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Facebook Facebook Hey Outlander fans me anti-glare are here with Entertainment Tonight and I'm here with two of your favorite stars of all time we music Katrina Val and Sam heughan the stars of Outlander we're gearing up for season two we're gearing up for the Globes and we just want to take a little second and get to know you guys out there send us your fan questions and we will get started apparently you already are thank you so much well we leave you those comments to come in guys I just want to pitch it off to you what is your favorite thing about Outlander fans ooh what is your favorite thing about Atlanta fans I think it's just how passionate they are yes I mean I'm already we've had people thinking they make it my little movie every time they talk exactly I mean if I acted on their and involved in everything we do I'm just their generosity actually is huge I mean they've they've been huge supporters of sounds charity and my charity and that I think is the thing that boldest little most okay and our first facebook Q&A photo or a question is going to be from Lisa Sherrod and she says salmon Katrina how was it to learn how to ride horses from scratch for the series not from scratch no I think both of our Stevie said that we can ride horses we're gonna do something we haven't been the first day you seen you in your your riding helmet yeah I I think I looked I looked like a real pro just trying to get off the horse about falling off I don't think I succeed for that yeah it's definitely a great part of the job and we both enjoy it and there's always a competition between us oh really yeah well we now I mean last year I had by a tank it's low-fat tanks um and this year I have a Ferrari horse protests who's them who likes to race sound sleepy so however could you just realize that I've ridden our tank this year and realized that he's not a nice it's like he's a wonderful horse and I think I'm better on levels okay so Gretchen Landis wants to know how often do you guys get annoyed with each other well I'm gonna say very rarely Wow okay never right how could you I mean she's amazing no I mean how could you

no no I wish it was a reward yeah I do remember one time I was I was sort of taking the piss of your pronunciation of frenching you got a bit annoyed of me but that was just yeah uh no what well then you shake potatoes instead of um okay so wanna sir owner wants to know who or what do you miss most when you are on a break from shooting however I like we missed each other I miss some we're not there we miss old Mary Mingus as well don't we time to talk device menzies yeah no it's what we have like we have such a great crew and you know I think all of us we sort of get along very well so when the Highlanders weren't there like for the first few apps this season you know it we missed them and when they came back it was like it was a big it was great uncommon back ah yes exactly oh wow you guys are sending them in really fast right now um Stephanie Peck Chang wants to know what did you think of thee in all caps red dress in the upcoming season I'll let them answer that I don't think I'd seen it nice oh well I I'd see the red dress walking down the corridor but um yeah it's remarkable I mean to dress Katrina is not difficult she looks great in virtually everything but this the red dress is incredible and it is quite a masterpiece isn't it I mean it takes some getting used to young shoulder to wear I had kind of a terrible and into Pilar's oh no I think you fit inside yourself short I think you would look spectacular in it it would accentuate your hips nice Friday right in the holes well going off of that arena McCain wants to know just saw the teri was nominated for costuming what is your favorite costume ever been I don't know there's a couple um well one of my favorites from season one was the green and sort of maybe tartan dress that's actually in this sort of second half of the season posters my comes I loved that but this season there isn't there's one that we call the dressage which is this beautiful sort of green fabric with loads of embroidery and like a mustard on your layer skirt and it's just it's time it's really beautiful and I think they just released a picture of it like last week but it's pretty cute I've got a strong hat the flowers what's your favorite acting that you've worn coat star like me all the time if it's easy lily is Renault was really sweet she said hello from France I'm supposed to be asleep right now since it's 1 a.m. here mommy I was wondering people can say something in French just has to check and see how you guys are going to be in season 2 what if I do the mouth

kiss of the da ba ba la is just Falcon - yeah ah it's just that good to enjoy season do ah yeah it's gonna be great I promise yeah you can read the subtitles players are young a French cheated it's just tired is just probably hung himself we've got another Claire out there who wants to ask you guys a question Claire well Charles to know if you could go back in time to any era what would you choose where would you go you could ask this question a lot I always said I want to go to the future but maybe I have to make a decision I mean I've always been obsessed with sort of Camelot and things like that I know it wasn't really Imperial but yeah maybe somewhere around there be not dispute I was switching it up today - yeah I think I would like to just to see like the land of the Pharaohs and it's it's heightened baby milk yeah I think maybe your pops robbery but it runs why don't ya you could we make the movie with passion would you want to be a Richard Burton fair oh yeah thank you fair you know we're doing till eight wants to know what might be best and worst things about working together

be honest our own divorce burdens are there I mean the best thing he knows the best snacks okay she has great snacks in fact so much that I've studied eating the same foods extreme because it really start getting jealous yeah I did she don't be one of it or sometimes you just take it it was sitting in the green room I just bathroom green gonna be old all you've got I was the worst well the worst is probably actually days when we both get in the same childish mood and we constantly just meet into the get go through at takes sets and then no work is done yes and then and then giving angry ah yeah I'm good scratch Evelyn focus well how do you step out of the vehicle it's one guys bottom it's usually when someone gets to the point where you can see they're actually about to get really hungry you're like well this is actually a Twitter question and it says congratulations you guys just want a People's Choice Award last you guys thank you what does that mean to you since we did get an acceptance speech and who will take the work home what does that mean to us well first of all thank you very much and we know that the fans were so busy voting and that means a huge amount to us but what it means is that we all work so hard and the fact that you guys enjoy what we do and give me that means everything and probably wrong we'll take it home by the way Sam good in skills right I think I'm going to jump yeah definitely you definitely have a back-up plan those whole life awesome what is your all-time favorite line from elementary he's going on yeah Oh mine is um when Ian offers to come help find Jamie and I claritin syringe ellipses but you haven't got a leg but I think Google's got a lot of great wines most about grinding corn Oh Lucy's always is so direct and I did anyone play pranks on set and if so who's the best prankster no actually yeah very boring yeah but yeah you listening to start playing some Thanks Frank's nice with children okay I'm trying to keep up if nothing we are the bastions of the triggers a mature what quality do you guys most admire about each other sounds mature see I'll be immature um I like Katrina sense of humor and resilience I admire sounds big potus's Sam have you ever been injured on set or doing your own stunts have I ever been injured no no I've never been injured I was looking for some wood touch I've never been injured on set I'm doing any stunts not yet oh yeah yeah I think I've dropped you a a your name Johnny hit me on the head it's just yeah I I in furniture I've also just you in the side with I've tried to sell sound and you got your own bar I did um okay well you guys are sitting in so many of them right now Hannah Jones wants to know what is the best thing about Scotland and she loves the show with five emojis I find them all kind of all the same one they're all the same ones they're the reasons it's really really excited that I lost I mean yeah quite understood what happened man I see I also learn what this this one has used the login' in Thailand thank you thank you ah crap there you go and sour D crap table in Thailand oh my gosh so what didn't go what was the question um it was which apparently Mossad so landscape yeah it's so peaceful this kind before that place is absolutely gorgeous you've got to be going baby thing about school yeah and you won't find it's a 5 emojis you a 5 thing ok the landscape the people yes the music culture that's yeah culture culture and the humor unfortunately the whisky oh yeah that actually runs me with Twitter question we got earlier today who holds their or better Sam I think the question to ask is who probably drinks more than liquor in a single session probably Katrina but who stands the most stable at the end of the night that would probably be so Jessica Jessica says love the show binge watched it over the holidays what other television shows people enjoy oh well I'm watching the making of a murderer right now I'm only on three stuff but yeah um and but I'm in love with this show called catastrophe and it also has tobias menzies in it just randomly but it's such a fantastic show and transparent mr. robot loving it that's good yeah although rocky wants to know Katrina how was it doing ladybug Andrew costumes this year um I loved getting to where the baby bump um it was we didn't actually wear it with the costumes for a lot but it was it was great Sam thought it was a basketball and something to be punched um okay I was moving poke yeah you fun with it no it was look it was I loved the story line I absolutely relished being able to play that and you know for Clara to go through all of that it was it was great and yeah I mean you know it's great pregnancies is a beautiful thing that it was great to see Olga well unfortunately you guys that was all the time that we have right now so keep it locked to ichi online because we're going to have even more out under content and thank you so much for joining me I appreciate it

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