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by: Lt. Eddy Games

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your standpoint I'm gonna have one isis/isil do we do it boys

[Music] let me know if you guys want me to change I've never changed oh you're getting the Doris fuck right after this dude Wow man that was a good shot calling don't you think your pony there was an endorsement for jock oh man come back with a shield that's how I also say I can use a condom oh yes my ego is so good man I'm good at everything we're so positive this is what Jeff wanted this a widow well they don't have a feeling Tracy's gonna be flanking they don't have what do anymore [Music]

oh man oh you then for all economy purpose I thought you made a family friendly contact yo I make the easiest 25 cents per video dude let the awful come out this pure alpha have the kingdom they have leaver I think they're mad assert your dominance no just rain XE respond fuck it yeah cert the dominance go on play point just think a [Music]


just like the first game get immedi know what else got wall well the YouTuber is actually more than you you tumor he's a philanthropist actor and to its streamer he's some - you sound like a Big Daddy like that's that's a real quick voice channel leave doing your mom sorry - dad

doing me a me eyeball right let's go skinny-dipping I mean we can listen to Katy Perry as well now this is gonna be more than listening now I don't want to come here that sounds so creepy when Ryan says my dad why aren't you wearing a better skin Tony what is this no goth is the best sorry skin rapport me for griefing everyone I'm sorry nice work guys hey just stop throwing gates what did you just say to me Madam's arse how dare you accuse me of such an out do you think I got a level of endorsement 3 by throwing yes same I grinded I don't care about your shit right now say just stop it's kind of like the Hulk you know you just get mad and then it just happens I'm sorry I didn't want you to get to my Christian Matt morals alright so I just back out how many subs do you have I got like ten my mom is two of them don't make a fat joke I love it very much don't you dare ever insulting I got a YouTube play button signed by my mom in the mail saying on Kirk guys guys come on oh my god [Music]



nice holy crap come on blow me one of these games - sup - the stuff Wow actually yeah consoles overpower great no like even if the Nervii still sees the book go away man as soon as a minority is getting picked a lie he's like

a lot of fun here in Tucson for here I'm gonna try something cheeky I'm gonna try going for a backpack here also I want to pull leave the pigments in no we're already going for a back Abbi we already got yo love go boys perfect nice offers will happen to be fine boys right on Thanks anyone and assume that you didn't care about I can't reach the reaction time is so fast

how do I enjoy a youtuber or something Wow not even a hole oh no that's not me oh hi oh well good game is horrible hope sucks torps cool did you know he has like 32 kids that means he at least had sex 32 times I had a spark of as much sex as he does one day what one day will it be virgins and then we will rise up remember competitive 3v3 I sure don't can you get your mic back you think yes yeah Oh God great fucking it I'm I'm gonna Thanks like every other day with this player hit shift right very good holy beat down over here baby chant headshot all of us oh good she made a mistake a short guy got his name short let me into short who is the whore McCurry I think he's actually like a little bit of a mandolin no sweetheart friggin right I mean if they have a farmer screwed but this works most of the time this will work it's definitely work if not only could get YouTube video yeah that would be pretty nice I should start up a channel

get lucky dip

sleeeeep I'm dead spec spec okay I gotta channel my inner green [Music] you're good money oh you have to keep this pooping like three more times

[Laughter] [Music] the God confess

are you that one guy from YouTube yes I am

I was under all those last

can you refund gains gamestop be texting now oh fuck mom the green was your mom will claim she's blonde and I love her in my life she looks like we finally did it boys I know I can't believe that we make 50 of these god-awful episodes I'm just kidding I've had a blast making every single one a lot of people asked I was gonna do something crazy for the 50th one and the answer's no if he isn't really that crazy number if you think about it and I figured that I'm finally back though from vacation some IRL stuff so that's all taken care of so I'm gonna be back with a vengeance he's on strong that heat dick is Robin so expect a lot of videos very soon I might make videos a little bit shorter but more frequent just because the YouTube stinks thank you guys again for sticking with me you guys want to see me you watch play do games live twitch click links in the description just click all up on that's right even the naughty one I don't know I'm saying thank you guys seriously it means a lot now if you excuse me I'm gonna go play dollhouse with my new diva Android I'll see you later [Music]


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