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hey guys glad you're watching and thanks for president like if you enjoyed the video why does uh Peter Braza points behind and seek on st. do Murray way no st. st. no st. Marie du Mont one of these days I'll remember I'll remember anyway we've got a lot of folks hiding there's a list of nicknames the top left there who do you think on that list amid last to be found pick one person let's see how they do will they be first to die fifth to die well they win the game probably not but hey who knows your microphone is terrible dude I could barely hear you're saying it sounds like you're like in a tiny bathroom talking got the echo effect going on trying to take your spot your spot they're trying to take my spot whoa whoa whoa just give you just papered goddamn dog all right you mean you're hiding now we'll file a police report after this men all right it's not amazing any more to go all right I'm 1 for justice fine number one who's talking beasts ok dear person who just came next to be stand and took his spot you've got ten seconds ago to someone it's Gabe okay thank you hi Gabe all right Gabe go find another spot man all right we done here we done cannot you uh play in the game yeah but I totally move yeah look welcome to the conversation five seconds ago all right Gabe go pick another spot you got five seconds five four three two one all right we good can I play the game great yep thank you all right yeah there we go and then there is order again yeah undercover basic training what's going on here I'm just entranced by that it's a Viking ghost anyway uh we killed one person soggy pancakes and then we killed the best donut hang on my audio is way too goddamn loud that's fine but yeah what's today's hide-and-seek discussion I already told these guys it's animal crossing who's playing animal crossing on their phones yeah man all the cool kids are playing it beasts is out game is out this is your incredible spot this is what you made me like wasted minute of my life on the fact that you hit next you over there this is it this is your amazing spot you're like wiggling when I came by ah man you guys anyway Animal Crossing it's basically couch building simulator 2017 you want friends there like okay only if you build me a couch so you go build my couch and then they fake me and your friend that's Animal Crossing nope no one else in this lobbies playing Animal Crossing for real all right all right forget we're not some ex Damien two is out so weird man I look at my Twitter feed I look at my my friends are all playing this game you guys all right super busy playing world war two fair enough people Chaplin been playing Animal Crossing because you know I'm not cool kid I know you didn't have to say that

that way helmet giveaway but yeah let's see here I actually have to spend this week practicing a bunch of mobile games I'm part of this uh this tournament for Amazon called a champion of fire cuz in the fire the fire stick and fire tablet anyway Anthony's out so they gave us like a list I think of like eight games 12 games and basically a mobile competitions being held in New York City that's probably some kind of live audience if you live in New York see if you want to come watch me come in last

for mobile games I I don't know if I'm allowed to disclose the list yet so I'm not gonna not gonna say okay but Flair is fine Minoru knows gonna win Ryan Briscoe you're dead you're not gonna win but Haku is actually in the competition I think she came in second place last year but she's just a genius she's just the best at every game she plays so I'm just gonna try and try and do my best top prize I think it's ten thousand but if you like everything you become the bottom eight you get twenty five hundred so no matter what you know I got some I got some spending money I'm gonna play my best them.he practicing this week all these games it's gonna practice like I wanna come in dead last you know what I mean my motivating factor is not coming in first my motivating factor we just sat I just know we're gonna play the game of imma corn hide-and-seek right now and if you're not talking about Animal Crossing I would stop talking all right RS John is out about a penny more custom she's not the best if she came in second well the guy who came in first after I was nameless isn't playing so vault the desert you all off the screams and dies oh that's great the best ones when they're on fire imagine the recording session for that one mysterious wolf is out one of these you should have Molotov someone your killstreaks to throw them at people after you get it I want I need the flamethrower that's what I need I can I can make this demo figure out if you can make smokers more streets like less look man is out oh yeah there's a there's nobody call it well no I didn't change the points per kill no I didn't try that out yeah flippin would be nice alright former players left young kid anti approach AK star and cavil seems going pretty quickly

the serious wolf did in fact die anyways it is well really good oh no somebody actually my really good buy a stock soldier yeah yeah explosive shotgun was like a beast on that you didn't have to load it and I think it did more damage I mean I agree with the people who didn't want that pre-loaded did do more damage I feel like it did less damage like at least from like you know a certain distance I forget what it was but I always I definitely got more kills in the beta when I had the regular shotgun shells in there versus the that's in the area once whenever I'm not really a shotgun user so young kid anti Pro cavil I'm not gonna pretend to be I don't see the point of having you have to load them like what's the point you just load them as soon as you spawn no but that was the way it was initially but they removed it cuz people complained so someone like that on the sledgehammer team at the same idea you did like those just be like preload since they're the best once thought people disagreed I also disagree I prefer like to have like the regular shells in there first because they were seem to be more effective oh yeah anyway that's one of this someone like spawns in and they instantly kill you it wouldn't be like nice I guess that's the reason a I don't know if that's it ah good spot good wait he's already dead then it's got a cup on his back I just downloaded Animal Crossing Oh a mazing good man now you can uh you can use that as like a iceberg with the ladies okay mind if what if I visit your camping site the coroner get a UH smack in the face all dead again killed me again look I just need to be sure I've definitely passed bodies in the past and that wasn't swift all right

I thought it'd be buying nothing for Black Friday this year and I'm buying like a million small things that were necessary cavil not bad man not bad hang on take it my shovel back I was planning to but I didn't it's for the best man yeah definitely is for the best man the Xbox is we're on good sell this here oh yeah bet dude you like it like Xbox want us for like 200 bucks that's a crazy price yeah Xbox one is gonna be good for a long time to brace market price calm down a little bit so consoles aren't just immediately behind but they don't we send up one I won't really keen again the normal Xbox ones like it's just too big to fit anywhere on my desk Rick Xbox 1x and Xbox one us equal size fabric are hard I didn't really think I need an Xbox one and no but I I think that opinion is the same but I'm sure we're cool I know I want to get in with door games I'm not gonna buy a console just for like one thing Xbox one for its backwards compatibility oh I mean I haven't downloaded Sheila Xbox games on that yeah I haven't done any original games yet that I should go back and check out but they don't have multiplayer support so I'd love to play like mech assault online but don't think it works Twitter do you mother well let's find out how the Frick do get over there I know who you're talking about on top of the roof


alright so you jump along this way over here and then open air somehow and then onto that and then under that interesting wow that's you're the last one hang on let's see here I just have to look up over there under cover fire your gun please standing your exact spot so I can fire it again wait what SWAT you kidding me it's cool that's a legal spot no young didn't win yeah yeah that's uh that's why it's no bueno if you were visible out there like if you're standing out there but you were like hitting inside the goddamn object how did you get over there can you show us come over come over yeah sure dude I'll I'll be right there okay I can't go back over but you get like on this like yellow card and you jump on the bricks no no Karan yeah look where's the yellow car he's like right over there more this is a tank so to cut the yellow car next to a yellow car next to the wall why are you wearing you still anti and just do this thing if you have to go up on the roof first my bean job oh is it same place he was we just went further yeah yeah pretty much yeah I ain't doing that alright so basically up over there I know why you just kind of like scoot over from the roof down you basically have to get there for you the roof I

can't even kill myself

yeah yeah why your back give me a two hour where else can you go back here ant I won by the way but but it's a little curious about what's what's in this no-man's land

yeah well I mean nothing solid border warfare free shotgun launching nails amazing Cal fall along this road can you go what is this like the road to the war map Oh Matt you're not amazing breakout keep going softer please monopoly on the Xbox or the PC Xbox Wow how far can you go man what the hell I'm just waiting for the fall through the map you go over this far

I'll do a lot of stuff in my spare time but this guy mean yeah what the hell never under a lot of stuff out here what the hell geez this is what you might fall for all right yeah definitely not Wow man these guys going out to the frontier is there no end you're basically a giant right now walking over like Google Maps yeah it's like it's like black ops 3 he'll eventually at the floor who's seen the movie get out when he was going into the it's against more and smaller don't worry you'll die eventually hopefully no you will squat smaller and smaller yep any moment now I don't think he's even moving anymore oh god he lost his here what the hell

really weird here he's moving ok I guess he didn't die alright guess I was wrong but dude I knew they were bald characters in this game they've been holding out can you jump yeah I'm free your third person you list you have no gun in your hand you're bald demonic well I didn't see if the saved is gone to hell right now so that's what eating alright good game guys but I mean I think it was really cool to see outside the map so that's my like you all right guys GG although you know don't abuse it but if you do know how to get outside the map of other maps I would like to know shoot me a tweet at Swift or I'd like to explore I just like I decided find it very fascinating what they've actually worked on out the defined boundaries eg+ I need that old guy that ball technology alright good game yes dudes as always thank you for watching my videos really means a lot I always want to share with you guys I'm now officially sponsored by Soylent I don't get least two bottles a day it's a meal in a bottle tastes get chocolates my favorite flavor coffee original close second links in the description to check it out make me look good and really I think you're to love it chocolate all day baby thanks for

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So, this is an especially interesting Hide and Seek episode if you like extra details. Later on in the episode we get to check out the immense detail that goes into parts of the map that no one ever sees. About swiftor: Welcome to the Official Swiftor YouTube Channel! Keep up with my Swiftor Says episodes where I give commentary on gameplay with notable games like Call of Duty Black Ops 3, GTA V, WW2 & more! New episodes daily, let’s play! ILLEGAL HIDING SPOT - Hide and Seek #257 (Call of Duty WW2) | Swiftor


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