The 2013 Yamaha XT250

by: YamahaMotorUSA

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hi I'm Derrick Brooks of the Yamaha Motor Sports Group I love dual sport bikes because of their versatility a good dual sport machine offers the rider unmatched freedom you can take to the street or the trail or both the 2013 Yamaha xt 250 is that kind of bike and a superb value in my book at the heart of the xt 250 is Yamaha is very reliable high-quality 249 cc four-stroke engine it's tuned to deliver great performance no matter the riding terrain this is one of yo Maha's most proven engines in the lineup it has the simplicity of an air-cooled motor and with the lack of a radiator it keeps the body nice and narrow as well as lightweight and new for 2013 a future sophisticated fuel injection for strong and consistent power in all conditions not to mention smooth throttle response easy starting and great fuel economy and the push button electric starting makes firing up the machine effortless whether on your way to school or work for that back trail to the lakeside cabin you'll appreciate the nearly nine inches of suspension travel up front and the 7.1 inches of travel through a progressive mono cross by a linkage shock in the rear together they offer a smooth and compliant ride and we taking the path less traveled the xt 250 gives you more than 11 point 2 inches of ground clearance yet the seat height is a comfortable 30 1.9 inches but another cool feature about the xt 250 is just how slim and narrow the bike is around the seat and tank junction this combined with the low seat height make it super easy to get both feet on the ground and feel confident on the street or trail maximum turning angle the handlebar is 51 degrees that's more comparable to a trials competition bike than a street bike combined the turning angle with the short 50 3.5 inch wheelbase and you have a super tight turning motorcycle that provides outstanding maneuverability on tight trails or even on congested city streets the xt features 21 inch front and 18 inch rear aluminum wheels that are extremely durable and reduce unsprung weight for great suspension performance and handling a big 245 millimeter front disc brake and 203 millimeter rear disc handle the stopping performance very effectively on or off road for rider convenience the xt 250 features a multi-function digital LCD instrument panel with cool green background lighting that is easily visible day or night it's lightweight design keeps weight off the handlebar further enhancing the light precise handling now here's some really great news I know we're all concerned about the cost of fuel today well the xt 250 delivers an estimated 73 miles per gallon that keeps operating costs low while the fun factor is kept very high if you're thinking about a fun deride fuel efficient machine that lets you decide the route home look no further than the versatile Yamaha xt 250 they call it dual purpose but I call it double the fun I don't know about you but I'm going to be taking the fun route home thanks for watching you


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