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can we start now yeah Judy can you believe this whole look oh my god I don't think he wants to finish the conversation and then I start the video and then here you guys go again I know I just I just thought it was fascinating I dropped my swish man down man down wait it's a man it's a squish squish-squish my squish like when you it's a little cat with the little fat belly oh my shit boots it like stress relievers in a way squishy it's just like you as a real fat belly and then I wish things not squish I forgot what its name is that's a name you've always called it squeeze you know what I cut you know when you said that actually it kind of reminded me of an old comic book called squeeze it's very funny because it's done by the same guy who did the invader zim really yeah yeah yeah when was the killer again me thought have you been while reading the invaders in the comments yeah I've read a few of them they're bringing back the show aren't they I thought the reboot bringing back Teen Titans like the actual og Teen Titans I saw you but you disappeared by Crouch you've ruined my plans the route Unni do not use the brand-new part can you not jump scare me like that John I was standing there to see you you're Michael you're sneaky Oh sooo busy looking at you you make sure he doesn't use the brand-new part on a ruin

that's okay I'm no John why are you still level one bud I feel like you have nowhere nice on level two oh boy yeah now I get my bloodlust oh yeah no way I'm sick Oh coughing you oh you're right let me hit him for you you so sick me we're never getting these generators now right sing your heart out my game just okay no so what happened was right but even though I'm still connected to the game let me do this Johnson he's not here yeah the eca has detected the game files have been modifier modified error code four no see I'm still in the game weirdly enough but it's just telling me you have to quit wait wait you need the anti-cheat is saying that your game has been modified are you are you hacking thing No perhaps he hacks the hacker you mean he got banned well I'll give you a second no can you just walk away and come back in like 10 seconds John look I know you just want a playmate so here I have to verify these files so if they dead by daylight dead for listening I'll forward it to vhv you're going on why I keep doing this because I had pipe by 100% not mess around with dead bait [Music] well you think they're just gonna ignore you because you actually still playing the game right now hope from the tanks I wasn't doing it Oh John I'm saying still yeah just bad guy just saying kids I have to keep verifying this game I'm gonna end the match yeah let's get you and you back that silly hacker we're trying this again you turn off your hacks this time okay I'm not hacking I mean I'm telling you now it's a very small more-- like a like not a good more person gets more amore that's amore amore is amore I love it when you recite Shakespeare what if job just has the shroud of separation well then we'll see whenever a job game lying to you hmm what you did last year whenever we were talking about the hexes you said you had twice what I do it twice yeah only had one heck what seemed all I have all hex there are great I think it's really funny when you say that job because it's like it's like it's very clear that by done your dirt because it's funny I think we all know that yeah it's almost like we do things to make the funnier thing than me lying is telling the truth in all it's not the Shroud of separation so it's definitely amore yeah that would have so chimed in why

the one who survives last I'd imagine I love how we're all just in the line

follow the leader yesterday I'm like a duck I need to follow the leader that's why we're following you oh oh by John you agree what greed what wrong look what happened now look now I'm getting chased ash is getting punished for your actions what was Ashley get punished because someone has to learn a lesson Yuri are you offering to give yourself to Jon it usually works not going to lie ya think Michael has long really if you think it's unfair give yourself a job right now well I push the space bar as soon if you love me let me go yeah yeah definitely listen I was tired of people saying that I don't take killer seriously so this will be my one I don't do that dare now come at me John you want some you're ignoring me no this is this is not this was not my plan this was not my plan John please don't don't ignore me senpai don't ignore me or seriously uni went over this there was a second of silence I can't that's that's pretty great yeah super slow generator speed you have the rabbit's foot too huh with me say that I'm trying to look for the hell lot of things but what mostly is strike to you probably it's probably the fact that you barely have a heartbeat in your level - that might be that might be evidence of rabbit's foot I bet you barely have a heartbeat that John doesn't have a heart that's not what I'm saying at all oh my god Nick what I thought we were friends I told them we were all friends what did I do that's not what I said John you think about my stamp collection John I like your bloody suit first of all and second of all do you have video games in your basement yeah yeah what games you got but that might cause you know some clothes I was promised there'd be video games you see any there simon says i hope i know i don't i don't see it i don't see either of those I wonder why it smells like mint and parsley

he's over here I'm kind of like trying to remember the lyrics for like I think it's The Wizard of Oz like it's like a song that's talking about ladies the Scarecrow's heart is like like that how come I'm not able to kill you I can't remember what huh that's so weird no I like I walked up to you and he's coming yes nurse is calling hey can y'all heal each other because it's making this varies we were trying yeah we're trying to make you know doing Jen's is a really full process I'm sorry but what nurse is calling it's kind of an impossibility at this point

well that progress was you know hard to earn and now it's gone hey my house hello I'm just looking for anything that has like a star anything that has a skull yeah that's not a house that's not a hacks you know take it out anyways in case he has no one yeah I don't I don't think I do I don't think I do that's that is not about your confidence I don't actually right we're getting rid of it no Jon leave me alone leave me be I have calling who did that that would be as oh my god I said here full disclosure what do you do stomp on my dream it's it wasn't a dream it was a dream to kill you that's why no you're right it's still a compliment to kill some art unless he doesn't have a heart he always tries to relate to be what I'm big killer they always work on that day oh my god I'm just sitting he's gonna talk about my heart done I was trying to admit I was trying to pray to your better nature right and I never said you were heartless in the first place who said I was heartless no one did actually literally not me Nick and pride no beauty guides nice children yes I will go get ash oh hey fancy meeting you here on the ground this ground plating is is groundbreaking you know it's groundbreaking what John's heart that's groundbreaking oh my god John you and your nurses Pauling is gonna be the death of me it has been exclusively the death of you more white dude no gonna be more heed I feel it hey John John let me look look listen friends I know what it's like to have people to me I can't kill them someone else can we can talk about you know John you know you're you know the the shape smart ask right you know that's William shot in the face right yeah no that's yeah that's the mask but it's William Shatner's face there gets like a royalty from it like just a mask for Halloween people could wear you know they just I don't know you killed yourself over healing you need I have to do it in case John came back and then screwed us all over I made it pretty clear I couldn't hit you you know hook you need no matter how and that's why I healed myself because between me and you you would have hit me

we all just got healed and then that particular good they all you need to do I swear I need to find that son like all I remember is like

and I don't know the rest of the lyrics there's nothing Wizard of Oz get me instead sound of so excited there LT of nature joy he has the yellow more hi John Kim were you yes he can only mine the last person Jon your heart is huge it's the biggest heart I've ever seen you've got enough I don't think I'm qualified to Jon that should not have hit that's a big old pallet hit box there sometimes that should okay that bad that's it I hope you realize I just absorb any time with you why do you think I stuck around so long John

it's not like I care or anything Baca backer why are you healing me first that's this but on the ground longer well that gave you an e away yeah who's gonna love it when you pick me up in my shoulder now see I was gonna heal Ashley then and then like done drop snitch and I would say if I could like cuz he looked like he was gonna go for Ashley Rae I'm very confused and decide but he didn't and I instantly regretted I think you're very good and kind person oh my gosh you're trippin John the video right here look I can't it just want us to be friends alright I know that you have I know that opinion states that you just want to brutalize I think what I want to do I am myself

[Music] he's turned I see why why do I get the feeling this is gonna end with Yuni getting more no I couldn't make it never easy more you be the one and only survivor to get out but think about it though Michael Myers is Maury he literally just takes your heart away he just stabs you right right in there I can't I can't you're just gonna leave I think I'm gonna leave too Nick it's not knowing I swear to you okay well let's see let's test it out bud you want me to leave I've lost you friends I'm at the exit gate well she wrote the x8 the you don't know but it's like we're like the Flint no no I died I don't join we're 80 what do you see well I left he just stabbed you in the back it's all right it's all right if you want to complain yeah judge what you know you don't want me to be your friend I don't want you to be my friend it's more of like you know I think you deserve get out do I didn't have a heart done that's not what I said your knees Bend you knees been playing us and trying to separate us the whole time you got caught up dude is this like yeah don't sweat it you can go how you show you okay you spent like three minutes on the ground

how long 20 minutes nine oh my god oh that actually turn my hacks into no and don't worry Wow it's nothing but life like I see nothing wow this is just one time just shining a light on Wow one slap on the booty please just waiting for you miss there you go yeah so excited the first time I missed with the knife [Music]


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