A Stay at the Cozy Babblebrook Inn (ASMR)

by: Goodnight Moon

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hi there welcome to Bella Brooke again you must have found God and the storm you are solved ok ok why don't you have a seat by the fire warm up and I'll grab you a few dry gloves ok

Oh kind of the hole for your shoulders nice and knock and then one okay if I tap off your face

and just wrap your hair a little bit cheerful so you're not dripping all over the floor anybody slip

okay and it looks like yeah if you scrape on your face Rena from some branch that got you on your way through the forest okay well I have somewhere over here somewhat Jaisal if you like me to clean it up real okay

all right this might sting teeny to do that I'll forget too much okay

you'll okay alright

oh you can okay why make sense all right now you're all cleaned up so you must have been in the store for a while if you manage to get that so where did you come from grand Fleur that's up north business that's a long ways away you must be exhausted and hungry are you hungry perfect we have a fresh batch of breasts and I'm always happy when customers come in just when there's a fresh batch that's when it tastes the best and you'll know it an awesome good guy oh okay cut you up a few slices all right

and what do you like on your bread well we have butter jam or cheese okay

all right there is your breath let me know if you need more what would you like to drink we have milk why kale or Mead okay so tell me more about your journey how was it long of course okay were you able to make a pass or a more bridge before sundown okay good it's just that Marauders like to hide yeah you won't have a problem um during daylight just because they'll be busy wreaking havoc in the villages during the day where you drink but at night that is their hideout spot when I wait to to about vanish people if you want to be extra safe for your way back you might want to stop by the window which is shop and she can fix you up with a protection charm or a spell mm-hmm have you been to the willow which is shop before you have once that's great hmm do you know how to get there from here no okay well would you like me to draw you up a map sure I'd be happy to don't why are you getting lost okay

yeah it's only about an hour's walk away but if you're anything like me you can still manage to screw that up yeah I just get distracted I'll be I'll be staying on the path but then I'll see some mushrooms or some berries or some flowers just a little ways off the path so walk over to grab those but then I'll see some more a little ways further and then some more or little lights rather than that and before I know it I'm absolutely completely utterly lost but if you're not as distractible as I am and you shouldn't have any issues it's pretty straightforward

how do you like the bread


all right taking a bit fun make sure I'm very thorough in case you do get lost you'll have lots of landmarks to be able to find your way again

okay that should do it so now let me show you I'm sorry it's not exactly an artistic masterpiece but it'll do the trick so you see this right here that's where we are do you babble brick in just outside of carving too and next to the Penrith forest so first you want to head north and added a nifty little North just up here so you don't forget so you'll want to head north right I went in to fan Foss River and you'll need to cross the river thankfully it's very easy because there are plenty of stepping stones all across the way you can just hop across once you have crossed the fan Foss River it would be nice if you could go straight shot through the glanum Mountains but unfortunately there's so steep it would take you so long it's much quicker to just go around Brunswick Lake little detour then you'll find your way through the forest and into this beautiful open clearing up spotted mushroom beautiful little meadow while you're there you might want to pick up the mushrooms they go wonderful in soup so you want to make your way through the spotted mushroom that up around briar lake and then up the hill through the forest and then right just up the beginnings of the Glen of mountains you'll find the willow which is shop just there and once you're at the top of that hill it don't might be a bit tricky to find it's a little cobblestone cottage covering vines but it's surrounded by a lot of dense brush and trees so you might have a tricky time spotting it at first but you should be able to find it by your nose the women which is always brewing potions that have a lovely and talked the gating smell that should draw you right you are mm-hmm just here all the way fold that up for you does that make sense okay good let me know if you have any question the will of which is very nice shouldn't have any problems with her just always happy to help do you have anything to pay her well for the production stuff well that's my problem as you're crossing the river plenty of pillow moss grows all over the stepping stone across the river so as you're crossing just collect as much Palomas as you can from the stepping stone and that should be more than enough to trade for a protection spell the woman which is constantly using pillow moss in our various brews and potions so she'll be more than happy to accept some of that other trade

so so that's nice and neat here is your mouth mm-hmm it looks like your jacket car ripped open by the thorns to try to slow it up for you yeah I'd be happy to I loved it so yeah sure all right let's see this is a nice coat you have excellent taste very soft probably keep you very warm all right let me see I'm not sure if I have any threads will match it exactly I thought okay some people are very precise about that for today all right let's see here is it is a shade



[Music] what do you think about one it's not perfect but pretty close okay a lot I'll do all right so how long have you lived in friend floor really what do you do there huh all right hmm well that's a shame you missed a far we're always in need of more self-aware at the end mm-hmm we have a lot of ogre customers and when the eggs aren't to their liking they don't let their temper get the best of them kind of crush so we're always in need of replacement if you're ever going to stay with us again you should bring some by definitely you want to purchase them from you

so how long have you been a blacksmith for you must be very skilled yeah I've lived here since I was born my parents in and been working here since I could walk I love it here it's very peaceful well except for when some of the guests get a bit rowdy mm-hmm the trolls can get a bit loud why we like to play music here a lot the time kind of drowns them out keep it peaceful finish ah maybe I should type the needle with a bit of a larger I just wanted to pick a small one so I make sure I don't leave I'm holding your next coat

ah finally here we go okay

so you said you're here on business how many nights we need to stay with us ok well we have a few different rooms that will be available for three nights that you can choose from hmm we have the one available that faces our garden beautiful view so where we grow almost all of the food that we use in our kitchen here

then we have the room the face is the mountains it's a beautiful sunset over the mountains over easily then we have a room the face Blake always lots Birds another wildlife to watch I believe the Garden Room is 3 shillings a night the light crew is five shillings the popular one and the mountain room I believe fine I'm not mistaken do you have a preference okay

on my days Grand Prix thanks Ben nice and peaceful yeah we haven't been very busy today for once so I finally kind of been able to relax and do my own pace that is scrambling around like I usually am there's always so much to do today some night seems like your days probably been a bit rough walking through the storms well okay that's good

so are you planning on visiting the Roma which tomorrow do you think you might be able to run an errand or me I really appreciate it you don't have to gentle pressure really thank you so much I was wondering if you might be able to fetch me some mermaids bubbles yeah

I don't want her to complaining to my parents about me gotta keep the guests happy yeah I'd be great I could pay you feel shilling for your trouble thank you so much all right let me just tie off the end here and there you go your beautiful jacket there you are

okay and you blink

very soft

all right so here is your pillow and your blanket well thank you so much for staying with us I hope you'll have a lovely night and I'll see you in the morning breakfast is in the dining hall at 9:00 a.m. and I'll get to meet all

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