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hello and welcome to another edition of kdeeny kitchen video game recipes made real now this week's recipe is actually a foodstuff at all for the first time we're making a drink let's make drug from The Secret of Monkey Island now in the Secret of Monkey Island Gabrus Threepwood talks to three important looking pirates who are enjoying a nice refreshing drink of grog now according to the game itself grog is a secret mixture that contains one or more of the following kerosene propylene like our Park official sweeteners sulfuric acid round acetone red dye number two scum axle grease battery acid and or pepperoni now in case you haven't already tweaked that's a bit of a problem because most of those ingredients would kill you if you drank them and one of them is a video game so we're going to play it safe and use red food dye Peroni artificial sweeteners and of course rum this won't be disgusting at all so step 1 cut up a whole bunch of pepperoni so pirate walks into a bar with a ship's wheel attached to the front of his trousers but Islanders don't make it a bit irritating pirate says eh it's driving me nuts why a pirate so cool they just are what is a pirate's favorite letter [Music] if you said are you're wrong they're fond of our but truly their heart is in to see I liked over the pepperoni all cut up it's time to turn our attention to the rum I have a suitably piratical bottle here and I'm just going to pull some of this out to make room for the pepperoni and then we're going to fill it back up after that [Music]


I mustn't forget the artificial sweeteners alright top this back up [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay so there is a bottle of rum with a bunch of pepperoni and artificial sweeteners in there and already there are some weird kind of fatty chunks floating towards the top which is a little bit worrying but you know I'm going to leave this for a couple of days now so the flavors can really incorporate I'm not going to add the red food dye yet because I kind of want to see what color this goes with just the pepperoni and the artificial sweeteners in there but yeah like I say give us a couple of days to mature and then we'll see how it tastes now of course if you've seen here Dina's kitchen before you'll know I like to see how the recipes have turned out by trying them in my kitchen and they're describing how they tight well I'm not going to do that with this one because pirates shouldn't drink alone which is why I've come to the Brighton office it's two days later and to be honest I really regret doing this event hope you can see there is a film of orange fat globules that have kind of bled out of the pepperoni and gathered around the top of the bottle and to be honest with you I think I'm going to struggle to get anybody to drink this but it is time for us to add the red food dye hopefully that on mask how gross this look wow that is so weird it smells like a really sweet room but there's the unmistakable tang of meek underneath hey ho I don't know how much of this to put in so let's just give it a little that's probably too much that was load but hey ho lid back on get this away I mean it's colorful say that for it it needs to reincorporate hey that looks different if not better and yeah that the better or worse let's face it worse is the secret of monkey island grog the question is can I get anyone to drink this and while they find it tasty there's that meat fat I mentioned by the way which is just vile and everyone needs a mug yeah viously yours turn your mind I don't want from that what I've got one back here which isn't just working the kitchen admit here it comes especially come I give it all that's vibrant this is the secret of monkey island rug and there will contain anything that's going to kill it no impressions are it does look a little bit bitchy yeah it is not Vicky I'm gonna - oh all right so I meet them as always there's me and that doesn't meet yeah so my feeling groovy cats it in there no no no that's pepperoni I've removed all of these British batter I've removed all the ingredients that will definitely kill you and this is just rum colorings official sweeteners and I running of course them for yourself I already have it is a bit busy I'm sorry oh stop saying Benny right enough it's more than enough Oh than enough hey go car leaving up leaving residue residue I did want to say in advance I'm really grateful to you for doing this oh god I love meat meat it's all a meaty room all right well I swear to god Johnny if I sure what I might actually be some vomiting and welcome this alright that's alright my sexy way it sort of a meaty run a meaty room we shouldn't I see it but it stopped Alliance triggered to you something horrible right oh it's just some low salty yeah I see it's so salty it's like drinking the sea and you know when known by mouth or living with saliva because my brain thinks I'm about to be sick the second sip wasn't quite as nobody has to have anymore that there's bits of fat floating rushing in this first row eight bits of oil and fat just coming to the surface of this bright red liquid this is the last one I've done definitely no I thought I've done you know when you do a shot and then you eat some chorizo no way never happened exactly what it's like though yeah I'm company is still going on this what's really interesting is not like I know anymore that was sick even yeah I can't deal with no lettuce or something well now we know why all the Pirates were so cranky in that game yeah definitely Jesus Christ I mean as I said it was one of those caustic substances known to man so and that was without that rat poison or whatever else with it in it yeah yeah make a sweet roll you owe us something serious I know I know I make something nice next all right I will fine well thank you so much especially for you to are joining me on this hello now Acadian use kitchen so grim I'm gonna put the lid back on the table and then I'm going to throw it in the street okay looking at it ring me bill maybe so much for joining me on this I was in the Canadian kitchen you can keep those recipe suggestions coming in but stop suggesting disgusting bad one Jesus Christ and don't forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video there are plenty more from Eurogamer surrounding a smell we're going to have to go now single oh then it really needs some medical attention and or counseling so bar

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