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hi guys it's really here from Saturday night stitch and welcome to my channel so today's post is being directed by my eldest and so it's gonna be a little bit different because he's in charge of everything and he's telling me what to do literally including the hat to wear and we're going to be doing a fabric haul so this is half of the fabrics but I have bought in the last couple of months or so I haven't yet had the chance to touch them onto so with their but I'm really excited about sharing them because that tends to like get my creative juices flowing okay let's get to it [Music]


[Music] okay funky is possibly the most amazing fabric that I have ever seen okay ready for it thank you he likes throwing fabrics at me so okay so we have this terry knit fabric in this absolutely gorgeous sassy giraffe print I mean look at that I love giraffes they're one of my favorite animals and that's just so cool so that you wrap with headphones it is excellent quality terry as far as I'm concerned this cost me 18 pounds pamita and you can see on there that's the terry cloth this is already been creamed washed because I was going to try and sew it up in fact the New Year's but I did manage to get round to it this is gonna be a jumper for my other half so this was an ebay purchase and it's beautiful it's old I love it but it's not gonna be for me objects is some gray and black hairy bone neat fabric so it's winter and I'm definitely buying a lot more wintery style fabrics I'm a fair-weather seamstress I think is what it's called but here we go this is a beautiful herringbone you can see the herringbone but it stretches it's stretchy so I thought I could make myself a nice work e-type dressed I don't know but this is really cute i got this from bnm fabrics and it was something like 7 pounds but me too and I've got a metre and a half okay so this should be enough to make myself something next is some more bnm fabrics terry cloth so they were stoking some beautiful terry clothes that she just got in from germany they were I think though about 16 pounds bonita 417 pounds per meter but I got one meter of the navy blue which I'm very very happy with and I'm gonna use this to make some sweater tops they're also got red for you now this is pillbox I believe they're calling pure box or pillar box red but is that bright red that in a United Kingdom you get like the post boxes are like so red you can't miss them from afar and this is how red this fabric is that picked this up from the shuttle stand at the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate and they were only selling this one 9 pound 75 per meter which was a steal and I got three meters and I want to make like some sort of an epically long coat with huge 70 style collar but yeah I'm very very happy with this I mean the camera doesn't actually do it justice the lighting isn't all that great but this is a beautiful beautiful red fabric so that was from the shuttle it a special price of 1975 because they were at the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate okay shooting cotton but from bnm fabrics and now my husband was actually with me when he fixed this up I was chatting with the shop owner as you do when your fabric shopping and you know bless him he didn't have anything to do so he was looking around and then he came up to me and you said oh could you make me a shirt with this fabric and I said yeah sure of course I'm gonna make you a shirt yeah and yeah I got him 1.5 meters of this it's a blue with an interesting geometric print he does generally have really great taste in fabric I have to say this is gonna be my colors m60 for fall which is his tried and true tried and tested passing so this is a shirt in cotton it was I think 5 pounds 5 pounds per meter okay next up is Aslam a cotton Jersey with a little bit of spandex and you just give it a bit of stretch but I got the white and also the sage green again from V&M fabrics that you really really excellent jerseys I think that she gets them from Germany but I got enough to make my husband a Raglan sleeve t-shirt which I've made before using a janie pattern called the Neko t-shirt which is perfect it fits really well so that's what this is going to be once I get the time to do that so my son is trying to show you this you say if you haven't subscribed Click the SUBSCRIBE button already for your style related videos every week or so so we're just gonna keep this here okay what's next okay ethnics is some needle called corduroy or baby cord from fabrics for all which gosh you guys I love going there i defined a lot of stuff especially in december but this is a fabulous 70s style bright eclectic print I love the cobalt blues with these electic electric pings and it's just Oh fabulous and it's a very very fine needle quote which means that you've got the great week it is won't even though it's a needlepoint now she had two colorways she had two Calloway's I couldn't choose between the two colorways so I did what any decent fabric buying seamstress would do I bought both of them okay so there's this one which is like the magenta background Calloway and then you put the Navy Calloway in the IDS and when he uses woke up the fabrics in whatever I make him whatever it is you know and I'm gonna toot my own horn here but it is gonna be fabulous cuz I love this fabric so much this was 8.54 Meeks and I think I got two meters of each Callaway

[Applause] up next is try that again okay is some lady McElroy fabric that I saw fabrics for all and I love this fabric and done so just a little bit of a background story here the lady who owns fabrics for all also so so like she's been in the sewing industry for decades and in her shop she doesn't spin where she sews up garment using the fabrics that she has so she's got like a rail full of garments that have been made from fabrics that are in the shop so he can get a really good idea of what the fabric might look like if it was a garment and she had this one especially outstanding dress and it was a deep piece to do fashion dress like she made in this fabric and it was just fantastic and I just felt hook line and sinker when I saw that and I was like I've got to have that I've gotta have that I'm sorry got myself some of this seventeen pounds per meter so lady McElroy fabrics aren't cheap but they're fantastic quality they're absolutely fantastic quality so far from what I've used I can spend that money confidently so I want to make myself a simple top I'm thinking a bow I know I'll see but I love this is good um Kingfisher's I think those are King fishes or whatever there is there but it's a textured it's got its even though it's a viscose it looks it's got a linen look to it and she's got such a beautiful beautiful texture to it and yeah I cannot wait to sew this up okay so this was fabrics for all and it was 17 pounds um thanks to some fabric that I picked up from fabrics at the Knitting and stitching show in Harrogate I've had my eye on this fabric for months for months and there was a point where I thought that they had sold out of and I was gutted but then I saw it at the net enhance teaching showing I was like Jorge two and a half meters strength away because I knew exactly what I wanted to make with this which is like a really super awesome skirt but check out these colors purple emerald white black and look at the texture that we have on me now do you guys think this looks like carpet because my children the first time they saw this they were like no money you bought some carpet I did not take that - well because I don't think this looks like carpet no it's a wool blend fabric I cannot remember how much it cost me I can't remember how much it cost me and yeah but it wasn't it wasn't cheap it wasn't cheap but i just i love the the drape the softness and it's gonna make a really fantastic fantastic skirt up next up next is a fabric that i bought from the knitting of stitching show at Harrogate from a new to me shop that I never shopped at before I think it was bad I mean the thing is that the Disney stitching showed the signs under permanent so it's not easy to remember what they were but this this just caught my eye cut my eyes stole my heart and lodged itself in my creative drain it's a shock white print the guy said that it was like Italian but look at the intricate detail in how they have woven the striped here it's so pretty I don't know quite yeah what I'm gonna make we did it first I thought I was gonna make a bomba jacket and then I thought I was gonna make a skirt I thought I was gonna make I don't know what I'm gonna bake leave this but I do want to get too precious about it that's hope I hope I can cut into it before the year is over but yeah this cost me I think even was 20 pounds per meter yes it was 20 parts per meter so yeah and look at the back so this is the reverse so you can see how intricate that up next is a certain fabric that I bought from the chateau in Shipley the shop is in Shipley yes I think yeah I bought this in Shipley not at the Knitting yes teaching show but if you can see it's like a pale cream with mostly the blues and then the orange check in it so I thought I'd challenge myself with sewing a shirt for my husband that has got added pattern matching because I've turned tended to avoid anything as complex is check fabrics because you know that's been matching I don't and so yeah this is what we have up next is a silk fabric that I got from the show so it's a piece which is about 1.3 meters long and I got it for 13 pounds and I got it for 13 pounds but I love how vibrant it is and it's a jeweled tone and I'm a big fan of my jewel tones see you see the sheen it's got a beautiful drape to it and I'm just gonna make a simple top you might have buttons I don't know but this okay what's next

up next is some animal print please say love so this is a piece safe fabric is 100% polyester and which makes it easy care this is already been washed and it's exactly it goes Union comes out same before and after is exactly the same but if you look at that it's got a very fine fine heat to it and I picked this up from the Chateau while at the Knitting and stitching show and they had it half price which was 3.75 per meter and the idea is I'm just gonna make like a skirt with a gathered waist yeah this is part of my animal print phase it's I think the fourth animal print fabric that I have caught in the last six weeks or so okay so finally the last thing that I bought from the Chateau at the Knitting and stitching show for it what are the three pound 95 per meter it's a scuba but it's a very lightweight drapey scuba which is almost like a border print which is like a border print and you can see that's the top of the border once selvage that's one selvage and then that's the other selvage edge and it's very beautiful and it's got a really nice drape to it not too sure what I'm gonna make with this but I got I think I've got three meters because with three meters I'm covered for if I want to make a maxi dress and whatever else happens yeah thank you so much for tuning in and watching I really hope that you've enjoyed the video and if you did then please to give us a big thumbs up down below it's not for me as a thank you to my assistants here yeah so if you haven't already subscribed please do subscribe for new sari videos every week or so and until I see

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