like an incense or whatever it is like you know like how Snorlax needs an incest the full incense to breed into a munchlax I feel like that's what it is I think I might be incorrect though ah but today was a good day alright ladies and gentlemen that's just about what we're gonna have always the legendary - that's just about all working everyday is episode but we have one more thing we need to do we need to take care of this legendary boss Charizard Wyatt looks like yeah it looks like it's a Chinese hard why yeah he's got the drought - we have to take care of this guy I don't know how well this is gonna go don't flinch oh thank you okay we got the paralysis off I feel a lot better about life right now dragon rush but guys I hope you did enjoy today's episode if you did make sure leave a like if we reached 1300 likes by tomorrow morning I will upload another episode a pixel my world SMP dad was Dragonite but we should be find out that he's paralyzed so if you guys aren't joining the series be sure to leave a like a lots of that closer looks a lot cloister get some XP icicle spear buh-bye I'm gonna call that hit four times three times with a knockout of course it's that I thought I did he was he all he else is the life form I forgot about that you won the battle awesome ant whoa whoa whoa little die I died to get the ability capsule yo I feel that man I swear if I don't get a tab if that ability capsule did not fall on that ground I swear I swear I will be so upset I will be so upset I'm finding it I'm 100% finding it yo I think this is where I died let's hop back on Charizard really quick I thought that's where I died it also could could have been where he died it fell cuz I didn't click drop all or take them because I died too quickly oh no I could just not have gotten them I don't see the ability yeah I don't see the ability capsule in there that ability capsule is so good that changes the ability of your Pokemon that could change I'm not like trying to think of like what Pokemon I want it for like that could change my shiny Chandelure to flame body I don't think that's what I would use it on but that's like a possibility I think I just try capturing another pokemon flame body like magma or something no I don't know where it dropped that's not good all right guys I'm gonna add the episode here and I'm gonna keep on hunting um yeah hopefully I find it get out of here

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